1. The Rules of Spacebattles are now in a convenient location. Read them. Do it now.
  2. We now have an official FAQ. The link is in the nav bar but can also be found directly here:


    Feel free to submit questions so it can become more thorough.

  3. "Where'd my theme go?" Certain themes that were provided for a few individual options have been replaced by new user preferences.
  4. Bet some of you are going all "What happened to BROB? It's gone! Game over, man! We're screwed!"

    Worry not, you can now find it on the main forum list as "Roleplaying and Quests", under Creative Forums, so in the same place as Creative Writing and Story Debates. You'll also find an OOC sub-forum there to keep things less cluttered as well.

    Here's the direct link for those of you unable to spare a few mouse clicks.

    NOTE: This is NOT set in stone. In motion the future still is.

    - CommanderRazor, Your Friendly Commissar-Admin

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