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Gipsy Danger (Pacific Rim) V's the Cloverfeild monster

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Starbug, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Jace911 The President of Burp Head

    Bollocks! :mad:
  2. Damar Alien Nationalist

    "Where the hell is our goddamn footpiece!"
  3. Jace911 The President of Burp Head

    A reference to something from before your time.
  4. Very much so. I used this site's search engine to look about for other Cloverfield threads initially.
  5. The Imperator A Shaman

    Orion Project, is that you?:eek:

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  6. Biting the head off the Statue of Liberty is a pretty meaningless feat. Despite it being 30 meters from the bottom of a foot to the top of the head, the statue only weighs 200 tons because it is 90% empty.
  7. Omanisat Imperator Servat

    The Statue of Liberty's also not trying to punch the shit out of it or blast it in the face with a plasma cannon.:D
  8. Jaeger, even if it get chomped on, due to how damn spindly the Cloverfield monster is; a single plasma cannon shot practically anywhere and you're going to punch through something vital, like a artery, or internal organs....
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  10. maguado87 Softy

    Nope it was a MOAB
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  11. maguado87 Softy

    It the movie it mentions convictional arms eventually toke down the first Kaiju. Movie>all other sources
  12. Jared The scalpel.

    Raleigh didn't specify too much about what they did, that it was after days of tanks, aircraft, bombs, etc...
  13. Arcman My Lord!

    Gypsy Danger rips off Cloverfields arms and beats it to death with them.
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  14. Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust!

    Kifehead took a big chomp out of Gipsy Danger's arm in the opening round of their fight. The Jaeger did just fine until Knifehead then ripped off that same arm later. I think Gipsy Danger has this in the bag.
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  15. Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    Vezon insane troll logic only serves to make me harder. First off the Statue of Liberty is mostly hollow and made out of copper and wrought iron. Also it was a stationary target. Decapitating it is like decapitating a straw dummy.



    I got fucking ninjaed.

    Whatever, Amurica.
  16. Richardson Solidarity

    What you're about to see here is an asskicking of BIBLICAL proportions.

    Vlad would be proud.
  17. Jace911 The President of Burp Head

    It just said "tanks, planes, and missiles", it never said what kind. Six days of conventional bombardment ended with a nuke fits both sources.
  18. Gipsy Danger wins, no contest.
  19. Zak757 Solidarity

    Approximately this fucking huge.

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  20. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    Was that a stealth reference?
  21. I read the Sando Aqua vs Cloverfield thread.

    And I think it is.
  22. maguado87 Softy

    No one said Nukes. No one. I think that they would had mention nukes right?
  23. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    No, I mean to ghostbusters.
  24. Probably both.

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