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Armour of Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'Space Battles' started by Leo1, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    House Stark

    Stark soldiers - same uniform, one wearing the standard helmet:-


    Stark shields:-


    Robb Stark, King in the North:-



    Jory Cassel, protecting Lord Eddard:-


    Not commonly seen, an armored Stark rider:-


    The Greatjon (of House Umber) and Theon Greyjoy:-


    House Lannister

    Lannister armor as worn by a Faceless Man:-


    Lord Tywin Lannister, same as the "samurai" style of Lannister soldier armor, but with more embellished pauldron:-


    King Joffrey and Lancel Lannister (Tyrion in foreground):-


    King Joffrey, the Hound and an archer:-


    Ser Armory Lorch:-


    Raff the Sweetling:-


    Various Lannister troops:-


    House Baratheon of Dragonstone

    King Stannis Baratheon and guards:-


    Baratheon archers:-

  2. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    House Baratheon of Storm's End

    King Renly Baratheon and guards:-


    King Renly and guards, from earlier:-


    Brienne Tarth, with Ser Loras Tyrell (of Highgarden):-


    The Vale

    The armor of an unfortunate Vale knight in the service of House Arryn:-



    Close-up of a Vale soldier:-


    House Greyjoy:-

    Theon Greyjoy:-


    House Frey

    Two Frey riders:-

  3. greendoor Losing in avatar related threads since 2012

    why is that house Stark has what appears to be "soft" armour (by which I mean their is no visible metal)?
  4. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    Judging from the rivets located in the various rectangular shapes in the material, I think its a coat of plates - i.e. each of those shapes is a plate of metal.


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  5. greendoor Losing in avatar related threads since 2012

    Oh, I thought it was some kind of leather armor (however useless that might be.)
  6. It infuriates me how the wardrobe people decided to create such useless and stupid looking pieces of armour for the series. Worst of all is the Lannister Samurai-esque suits. Makes me cringe just to look at it.
  7. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    I did too originally. It could be better - the spaces in between the plates is unacceptably wide in some places.

    It makes sense - House Stark is one of the Great Houses, it would be ridiculous if its Lord and its soldiers were walking around in nothing but leather. Though I'm sure some do, somewhere - look at the Lannister soldiers, some of whom are equipped with nothing but a leather jerkin.

    I don't mind the Lannister "samurai" suits - my sole issue is the large gaps, which should be protected by some mail.

    If you see some making of videos though, Renly's armor was pretty brilliant - that thing he was wearing when he was killed (and generally in the second season) is rock-hard, sorta like brigandine I imagine.
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  8. greendoor Losing in avatar related threads since 2012

    I don't actually watch the show (although my dad has been trying to get me into it) I just like historical arms and armour.
  9. Stratigo The Uber Being

    I wonder why the lords don't have full plate
  10. udsctb Ya ha fiddle di di

    The armour of some of the riders at the end of season 2, episode 9, especially the first few (spoilers?) that follow Loras into the throne room, they'd likely be Tyrell uniforms wouldn't they?
  11. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    Shit, yeah I forgot about that, I took screenshots of them in light of day at the tournament but didn't upload:-

    Baratheon soldiers (including of the type first seen in Season 1, guarding Robert Baratheon in various episodes), and a Tyrell soldier (note the shield):-


    Another likely Tyrell soldier, next to another Baratheon man:-

  12. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    I think its because suits of full plate are expensive (in book ASoIaF, the armor is High Middle Ages, so there should be lots of full plate - think Battle of Crécy and Poitiers) for the show to produce. We've seen like ... two? three? At best. And they recycle pieces - note the piece Raff is wearing, compare it to that of Ser Vardis of the Vale. Its the same piece, surely.
  13. I rather like Mormont's partial plate

  14. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    Yeah, its cool, and a lot like what Theon is wearing after the Battle of the Whispering Wood. I can't help but wonder if Robb is wearing that same plate cuirass underneath his coat, actually?

    Ser Hugh of the Vale and Ser Gregor:-

  15. Damar Alien Nationalist

    I think it was a bullshit decision to have Gregor dress up as a regular Lannister grunt for the second season, especially when replacing the actor it would make sense for continueity for him to remain in the same armor, and preferably keeping the helmet on.
  16. thtadthtshldntb Anti nBSG Troll

    I interpreted that as Gregor's tourney armor being a different set from his battle armor.

    And I think a lot of quibbles people have over the armor come down to the original budget limitations of the show (they used what they could afford to put the cast in, and just tried to have variety of different looks for each House), which have carried over, despite a likely much larger budget, to maintain flavor.

    Anyway, good work there Leo.
  17. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    Yup I think the same:-


    The differences are he's using a Lannister helm now, and he's not wearing the pauldrons (might take them off when he's not out killing and burning). Otherwise, its the same outfit.
  18. ShadowPhoenix Dark Lord of Shadows

    Certainly looks like it compared to the armor that is on Robb Stark. It looks more like leather than metal.
  19. king of hybrids Bewildered Bystander

    i'd say the sweetling's armour is more house clegane stuff than simply house lannister.

    likewise, i think we can assume that lorch, lefford and marbrand houseguard armor takes after their lords' armor, we just don't see their troops on screen
  20. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    The "leather" part of the armor (coat of plates, IMO, as I noted above) is the same on regular Stark soldiers as it is on Robb Stark - the only difference is Robb has added a steel gorget, pauldrons, arm armor in general etc.
  21. Piece of Mind 17th C Knutter

    There does seem to be a distinct lack of full or even partial plate but it's probably down to cost, faff and character recognisability. I mean note how the nights watch aren't wearing hats for the most part. You go to the frozen north and you wear a thick woollen or fur hat, not walk around with your recognisable curly black hair on show.
  22. Leo1 Vicious Attack Dog

    Character issues are surely a big part of it. Look at Blackwater - Stannis went into battle without a helmet. The only reason Loras went into battle with a helmet was because he was pretending to be Renly :)
  23. Damar Alien Nationalist

    I feel foolish for only now realizing after rewatching first season episodes, that the white leather coat Jaime wore to his fight with Ned was already present all this time as part of his Kingsguard armor instead of Jaime having a sense of fashion.
  24. ShadowSonic Lord of the Vindaloovians

    I think that is just his own outfit, not part of his Kingsguard uniform. Lancel is wearing the same thing in S2, it's part of the whole "Lancel is a lame Jaime wannabe" schtick he has going on.

    Jorah's armor is Northener armor was well, I think. It's the same type as Robbs'.
  25. Iron Wolf Solidarity

    That's what I expect, because it seems like there would be place for it underneath all that leather. Must be hot as hell though.

    If the leather armour of stark is a coat of plates I have to wonder if all the soldiers get metal inserts, considering how easily spears went through that kind of armour in the throne room ambush.
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