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Dark Souls II Gameplay+ Q&A. Praise it.

Discussion in 'Games & Gaming' started by thagguy, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. luckybreak91 King Arthur

    I'm running around with 50,000 souls like a lunatic. Should I level up so I can use the Pursuer's Greatsword despite the fact that I can't buy it yet cause I can't unpetrify Straid? I don't wanna be too high a level and make it harder to summon or actually get to the PvP level and increase my chances of being invaded.

    On a completely unrelated side note, the ring of life protection is my new favorite ring. If I can find the ring of Soul Protection I will be satisfied for life.
  2. Fell Can't even handle it

    You can always respec later if you need to, so, yes, level up for god's sake.

    You need a pharos lockstone for the belltower. As for the Branch, Do you have Iron Keep access yet? Harvast Valley has one in the sickle death pit, and a guy in the Iron Keep sells one for 7.5k.
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    Isn't that a 1 time usage item?

    What the hell. Level up, man, never have that many souls on you. The well of souls is finite, now, everything counts.

    38 also seems low.
  5. thagguy ᕤ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ PUNCH HIM

    You can repair them for 3,000 souls at the blacksmith.
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  7. PensiveObserver QT Space Monster

    That was basically my reaction the first time I used one and realized it was still in my inventory.
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  8. luckybreak91 King Arthur

    I have no idea how to get to either of those places.

    Yeah, that was my exact reaction. It's also why I'm not worried about losing my souls.

    Unless of course the enemies in the area I'm at can petrify me and I didn't notice. That would suck.


    Okay, I have a tentative plan here.
    Part 1) Level up. Then, head to the Gutters. Wiki says the Ring of Souls Protection is there which means I'm protected from everything if I can get it. There is supposed to be a Fragrant Branch of Yore somewhere down there that I can take. If I can manage to get a lockstone off the rat's, great. If not, I'll join the covenant and do some PVP.
    2) If I joined the rat covenant, leave it and rejoin Way of Blue for protection from invaders. Go unpetrify Straid, get Pursuers Sword, destroy everything. Use the Lockstone to find my way to the Belfry. Kill everything.
    3) I RISE.

    Cheat at all times through prodigious use of Jolly Cooperation. Always have the Ring of Soul Protection on to keep my humanity/souls safe if I die.

    Final step 4) Feel horrible for cheating the game by way of jolly cooperation and consider going it alone again.
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  9. maguado87 Softy

    Heh you can play as a Belmont in this game. Holy Water? Check. Whips? Check. Holy magic? Check. Now I need to find throwing axes and throwing crosses. Plus whip are actually good
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  10. thagguy ᕤ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ PUNCH HIM

    Oh my god.

    Bonfire Ascetic works with the rat covenant mobs. I just watched two rats wreck a dude
  11. Fell Can't even handle it

    Yes, Rat covenant assholes figured out a few days ago that you can ascetic your area up to like +8 and drag people into it.
  12. thagguy ᕤ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ PUNCH HIM

    Well you don't lose anything from it but time if you get your butthole gnawed off by the rats so w/e

    And these sweet sweet lockstones mmmmhm
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  13. luckybreak91 King Arthur

    That is evil.

    Not very smart if you plan on doing New Game Plus, but that is evil.

    Right, not entering Grave of Saints.


    At least not for a few days.
  15. thagguy ᕤ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ PUNCH HIM

    No penalty for dying and you get a Lockstone if you win

    It's way more fun than those Belfry losers
  16. luckybreak91 King Arthur

    I have a question. What makes a Phantom a Black Phantom?

    Cause according to wiki if you are in the Covenant of Champions you get Awestones from killing Black Phantoms.
  17. thagguy ᕤ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ PUNCH HIM

    ahaha these Hallows with Dark Shortswords in the Gutter are fuckign assholes
  18. PensiveObserver QT Space Monster

    Black Phantoms are special enemies that look like Red invaders. You'll know them when you see them.
  19. First why put that in invi-text? Its not like we will get any spoilers by knowing that Vinheim and Drangleic are one and the same.

    Two, Vinheims school either packed up and left or was destroyed cause the sorcerers are now coming from a separate place. One that also mixes Pyromancy and Miracles into their magic bag of tricks.

    Now with that said, Drangleic being Vinheim does explain some things. It also makes a funny bit of sense that the Logan 2.0 would come to the original land of magic to further his studies.
  20. Emrakul Friendly Neighborhood Eldritch Abomination

    The Elite Knight set could offer up some clues as to where Drangleic is located. Anyone know if the symbols on the blue cloth are the same for both games?
  21. Peptuck ....insufficient dakka.

    Baleful Queen Mytha goes up on my trophy shelf as the fifth Boss I Beat On My First Try.

    Admittedly, everything dies fast when I'm a faith-specc'd Renaissance Man toting a Fire Longsword +10.

    EDIT: *Ascends elevator into the Iron Keep* Goddammit. I'm gonna need a different weapon for this part, aren't I?
  22. I thought the Elite Knight set was from Bradden this game. Is that a country or just a ore?

    Either way the Armor says south of Drangleic.
  23. Kataphraktos Darkwraith of Love and Justice

    An alloy Drangleic smiths made in imitation of something foreign
  24. Emrakul Friendly Neighborhood Eldritch Abomination

    The heraldry supposedly indicates that the knight in question was from Astora.

    So the Drangleic smiths make it to imitate the Heide Knights? (I think one of the Heide weapons describes Bradden steel being created for this purpose)
  25. luckybreak91 King Arthur

    So, has anyone figured out a good way to farm titanite?

    I've been so afraid that i'd run out that I've used none of it.
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