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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    Lets consider the fact that when you are dealing with HP Lovecraft, there is no possible way to get a happy ending ever. There is always something waiting at the edge of your consciousness, ready to devourer you body and soul. (Not that the soul matter in his lore, anyways.) It's how Lovecraft was able to make his horror story so effective.
  2. Vandal Phantom

    Vandal Phantom Theif of fate and fortune

    I was working under the assumption of no happy ending ever. I was figuring a less horrifying existence until it ends horribly.
  3. Machina Ex Deus

    Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    Also, I did not say your afterlife had to be very long. If you think "Yes! I'm dead!" before disappearing forever, then you've been happy after life.

    ...Yeah, I was stretching there. Excuse me for a while, I'm going to play Final Fantasy on my new phone...
  4. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    Well if your that worried about the afterlife there are ways around that. A little dose of Dr. Herbert West's miracle elixir and the afterlife is no longer a problem.

    A good Hitchhiker always knows where his towel is.
  5. Alex Knight

    Alex Knight Cat Herder

    Yeah, and your beforelife is pretty much eliminated as well.....
  6. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    Cheating the reaper ain't easy or cheap. Unless you've mastered the art of Running From.

    And Death gets mildly annoyed if you aren't punctual after the first few times. Granted he's too professional to hold a grudge.
  7. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Yeah, which is why any hoopy Frood also knows to STAY THE FRACK OUT OF A LOVECRAFTIAN UNIVERSE!!!


    ...Also, where to find the best, cheapest booze money can buy on Ethleon.
  8. Aelcalan

    Aelcalan Relatively Quiet Ham

    So the best solution is to be Rincewind?

    Speaking of, any chance that Rei will wind up on the Disc when she does the Multiverse? And maybe pick up a towel from a certain OTHER universe?

  9. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause


    And has anyone read Unseen Academicals yet? VETINARI gets DRUNK. And it is AWESOME.
  10. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    Wuffles the wonderfish meets Wuffles, Vetinari's dog. depending when In the Discs timeline they appear of course since in more recent books Wuffles pasted away. Vetinari still regularly brings a dog treat to the grave possibly the only sign that Vetinari truly cared for something.

    on a less sad note...If you put ND!Gendo and Vetinari in the same room you officially have two of the deadliest (evil) masterminds in the multiverse together. They could kill you with their bare hands if they didn't have better ways to ensure you were inhumed.
  11. Kitsunewill

    Kitsunewill Professional Hero™

    Lovecraft universe wouldn't be that bad, if only the residents would learn to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb. If you're hot-blooded and determined enough you can do anything, including punching out ageless sanity blasting abominations.

    I AM.





  12. Aelcalan

    Aelcalan Relatively Quiet Ham

    The evil part, not so much. Vetinari's an ANTI-villain, and is really a pretty good deal for Ankh-Morpork. ND!Gendo is neutral-Magnificent Bastard at WORST, if you ask me. He simply has too much he wants to protect this time around to pull his canon shenanigans. The deadliest part, though, NOBODY is dumb enough to argue.

    Speaking of alignments....*hefts a golden apple* Do any of the characters have anything interesting going on there? I actually rather suspect it applies poorly at best, even for reconstructed EVA characters, as D&D simply doesn't have well-matched mechanics for a series like this.
  13. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    Okay, besides missing the whole badass boast fad a few hundred posts ago (don't worry, I was late to that party too, and I did endulge in it as well) the reason why Lovecraftian universes sucks is because no matter what you do, you still need the sanction of the blind idiot god and his soul. ES, you're probably better at saying his name then I am on account of your non-Newtonian vocal chords.

    Edit: Also keep in mind that soul and messenger of said blind idiot god of atomic chaos at the center of the universe is also kind of a dick.
  14. Well, F___, this needs to happen now.
  15. Kitsunewill

    Kitsunewill Professional Hero™

    I'd say ND!Shinji and Asuka are Neutral (leaning chaotic) good.
    T!Rei is Chaotic Good (Emphasis on "chaotic").
  16. Kitsunewill

    Kitsunewill Professional Hero™

    I didn't get to do one when it was popular, and I've been on a TTGL kick lately. Forgiven an addled geek his harmless whims. ;)

    Lovecraft needs less futility, and more hot-blooded abomination punching. Also more giant robots and ninja.
  17. Vandal Phantom

    Vandal Phantom Theif of fate and fortune

    ah, Cg, BIG C for chaos...little g for good.
  18. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    *Holds up his Book of Holy Writ* I agree on ND!Shinji and ND!Asuka being neutral good, but I would argue that the evidence is stronger that T!Rei is chaotic neutral. So far the reason why she is good is because her goals are currently coinciding with what we hope happen, or not getting in the way. If she wants something that we disapprove of, she will eventually get it, no matter what any sort of ethics may define as 'good'.

    Even if it results in cold blooded murder, she will get what she wants if she wants it bad enough. She will go that far. There just hasn't been a reason for it yet.
  19. RiddleMeThis

    RiddleMeThis Riddle Me That

  20. Machina Ex Deus

    Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    All hail the great and powerful Kefka! Uwee hee hee!

    EDIT: ...or not. The fudge?
  21. Kitsunewill

    Kitsunewill Professional Hero™

    Rei is good, although how she defines that is often radically different than how most people do.

    And if she really goes off the rails Yui would be angry. Rei may be crazy but she isn't crazy.
  22. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Rei is Chaotic Good, emphathis on Chaotic and also the good. She acts out of the interests of her friends for the good part, from her boredom for the chaotic part, which also reminds me I need to do some more school episodes for them to show what sort of magnificent bastards she and Hikari are.

    Shinji is neutral good. He does the right thing for the right reasons. He does lean towards lawful due to having some respect for authority, but does call them on it if he has to.

    Asuka is lawful good bordering on neutral good. She has high respect for authority, mainly built in from her relationship with her mother, but now also, for example, Yui. What Yui says goes.

    Mana is Lawful Good. Military, remember.

    Uri is Lawful Good, again, due to his relationship with his parental figure. If Kyoko says to do it, Uri does it, but now leaning towards neutral as well due to his eyes being open about her not always being right.

    The Angels veer from true neutral to evil, with the standout of Iruel being Chaotic Evil. He did what he did not for any higher purpose, but for the EVULZ.
  23. Kerrus

    Kerrus Murder Pony

  24. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    Operation CATO... yeah. It was me expanding the Sandalphon Angel's story role, in a way which led me to getting really, really, really carried away. If you recall, Sandalphon was, in canon, a filler-like Angel, defeated through the egerious use of low-level physics ("THERMAL EXPANSION!"), and of "Magma does not work that way!".

    CATO... was quite the opposite. 6 chapters, and 130,876 words. It started with an entire chapter written from the point of view of Dagonite characters, showing that they were people too (written to be sympathetic, for all that they were fish-fucking cultists or unnatural hybrids).
    And then they got Evaed/Replicaed
    Then... then it broadly expanded to a massive war over Iceland, firstly trying to get to the volcano, and then more complications emerged.

    Oh, no. Creepy!Rei comes by the ability to end up behind you, freak you out when you turn around, and then disappear when you look away, honestly.

    Really, the characters are so radically different interpretations of Rei, that they do happen to be starting to come around and meet at the far side.


    Up to and including
    a Star-Spawn priest playing the role of Asuka, and an NEGN Engel squadron playing the role of the MP Evas.

    I did come up with broad rules (they're effectively Hull-scale power armour, if you remove the AT-Field), but... well, the CTech rules are mechanically a bit poor. For AEE (the rewrite), I'm mentally using Eclipse Phase, not Ctech, at least for the infantry-level stuff.
  25. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Earth: Designation ANE.

    It was a cold night. The only clouds were the man made ones as the coast of Iceland burns. Way up above them, past the three Evangelions, a flurry of comets could be seen descending, like shards of rock entering the atmosphere with flurry and speed.

    The Migou had entered the atmosphere. Operation: CATO had just experienced a slight complication. Shinji, in Unit 01, was concerned to say the least. Rei and Asuka had explained to him exactly what the Migou could do if they fired on Unit 01, or the other Evangelions. Their backup, the rebuilt Unit 05, could probably fare a little better.

    But they're going to die.

    That is all Shinji is truly certain of. This is the end, and they are all going to die.

    Asuka has called out positions. They had a plan. They had a plan, but they are still going to die, and as much as he tries not to panic in the fluid filled capsule he is trapped in, he still can't-

    A point of light appears. Rings of white wrap around it, expanding into a sphere of white dotted with black, further rings wrapping around it as two pillars of light slam into the ground and lance into the sky.

    “Oh my God,” he whispers.

    The sphere cracks like the shell of an egg, tossing off its outer layers as a humanoid figure, glowing white, shaped like his Evangelion but bigger, uncurls from the fetal position and stands in the air.

    “Yep,” 'The Rei' says, “That's pretty much what He is.”

    The Migou ships open fire on Him. Turning, He swings His hand into an arc, the air rippling with His released AT Field as the white wave speeds out. Lights flash, the air igniting like it was struck by flint, and the entire Migou fleet explodes, raining down debris over the Icelandic coast.

    Asuka has begun choking back germanic swears in her Entry Plug. Rei is silent over the comm channel, the sidoci staring at the new arrival.

    “It's ADAM,” 'The Rei' says, “Um...run!”

    Go-kun's new arm is a thing of beauty. It ends with a proper hand, the forearm, the lower arm, many times larger than before. It is more articulated, the hand built around the focusing crystal but with the fingers serving as extra focusing beams, increased musculature and redundancy systems allowing a greater threshold of applied force.

    The Elder Sign built into it was a nice touch, to.

    As for Rei, right now she's trying to understand what exactly the Herald is. It resembles the cross breed of a manta ray and a spider. Its many insectoid eyes look at her, assessing her, as her memory goes over the shape of the creature and comes to one conclusion.

    “Wuffles!” she squeals, “Hey! Smile!”

    The cycloptean eye on the center of Go-kun's forehead flashes, Moloch turning its/his/her attention towards the Evangelion as military emplacements open with full force on ADAM.

    “Guess what!” Rei says, “You're the distraction!”

    Launching off its hind legs, Go-kun charges, the plasma crystal in its left hand glowing as he clenches his fist, the AT Field mixing with the solar material to form a nimbus of energy surrounding its armored knuckles.

    “Rei!” Misato yells, “What are you doing?!”


    The Evangelion leaps the last distance, bringing back his left arm as the Herald raises its AT Field in defense. Jaw locks release, and in his booming voice, raised high and mighty, the entire battlefield can hear his cry.


    The plasma field detonates alongside the AT Field, both striking Moloch and flattening him/her/it against the ground, dazed and injured as Go-kun grabs him by the head and launches the Herald into the air.

    “Go-kun!” Rei says, “Tell me that there's something on this planet that can take him!”

    “Scanning...ah. Found something. Unfortunately, it seems to be on the other side of the planet from Iceland.”

    “Leave that to me,” she says, “Strap yourselves in, kids. We're gonna save the world! Again.”

    Behind her, Shinji and Asuka stare at the glowing figure.

    “Didn't we leave him on our world?” Shinji asks.

    “Yeah,” Asuka responds, “I'm not calling him out on it if you aren't.”

    Go-kun's jets ignite, launching the Eva skyward as Moloch comes to just in time for ADAM to extend a hand at him. The nimbus of light forms around His palm, landing out into a wall of energy, and the Herald has a moment to emit something resembling a scream before it is reduced a cloud of component materials.

    Go-kun bursts through the cloud, ADAM's black eyes narrowing as the air around Him crackles with light and frozen water, the Evangelion extending his left hand as the air around it turns into a nimbus of white.

    “Synchronization at 184%. Level 5 functionality unlocked. Access granted to the Dimension Tide.”

    The light folds, forming into a triple horned, winged device of silver metal, light flowing around it and into it. Trajectories set in front of Rei's eyes, and a manic grin falls across her face as the light folds, becoming a black dot that sucks in all light, all energy around them-

    And both Go-kun and ADAM vanish, the wormhole collapsing immediately after. On the other side of the planet, over the Pacific Ocean, the rift opens once more and the two slam into the ocean. ADAM rises, His AT Field freezing the water beneath. The air shifts as he growls in contained rage, eyes wandering under the water to see the fate of the object of His hate.

    Which is when the sickly green tentacle bursts through the ice and wraps around His ankle, pulling Him under.
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