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Dissonance Record: Path G Part 5

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Mizuki_Stone, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Mizuki_Stone

    Mizuki_Stone Gnd. Admiral

    In The Shadow of Zero

    Comman/Draconic Translation Site

    Dissonance Record:
    Chapter I: A Gift Of Nadir

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10

    Chapter II: Illusions Vail Enduring Needs

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10

    Chapter III: Unexpected Noble Kin

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Interlude I
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8





    Cooking With Lev!
    Today's Ingredient! CORN!


    Fond Memories
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  2. Sigh... Another thread... Ah well, here's hoping we get some more updates!

  3. Hey Mizuki, since magi's spells are just mnemonic devices and self-hypnosis aids would Modern Earth Magecraft, MEM, still be spells in D&D terms or might they be closer to spell-like abilities?
  4. Probably closer to spell-like abilities, if they're reasonable innate and can't be swapped around.

    That's just my not-the-author opinion, though.
  5. linkhyrule5

    linkhyrule5 Hero of Time

    Neither - they're more like sorcerers with a spell-point pool than anything else. You can learn another magus' Mysteries, it just takes a lot of work - you're basically rederiving it yourself.

    Maybe some bizarre class feature that lets you learn SLAs?
  6. ryuan

    ryuan Cutest little sister

    More like a system where there aren't "spell levels" per se, but each spell have increased difficulty to cast.

    Short of like the true namer, but in a way that doesn't suck.
  7. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor That guy with the thing over there at the place.

    I wonder how freaked out Lev's gonna be once he gets a face full of Saber's Magic Resistance A...or how freaked out Saber's gonna be once she notices that Lev apparently has Dragon Aspect too?
  8. ryuan

    ryuan Cutest little sister

    "Shit! Is it SR or a pimp globe of invulnerability? Damn 3.0 legacy abilities. Heighten Magic Missile!" *hits*
  9. noahgab1133

    noahgab1133 This isn't even my final form

    If lev gets in to a battle with saber i expect him trying out his mid level spells first then on to his heavy hitting stuff. and laugh when saber magic resistance meats a 7th or 8th level spells fun for all :D
  10. Is there any way Lev can break a fully activated Avalon?
  11. Cherico

    Cherico Totally not a NSA agent

    befriending the guy who weilds the bloody thing?
  12. A disjunction has a chance to break it.

    A dimensional anchor may or may not counter some of is effects.

    The same for any prismatic spell, as they have a dimensional component.

    A banishment could, maybe, expel it and the user from the material plane.

    An antimagical field could stop it for a time also, I believe.
  13. Avalon also protects attacks from other dimensions and times. The only thing I can think of that might get through is an Epic Spell, but honestly the best strategy is run and try again when it's not making making the weilder immune to everything.
  14. SakSak

    SakSak Unbound

    That, or create such instantly lethal environmental conditions around the Avalon user that they have to exhaust themselves keeping it up, or die.

    Assuming of course that is even possible, though I suspect so given that we never see Avalon used for too long periods of time. There must be a reason for why it isn't on like 80% of time.
  15. Angelform

    Angelform Celestia’s messenger

    Forcecage (or illusions) and patience.
    Invulnerable =/= invincible.
  16. Sticking around an unknown amount of time until an invulneralbe Arturia becomes vulnerable again seems rather foolish option, and considering her speed and agility would allow her to avoid any 'small' scale environmental conditions that would likely just waste time and energy better spent avoiding the invincible, supersonic epic fighter.
  17. Mind control.

    Or Mime Control, for driving her mad.
  18. SakSak

    SakSak Unbound

    Oh I absolutely agree. Someone of decent int and cha score like Lev would almost certainly see if the entire confrontation is even necessary, and if not, try to talk a cease-fire/alliance with the crazy epic-level artefact wielding spirit-creature.

    But if it did come down to 'kill the Avalon user by any means necessary', attrition would be a plausible tactic.
  19. mkire

    mkire Lee-ko is adorable

    the Cloud spells are pretty good at making at making a small place very hostile to life, and they linger.

    the old Storm of Vengeance spell was really, really nasty and affected a huge area as well, but i don't think Lev knows it.
  20. noahgab1133

    noahgab1133 This isn't even my final form

    what about that acid cloud spell? i forgot what is was called
  21. Doomsought

    Doomsought Sliver Overlord

  22. Wouldn't affect Arturia in any meaningful way. When it can't kill ouright the damage is pitful.
  23. Blackraptor

    Blackraptor That guy with the thing over there at the place.

    Would Disintegrate work against Avalon before Saber can declare it?
  24. Something tells me no. As an Artifact-level item with as much power as it has in it, I'm pretty sure tanking anything short of epic-level magic is something the fae would have woven into it to prevent people from destroying it anyway.

    At her level, Saber's Magic Resistance is also an outright absurd defense. Sure, I'm willing to bet a high enough spell could break it (9th level+), but probably at a reduced effect anyway from the sheer power Saber has, not even getting into her possibly ludicrous saving throws and AC.

    Of course, that is up to the author's discretion on how you want the Servants to be seen as.
  25. linkhyrule5

    linkhyrule5 Hero of Time

    None of these will work against Avalon, guys. Avalon was sufficient to protect Shirou from what was essentially a reasonably high level god (Angra Mainyu) and Saber from Ea ripping the entire universe to shreds around her. I'd put Avalon under "Greater Artifact that ignores anything short of Disjunction. And possibly even that."

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