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Demonbane vs. TTGL

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Yitzi, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Yitzi

    Yitzi Jew

    With the quoted feats for Demonbane in the other thread, I thought that this might be a better matchup. Can TTGL go beyond the impossible and defeat Demonbane?

    Both are at their highest showings.
  2. STTGL is the size of a galactic supercluster, War God Demonbane (aka, not even the strongest form) grew so large it popped the universe it was in and accidentally destroyed other universes by brushing up against them.

    STTGL loses.
  3. mist2123

    mist2123 What title?

    War God Stomps
  4. End of series base Gurren Lagann could probably defeat base demonbane.
  5. True. Base Demonbane is pretty unimpressive as far as humongous mecha goes.
  6. Liam-don

    Liam-don Kira~ Kira~

    Base Demonbane has the Lemuria Impact, a strike that generates infinite heat and pressure. That's rather impressive.
  7. Vlad III

    Vlad III Indeed, Mr. Watson.

    No, STTGL is almost as big as the universe, the drill he used is bigger than the universe.

    STTGL still loses.

    Next incarnation of the mech may beat it, but that exceeds the scope of the show.
  8. mist2123

    mist2123 What title?

    IIRC STTGL is about 1/3 of the universe

  9. Yeah, but in terms of destruction the Base Demonbane version is only equivalent to a small nuclear bomb.
  10. Liam-don

    Liam-don Kira~ Kira~

    That's some nuke.

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