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Extremis humans vs. Cybermen (Nightmare in Silver)

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Disagreeable, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    15 humans on Extremis and an equal number of Cybermen from Nightmare in Silver are put in the castle from the climax of the aforementioned episode. The Extremis users mistake the Cybermen for Iron Men and try and kill them.
    If more details are needed, please tell me. What happens?
  2. Reece

    Reece Jimmies Rustling intensifies.

    Bullet timers adapt and win in short order.
  3. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    Even with only 15 Cybermen to get attacked with the stuff?
  4. Reece

    Reece Jimmies Rustling intensifies.

    Yes, because they'd have adapted by the third dead, or get serious and bullet time then simply pull off the extremis soldiers head.
  5. Dagoron

    Dagoron That guy with the face and the eyes

    This. The Extremis forces kill a single Dalek-lite, I mean NIS Cyberman, and are then mulched by the 14 others who have now become resistant to temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees. Hilarious curbstomp.
    Necron_Lord likes this.
  6. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    Oh crap, so... bad thread?
  7. The Dark Gods

    The Dark Gods Lord Of Madness

    They might get another few kills if one of them goes nuclear with a few Cybermen around him....
    Necron_Lord and Reece like this.
  8. Herald

    Herald Horde Prime

  9. Concept Lord

    Concept Lord Lord of Spine Maipulation

    Well, Extremis couldn't defeat an entire army of flying Cybermen, so I don't see how they can defeat the same number who have BULLETTIME!!

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