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NGE: Nobody Dies, Season 4 update/stuff thread

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    No no NO. Don't do that! The description Dream gave in NervAlaska actually sounded pretty cute, I don't need that ruined!
  2. Techlology I have to dig.

    Yeah, on second thought that was a little too much.
  3. Techlology could be referring to bra size.

    IIRC, 14 is equivalent to a B-cup. Maybe a borderline A.

    ...or it could be shoe size.

    Hey, Evangelions have pretty big feet...
  4. AmIADream A mere figment

    ... Maybe.
  5. Techlology I have to dig.

    Allison: "Adam, do you think I have big feet?"
    Adam: "...No! Of course not!"
    Allison: "Adaaam?"
    Adam: "You look fine the way you are!"

    And that someone will end up horribly maimed...?
  6. Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    *applause* I wonder if you'll give us the rest sometime.

    And the first part makes her more appealing to me, but the shoe size thing confuses my imagination, as I have no personal experience with which to compare it.
  7. AmIADream A mere figment

    Or maybe... It's because I have a plan. Maybe.

    Wait and see.
  8. Techlology I have to dig.

    An average bloke would be about a size 10 to 12.


    Very nice introduction. Would love to see the completed essay when it's done.

    And it's about the actual community behind ND right? Or is it ND and alternative universe fiction in general?
  9. TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

  10. Unreluctant Loitering with Intent

    I agree with all these points. Especially seeing as whiteagle seems to have an AT-field up when it comes to insults.

    With 6 AIs, 1 Continent, isn't Una going to be so pleased when she gets into Newtown One and finds out that 02-Ef has some bodies that can be choked properly?
    And poor 00-Em, getting his big revelation ninja'd by Ivy.

    Must remember not to drink anything while reading this thread, for fear of choking when lines like this make me laugh.

    That's one way to deal with the curse of the EvaFucker...

    Fully written essay!

    A Community Where Nobody Dies
    An Essay on a Group of People who enjoy a certain Story

    By Noah Ryan

    I would have to say that one of the things that inspires me most is when a story that originally had a downer ending is given an alternate, happier ending. While some will argue that stories such as Romeo and Juliet are intended to have tragic conclusions, and that any form of a happy ending ruins the point of the story, I beg to differ. Storytelling is and always has been an open-ended art form at heart; the oldest stories were conveyed by oration, therefore the orator could interpret a story in different ways and come to different endings. In a way, a book is like treating a story as if it were a parade: while the reader sees each event passing one after another in sequence, the writer views the parade from above, seeing all the twists and turns it may or may not take. It does not matter in the end where and how the story is concluded; it only matters if the author is competent and creative enough to steer the story to its ultimate conclusion. And, if I do say so myself, the Author that most epitomizes this ideology of writing for me is Greg Landsman, the author of Nobody Dies.

    “What would happen if we had everything we've ever wanted? What if certain tragedies, in the past, were averted? One would normally think this would make a better world. Some old traumas would be gone...but the new pains could be worse.” --Gregory Landsman, Author

    These are the opening words to Greg Landsman's internet phenomenon Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nobody Dies. Based on the source material of the classic Science Fiction animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nobody Dies explores an alternate reality to the show in which two massively influential characters that had died in the backstory of the original series instead lived on, effecting the story in extreme ways and demonstrating just how much of an impact one single change to a story can cause an entirely new chain of events to fall into place. All the while, it attempts to give the series a brighter ending than it had originally endured, as the original story of Eva ended on an incredibly bleak note, with our world wrecked beyond recognition and the few surviving characters left to pick up the pieces. The result of all this is an amazingly well written story that has garnered a large fan following, including myself.

    Many of these fans frequent the Update Thread for Nobody Dies, located on a site called Spacebattles.com. On this thread, Greg Landsman reveals previews of each chapter before posting the whole chapter on his Fanfiction.net account. Not only that, but he often gives extra details about the world of Nobody Dies, such as the state of the World and Local Government(s), character analysis' on less-important characters, and many other tidbits that make the world of Nobody Dies come alive to readers.

    A significant note about the Nobody Dies thread is that it allows for the contribution of the fans to the story's universe. Many fans, including myself, have written short stories for Nobody Dies, and there are a few stories, such as EarthScorpion's Kei Files and AmIADream's NERV: Alaska, that Greg himself has declared as canon and has incorporated their plots into the main story. It is this close relation between the Fans and Greg that has allowed Nobody Dies to grow to the size it is today.

    Another peculiarity with the community of Nobody Dies is it's tendency towards being over-the-top in every way possible. The story itself is continually escalating to more and more incredible battles as the series goes on, and one person has joked that if things continue the way they are now, then the climax of the series will involve the protagonists dropping the sun on their final enemy.

    “The Nobody Dies community is filled with all kinds of people, with different genres, ideas, and theories that are explored, written down, and tossed around in discussion. We have our differences and our conflicts (what community doesn't?) but things tend to work out in a balance of awesome, cuteness, horror, and a whole melting pot of different elements that can make a story great.” -Tom Atlus, ND fan

    “I'd say it's been creatively engaging. Most of the people who end up on this thread somehow end up doing some form of writing, sometimes not intentionally. But, people who engage the thread community find themselves wanting to take part in a shared universe that the story has somehow become.”
    -Greg Landsman, Author and Pretty Cool Guy

    If you wish to visit the Nobody Dies thread, visit
    To view the full posted Chapters of Nobody Dies, please visit
    Trust me, it looks better when it's formatted.[/spoiler]
  12. Techlology I have to dig.

  13. TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

    Sure why not..

    ES is Makarov in this analogy
  14. GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Excellent essay. By the way, Pulse, my name's Gregg, not Greg. Two g's at the end, even if Gregory is more common than Gregg.

    Continuation of Oach story

    I've wanted to write this since last night


    Oceans. Choir.

    We are the chapel, we are the heart

    A pyramid. Monkeys. Turtles

    We are the life force, we are the spark

    Loneliness. Anger. No meaning

    It's because of us, if we pull the cord

    No meaning

    We break the program

    No meaning



    --FIND ME--

    And then he woke up screaming.

    It took a while for him to realize that he was in a hospital bed. Moaning, Max put a hand to his forehead as his chronic migraines caught up with him.

    "You okay?"

    Alerted by the familiar voice, Max slowly, tentatively opened his sensitized eyes, making out the blurry vision of X.

    Max tried to find a way to groan out his response. Lying back down, he began to massage his temples. Eventually, he managed to get the words out. "Yeah. Was having a real nice dream, just now."

    The blue reploid raised his eyebrow. "You were screaming. That was a nice dream?"

    "I feel like I got hit by a truck and my brain is bursting out of my eye sockets. Compared to this shit, I wish I were still unconscious."

    A sigh. "Well, next time you should probably not get so worked up over something like this." X leaned near the monitors to examine his vitals. "You have an abnormally high blood pressure for your age. Luckily, you haven't sustained any damaging blood loss, so you should be ready to leave by morning."

    "Oh, joy."

    "Which segways into the next incredibly awkward topic of the day." X stated. "Tomorrow is the start of school terms. We haven't been able to get a hold of NERV-NEO yet, so you'll be attending Tokyo-3 Municipal High School."

    A beat. "Why, exactly, is this the only alternative?"

    X shrugged. "Poor administrative design? Belief in traditional education? Our administrators are nucking futs?" internally, X cursed his self-censoring vocal processors. It came out as 'zod blammit.' "Take your pick."



    That was what the school looked like. Relatively? Normal.

    Okay, Max thought, sitting at his desk. Maybe a crazy city can have a normal school. A normal, boring school. Lazily, Max's eye wandered to the board. Written on it in big bold letters was "Introduction to Evangelion." It made sense; that was the first thing on his roster. Although, he thought it was a tad redundant that he had to take a class on preparing for Eva piloting when he already was a pilot...--

    These were the last thoughts going through his head before the clock in the room struck 8:00. The instant the clock changed, a man dropped out from a hole in the ceiling, striking a pose on top of the teacher's desk.


    "Get ready," the student sitting next to him whispered. Max had no time to turn his head and ask what to be ready for, because it was that instant that the teacher suddenly became very animated.

    "WELCOME!" He exclaimed, holding out his hands in a grandoise sweeping motion. "To the WORLD OF EVANGELION!"

    The man, looking to be in about his mid 30's, jumped off the desk with his hands tucked in his pockets. "My name is Dr. Kensuke Aida," he stated with pride. Slowly, he made his way casually to the back of the room. "Although, some people affectionately refer to me as the EVA DOC!"

    No one ever called him that. In fact, he went his entire life without a single person calling him the "Eva Doc." People in fact would, from that point forward, instinctively avoid phrases that could mess them up and cause them to pronounce that exact title. No one had the heart to tell him, though.

    "This world..."

    Now at the back of the room, he dramatically turned around and dramatically pointed to the dramatic ceiling dramatically. "Is inhabited far and wide by giant robots known as EVANGELIONS!"

    On cue, the purple fist punched through the roof, creating a big enough hole for Ichi to wave through.

    "For some people," Dr. Aida continued, "The Evangelion is seen as a weapon of war. Others view them as the true guardian Angels of mythology." Briskly, he made his way back to the front of the room, so as to regain the attention of his stunned class.

    "As for myself, I study the Evas as a profession." A beat. "And design blatant weapons of destruction for them, but that's more of a hobby then anything."

    "But enough about me." He laughed. "Right then. First thing's first!"

    And with that, Dr. Aida placed one foot on Max's desk. Kneeling in, he scrutinized the scowling young man with an inquisitive eye.

    "Are you a Boy, or a Girl?"

    His only response was a doubly intense scowl. To this, Dr. Aida's gaze intensified.

  16. Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?


    And incorporated your crazy Pokemon dream.

    ...I love this thread.
  17. Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    Ow, ow, ow. It hurts to laugh. Ah, SUPER EFFECTIVE! what a fun little side-comic-thingy. And there absolutely have to be Israfim in your warped future with Pokemon abilities.
  18. I believe that a billion years ago (on the other update thread), I mention I would obtain art for Nobody Dies! (and that it would be because I was trying to add it to my own crossover setting).

    Well.... here it is.



  19. Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Hmm? You're the guy who makes me laugh.

    Hey, good beginning. I like it so far. Question, are you going to mention the side stories various people have made?

    Edit: Ahh, completed. And you did mention the other guys, neato!
  20. Synapse Essence 4 and rising

    Great...Canon Aida, Tereefic Aida, Techpriest Aida...With appropriate help from Hatchi and Nana, Techpriest Aida could mesh well with the other two. And suddenly S&W40k's drunk adventures with a nigh-tanged ND-tan spawn the Fourth Aida. I'm out to catch an Abra.
  21. O_O!! ...Nice.

    1) Am I to take it that you think that Rei and Go-Kun ran into an early 40K-verse? Ir is that some kind of Elsewhere setting for Gurren Lagann?

    2) Aw!! Daddy with one of his baby girls!

    3) Nephi-Zeru!? Bricks! My bowels dropped them!
  22. The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    Okay, it's not ND related, but this just to adorable not to share.
  23. Techlology I have to dig.

    Oh that is a lot of dakka. :eek:

    I have a feeling that it's going to tear my face off any second...
  24. Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    It does, however, remind me of a D&D character my brother-in-law told me about. Basically this wizard had a kitten for a familiar that was magically stuck at being a little puff of fur (much like the Kitty of War there). On top of that, he enchanted the kitten's claws into +4 Vorpal Claws.

    And the kitty went apeshit if it wasn't sitting on the wizard's shoulder.

    My friends and I would joke about the wizard simply chucking the kitten at something and that something's head being sawed off by a little ball of fluff. Off course, enchanting natural weapons is now impossible in D&D, so no more Vorpal Kitty of DOOM! for us.
  25. Answering the questions:

    GENERAL NOTES) In the universe I was creating (called 'Coreline'), Rei and Go-Kun (plus the EOE versions of Shinji and Asuka) arrived, Reiped and left. The megacorporation that they pissed off chased after them to leave a message:

    Don't do that again. Or else.

    As a side effect, there is a stable trans-dimensional travel bridge between the Nobody Dies universe and Coreline. The ND version of NERV is the 'good guy' variant, fighting a secret war against the 'bad guy' semi-canon version of NERV in Coreline (which has a Gendo that is nuts enough to do Third Impact because all of the alternate versions of Yui Ikari out there are not 'his' Yui).

    There IS a 'canon', unchanged version of the 'Nobody Dies' universe out there... untouched by dimensional explorers and threats... *yet*... but the one connected to Coreline has changed by the sheer fact of the dimensional connection.

    1) The meme 'Boom for the Boom God' evolved into a full-blown Cult in Coreline, worshipping Dakka, explosions, and Go-Kun and the Ree as their creators and messiahs (think an entire cult-full of Kensuke, and you'll get a general picture of these guys).

    2) Because of all of this worshipping, at least one Alternate version of Go-Kun has ascended to (minor) godhood. The illustration is how he 'manifests'-a version of himself that is (at least) twice the size of the regular Eva Unit-05 frame, loaded with Dakka pretty much everywhere.

    3) Don't how how to add this guy (yet), but there was a post somewhere on the original update thread that had the poster mentioning that he thought of Big-Z (from what he had been written about so far) as somewhat of an Expy of Hermit (from 'History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi').

    So here it is. One of two options, then:
    1) It's a Nephillim body for Zeruel (that he made for himself or he was forced onto by Tabris and others).
    2) It's Hermit, but he's being possessed by Zeruel (in a matter similar to the 'Campus Apocalypse' Evangelion manga).

    There IS also another idea that I'm still working on for the setting.

    Two words:

    Reipine Storm.
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