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In Blackest Night [DC/SI]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by spencer1519, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Spartan303

    Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

  2. I wonder if Death of the Endless will make an appearance? I was really disappointed that she didn't appear during The Blackest Night catastrophe!
  3. Silver W. King

    Silver W. King The King of Adventures - Suit Up Edition


    You know its really weird how Death of the Endless is actually someone you really get hooked on and really want to see more of or hang out with. I mean...weird.
  4. Mr Zoat

    Mr Zoat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    She had a conversation with Lex Luthor while he was investigating the residual Black Lantern energy. There is a great bit where she asks him what he'd do if he found himself in Heaven and his answer is: 'I'd wonder what the catch was. I think I'd spend eternity looking for it.'
  5. Spartan303

    Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    So very much Lex Luthor....
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  6. spencer1519

    spencer1519 Cryptic and Ineffable Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    The "Suriel" persona is strictly limited to when he is operating on Earth to obscure the fact that he's a black lantern. He used it for all of three weeks. He'll be dropping it now that it doesn't matter. If/when he makes it back to Earth he might pick it up again, but only if he goes back to terrorizing the underworld.

    Whether or not any angels approve of this is unlikely to come up. Azrael is another example of someone taking an angel of death moniker, and he's been operating for ages without anyone complaining. Angels are generally speaking mostly hands off, especially in matters where someone borrows their name. I mean really, if they're going to judge someone, they'll wait until they're de- uh oh.
  7. Necron_Lord

    Necron_Lord The King of Worms

    Hm, so he's aware that he's a dick.
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  8. StormBlade

    StormBlade SBs resident Demonsmith

    Yep he just doesn't care :(
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  9. edukated

    edukated Sugar-free Murder Jello Enthusiast

    Yeah, It seems to be perfect already. Sure as hell would satisfy the munchkins in Hivers thread.
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  10. I wonder if he can recruit any of the good undead, that occasionally pop up, or those who died in some form, then came back, possibly changed.

    THe BLC will use death to protect this universe from threats that would destroy it, like extradimentional threats, plagues. It is there to balance life, to keep the natural order.

    CAn you feed insteado n the undead?
  11. MrGazzer

    MrGazzer Reasonable Mad Man

    Maybe get Deadman on his side?
  12. I might make an SI fic as a Grey lantern.
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  13. Emphasis on the Might I'm guessing?:p
  14. Spartan303

    Spartan303 In Captain America We Trust! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    And that must be your motto.:p
  15. I do have an idea where the grey lanterns are the most powerful but to even find them.... well there is a reason why blue is more well known.
  16. Vaalintine

    Vaalintine Wild Wonderous Wolfalope

    I'll admit, that made me chuckle. The White Lantern not doing something horrible to you was unexpected, though.
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  17. Iron Roby

    Iron Roby Solidarity

    I wonder how an And Not A Single Fuck Was Given grey light construct would look like?

    ...Grey Lanterns can make honey badger constructs! :eek:

  18. Lucemon

    Lucemon God

    They neutralize all lantern powers that would impede them?
  19. The Magister

    The Magister Lord Magus

    Too much effort.
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  20. They neutralize all lantern powers that would force them to do something.
  21. LONE WOLF 666


    They are powerful. Because everyone, I mean everyone ignore them. Even batman. Just long enough for them to shank you in the back.:p
  23. frozenchicken

    frozenchicken Has a Custom User Title.

    The Grey lantern's power is complete immutability. They have the power that is between Life and Death-Pure existence. Nothing can turn them from their state of being. Nothing can make them feel anxious or motivate them to do anything. They are the most powerful lanterns around, but it takes an extremely strong-willed one to stop themselves from getting bored and eventually just unexisting themselves by accident.
  24. Wulfenbach

    Wulfenbach Psychopath (MIGHT be Coil)

    or they're just a sociopath.
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  25. PsyckoSama

    PsyckoSama Ia! Ia! Kamina fthagn!

    Now I want to do a Lantern SI...

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