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My Little Space Marine: Friendship is Heresy

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by PsyckoSama, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. PsyckoSama Ia! Ia! Kamina fthagn!

    After locating Equestria the Inquisition finds that its innate magic is interesting enough to warrant study but the native Pony-Form beings are in the way and thus must be exterminated like the foul xenos they are.

    Thus by the order of the Imperial Inquisition and the High Lords of Terra they order the Black Templars Space Marine chapter to purge the planet of all sentiant life by Bolter and Chainsword.

    Can they do it and how long does it take? :drevil:
  2. High estimates on the sisters? Stomp for MLP, i believe.

    Low end? Stomp for Space Marines.
  3. Brellin Bolos are magical

    Depends entirely on just how powerful you assume the Sisters to be. If you assume they are infact powerful then they wipe out the Space Marines without any issue at all.
  4. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Celestia wipes them all out by telekenatically juggling their fleet in the thousands like a clown on speed, while having a coffee break with Twilight.
  5. Altercation Charge and lock.

    Assuming Twilight has access to all her powers, the Space Marines all turn into potted plants. Or they're tossed away like ragdolls or teleported to the moon. Pony magic is ridiculous.
  6. The Reaper Don't fear The Reaper

    Wouldn't they send the Grey Knights or Deathwatch? Although it would be entertaining either way...
  7. mackon Missing & Presumed Dead

    Blood lusted ponys by the Vs Forum ROB to make sure they fight to their full potential? :p
  8. 100thlurker Solidarity

    Only means Deathwatch would get involved would be their Kill-ships, but Equestria isn't an aggressive star empire so I dunno why they'd waste precious world-killers like that.
  9. Ryan Ghetto Rocket Scientist

    Only SB would attempt to derive accurate and canon calculations of both firepower and yields from a goddamn cartoon featuring talking ponies.
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  10. 100thlurker Solidarity

    Kiloton hooves.

  11. Ryan Ghetto Rocket Scientist

    Hey, I never complained, It's why I love this place :p
  12. 100thlurker Solidarity

    Didn't say you were. ;)
  13. Shepard1707 This'll be fun.

    Considering that Filly!Twilight is a confirmed local scale reality warper... I would not want to piss her of after she's actually had time to learn to control her powers. While we don't have any real specifics on how unicorn magic works, I think it would be rather foolish to assume that she's gotten any weaker since then, and would be reasonable to assume that she has, infact, grown even more powerful.

    Here's the scene tied to appropriate music/dialogue:

  14. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Now if ONLY Spike reverted back to that cute little baby dragon, I'd watch the show again.
  15. Shepard1707 This'll be fun.

    Oh, and just for the fun of it:

    Space Marine Captain Marcus of the Black Templars was pleased with his squads work. The 16 Space Marines had managed to destroy the shamble of a desert town only a few days prior and with total ease, and had then made their way along the old fashioned rail road to yet another village. Their initial sweep through the forest had been comparatively much more costly. Their attempt to find one of the small equine creatures, the natives of this world, that was reported to live here had not only proven a rather futile search, but the very forest itself was as much a death world as Catachan.

    He'd lost two men to a beast that could turn it's prey into stone before they managed to slay it, and another one to a great lizard like beast. And from the interrogations they'd cunducted, they knew of even more powerful creatures to live in the forest. Marcus had pulled his men out of there as quickly as he could. Any of these 'ponies' that chose to seek refuge in here would doubtless die of it given time.

    Unfortunately, this had cost them valuable time, and now he knew that they would not be able to take this next village by surprise. Already he could tell this, as the first hut they visited was completely abandoned. Nearer the town, a modest homestead also proved to be emptied of it's inhabitants. As with the Hut, they burned it to the ground as the left it, along with the orchard of trees.

    Finally, they reached the village proper. Here proved to be much more fruitful. It had not been completely abandoned. 'Ponies' scurried about for cover, desperately trying to run from the Space Marines, only to be mowed down by bolter fire. Some of them proved resilient enough to try to fight back, and their powerful hooves left dents in the armor of Marcus' marines as before they finally went down, but still they were no match.

    That was when it happened, a great flash just out of the corner of Marcus' vision, and one of his marines, Micah, screamed into his ear piece. Marcus turned quickly to the source of the attack, and for perhaps the first moment in his century long life, felt just the barest twinge of fear.

    There, wreathed in warp energies, was one of the 'ponies', a purple Unicorn. it's eyes glowed an unholy white, and it's horn was aflame with power. Marcus' fear lasted only a moment, and he quickly began to step back from the monstrous creature, eyes glancing about to locate Micah and his other marines. He raised and fired at the unicorn in order to force it into cover. "All marines to my position, there is a powerful one here, we must bring it down, for the God Emperor!"

    Hastily, Marcus turned and retreated away from the creature, running for cover just as a bolt of power blasted by him, turning an entire building into a massive tree. The unicorn must have been pursueing him only slowly, because it wasn't long before he'd managed to outrun it and get back to the rest of his squad.

    "Increadibly powerful enemy unit inbound, it may be a psyker. We will set up a defensive position here." He said to them, he could hear the hoofsteps of the pony approaching, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as the raw energy filled the air.

    He directed his squad to split up and take various positions around the courtyard they'd met in, near a pink, candy covered building, Marcus himself crouching behind an overturned cart. He glanced over it to see the unicorn as it trotted into the clearing.

    It's voice, seeming feminine, rang out as if amplified. "I give you all one last chance to stand down, and I will spare you the worst of your punishment." She said, trying to tempt them into corruption.

    "Fire!" Marcus shouted out in response, and rose up, his weapon blazing hot death.

    Dozens of bolter rounds streaked in toward the equine creature every second. But as they passed through the bubble of warp energy that surrounded her, they transformed. Into bubbles, into butterflies, into rays of rainbow light, water droplets, colored smoke, or just disappeared entirely. He emptied his clip into her, every one of his marines did.

    Not a single bolter round got through. "Dante, Lamartus, Philemon, charge it and distract it while we reload!" Secretly, he hoped that the three marines would get through and be able to cut it up with their chain swords.

    But as he reloaded his weapon, he could see that that would not be so. The moment they touched that barrier, all three of them disintegrated into butterflies and doves just as the bolter rounds had.

    "Open fire!!!" He cried out again, and once more their weapons rang out.


    But crossing with their tracer rounds were white-purple bolts of magical lightning. A strike at Jacobus and Alpheus, and both were transformed into roughly Space Marine shaped trees. Another toward the Marines that had climbed atop a building overlooking the scene, and they erupted into a collection of butterflies, armor cascading down. The last four of his men lept over their defensive barriers, ready to meet it with chainsword once their weapons were empty of ammo, but a rapid succession of strikes had thrown them about the courtyard and transformed them into various bushes and overgrowth of flowers.

    As his bolter once again sharply ceased it's staccato of fire, only Marcus was left of his squad.

    And still the unicorn stood.

    It lowered it's horn, and as the light flashed towards him, Marcus was well and prepared for oblivion to take him...

    10 weeks later...

    The maneless, black coated Stallion kicked at the dirt ground testily with his right front hoof. He stood in the street where, a little over two months ago, Twilight Sparkle had stood her ground against 13 of the monsters that had invaded their world, and bested each one without so much as a scratch.

    That had also been the day that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had finally been able to locate, and similarly eliminate, all the monsters from Manehatten, Fillydelfia, Stalliongrad, and other pony settlements. Just a week after that, the newly formed Equestrian Army had forced them out of the Griffon Kingdoms and beyond, and just half a month ago, the monsters had been driven from their world entirely. Even now, though, the rebuilding was taking place, made even slower by the increadible resources being devoted to newly formed Unified Military of Equestria, a force to stand against any and all future invasions.

    The pony glanced up at one of the Space Marine shaped trees, covered in butterflies and birds that had taken to nesting in it. With a sigh, he set his saddlebag down and pulled out a small little plaque, setting it infront of the tree.

    It read, in high gothic, "Here Lies Jacobus, dedicated Space Marine to the End, May the God Emperor preserve him, and the Celestial Princesses forgive him."

    "Something wrong, Marcus?" Twilight sparkle said softly behind the earth pony stallion.

    He jumped slightly, then let out nervous sigh. "No... yes... I am sorry Twilight. Sorry for the death I brought to your world, and for being so stubborn those first two months. But... most of all, I'm sorry I failed to protect my men." And he hung his head as if in shame.

    The purple unicorn stepped over to him and nudged him to look up. "You didn't fail them, at least, I doubt they would have thought so. You lead them against their enemy, and I'm sure they would say they 'died' with honor." She said with a soft smile. Then she chuckled, and winced. "I'm... sure they would feel that you were the one who was dishonored."

    Marcus nodded, then sighed again. "It is a pity... it will take much work to convince the Imperium of the purity of Equestria, and the wisdom of the God Prin-" he caught himself. "Of Princesses Celestia and Luna. And of yourself."

    Twilight blushed, but smiled. "But it will happen eventually, I'm sure. Come on, let me help you with the rest of these." And as her horn glowed, the rest of the plaques lifted from his bag, and they began to sort out where they would rest...


    Keep in mind, I have never read any fluff for WH40k, and I haven't even played the table top game. The extent of my familiarity is what has been said on here, a bit of skimming through the Lexicanum, and Dawn of War I.
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  16. The Reaper Don't fear The Reaper

    There was no real problems with your portrayal of the marines. (clap)

    However you missed one thing.

    *1 month later*
    "This is Lord Inquisitor Gromwell to Ironic Justice. I have found this world wanting and proclaim Exterminatus upon it immediately."

    *30 minutes later*
    (Gromwell looks out of the viewing port) "Ah, another world cleansed of the taint of the daemon, another job well done. Add the name of this vile world to the Tome of Grimdark, Exterminatus'd by yours truly."

    THE END!
  17. Shepard1707 This'll be fun.

    I'm fairly certain that the Princesses wouldn't be letting a single damn thing anywhere near the planet by that point. And considering that we can confirm that Princess Celestia either moves the planet, or moves the sun, fast enough for this:

    The Summer Sun Festival part.

    Yeah, I don't think anything's getting very close.

    EDIT: For those too lazy to watch it, she raises the sun to about mid morning hight in about 3 seconds.
  18. The Reaper Don't fear The Reaper

    Stranger things have happened and not stopped Exterminatus.

    But assuming she takes out the ship, then reinforcements arrive in the way of an entire crusades worth of Marines and they pound it into rubble.

    EDIT: Wait...am I really arguing this? REALLY?
  19. Shepard1707 This'll be fun.


    Yeah, part of the problem with measuring anything that's "vs. Ponies" is, quite simply, the Princesses themselves. There's so much that we just don't know about them, that they're ability could range anywhere from

    "Oooooh... you want to take this world? Good luck doing that from 20 AU away" *tosses ships out of the system like dandelion seeds in the wind*


    "Bring in the Grey Knights, let us deal with these pitiful daemon spawn."
  20. "Why did all the space ships leave princess" asked Twilight
    "Think think they have exterminated the planet." Answered Celestia
    "And I think it would be best if we let them carry on believing that don't you?" in a tone of voice that did not encourage argument.
    "Yes princess"She replied.
    Fixed it ponies are not going down that easily.:eek:
  21. Shepard1707 This'll be fun.

    Actually, that would be a rather good way to end any straight WH40K/MLP:FiM crossover...
  22. Deadguy2001 Bane of the Sla'haii

    Black Templars are Raeg Fags. Pony Stomp.
  23. Altasaire Unrequited Rage

    In case exterminatus don't work?

    Kryptmann leads a Tyranid splinter fleet/hivefleet there.

    The floor is now gaunts. Unless Celestia can somehow machinegun-gank Tyranid bioships in orbit, Tyranids land. And if Tyranids land and some of them get turned to trees? Meh, more biomass.

    And it takes one eaten unicorn for tyranids to be able to produce horn-equipped zoanthrope-style creatures.

    Or Imperials can accelerate a rock (or ten) to .75c and look if Celestia is a bad enough telekinetic to divert it.

    I am not really sure it's a Space Marine scale problem and the Imperium won't just throw some Catachan or other deathworlder Guard at the problem.

    It however is interesting to speculate Celestia as being a daemonhost of Tzeentch.
  24. AdmiralTigercla GCFA Fleet Command

    I'd just like to stop and point out that ponies are native Earth animals, and thusly a pony would not be a Filthy Xeno.

    It would be a servant of man. And it would be the inquisition's job to reunite mankind with one of its long lost beasts of burden.
  25. thor2006 thor

    Not sentient ponies and not pegasi and unicorns.

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