Master Chief vs. Felix

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  1. Daniel2112 You Poor Fucking Humans

    Master Chief gets his armor, a Spartan Laser, and a satchel of thermite grenades.

    Felix gets his armor, a blazer rifle, and a rack of blaze bombs.

    The battlefield is the height of the seige of Stalingrad in WW II.

    EDIT: Felix is from the book Armor, by John Steakley.
  2. Felix from Armour? right?
  3. Daniel2112 You Poor Fucking Humans

  4. Asmodemus Clinical Test Subject

    Expand on Felix and his weaponry please because I was thinking Felix the Cat.
  5. Daniel2112 You Poor Fucking Humans

  6. Megaguiras Praiser of the Sun

    Felix is.. well fucking around with Felix is like fucking around with Brock Sampson.. only now he's in power armor and has energy weapons.

    Anyone remember if Blazer's ever did anything calcable?
  7. Asmodemus Clinical Test Subject

    Since he's suicidal and is fighting against bugs in the novel would he be willing to fight against another human in the first place? I see nothing to gauge his weaponry/armor with though.
  8. foamy Solidarity.

    He fights humans, too. However, Felix's gear is pretty unquantified.

    He certainly wins on style, however. Felix is hardcore.
  9. Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    I recall Felix surviving a nuclear bomb going off right by him, although considering that he had a lot of rock between the mountain and him, and was the only one to survive, it's probably an outlier.

    Edit: I so, very, very much want to say that Felix wins though.
  10. A. Bettik Blue Guy

    Felix tears chief apart. He bounds around in scout armor hundreds of feet at a time, and tears apart giant arachnids with his bare hands by the literal thousands.

    Blaze bombs are ridiculously powerful, clearing out acres of arachnids at a time, and blazers themselves cut through power armor like butter.

    Felix wins even if he gets no weapons. Giving him the blazer is just overkill. Giving him blazebombs is a Vlad Tepes.
  11. Megaguiras Praiser of the Sun

    Felix is really, really, really, really, REALLY good at being an outlier.
  12. jamesraykenney Knight of the Arkon Empire

    Argh... Beat me to it! :D

    P.S. Great Avatar by the way...
    Is that from the show? Man, that expression on his face, it seem awfully evil for him to just be taking a normal picture...
    What was he taking a picture of??? ... Prime doing something 'naughty'???:eek:
  13. Megaguiras Praiser of the Sun

    Go ahead and say it, he's good enough at it that it should be said twice.

    No, it's a comic cover that basically pays homage to the cover for The Killing Joke
  14. jamesraykenney Knight of the Arkon Empire

    Ah!!! I knew that it looked familiar!
  15. Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    This is very true.
  16. Hellfire1 Hell's Black Aces

    EDIT: unarmed Felix > small space warship
  17. A. Bettik Blue Guy

    He was armored, but unarmed.
  18. Hellfire1 Hell's Black Aces

    Yes, writing goof. I meant to say unarmed.

    Nothings spinning yet, but I am a bit woozy.

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