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Battlestar Galactica Crossovers?

Discussion in 'The Index' started by The Sun Emperor, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. The Sun Emperor An Allusive Man

    Are there any good ones out there?
  2. kclcmdr Kai The Kmpire!

  3. You forgot

    B5/NBSG Thirteen by Jason Bond at

  4. Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    Search button (Galactica) turned these up, I looked for links to Creative Writting only forum.

    Spartan303 http://forum.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=80409&highlight=galactica

    Chris O'Ferral http://forum.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=90776&highlight=galactica

    Sharpe http://forum.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=78482&highlight=galactica

    BurroFootball40 http://forum.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=86991&highlight=galactica

    Chaos Eternius http://forum.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=74957&highlight=galactica

    and myself... (though mine is partial/fragmented/and of poor quality compared to the people above me ;)
  5. Raneko Defender of the newbies

  6. Thietje Sci-Fi addict

    I didn't know you could search for them.
  7. Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    Sorry Raneko, I only went two pages back and I ddin't know you had updated ;) More please!

    CE wasn't there either, I just typed him in from memory after searching for him specifically.

    Thietje, SEARCH perameter BSG found 0 results, I had to type Galactica...

  8. Janusi Irregular updater

  9. arthurh3535 Writer

  10. Ash's Boomstick Very British Enforcer

  11. Raneko Defender of the newbies

    No i haven't I'm sorry. I've been real busy. I'll email every thing I've got and a few ideas ASAP.
  12. Lightning_Count Nothing ventured

    I highly recommend Spartans story as a BSG crossover
  13. The Sun Emperor An Allusive Man

    I might as well contribute:

    The Stars on Fire- Firefly/neo-BSG crossover!

    How about I ask this: where is the best place to find BSG crossovers in general? Besides Fanfiction.net and the Creative Writing forum here?
  14. chaos_eternus I need a antimuse Bazooka

  15. Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust!


  17. Spartan in this so far excellent BSG/SG-1 crossover will you have Helo and Caprica Sharon catching up with the RTF, as it would be really good to have them in your fic (they're my favourite BSG couple :)).

  18. Mr_Sinister 1010011010

    Hey Chaos nice to see you back ;) as for the archive, it hasn't been updated in a bloody long time, i think the sites dead, which is a shame :( as there aren't that many decent BSG2003 sites out there...
  19. chaos_eternus I need a antimuse Bazooka

    cryswimmer, who updates the archive, is having RL issues....
    mainly to do with trying to build a new house as i understand it

    oh, and nice to see me back? when did i leave? :wtf:
  20. Mr_Sinister 1010011010

    *Grins* poor bastard, wish him luck for me...

    You haven't been here in a while, and you've not updated anything in FF.net in a while :( which is a shame as i loved your mailman fic... Anychance you could restart you Earth men i know its finished, but i guess wishful thinking on my part :|
  21. chaos_eternus I need a antimuse Bazooka

    :wtf: my ff.net account was updated on the 4th
    and i have been posting chapters here all over christmas... got a little slow for a while before christmas, but there has been at the very minimum a chapter a week.... :wtf:

    check out the story index, and the listing of my fics
  22. Didn't know that :) i really like that story, do you have an Idea when the next update is comming :confused: ;7
  23. Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust!

    When it comes to darksider and schedules....always add a couple of months...seriously. The man couldn't keep a deadline if his life depended on it.:p

    Basically its whenever he decides to Email me saying he's ready for the next chapter.
  24. mackon Missing & Presumed Dead

    This hasn't been updated for a while.

    Fifth Column The Evil Author nBSG/Battlemech very AU lots of surprises good through.

    Going Native by Rap541 nBSG/Star Trek epic length, very character driven.

    Battlestar Farscape by Mackon :D nBSG/Farscape.

    Earthsong by Scyldemort Sg/nBSG/BtVS

    Carry You Home by JoeHundredaire nBSG/Star Wars with a bit of Star Trek every now and then.

    I sure there are a lot more, it looks like every time I turn around there's a new nBSG cross popping up but these are my favs at the moment.

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