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NGE: Nobody Dies, Season 4 update/stuff thread

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    I refer to it as Lil'Rami. It's the angelic equivalent of the Evil Pointing Monkey.
  2. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    So Mari's getting a Bit.version(Evil Pointing Monkey)?

    It's a Tron joke.
  3. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...So the only reason it's creeping around Nerv is because its wife was cheating on it?
  4. biodude711

    biodude711 Solidarity

    I got the joke. And very clever.
  5. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    I'm glad to see some still knows the classics.
  6. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Yes. Mari was injured during the Tamiel battle. By accident, she's created a Backup Body.
  7. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    Make senses, rather confirms and confronts Mari's alien biology.

    In the Plus column Lilly has a fellow toddler to play with.
  8. Techlology

    Techlology I have to dig.

    Lil'Rami is going to use its laser pointer to paint targets for Lilly's bees.
  9. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    And also Ritsuko's cat can chase the dot.
  10. Star Dragon

    Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    Oh GreggHL: Whew! I am so glad it was a conflict related event and not a dramatic mistake event...

    You know, that close proximity thing between Mari, Ichi and Shinji.

    Cause you know, it would be rather dramatically tragic if this was an accidental birth that they could have avoided. I mean imagine how depressed and confused poor Lil'Lovechild Rami would turn out...

    "I have a Daddy and 2 Mommy's"

    Ichi: "I'm too young to be a mother!"

    Yui Face Palms.

    Kei: Raises an eyebrow, "Simply devote more Run Time to... Ah different situation, nevermind..."

    :drevil: :p ;7
  11. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    Mari: Shinji I demand you take responsibly for your hand in this.
  12. Star Dragon

    Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    Toji: "I don't think it was his HAND that did it Mari, unless you were asleep at the time!"

    Kensuke: "Brrr, that's cold Bro!"
  13. Techlology

    Techlology I have to dig.

    I imagine that Lil'Rami will vocalize a high pitched, slightly crystalline and thoroughly adorable "jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" every time she tries to shoop da whoop.
  14. Star Dragon

    Star Dragon Elite Super Robot Pilot

    And just imagine, in the future some helpful person might try to teach her to vocalize, "I'm Charg'in Mah LAZER!"

  15. Byakugan01

    Byakugan01 The procastinator

    A meek voice speaks up: "Kei, do AIs have a 'lifespan' so to speak, after which they fall apart/become corrupted/etc."

    "Is it possible for an EVA to develop an intelligence entirely on its own, without the insertion of an AI into its core?"

    "Are all the MAGI connected, or is each its own, separate entity?"

    "What is your favorite kind of food? Italian, Chinese, English, Peruvian, etc?"

    "What do you consider your crowning achievment to date?"

    "How do you feel about one of your "children" taking up with the Reego?"

    "Are there any plans to take Zeruel's remains and make them into a 'magical girl staff'?"

    "What is your opinion on Issac Assimov's Three Laws of Robitics as it applies to AIs?"

    "There are rumors that Nagisa is actually a girl. Having insider information, how do you respond to these allegations?"

    OoC: Stardragon, what are you referencing with Kyoko's Runtime remark?
  16. FourthWall

    FourthWall Local Girl Homus Everything

    Jesus man, Ramielim are just completely fucking ineffectual, aren't they? Mark, Mari, this guy. They're like the Aoba of the Angelim world :p
  17. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause

    *giggles* That is SO cute!
  18. Byakugan01

    Byakugan01 The procastinator

    So, is Auntie Lilly also Cousin Lilly now? Wonder if she'll have any pointers for Lil'Rami. And with this, I think we have enough angel-lims to make a sitcom out of, counting the Reego (as they are, in fact, iruelim.)

    Also, LilRami might learn that when Merril the Murder Kitteh is around, her laser pointer can be VERY damaging...
  19. Unintentional endorsement of Aoba x Mari?
  20. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

    Considering who her dad is supposed to look like its mandatory.

    But it didn't finish? Or this is what one looks like and she didn't upload?

    Heh. Well that'll make for very awkward family dinners..
  21. Aleph

    Aleph Solidarity

    *peals of laughter*
    Oh GOD that's so adorable! Especially with the totally normal and non-destructive laser beam.
    ...the image of that is bloody hysterical{/I], I swear.
    *segues back into peals of delighted laughter*

    Oh yes, and:

    "Miss Ayanami, how would you categorise your relationships with the AIs you have created, and are there any specific goals you try to keep in mind during your interactions with them?
  22. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword


    Mari is utterly ineffectual and useless at anything apart from getting her own Eva damaged/destroyed in canon too. It doesn't come from the Mariel part. :p
  23. Lain

    Lain The New No. 2

    But she does sell merchandise to otaku!
  24. FourthWall

    FourthWall Local Girl Homus Everything

    Asuka after Sahaquiel or Asuka without Shinji in general says what? Unit 02 is fucking cursed man, honestly. The only way that thing is useful outside of Super Robot Wars is if Shinji's involved somehow.

    Even in SRW you need Shinji to hit the damage cap.

    Lain, every Eva character sells merchandise to otaku. Hell, there's probably Shigeru Aoba brand haircare product by now.*

    * If this doesn't actually exist, it totally should.
  25. Commissioned artwork ahoy!

    I bring forth...GOODIES.

    First, for EarthScorpion:


    Kei was against the plan from the beginning. She was of the opinion that it was too early for Yomiko to mingle with such crowds. Thus far, most of Yomiko's social interactions had been carefully engineered to avoid unwanted influences or possible saboteurs.

    Kaworu had insisted otherwise, saying that the various parenting manuals he had consulted had all concurred that carnivals were wonderful places for small children.

    Yomiko had gotten fixated on the idea that carnivals had candy.

    Kei and Kaworu had compromised; a variety of the Keiworu were present at the carnival for security, disguised as mascots, workers, circusfolk, or other visitors. No one was the wiser.

    After all, it was a carnival.

    Unfortunately, when Kaworu had suggested they get a little strip of family pictures in one of the photo booths, Yomiko had still been of the understanding that they were about to get cotton candy.


    It was fortunate that the sight of a photo booth being partially devoured by a small child was considered one of the attractions by the carnival-goers, so Kaworu wasn't completely in trouble.


    The original version is here, since it wasn't drawn in the format of a strip of four photos like I requested.

    Now, for Nobody Dies in general?

    I present the organization that oversees the Ayanami Sisters in their war against crime/evulz/non-stuff. Or maybe they're like the Riddler or something.

    All I know is that I got this idea...and I had to get it drawn.

    I present the League of Magnificent Gentlemen.



    And last, but not least...for Whiteagle, I give you a picture of Aoba and Yesmina Z.


    Yes, I commissioned fanart for a fanfic of a fanfic that doesn't technically exist yet. I don't care.

    Whiteagle, you now have an excuse. PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING.
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