NGE: Nobody Dies, Season 4 update/stuff thread

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Commissioned artwork ahoy!

    I bring forth...GOODIES.

    First, for EarthScorpion:


    Kei was against the plan from the beginning. She was of the opinion that it was too early for Yomiko to mingle with such crowds. Thus far, most of Yomiko's social interactions had been carefully engineered to avoid unwanted influences or possible saboteurs.

    Kaworu had insisted otherwise, saying that the various parenting manuals he had consulted had all concurred that carnivals were wonderful places for small children.

    Yomiko had gotten fixated on the idea that carnivals had candy.

    Kei and Kaworu had compromised; a variety of the Keiworu were present at the carnival for security, disguised as mascots, workers, circusfolk, or other visitors. No one was the wiser.

    After all, it was a carnival.

    Unfortunately, when Kaworu had suggested they get a little strip of family pictures in one of the photo booths, Yomiko had still been of the understanding that they were about to get cotton candy.


    It was fortunate that the sight of a photo booth being partially devoured by a small child was considered one of the attractions by the carnival-goers, so Kaworu wasn't completely in trouble.


    The original version is here, since it wasn't drawn in the format of a strip of four photos like I requested.

    Now, for Nobody Dies in general?

    I present the organization that oversees the Ayanami Sisters in their war against crime/evulz/non-stuff. Or maybe they're like the Riddler or something.

    All I know is that I got this idea...and I had to get it drawn.

    I present the League of Magnificent Gentlemen.



    And last, but not least...for Whiteagle, I give you a picture of Aoba and Yesmina Z.


    Yes, I commissioned fanart for a fanfic of a fanfic that doesn't technically exist yet. I don't care.

    Whiteagle, you now have an excuse. PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING.
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  2. The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    The gods have spoken! Whiteagle! You must metaphorically get off your ass and write!
  3. EarthScorpion Underling of the Oligarchy

    *takes a deep breath*


    OhmygodadorableYomikoeatingthephotobooth! Eeeh! Eeeh! Eeeh!





    Oh yeah, and the League of Magnificent Gentlemen is pretty nice too.
  4. Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    Now I'm really hoping you commissioned a Kyoko pic, cause hell if I can find any.
  5. The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

  6. Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    I was kinda hoping for a profile or something, but oh well.

    I'll take what I can get.
  7. The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    ... I still think that looks more like how I pictured Asuka than Kyoko.
  8. GreggHL Does not like this hobby

    "As far as I am aware, no. As long as the hardware is intact, they can run indefinitely."

    "Yes. Yes it is."

    "Each MAGI is its own separate entity. They are usually grouped into sets of three, with the exception of Tokyo-3's MAGI system, which is a group of five. However, Tokyo-3 is the only one with a listed AI controller."

    "Depends. Which culture invented bacon and cake?"

    "The Nine and the Keiwaru."

    "I believe 00-EM A9 has been a moderating influence on them and am very proud of him."

    "...there are now."

    "Cute. I think it's adorable that you believe AIs can be controlled like that."

    "He is not. Trust me."
  9. GreggHL Does not like this hobby

    "I have no real goals with my AIs are present. As for my relationship with them, I am more or less their mother."
  10. Aleph Solidarity

    Interesting. Have you ever made any parenting mistakes, and are there any you try to avoid when dealing with them? And do they display any common traits that you could compare with other children, in terms that other parents might understand - curious, rowdy, eager, stubborn?
  11. GreggHL Does not like this hobby

    "Isolation. I create my AIs in batch groups so they always have others to interact with, even when I am unable to get to a VR or AR interface. As for traits, they do show interesting ones. Curiosity, rowdiness, eagerness. I haven't found them to be stubborn."
  12. Techlology I have to dig.

    LMG is very classy indeed.
  13. Byakugan01 The procastinator

    Am I the only one seeing Honest Abe!Gendo in that picture? Please tell me I'm not.

    The meek voice speaks out again: "What are the primary factors which influence the development of your AIs?"
  14. FourthWall Local Girl Homus Everything

    This is terrifying.

    You being happy is terrifying.

    Never be happy again. :p
  15. GreggHL Does not like this hobby

    "Mostly function and need. What the AI needs to do, what I need it for."

    A bearded man with glasses and a pipe stood up near the back. "Gendo Ikari, this picture made its way to my firm's offices yesterday;


    What in the world is it about, and what's your opinion?"

    (OOC: Seriously Gregg, whaddya think?)
  17. Byakugan01 The procastinator

    You know, we should TOTALLY interview Pen-Pen. :D

    The meek voice speaks out: "Miss Kei, one final question. What do you think of the Israfim which are spreading like cockroaches everywhere?"
  18. Lain The New No. 2

    That can be arranged. Name your price.

    Gotta say, I LOOOOVE the League of Magnificent Gentlemen pic. Trés humereux!


    Also, Technology, WTF is with your avatar? I've been seeing that little cartoon/anime creature of days on this forum.

    @UltraSonic: The comic strip of lil'Yomiko is cute.
  20. Techlology I have to dig.

    It's from a current anime series called Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. The little furball in the Gendo suit is called Kyubey and he goes around forcing politely suggesting to little girls to make a contract with him in exchange for any one wish. The little girls uphold their end of the contract by becoming Magical Girls and fight Witches to the death until they die all the witches are destroyed.

    And in order to have a fighting chance against the Witches their souls are literally ripped out of their bodies and stuffed into kept save in little indestructible containers called Soul Gems. This way, they won't be limited by their weak human bodies, which can now regenerate as long as their souls are still intact. Also, their souls become tainted when they use magic and Witches drop Grief Seeds when they die, which can "cleanse" their souls.

    A very good deal, all considered.
  21. Jonen C F.M.D.G.

    Also, cake.
  22. Dealer Shut Up you Freak!

    that deal is too sweet.

    Where's the "Screwing you over" part?
  23. Jonen C F.M.D.G.

    Delicious and moist.
  24. The D Toucan Ambassador

    Did the guy from Bokurano and Narutatu write this?
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