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MLP Friendship is Magic Brainstorming thread VII

Discussion in 'The Index' started by Dalek Ix, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. SapphireFox

    SapphireFox Fuzzy Fuzzball of DOOM! Subscriber

    OOC,Idea,and Signup thread for Equestria Needs Stallions is now OPEN
  2. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    I've got to say I'm not at all comfortable with turning it into an RP. Mostly because it'd be far too easy for it to go horribly wrong.
  3. SapphireFox

    SapphireFox Fuzzy Fuzzball of DOOM! Subscriber

    SB is involved. It's already gone horribly wrong. :p

    Relax I'm on top of this. I know how far I can and can't take this. This will likely be more cracky than anything but I'm keeping the lessons of the last CW Mod purge fresh in my mind.
  4. Dalek Ix

    Dalek Ix Angry Mexican Dalek

    I realy want to sig this, but my sig's aready full. Sorry.

    *goes back to ponies IN SPAAAAACE*
  5. Liirian

    Liirian Dapper Dragon

    Mine isn't though! *Sigged*
  6. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    I'm not talking about usual SB wrong, but 'everyone involved banned on general principle' wrong.
  7. I heavily doubt that'll happen Richardson. I don't think any of the players currently signing up showed any signs of breaking the rules that hard in a RP, and Sapphire can probably take care of anybody who does.

    And at the very least, I'll be too busy screaming (both IC and OOC if someone does try going that far) in order to get myself into any serious trouble with the mods. :p
  8. I'd call it strange, but the the first idea I had before starting Zero Quest were an RP that had the players take control of different enemies from the kirby series and be dropped into equestria. The other one was a quest that had the players take control of control of Wispy Woods who was just dropped into ancient equestria.:)
  9. Harry Leferts

    Harry Leferts Solidarity

    Oh, and Exposure? Remember how when you Gibbs slapped me you said that you were lucky? And remember how we won't be getting a new episode for several weeks?

    You're not.:drevil:
  10. Given the mythological fairy tale nature of the story, there's a good chance they didn't actually make it out of the cave at all and that detail was altered to make it more palatable with modern Pony audiences.

    And you know, having them frozen in stasis somewhere ready to wake up in modern Equestria would make for a hugely funny episode/fanfic.
  11. Questiondeca

    Questiondeca A little hard of hearing in one ear. Subscriber

    Found another Nightmare version of Twilight Sparkle, and this one would be useful because it'd keep her identity a little cloudy if that's what you want.


    Found on EqDaily.
  12. usenglish

    usenglish The Obscure

    Especially with the lack of new episodes until the new year is going to make for a good couple of weeks fanfiction wise, I'm really looking forward to seeing how people choose to intergrate this episode into fanfics, although a 'historically accurate' version of this might just prove a tad grim dark for my liking it could make for a decent fic.

    Am I the only one who saw that and thought 'Tron'.
  13. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    Yes. I see nothing of tron in that.
  14. Questiondeca

    Questiondeca A little hard of hearing in one ear. Subscriber

    I think it's the outlines that triggered that, but when I saw the pic I thought "Nightmare Azure" or some other Nightmare Twilight.
  15. usenglish

    usenglish The Obscure

    Just me then it was the stark purple lines against the black that made me think that:

  16. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead Subscriber

    My first thought was Mirage from the Aladdin cartoon.
  17. I might actually use that detail myself.
  18. JumperPrime

    JumperPrime Interdimensional Observer

    Can we assume that Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie, and Private Pansy did survive the ordeal in the cave? I mean, somebody had to tell the story about how the blizzards were being caused by spirits that feed on hate, right?
  19. koolerkid

    koolerkid Lord of All Things

    Hey guys, do you think you can give me some tips on Applejack's accent? I'm looking at the accent I used in My Little Avenger, and frankly... it's kind of awful. I'm not really sure how to type it to make it clear she has an accent, without making it... y'know, incomprehensible. Any ideas?
  20. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    Possibly, although its also possible that they left a note of some sort about what had happened that was found by following expeditions, or they only lived long enough to tell the tale. Or that the play condensed several real ponies composing a genuine retenue of 5-15 for each leader into a single pony each (as often happens in legend and historical fiction- it cuts down on actors and makes it easier for writers and easier for viewers to understand), and most of the retinues died but for one member each, Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie, and Private Pansy.

    edit: I usually just switch I's for Ahs and you's for y'alls when doing that sort of thing, but that's probably as bad or worse...
  21. koolerkid

    koolerkid Lord of All Things

    Am I the only one who finds it IMPOSSIBLE to take the names from the play seriously? I mean, even for ponies, they kind of are silly names. Commander Hurricane sounds like something a tiny filly (or Rainbow Dash) would come up with in a desperate attempt to sound cool. Princess Platinum sounds similarly like a child's attempt to make a 'pretty' name, and Chancellor Puddinghead... do I even need to say anything about that name? As for the second-in-commands, Clover the Clever is the only one with a reasonable name.

    Here's my theory. The character names are actually variable, since very few ponies know or care about their real names, so each actor named their own character, except Fluttershy whose meek suggestions were drowned out by Rainbow Dash, and Applejack, who didn't really care and let Pinkie do the naming. Twilight, being Twilight, actually did lots of tedious research to discover her character's real name, thus why she's the only one with a reasonable name (I imagine she was quite annoyed with everypony else).

    I also wouldn't be terribly surprised if the script was similarly open to interpretation, thus why there characters fit their actors so well. Just a theory.
  22. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    There actually is support in-episode for the "the script was mainly or at least partly improv" theory- note that Spike's narration was clearly of-the-cuff and his own work, as shown by his rambling on until somebody yelled at him, something I doubt the scriptwriter would have intended if that whole monologue was scripted.
  23. Vulpine Fury

    Vulpine Fury OOH YEAH!

    Heck the improv could be part of the tradition; certain things are always done in a pageant, but often the exact details are up to the cast. like a Mummer's play, perhaps.
  24. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    idea that's been slowly forming since the pony-christmas episode when we saw Equestria has Wendigo

    The return of Discord, brief though it was, caused other ancient forces of destruction to stir.

    Ancient evils once thwarted by the Princesses and Ponykind in general now rise again to bring destruction upon Equestria.

    As their fearful servants wreak havoc across Equestria, the fel leaders of these beings join together and plan their revenge.

    Can the Elements of Harmony stop these wild spirits, or will Ponykind return to its darkness period of history.

    Withering Famine, Lord of the Wendigo

    Rampaging Pestilence, King of the Nucklavee (equine water spirits that spread sickness and destroy crops as they walk upon the land)

    Reaping Specter, Queen of the Valravn (Griffon spirits of blood and death)

    Skoll and Hati Warhowl, pack masters of the Wargs (wolf spirits of war and violence)
    It's a bit of a dark concept but frankly the existence of evil ice spirits in equestria's past was too interesting a thing to ignore.
  25. koolerkid

    koolerkid Lord of All Things

    I'd like to point out, since people seemed to not notice, that the creatures in the Christmas episodes are called Windigo, not Wendigo. Its a pun on 'wind' and 'wendigo'. It's been bothering me that nobody seems to have noticed this.

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