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Event Horizon Model

Discussion in 'Art and Animation' started by Iron Scorpion, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Anyone out there know where I can get a 3d model of the Event Horizon? I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find anything.
    Btw, I use 3d Studio Max 4.2, so 3DS or another Max-compatible format would be appreciated.
  2. The Axeman <font color="#00C8FF">The original Fat Bastard</fo

    Now that's one model I'd be interested in seeing. I considered making it some time ago, purely because it hadn't been done yet. Then I did some research and saw how many polygons I'd need to make the bugger and gave it a miss until home computing power has moved up a notch or six. Kudos to anyone who's made it and done it justice.
  3. Vendetta Internet Superhero

    Aye, Id like that.
    Ive been looking on and off for 2 years.
    No luck yet. I dont think its been done. At least, its not been done and released.
  4. TK99 Me Use Spell Check Now

    Found this.


    Give me a little time.

    I'm usually pretty good at finding this stuff.

  5. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

  6. Does anyone at least know where I can get a bunch of detailed pictures of it along with specs such as length, width, etc.? The site Douglas Nicol mentioned above will help, but I need more than that.
  7. Vendetta Internet Superhero

    Afraid I dont.
    Im after some myself:(
  8. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    This is what I can get after a quick Google image search

    If you have Photoshop or similiar you might want to enlarge this






  9. Vendetta Internet Superhero

    Thats cool Doug.
    Im dying for a closer look at the mid-section.
    If you find any on that part of the ship that would be great. I cant find anything decent
  10. I did have some schematics somewhere - it's a ship I'd like to see built myself. I started it once, but I'm not THAT obsessed with it to do it myself, as it's one monster of a ship to do with all the detail to it - as you can see, the studio model was h-u-g-e.
  11. Vendetta Internet Superhero

    Have you still got them?
  12. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    I'm afraid those were the best pics I was able to get.

    One ships I'd like to see a model of is the USS Cygnus from The Black Hole, I like the whole design of it.
  13. schematics would be great! I know making the model in 3D is WAY too big for one person to handle, but what if a bunch of people took different sections? Make it into some sort of organized modelling project. Just an idea.
  14. Wallpaperman The Lord Of The Gate

    I'm also interested if someone make or find this model :D
  15. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    The Cygnus or the Event Horizon?
  16. The Axeman <font color="#00C8FF">The original Fat Bastard</fo

    I may be mistaken here but I'm sure someone has already made a Cygnus mesh. It's all imagemaps of course, no one could make a reasonable model of all those lit windows and keep the polycount to a reassonable level without losing their sanity. Can't for the life of me remember where I saw it, but I'm 95% convinced it does indeed exist.
  17. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    Mmm, interesting about that Cygnus mesh.

    I'll keep an eye out for more pics of the Event Horizon, however, most shots seem to be the same few pics repeated. Some of those I put up were close ups of the model and they may serve you just as well.
  18. Wallpaperman The Lord Of The Gate

    Sorry about that but...what is the cygnus ??
    I'm interested with the event horizon :cool:
  19. Vendetta Internet Superhero

    I think the Cygnus is from the film 'The Black Hole'
  20. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

  21. Wallpaperman The Lord Of The Gate

  22. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    It's a damn good site in general worth browsing through. I also like the retro look of the War Rocket Ajax from Flash Gordon and the Draconia from Buck Rogers.
  23. micuu Eh! Steve!

    and we built something that size 50 years from now? :rolleyes:
  24. Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Moderator

    Love the avatar micuu. If you use Lightwave I know where you can get get a Liberator and Federation Pursuit ship mesh.

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