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Mobile Fighter Evangelion (AU/NOT a Gundam Crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Ultra Sonic 007, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    I respectfully disagree. I like Canadians just fine, and I do see the Canadians as basically kin to my own people, but which nation-state is the greatest is subjective from person to person.

    Also, I would think that there is no shortage of ReiXAsuka.
  2. Well, Nobody Dies had President Colbert. So who do I use?

    /Keter, NERV-1, Tokyo-3/

    Gendo Ikari was a rather big fan of symbolism. Entire ideas and philosophies, summarized in a single picture. Symbols took on other forms; moods, actions, personalities. Even names could be symbols.

    Hence the name ‘Keter’, Hebrew for ‘crown’. It was in this dark chamber, laden with hologram projectors, where the crown of the world convened, so to speak. It was a place where men, possessing great wealth, privilege, and power, gathered to discuss events far above the understanding of mortal men.

    Grandiose verbiage to be sure, but it was certainly more interesting to think of it in those terms. Simply calling it the n-th meeting of the Human Instrumentality Committee didn’t have the same charm.

    Gendo Ikari, you do realize that repairs cost money, yes?

    That, and having to deal with the relentless henpecking by its members over supposed setbacks and so-called ‘questionable’ decisions. True, the Committee, officially, was a sanctioned UN body designated to the oversight of NERV and its activities, but every man in this meeting knew that it was a farce. Such was the power at the fingertips of the men on the Committee.

    Along with the development costs for Unit-00, plus the amount of destruction wreaked on Tokyo-3’s defenses, we’re concerned about your ability to use funds efficiently.

    Gendo quietly gazed at the projected images of the men about him; including him, there were six people in the meeting, the projectors situated to give the impression that they were all sitting at a table. Gendo’s seat was emanating white light, as was that of the seat across the table. To his left, in a clockwise manner, the seats bore the colors blue and yellow, with the seats on the right similarly bearing green and red. Clad in dark business suits tinted by the light of their respective seats, the four to the left and right of Gendo continued their ‘interrogation’, as they probably thought of it. As if. It was all a show for those who didn't know any better, one he had to put up with, much to his annoyance.

    Have you read the preliminary costs for repairing Tokyo-3?” Green, a black man with short hair, glasses, and a bushy mustache, was Marvin Cleveland, the representative of America. “It’s in the billions of dollars Ikari! These sort of expenditures can’t become a regular occurrence.

    News of the Third Angel’s attack is starting to spread.” Yellow, a somewhat scrawny man with swept-back brown hair, an unsettlingly long nose, and a laughably large bald spot was Augustin Fourier, representative of France. The ever-present sniveling tone didn’t help Gendo’s perception of him. “Despite my misgivings as to letting the nature of Second Impact becoming public knowledge, it’s always prudent to try and prevent the masses from panicking.

    We can only hope NERV is up to the task,” remarked Blue, a large man with a stout chin, long nose, and long sideburns that fell just short of Go Nagai. He was Stanley Morrison, representative of the United Kingdom. “I have my doubts, given your well-documented…eccentricities.

    Gendo, hands folded in front of his face, calmly replied, “It’s been taken care of.”

    There’s also the issue with the Pilot.” Red, a solid man with slim brown hair and piercing blue eyes, was the representative of Russia. “We’ve learned that you used your own son as the Pilot. Although the results were relatively favorable, accusations of nepotism aren’t what NERV needs at this stage.” Unlike the more low-key members of the Committee, Russia’s representative was somewhat more famous, having been the country’s former President from 2000 to 2008. Having kept Russia in a stable state (relative to the most of the world) during Second Impact, the Impact Wars, and the rebuilding years that followed, he had some high degree of popularity. Or notoriety, depending on who you were.

    Not that Gendo cared. “The Marduk Report on the Third Child is a matter of public record. As per NERV’s charter with the UN, we have no input on the selection of the Pilots.” Ha. What a farce. “You know this as well as I do, Mr. Putin.”

    Vladimir narrowed his eyes. “It is something that you should keep in mind.

    “I’ll consider it.”
  3. Israfel

    Israfel AKA Izzy

    I knew it! Also, love the story so far, great job.
  4. Hmm. I wonder how Gendo would have been in canon if his personality mirrored that of the Proposal concept art?


  5. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    ...are BuCUE, Kerberos variant or LaGOWE a fair game?


    THIS was the image I saw as a young lad; this was the picture on the advertisement.

  7. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause

    Rei is surprisingly well endowed.

    Must be the angle...
  8. How Gendo cools off after meeting the Committee.

    At any rate, the tasks of defeating the Angels and maintaining the Evangelions are not your only responsibilities,” admonished Putin, who was reading from a rather familiar report:

    Human Instrumentality Project
    United Nations Supreme Council
    Seventeenth Interim Report

    Human Instrumentality Committee

    It was the most recent report by the Committee regarding the Human Instrumentality Project, ostensibly a scientific endeavor dedicated to humankind’s evolution, officially sanctioned by the UN.

    Indeed. The Human Instrumentality Project should be your top priority,” concurred Fourier. “Given the desperate circumstances that the world faces, that Project might be the only hope for all of humanity.

    Gendo ignored the French representative, focusing his eyes upon the man sitting at the opposite end of the table, whose seat was also in white. Clad in a thick brown jacket and wearing a red and white visor that wrapped around his head, looking like a highly-advanced headset for the uninitiated. In all actuality, it enabled the elderly man to see. Such a disadvantage evoked images of weakness, but it was nothing but a feint.

    Despite his graying hair and advanced age, he was the real kingmaker: Keel Lorenz, representative of Germany and Chairman of the Committee. “In any event, there is no excuse for the delay in the Project.

    Gendo was silent. Here comes the expected threat.

    We may consider adjusting the budget.

    Such words would normally strike fear in the heart of any UN agency or bureaucratic body. Despite the need for funds, Gendo was unmoved by the threat.

    The rest of the meeting does not concern you,” said Cleveland. Morrison added, “Your presence was…appreciated.

    As one, the projectors for the French, Russian, British, and American representatives winked out, leaving only Gendo and Chairman Keel.

    The latter’s small chuckle was indicative of the shift in mood, now that they were no longer in the ‘official’ meeting. “Pretenses are a tiresome game, aren’t they Ikari?

    “A necessary evil.”

    Keel’s lips contorted into a familiar frown. “Despite the restrictions we must endure, our objections are not to be dismissed. After all, we can no longer turn back after this point.

    “I know,” replied Gendo, already knowing of how it all would end once the Angels were defeated. “Mankind has no time left.”

    Chairman Keel’s hologram winked out, leaving Gendo on his own.

    These meetings were so bothersome. Ineffectual sniping for the sake of the official report; on the other hand, they provided the Committee ample opportunity to try and make him slip up, to have him show weakness.

    Vexing, but well-played on their part.

    Grimacing, the Supreme Commander of NERV stood up, heading towards the single elevator that connected Keter to his main office.

    Speaking of which, one point that had to be made regarding the office of Gendo Ikari was that it was downright massive. His office encompassed the majority of the top floor of the NERV pyramid, with three sides of the room exposed by window to the Geofront. Being ninety feet wide, seventy feet long, and fifteen feet high, Gendo’s office could properly be called cavernous. The sheer sparseness of the room lent to that feeling; the only visible furniture was a black desk and a single leather chair.

    An elevator platform descended from the ceiling, dropping Gendo by the desk before locking back into place. The Supreme Commander looked at the black ceiling of his office; upon it was a massive diagram of the Tree of Life, a symbol of the Jewish Kabbalah that described the path by which the universe was created. Looking down, he noted that the black floor bore various equations and schematics detailing the intricacies of S2 Theory. All in all, the spartan nature of the office and its esoteric diagrams evoked feelings of isolation, emptiness, and paranoia on part of anyone who visited.

    Hmm. I don’t think I’m scheduled to terrify anyone today.

    Gendo pressed a blue button underneath his desk.

    Promptly, the Tree of Life vanished, the built-in ceiling display now showing the head of an orange tabby sticking out of the ceiling, complete with the large caption ‘RANDALL IS WATCHING YOU’. On the floor was a large picture of himself pointing in a manner akin to America’s Uncle Sam recruitment poster. The caption beneath it read ‘I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH’.


    Gendo sat down behind his desk, still feeling a little irritated by his meeting with the Committee. Thus, it was time to engage in a rather cathartic ritual that, according to Fuyutsuki, was ‘delightfully disturbing’. Or disturbingly delightful. Either one worked.

    Gendo pressed a different button underneath his desk, this one colored violet, for it sounded similar to violence.

    The ceiling above his desk opened up, and a retractable claw descended, holding a diorama that depicted the five members of the Human Instrumentality Committee in a five-to-one scale. As the claw receded, Gendo stared at the figurines, each one crafted from clay and colored with exact detail. Stanley Morrison, Marvin Cleveland, Augustin Fourier, Vladimir Putin, and Keel Lorenz seemed to be glaring at him.

    Gendo pressed the violet button again.


    A giant anvil had fallen from the ceiling and onto the desk. Gears whirred as the anvil receded, pulled up by a thick chain of steel links. The clay figurines had been smashed into tiny pieces.

    “Oh no!” yelled Gendo in an overtly melodramatic fashion, standing up as though he were shocked into movement. “The Committee! They’ve been crushed! Oh, how TERRIBLE! Taken down before their time! TRULY, THEY WERE THE FINEST MINDS OF THEIR GENERATION!”

    The Professor sat back in his chair, immediately calming down.

    With one last press of the violet button, the top of his desk tilted over, causing the clay remnants to slide into a hole that had opened up in the floor; the red glow and wavering air indicated that the hole led to an incinerator. After a few seconds, the top of the desk receded into its normal position whilst the hole was sealed shut.

    Gendo Ikari smirked.

    Then he pulled out various acquisition forms from his desk drawers and went about his business, once more sporting a stoic expression.

    Just another day at NERV.
  9. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Oh MFE!Gendo, you're everything my Carbon Copy of the Shinji Ikari Raising Project Gendo wishes he could be!
  10. If you realize that Gendo Ikari could reasonably be called the Japanese Christopher Walken, then it all makes sense.
  11. Neon Prodigy

    Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?






    ...I love this fanfic!!!
  12. *rolls on the floor laughing out loud* OH MAN!! Randall is Ceiling Cat!! Does this mean that we'll see Basement Cat as well?
  13. AmIADream

    AmIADream A mere figment

    That was GLORIOUS!
  14. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause


    I like this Gendo! Even if he IS nuts.
  15. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    An you say... Tacgnol Angel?
  16. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    Query: Is Ritsuko's analyst on danger money, or is this a classic There Are No Therapists story? (WARNING: TVTropes link)
  17. The D

    The D Toucan Ambassador

    The UN in this world?

    Just replace Emperor Nikolai with Gendo Ikari or Lorenz Keel
  18. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    Ceiling Randal is watching you ... nevermind.
  19. Foe Tohn

    Foe Tohn Void Where Prohibited

    Wouldn't he be too heavy to stay on the ceiling? Or are we talking like a warehouse, or some of the bigger rooms in Nerv HQ?
  20. The notion of Ceiling Randall came about when Randall was just a little kitten in his tiny spider-tank body. Randall would navigate the ventilation ducts of NERV for hours at a time. Naturally, his little body had a camera built in (Ritsuko: FOR REMOTE CHAPERONING!).

    So it was no surprise that Randall would eventually catch someone...well, you know.

    Gendo Ikari still has copies of the footage from Randall for blackmail purposes.
  21. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    So, does it mean that Tokyo-3 and Geofront ventilation system war overhauled regularly to accommodate further upgrades?
  22. DrTempo

    DrTempo The Doc of XOvers

    Heh, heh..read the first few sniipets of chapter 3..and man were they funny!
  23. So Shinji, about that landshark.

    As the duo rode through Tokyo-3 on her motorcycle, Misato suddenly flashed Shinji a wicked grin. “Speaking of ‘special’, I want to hear about your landshark story.”

    Shoulders slumped as Shinji groaned. I completely forgot about that. “It’s really no big deal…”

    Misato’s finger reached for the nitrous button.

    Okay okay OKAY! I’ll talk!

    “That’s a good boy!”


    /May, 2013/

    /Shoreline, Ruins of Okayama-1/

    Shinji Ikari was a person that one could call adequate in an academic sense.

    Sure, he obtained good grades, but his attention was hard to capture unless the topic personally interested him. School was a necessity, but he was not one who loved knowledge to the point that it became more than a means to an end. No; for him to want to learn something, it had to be something that he needed to know about.

    For example, how to play the cello. He had needed to join a club at school, and the Music Club had interested him the most. To ensure his position in the club, he had taken up playing the cello. That he had a preference for the sound of string instruments and a fondness for classical music were just additional benefits. Another example was learning how to cook; his Aunt Alicia was capable of whipping up some tasty delicacies with only a few ingredients, and he wanted to know how to be self-sufficient if ever he lived on his own. The ‘Calculus of Cooking’, as she had termed it, triumphed over ‘Microwave Math’ any day of the week (he could still remember Uncle Tomoe shaking his head and wondering how his wife came up with such corny phrases. That is, right before she threatened him with nothing but instant meals for a month, which was usually enough to cow the whole family).

    Given Alicia’s hunger for exploration, Shinji had needed to learn survival techniques. Fortunately, his Uncle had been a veritable fountain of knowledge, recalling facts and details from his time as a policeman in pre-Impact Kyoto. With that knowledge came an understanding of self-defense; in particular, how to use a blade.

    Right now, Shinji was indebted for learning that much. He was also grateful that his Uncle’s lessons resulted in a passable familiarity with the local flora and fauna.

    Fauna such as landsharks.

    “Well, NOW what?”

    Shinji turned a twitching eye towards his cousin, his sarcasm mode at full power. “I don’t know, maybe next time we can go exploring Australia. At least we’ll be killed quickly!”

    “Stop being a pessimist and start thinking! I am!”

    The two bickering cousins were currently situated upon the steel framework of a collapsed office building, the beams providing a sufficiently safe haven from their current predator: a twelve-foot long bronze hammerhead with features that anyone pre-Impact would have boggled at. For one, this hammerhead had two pairs of legs extending from its side, muscular appendages with clawed feet that could retract into the body whilst swimming. Also of note was the fact that ‘hammerhead’ was now a far more appropriate title, given the bony carapace covering the creature’s titular feature.

    Another minor detail: actual lungs that accompanied the gills.

    Second Impact had done some strange things to the animal kingdom. Humans had been physiologically unaffected by the energy released during Impact, but most animals had endured some strange alteration or another, the effects becoming more prominent the closer one got to the South Pole. It was the reason that Canada’s national animal was now the platypus, why Brazil’s fishing industry was now the world's primary exporter of giant shrimp and squid, why honey badgers were now an apex predator in Africa, and why Australia no longer existed as a nation.

    Shinji didn’t really care about any of those details. Right now, he was just waiting for the landshark – as all such mutated specimens were colloquially called, regardless if they were a hammerhead or a tiger shark or a great white – to leave. “It can’t stay out of the water forever; once it leaves to cool down, we’ll make a break for it.”

    Annette sighed, legs dangling off of their impromptu sanctuary. “And how long will that be?”

    “I…don’t know.”


    The steel beam jolted, launching Annette off of their safe haven. The girl landed awkwardly on her ankle, eliciting a pained yelp. The landshark, having just rammed the framework with its bony head, calmly stalked its weakened prey.

    Shinji gaped, eyes wide as the hammerhead approached the limping Annette. Oh crap oh crap oh CRAP. What to do, what to do, think, THINK! Trying to climb down wouldn’t get him to her fast enough, the landshark would be upon her by then. Do something, she’s down there, do something, she’s gonna die, do something do something DO SOMETHING!

    Shinji stared at the machete in his hand.


    Annette paled as the hammerhead approached her, the flat maw open to reveal rows of sharp teeth. “Down sharky…nice sharky…be a good boy now, be a good boy. I mean, I don’t taste good, I really don’t!”

    The landshark snarled. Annette gulped.


    A twelve-year-old Shinji landed on the landshark’s back, roaring as his machete pierced through the soft flesh behind the hammerhead’s helmet.
  24. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

  25. Considering that the Honey Badger can castrate and kill a fully grown male lion, I don't see how that's much of a change...
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