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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Willbyr76 My life is ruined.

    I don't think we're going to get that out of Rei anytime soon.
  2. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    As old as time itself, younglings.

    As old as...


    *shudder* Time...*shudder...herself...


    Also, wanted to say this:

    Silly Iruel, T!Reex are (not) for kids.
  3. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Well I don't know about Magnetic Crossbows... but I think I've found something...

    A pair of Scythes that double as Sniper Rifles...

    ...May the Creator have mercy on our souls...


    ...But the theme song would be catchy as hell.

    ...I don't know if the idea of T. rex/Rei hybrids should cause me to scream in terror...

    ...or Squee with delight...
  4. EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    A lady never kisses and tells.

    Of course, a) that phrase was coined at least 80 years BR, and b) I don't really think that there was more-than-cursory kissing going on, as it progressed past that quite quickly.

    And, of course, you know that there's a not-inconsiderable chance that the Reinit-05lings survived, and, even now, are sitting, bored, in the Magi's hard-drive.

    Just waiting for Mari to accidentally open the wrong file...

    Yui: "I honestly did not expect to become a grandmother like this."

    Gendo: "I did suggest that you have the talk with her, dear."

    Yui: "Well... yes. Okay. So, what are we going to do with them now. We can't just let them run around the Magi like that; they've taken after Rei with their ability to get places when even I don't have a clue how they did it. And they have drills. Do you think we can transfer them to Magi-00?"

    Gendo: "Something tells me the Ree would make terrible aunties and minders." *shudders* "Especially with their new toy, which should keep them entertained for several weeks. We need someone grounded, someone sensible, and practiced, to look after them. We should also get them real-world bodies, because the Magi aren't a place for them to grow up."

    Yui: "We do have all those old spider-tanks in storage, don't we?"

    Gendo: "Yes. And they're even blue, and have the right number of legs. But who can look after them?"

    Fuyutsuki: *whimpers in corner*
  5. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom


  6. GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    I'm thinking Kozou's counting minutes until his retirement.
  7. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    @Whiteagle: It was supposed to be a word play for 'Trix'...Oh sorry, TReex.

    I just realized. Within a few weeks, would that mean that, after constant exposure to Magi-00, Mari's going to become Genre Savvy?

    ...OH, DAMNIT, MARI!


    NO! Bad Magi-04! I just cleaned my screen! I'm not even sure how I'm going to clean the inside of my screen. But that was BAD!

    * 'runs' off, her giggling heard over Jomasten's speakers*
  8. yeah, rei keeps her..



    *WHAM!* *CRASH!*


    "Not Long Enough, dammit. Damn angel put me and Go-Kun on hold before we could get to the good stuff (Lemme tell you, being stuck in an empty void with nothing to do? My personal hell.)

    "Then, after the fighting, Mari cockblocks me again and sends us out before i get the chance to score!

    "Do you have any idea what that's like? stupid authors make it so I can't even lose my digital virginity! At this rate, uri's gonna have sex before I do!"

    *muffled grunts*

    "Huh? oh right, yeah, just letting off steam because Gregg-san left that out of the chapter to avoid mood whiplash. Just clearing the air, c-ya!" :D
  9. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions


    Damnit! Rei, I did NOT need anymore mental trauma. And Mari, stop licking the inside of my screen! Uri's not even anywhere NEAR my area!

    "...Sad face..."


    Aw, crap...
  10. ThySelf Just one more thing, good sir...

    .... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Love these snippits.

    Also, scyth+rei=SCARY beyond compare. and T-Rex+Rei=F*** this dimension,I'm out of here!
  11. EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    So, there's no chance of the Reilings being loaded into Tachikoma bodies, then?

    "Uncle Shinji! Uncle Shinji! Look! I found an Angel! He has light coming from his belly! Let me drill him! Let me drill him!" [1]

    (there is a clamouring of similar voices.)

    Shinji: "Uh... that's not an Angel. That's Kensuke."

    Kensuke: "She... she found someone else! Waaaah!"

    Exit, pursued by a spider-tank, which has a drill still spinning

    [1] For some reason they seem to have evolved into Tachikoma/Little Sister hybrids. Remember, they're saying all of this in Tachikoma voices, with the same sort of intonation for "Uncle Shinji" as they would use for "Mister Batou".

    So... anyway, no chance?

    *looks sad*

    *realises that current avatar is completely incompatible with that goal*

    *still tries*
  12. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...that BASTARD!!!



    ...I was just going to say, "Hmmmm... I wonder if there is any way to fuse Kensuke and Go-kun so that Rei could ride his baloney pony..."

    And there better be a chance for Tachikoma-y goodness!!!

    ...I'm sorry to inform you of this... but the T. Rei-X is able to track its' quarry across multiple dimensions...
  13. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    I vote for sum Ree-chikomas!


    Or should that be Reichikoma?
  14. Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    [IMG] Wark? (translation: WTF)

    Yeah I'm disturbed by this too Penpen. I say we grab some booze and hide in the fridge for a while.

    Wark! Wark wark wark, Wark.


    Can I Come Too?

    You got it Junior. Hopefully all Ree-based life forms are distracted enough that we will be ignored.

    I Hope So, I Know Iruel Deserved What He Got But I Can't Help But Fear That I Could Have Been In His Place *Shudder curls up into fetal form*

    Amen to that Junior, thankfully Penpen has a Fridge Shelter that can fit Wuffles the Wonderfish and have room to spare.

    Please Don't Call Me That. THEY Call me by that name

    Right well... "TO THE PEN-CAVE!"

    *All three get into a fridge and slam the door. Fridge lowers into the floor while the Adam West Batman theme Plays*
  15. BadHabits Bad Puppy

    Not that I'm surprised or anything, but when did Pen-Pen get a hyperspace fridge?
  16. Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    I'll let him answer that. *hands over control*

    Wark, Wark wark wark...Wark WARK warkwark Wark wark wark wark wark. Wark!

    *Takes back control* I hope that answers you question.
  17. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    We are talking about Tachikoma bodies for digital offspring of Rei and Go-kun, right?

    ...Then they'd probably be called Reichigomas.

    ...He's always had that...

    *Mutters something about Pen-Pen being a Time Lord Penguin...*
  18. shanejayell Rebel without a Pause


    He prefers to be called 'Aaron Stack' rather than Machine Man. He gets REALLY UPSET when people use the MM name. *lol*

    Now I want to see Mana use the 'I am FULL of useful devices' line. Or a variation of 'My Brain needs BEER!'
  19. Tabi Over a thousand stories, yet unfinished.

    "Mari...Hold on a sec."

    -Unzips pants-


  20. after Iruel's mind-screw, beer is probably a good idea from mana's perspective

    as for the artillect once called x-51


    he has come to terms with his past by killing the ***** out of the zombieverse
  21. as hte archtitect of these objects of lovecraftian horror, i dubbed them the Rei-Go (named for both parents, sounds like mi-gou, and handily translating to zero-five)
  22. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...So that's a no on "Reichigoma"?
  23. Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    ....definitely. If you know what I mean....

    "Wha...what the fuck man! As if not enough weird shit goes on, at spacebattles! Damn it she got into my iTunes!"

    Frantically tries to shut down computer.*

    "Mari stop that! Stop it! I know your hot for Uri, but that's no way to behave on the internet. Yes I know its filled with smut, but come on! There's good information-hey! Stop that! No, undressing yourself DOES NOT HELP! As far as I know he LIVES. IN. GERMANY!"

    *The computer is not responding, but the lights on it are blinking on and off. To a corner, a chatbox has popped up, with the names Mari-04 and Forgetful. Mari has throughly hacked the computer and is using the computers Microphone and chatbox to communicate.*


    *Mari then does something suggestive on the screen. Highly suggestive.*

    "I see. Lots of pent up frustration. Well, look, Uri is in Germany, I don't know where. Go molest him instead. I'm very sure he'll like it more than I would."

    *He reads the chatbox*

    "Yes I have that kinda thing going on; you folks are a pair, and I"m not interested in breaking up pairs."

    *Mari pouts*

    "Look, talk to you some other time. Maybe you can hop on, and I can have you as a distraction to the other tine while I"m playing TF2."

    *The computer switches on the blue screen of death.*

    "Oh friggin' wonderful."

    Anyhow, sauce on Mari pic? Because everyone gotta like that tongue.

    *Ten minutes after the blue screen of death.*

    "Dat tongue..."
  24. Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    From the Time-Space Fridge Bunker:


    I'm not sure who's scarier, the ND cast with all its friendly abominations or us forum goers? Apparently combining the two creates some very efficient nightmare fuel...or fetish fuel from the sound of it.

    I am unsure which is more terrifiying

  25. *Pen Pen begins tugging at your arm.*
    *You turn around as Pen Pen begins clawing at your arm trying to get you to hit the "open" button*
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