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Avatar the last airbender/Legend of Korra story ideas thread

Discussion in 'The Index' started by DogBoy, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

  2. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Solidarity

    Certain things become really creepy if you change the genders of people involved. I do like the idea of GBing Avatar but You can't change Sokka and Katara's gender without running headfirst into Water tribes sexism. Just changing Aang's gender would have interesting effects.

    edit: Oh god M!Azula's going to kill me.
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  3. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland


    On the water tribe kids, I agree to an extent. Let me think.. Katara becomes the new chief basically? Flip over being the mother for being the father? Sokka is a bit harder. Becuase I think you'd want to keep the inventiveness and even the attitube. Being a bit prickly and all. However, I worry you'd end up with a fem!Sokka Tsundere.

    Whats really interesting is how the Northern Water Tribe thing goes. Do you think theres an exception for the Avatar?
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  4. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Dark Lord of Shadows

    THere is now a reason why M!Azula is chasing after F!Aang.;)
  5. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Solidarity

    ...I am not liking the mental image I'm getting.

    edit: Can't stop staring at M!Korra.
  6. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Dark Lord of Shadows

    Not one i am enjoying myself..

    Yeah!....F!Mako needs a bit of work. Some people just aren't meant to be gender-bended.
  7. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Solidarity

    F!Mako is very hit or miss, F!Tahno should probably have a bob cut and I'm not a fan of M!Yue at all. Other that it's good (and M!Korra could probably make just as many people question their sexuality as Korra does)
  8. arthurh3535

    arthurh3535 Writer

    So has anyone ever thought about what potential 'advanced' Airbending styles would be? The only ones I could think of are Soundbending or Vacuum/Voidbending.
  9. Sum Sine Regno

    Sum Sine Regno Civic Humanist

    Fusionbending? Protonbending? Hydrogen is a gas, so couldn't an intelligent airbender abuse that?
  10. arthurh3535

    arthurh3535 Writer

    Hmm. Seems a little bit of a jump to fusion and hydrogen bending though.
  11. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Dark Lord of Shadows

    SO does this mean that if since we know that bloodbending is an archaic form of waterbending, that any form of liquid could be bent?
  12. arthurh3535

    arthurh3535 Writer

    Anything with water in it, I guess. Which is a lot more of the world than most Waterbenders think.
  13. Vehrec

    Vehrec HAB Mecha-Hater

    But they can only barely bend blood-which is mostly salt water- under specific circumstances. This would suggest that there's some sort of threshold here, the natural chi that cannot be overcome within living things, or a minimum amount of water that is needed to manipulate things.

    We don't want stupidity like metalbenders manipulating people's bones to tie them into knots, do we? Make things more, not less interesting.
  14. Advanced Airbending would be Vacuumbending.

    It's questionable, also, about how much is "natural chi to overcome" and how much is just a conceptual barrier. Consider that Lightning and Metalbending are all over the place by Korra's era. If Bloodbending wasn't seen as evil, it's quite possible it would have become common too.

    My guess is if we see another "X Years Later" sequel like Korra, Bloodbending will be a common thing in hospitals.
  15. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Aang/Aanjing: Let's handwave her running away from a different Air Temple (as they're gender segregated) and just say she still ends up froze per canon. Does being a girl radically change Aang's character? I'd argue no. The Air Nomads seemed pretty equitable about gender in their own fashion. The real meat lies in how the rest of the world reacts to her.

    The NWT is outright sexist, so there's story fodder there. Non-Avatar female earthbenders are almost never seen on-screen in ATLA, so Toph is pretty exceptional by her people's standards. That Toph's parents were teaching her any earthbending suggests that training girls is done at some level. Perhaps women aren't supposed to earthbend outside the home? That the Fire Lords will have all been women here (if we do a total conversion GB) might also incite some anti-FN sentiment directed at female soldiers.

    Sokka/Sonna: Still vaguely sexist in the SWT sense, but this time it's a sexism that's inwardly directed. When the men of the village left, Sonna took on responsibility for the hunting and fishing. She found herself not only enjoying herself, but having real talent at it. She's a bit ashamed at liking manish things, however. Marriage is also a worry for her, because with the men gone there's no one to take the few remaining boys in neighboring villages ice dodging.

    After their mother's death, Sonna took up being the mother figure in her family, resulting in someone even more likely to take charge as the leader of Team Avatar. Mama Bear as hell when the team is threatened.

    Katara/Katatui: A bit bratty. Unlike canon, Katatui didn't take on the responsibility for her family's well-being as a child, so her saviour excesses haven't been tempered.

    Toph/Toph: Raised to be the perfect aristocratic gentlemen, Toph rebels against that by being as uncouth as possible. He'll go unwashed, hit girls, swear, and show no respect to those who haven't earned it from him.
  16. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Solidarity

    Nice. I do believe in a few large shots you see pictures of female earth bending troops.
  17. Mook91

    Mook91 Expendable

    Not to mention that the first Earthbender was a woman (well there was her husband too but he died before he could show of his moves) so it would be weird if the Earth Kingdom looked down on female Earthbenders. They could still prefer to use men in the armies due to seeing them as being more expendable though. I mean the war has been going on for a hundred years so it has to be really important to try to keep the birth rates up.
  18. Alhazred23

    Alhazred23 Unreliable Commenter

    I have to wonder if Zuko would have ended up getting into so much trouble with his father if he'd been born a girl; though the Fire Nation seems relatively egalitarian in terms of gender roles, brides do still seem to marry into their husbands' families. Exceptions might be made if the bride's family is much higher status and the family has no other heirs (and who is higher status than the Firelord? This gives us f!Ozai and f!Azulon, if desired), but given Zuko's trusting, guileless personality - and the fact that m!Azula would have been born just a couple years later and would have his father's (mother's?) favor - they might have started grooming Zuko for a traditional political marriage from early on. Hmm... though it might be amusing if Azula started scaring off potential suitors just to torment Zuko, and sort of ended up in the overprotective brother role by accident...
  19. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Perhaps female earthbenders are seen as builders, not fighters? Because Oma's famous achievement isn't simply ending a war by force, but by building a grand city. In a century-long war, that sort of national myth could be retooled to put women in civilian roles (building houses, road repairs, etc.) and freeing up men for national service (soldiering, mail service in Omashu, running the trains in BSS). As you point out, it also keeps female earthbenders alive for child-bearing purposes. After a few decades, necessity becomes custom, explaining the general but not total lack of female EK soldiers.

    Meanwhile the FN follows a different path. Like the EK, it has female soldiers on the front if they're in the special forces (the Yu Yan archers), but also has to militarize its female population due to its smaller size relative to the EK. So female firebenders are generally generally kept in the homeland's Home Guard, only being sent abroad when there's a desperate need for reinforcements, like when the FN grossly overextended itself after conquering BSS.
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  20. Mook91

    Mook91 Expendable

    Yeah that makes sense.
  21. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Mai and Ty Lee (and their GB counterparts) take on an interesting light viewed that way. Being the playmates of the second child of the man third in line for the throne is good, but marrying up into the Third Prince's firstborn isn't bad either. Then when Ozai takes the throne, Zuko's hand is suddenly a pretty enticing prospect. Mai has the benefit of coming from a family with civil service experience: her uncle runs the prison for the Fire Lord's enemies, her father is trusted to manage and rapidly industrialize. Also, her family's wealth would eventually go to the royal family's personal coffers given that Mai was until very recently an only child. Meanwhile, Ty Lee comes from a large family that shows it is both fertile (always a good thing for producing an heir) and likely well politically connected with Ty Lee's multiple sisters married off to various nobles, military families, etc.
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  22. A random idea thats been in my head for a while.

    Republic City Freaks

    After the end of the hundred years war the mad Phoenix Lord Ozai sought to bring Sozen's Comet down on the earth nation. Aang stopped him but the fight shattered the meteor and bought many disasters to the world. The weirdest of all was that some people (never benders) exposed to the meteor mutatate or gain powers.

    Now in Korra's time she comes to a very different republic city. Where Equalists with guns want Benders debended and Freaks dead or controlled. And a mutant ghetto called Freak Town is ruled by a freak who might not be from this planet to begin with. There are also problems to deal with the crazy Cult of the Red Lady, and a steampunk superhero the mysterious WolfBat.
  23. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

    There has to be some loop hole for the Avatar right? I mean you have basically the sole possiblity to stop the war and they need training.
    That is kind of funny. However, I just read it different. The burning and banishment were a politically expedent way to put Azula on the fast track for succession. Unless they have rules that demand a male on the throne.
    This makes sense but I'm betting both systems aren't as set in stone as they used to be. Constant warfare for a 100 years has to have some effect of systems like this.
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  24. Alhazred23

    Alhazred23 Unreliable Commenter

    I can certainly see Mai and Ty Lee being encouraged to become friends with Azula as a means of becoming closer to Zuko (by parents who have no idea of the family dynamics at work within the Firelord's palace). In fact, i think i have seen a few fics that use that premise, though i don't know if i've ever seen one where the parents' efforts to get their kids 'a courtin' actually alters the trajectory of Zuko's fall from grace.

    Hmm... it doesn't seem like a necessary step, though. In his (probably forged) will, Azulon declared Ozai his heir, so we know that the Firelord has that power. To me, it feels more like an expedient way for Ozai to force his disappointment of a son to either shape up or get out of his sight. If Zuko were born a girl, however, there would be a perfectly acceptable way to put his firstborn 'out to pasture' so to speak; he could simply marry her off without bringing her husband into the family (as he has a better heir in Azula) and thus cut her out of the loop entirely. Then, hypothetically, If Zuko found that she didn't like her husband-to-be and was feeling spurned, maybe she'd use that opportunity to go looking for her mother, which could get her into the adventure by another path.
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  25. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Solidarity

    I don't know. They stopped training Aang at one point because they felt he was going to train katara, thus violating their traditions.
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