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Mobile Fighter Evangelion (AU/NOT a Gundam Crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Ultra Sonic 007, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Well to be fair, Domon was trained by Master Asia, a man who could solo any Gundam-verse...

    ...On foot...

    ...In a cave...

    WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS (of Cloth)!!!
  2. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    And while we are on Master Asia subject...
    Master Asia is somewhat stronger than Shockwave Alberto of Giant Robo fame as was evident by their multiple clashes.
    On side note, said Alberto could pretty much fight 3rd Angel to a standstill. While on foot.
    Do the math.
  3. Among other things, probably this.

    In fairness, he's only doing it to toughen Shinji up.
  4. FourthWall

    FourthWall Local Girl Homus Everything

    Asuka: How unscientific!
  5. Who's hipper than Gendo? No one, that's who.

    The Fourth Angel was somewhat [intrigued/disappointed/amused] by the defenses of the Lilim. Patchwork collections of potential energy, arranged in layered grids and defensive patterns, stood between it and the Black Moon. Potential energy shifted in form as the Angel approached, unleashed by the Lilim.

    The serpentine Shamshel, flying serenely above the hills of Japan, was untouched. The Light of its Soul would permit no [intrusion/pain/malevolence] against its form.

    THESE [DEFENSES/WEAPONS/TOYS] ARE NOT WHAT FELLED [INDECIPHERABLE]. Explosions blossomed in midair about the Angel’s body, never touching, never harming. WHERE IS THE [WEAPON/CREATURE/ENTITY] [COMPARABLE/EQUAL/CONGRUENT] TO US?

    As the red serpent proceeded towards Tokyo-3, no expense was deemed too high to stop its approach. Missiles, rockets, armor-piercing shells…all were shrugged off.

    It was at this point that the Defender Gundams emerged.

    A majority of them proceeded to open fire upon the Angel from afar, whilst a small group of a dozen mecha towed a steel cable. It was a kilometer long and one foot thick; clutching it tightly, this small squad of Gundams shot forward, weaving about and around the seemingly oblivious Angel. The idea was solid; once the Angel was ensnared, dozens of Gundams would grab hold of both ends and attempt to drag it down.

    If only.


    Sparks flashed from the tip of the Angel’s twin limbs, the series of triangles lighting up pink. Within a second, paper-thin ribbons of light emerged, lashing out at the cable and slicing it into ribbons.


    /Operations Deck, NERV-1, Tokyo-3/

    “Well, that’s a new one,” dryly remarked Fuyutsuki.

    Gendo was silent at the sight being transmitted to the Operations Deck; an energy weapon for melee combat. Razor sharp. “It would most likely take an AT Field to withstand that.” Having said that, the Professor turned his attention towards the technicians and operations crew further below; they were in a tizzy.

    And rightly so; never in their darkest nightmares had they believed another Angel would attack mere days after the Third. The refurbishing of the city’s rearmaments had not been finished, and the repairs to Unit-01 were nowhere near complete. Section 3 was a warzone, with maintenance working as quickly as possible to attach supplemental plating to Unit-01’s armor. Dr. Akagi was shouting up a storm, teeth clenched tightly on a cigar. The chaos fed itself, seeming to grow over time as desperation gripped NERV-1.

    Naturally, the Supreme Commander felt that he needed to break the tension.

    With utmost casualty, he cycled through the files on his terminal, opened up his private playlist, and selected a song to play over the intercom.


    Every single employee in the Geofront came to a screeching halt, their panic swept aside by sheer bewilderment.

    Gendo cut the song and took his opportunity, speaking into the terminal’s open mic. “Enough with this panic!” His voice carried throughout NERV-1; it was calm, and authoritative. “The Fourth Angel is coming, and we’re the only ones who can stop it.” A dramatic pause. “Now, to your stations!

    Orders were orders. The command structure was in place, and a sense of ease set in. Everyone set about their tasks in a more controlled fashion, intent and focus in their every move.

    Kozou looked wryly at his old protégé. “Not that I’m complaining…but booty music? Seriously?”

    The Professor shrugged. “It worked, didn’t it?”
  6. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Sounds good, but might I suggest changing the second "Ribbons" to "bits"?

    I don't know if you can actually cut something that's already long and thin "To ribbons".
  7. Dealer

    Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    I never watched G gundam, so I'm a little confused.

    How the hell can a man on foot destroy a Gundam?

    Are they made out of paper and cardboard or something?
  8. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...Didn't someone once point out that, according to their stated mass, Mobile Suits have the density of Styrofoam?

    But as for Master Asia, no.
    You see, Master Asia is soo badass, that he can take someone's head band and turn it into a weapon of mass destruction.
  9. NeoSeether

    NeoSeether Time Diver

    In G Gundam, Master Asia, Domon Kasshu and the like are super-powered Martial Artists. At the very peak of their ability, taking down ordinary Mobile Suits (compared to their own Mobile Fighters) in on-foot combat (but usually involving a carried weapon of some kind) isn't completely uncommon in their timeline.

    And from a backstory perspective, the basic Death Army mobile suit's capabilities are actually greater than the likes of a mass-produced MS-06F Zaku II, but not quite on the level of a prototype unit like a basic RX-78-2 Gundam.

    Barring the whole 'complete regenerative properties due to DG Cell infestation', of course.
  10. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    Y'know, being made of styrofoam would explain a lot about the Zaku and the GW Leo (mostly the Leo).
  11. Well, the awesome story so far is awesome.

    May I please ask for more?
  12. Yes, you may have more.

    Apologies for the delays...well, sort of. Started playing Mass Effect 1 around late December as a Male/Paragon/Earthborn/Sole Survivor Shepard. Romanced Liara, saved Wrex, got a Paragon ending with saving the Council. Carried him over to Mass Effect 2, romanced Tali, completed the suicide mission with EVERYONE ALIVE, destroyed the Collector Base, and beat it.

    Then started over with a Female/Mostly Renegade/Colonist/War Hero Shepard. No romance, saved Wrex, got a Renegade ending with saving the Council. Carried her over to Mass Effect 2, romanced Garrus, completed the suicide mission with EVERYONE ALIVE, preserved the Collector Base, and beat it.

    Right around the time I beat it with her, Dead Space 2 comes out.

    Am currently nearing the end of my second run through DS2.

    Much as I enjoy writing fanfiction...video games are my first love.

    But, let's get rolling.


    “…what was that?”

    “Booty music!”

    “…my father?”

    “Got it in one!”

    Shinji sighed.

    Further down in the depths of NERV-1, Misato was escorting Shinji to the locker rooms. “Okay, according to Ritsky’s alert message, there should be a techie waiting for us with your Plug Suit.”

    Shinji impulsively shuddered at the memory of how he had gotten his…’measurements’. He passively grunted in affirmation to hide his discomfort. In the back of his head, he wondered if he should be feeling more apprehensive about how this was the second time in less than a week that he was being asked to not only pilot a giant war machine, but to use it against a gigantic creature not of this world.

    The rest of him roared that he was still too weary from yesterday, and that it was best to NOT wonder.

    Finally, a rather unassuming man – clad in the standard beige uniform of NERV – waved them down. “Lieutenant Colonel Katsuragi, ma’am!”

    “You have the package?”

    The Section-1 techie reached down towards the nearby bench, opening a plastic parcel and pulling out what Shinji could only assume was the ‘Plug Suit’.

    …that thing is way too big for me.

    He recognized the blue material, which now bore colored strips of black paint along the sides and arms, the bottom of the soles, and the sternum. Odd, form-fitting machinery had been welded to the upper body, slick white metal countered by strange, angular protrusions along the ribs.

    However, it wasn’t his size. Not even close.

    Misato grabbed the Plug Suit around the neck collar, stretching it out by at least a meter. “Feet first through the neck.” She handed it to Shinji and reoriented him towards the men’s locker room. “Take off your clothes before putting it on.” Right before the door closed behind him, Misato added, “That includes the underwear!”

    Even through the metal door, she could still hear Shinji’s impulsive ‘grk’.

    The Lieutenant Colonel turned towards the techie and promptly dismissed him. Moments later, the Supreme Commander’s voice spoke through her hidden earpiece. “Katsuragi.

    “Yes sir?”

    Is the First Child en route to Unit-01?

    “He’s putting on his Plug Suit now sir. We should be ready in five minutes!”

    Be quick about it. The Angel’s already within one mile of Tokyo-3.

    “Understood, Professor!”

    It was at that moment that Shinji trudged out of locker room, looking absolutely ridiculous; the Plug Suit was all wrinkled, with multiple folds sagging out along his frame. “You know, I should feel more upset that I went through all that hassle with Dr. Akagi for this. How is this supposed to help me pilot?”

    Misato smiled, having seen how Rei’s Plug Suit functioned. Without saying a word, she grabbed Shinji’s right wrist, holding it up in front of his face. There was a small, circular switch of sorts. “Twist,” She twisted it three-hundred and sixty degrees clockwise. “Push,” She depressed it by about an inch with her index finger. “Then twist back.” Two pi radians counter-clockwise. “And that’s how you do it; repeat the process if you want to get it off.”

    Before Shinji could say anything, a distinct whirr could be heard from the machinery along his torso.


    “GACK!” Shinji yelped as the folds flattened, the synthetic material seemingly shrinking to meld with his form. What had once felt like obtrusive plastic now felt like spandex…or perhaps a slimmer version of the leotard that his cousin had made him wear once for a school play. “It’s…weird…” It was tight, yes, but not intrusively so; it was so form-fitting that the Plug Suit might as well have not been there at all. “I mean…” He flexed his arms and legs, getting a feel for the material. Surprisingly, despite how tight it was, it didn’t strain against his body.

    An accurate term to describe the Plug Suit would be ‘second skin’.

    “Now you need to get to the Evangelion.” Misato affixed the A10 nerve connectors on his head, simultaneously pushing him into the locker room. “There’s an access elevator that connects the locker rooms to various levels. It’ll take you right to the Entry Plug!” Given that there was no one else in the men’s locker room, Misato’s nonchalance didn’t bother him. The child watched as the purple-haired officer accessed a wall-mounted touchscreen, accessing one of the few pre-selected options: Lymph Node-A. “Get a move on, we’re on a tight schedule!”

    Right after Misato practically shoved him into the elevator, she gave him one last hug from behind. “Good luck, Shinji-kun.”

    The doors shut quietly, leaving Shinji to stare at the floor, still utterly vexed by Misato’s mannerisms. Even in the middle of an alert, she still has time for a hug. It was…comforting, he supposed.

    ...and why was he actually bothering to question it?

    A groan slipped past the boy’s lips as he leaned against the elevator doors, still feeling the exhaustion from yesterday’s training. Would I be more prone to panicking if I wasn’t tired?

    It was something to think about. Could it be…had his father planned this…?


    Gendo Ikari did not sneeze, despite the folklore revolving around the idea of sneezing when someone talked about you (colloquially called the ‘Quantum Sternutation Effect’ by Dr. Akagi). After all, he was the Supreme Commander of NERV; somewhere, every minute of every day, SOMEONE was talking about him.

    By now, he was immune to QSE.


    …nah. There’s suspicion, and then there’s paranoia.

    Then again, there was a fine line between suspicion and paranoia.
  13. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    Interesting, that it is.
  14. First off: FANART.



    Only thing is that the bike is a little longer in actuality...and that Misato doesn't have those gold shades. Though maybe she totally should. Thoughts?

    Also, STORY TIME.


    The elevator doors opened, revealing the vast chamber within which Unit-01 stood. Emptied of the red coolant, Shinji could see how far down the room extended. The various technicians of Section-3 were rapidly vacating the area, having been forced to abandon their repairs due to the Angel’s arrival. There were various sections still showing scorch marks from the Third Angel’s kamikaze attack; portions that had needed to be removed (such as the cracked breastplate) had been replaced by gray armor that looked somewhat bulkier than Unit-01’s normal, customized shell. All in all, it gave the Evangelion a rather…derelict look.

    That a giant mecha/cyborg/robot/whatever could look destitute was oddly impressive.

    Shinji walked towards the gantry that led to the Entry Plug, almost moving on auto pilot. It helped, being able to move without having to think about what was about to happen. Which was odd; the more he thought about it objectively, the more he should’ve been concerned. He was about to face another Angel! Unit-01 was still undergoing repairs! Tokyo-3’s defenses were nowhere near full strength after the last Angel’s attack!

    So why was he so damned calm?

    The Entry Plug swiveled into place. LCL filled the plug, and lights flashed as the neural connections between Shinji and the Evangelion were activated.

    And then there was peace.

    A warm blanket seemed to smother Shinji...a light reminder of benevolent comfort before receding slightly. Instead of covering him, it now seemed to hover over his shoulders, as if to say ‘I will always be right behind you’.

    In that instant, Shinji realized why he hadn’t been panicking: this feeling.

    On a subconscious level, he had understood that this is what was waiting for him. It was hard to describe; he couldn’t hear any words…more like sensations or feelings from whatever was left of his mother in the core of the Evangelion.

    Nonetheless, it was endlessly reassuring.

    i'm here

    I know.

    just making sure you know

    What reason did he have to fear?

    Sync ratio at sixty-two percent!

    Shinji impulsively gripped the controls. “I’m ready!”

    Begin launch sequence!

    The distinct sensation of movement throbbed through Unit-01’s body as it moved to the launch pad, and Shinji’s by proxy. They seemed more acute now that he wore the plug suit.

    Locks gripped onto the Evangelion’s legs, prompting Shinji to grit his teeth.

    As before, Gendo theatrically roared, “LAUNCH THE EVANGELION!

    And the battle was joined.
  15. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    Interesting, that it is, if a bit short.
  16. Dealer

    Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    So, are the underlined bits Yui's attempts to communicate?
  17. AndrewJTalon

    AndrewJTalon Explorer

    It lives! It LIVES! Sorry, you don't know how happy I am to see this continuing.
  18. I thought that was somewhat implicit starting in Chapter 2, but yeah, pretty much.

    Well, it's sort of a trifecta: the games I mentioned earlier...along with this being my final semester before getting my Master's in Mathematics...and I happen to be teaching Faith Formation for 5th-8th grade at my parish on Sundays, which requires preparation time.

    So yah, I've been busy busy busy. However, we're about to get into the fight scene, and those have always been relatively easy for me to write.
  19. luckychaos

    luckychaos *urk!*

    Glad to see this being updated. :) I'm liking this Shinji more and more, and Gendo's line was hilariously epic.
  20. That is one seriously cool bike. :)
  21. FourthWall

    FourthWall Local Girl Homus Everything

    Good to see this back
  22. Shamshel [sensed/felt/perceived] Unit-01 before it reached the surface. AT LAST. The Light of the [weapon/creature/entity]’s Soul was quite substantial. I WILL [BREAK/END/SUNDER/ANNIHILATE] YOU AND PROCEED TO YOUR [CREATOR/MOTHER/SOURCE]. The defenses of the Lilim had abruptly ceased moments ago, as if in preparation for the arrival of their creation.

    According to the local coordinate frame, the Fourth Angel had approximately four seconds to surmise the abilities of the Lilim’s creation. It was enough time for Shamshel to [see/perceive/know] the Light of the Evangelion’s Soul…to a certain extent. Its identity was muddled…mixed, nonsingular.


    It told the Angel enough, certainly: the [weapon/creature/entity] did not possess true mastery over the Light of its Soul.

    A [TEST/TRIAL/EXPERIMENT] SHALL COMMENCE. Yes; that would do nicely.

    Three seconds until the arrival of the Evangelion.

    A ribbon of pink light lashed out, slicing through the foundations of the nearest skyscraper. Before it toppled over, the Angel’s [limb/extension/hand] wrapped around the structure, looking rather gentle while doing so. Shamshel diverted the Light of its Soul, blanketing the building in a protective [coating/sheath/shell] of energy.

    At that moment, the defenses of Tokyo-3 roared once more, unleashing bullets and rockets upon the serpentine form of the Fourth Angel.

    Even with the Light of its Soul divided so, none of the armaments were capable of breaking through.

    One second until the arrival of the Evangelion.

    Quietly and calmly, the Fourth Angel’s tentacle of energy snapped forward, flinging the skyscraper towards the outskirts of Tokyo-3. At such speed, the stress from shear alone would have destroyed the structure.

    Clad in the Light of Shamshel’s Soul, this was no issue.

    Thus, Unit-01 emerged onto the surface just in time for a fifty-story skyscraper to smash into it at a speed of two hundred miles an hour.

    An audible snap echoed through the city. The Evangelion – still locked into the launch platform that had just been broken by the sheer stress of the collision – fell to the ground, buried by the Angel’s impromptu projectile.

    A strange noise fluttered through the air, an odd hiss reverberating through a watery crypt. Melchior, Balthasar, and Casper would conclude that it was a side-effect of how the Fourth Angel’s AT Field interacted with their plane of reality.

    Herod would conclude that the Angel was laughing.
  23. Dealer

    Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    Now where's that pwned macro....
  24. luckychaos

    luckychaos *urk!*

    Shamshel you magnificent bastard!
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