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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    I was working with that as a base assumption. After all, Rei is a reference-making machine, and the Ree are like her, but more so.

    ... of course, they all end up playing Vanguard, with the exception of Siyon, who plays Infiltrator, and Hatchi, who plays Soldier,

    Hence, it makes perfect sense for Nana to shoot the Kool-Aid man with a Cain while re-enacting a version of Nanoha which has been fed through the special shared minds of Zyuu and Nana. By Ree standards, at least. :p

    Also, squee on the more Ree time.
  2. Kerrus

    Kerrus Murder Pony

    Caine, schmaine.

    The Ree have access to Metal Wolf Chaos!

  3. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause

    First, YAY EarthScorpion! LOVED Nana. ^__^

    "The week that rocked" hmm? ^___^ Should be fun!
  4. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    I'm sorry Ree but Metal Wolf is for presidential use only. It's actually powered by presidential awesome. And since the Ree were created in Japan they cannot become President of the United States of America hence cannot use Metal Wolf.

    They'll just have to hijack a different massively armed war machine.
  5. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    Wait a moment.

    The Kei Files.

    Ichi's Birthday Party.

    Demonic Cannon Girl Nana.​

    I'm getting a naming theme here.
  6. James Freeman

    James Freeman New guy

    ... well, they've already seen TTGL. That kinda outshines Metal Wolf Chaos in the overkill department and the hot-blooded department.

    Remember the time they hit all of the surrounding space-time continuum with beamspam? That was the closest anyone has ever come to the meaning of enough dakka.
  7. well, here are some of my notes on things. first off, as designed, the ree were in concept originally playing different aspects of rei to 11 (with kei as the anti-ND-rei)

    nana - she's not so much the nanoha expy as she's this world's version of apocalypse/warboss rei. she likes blowing stuff up, but she also loves speed, fightin, DAKKA!, sharp, pointy choppy things like chainsaws and is more or less the tomboy of the bunch.

    kiko - the happy hippie lovechild, if sharing haruhi's infatuation for moe/sexy. is a genuinely nice humanoid abomination. bit of a ditz, but after rei and kei, may be the most 'human' of the bunch

    siyon - the one who retains the ree's original purpose as Naoko's tyke bombs. if kei is creepy because she's yui/rei with ill-defined morals, siyon's creepy because she's a housebroken murder-machine and despite being a ree, has never quite forgotten that fact. is almost murderously protective of shinji.
  8. RiddleMeThis

    RiddleMeThis Riddle Me That

    ES...what did I just read and/or smoke?
  9. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

    YES! I'm helping.

    Also Reed Richards makes everything better.. he's probably the only person who can carry on a conversation with Yui and not have to slow down. You shall have to ponder an explaination of magic and deities like Thor though... both of which stand out from NGE completely.

    Also just occured to me what mutants could be.. Lilith got out and spawned a whole nother race.

    You are now seeing the X-men as super powered Ree..

    To borrow a quote. Now if you begin to feel an intense and crushing feeling of terror at the concept, don't be alarmed. That indicates only that you are still sane.

    Everything was awesome..

    But what really got me in the ticker was Asuka and Kyoko making up.. That could've been a fic in and of itself.

    Also "Walking in the Shadow of Dreams" reference for the win.

    Oh shit.. Somewhere Frank Jaeger is terrified/extremely proud. I think of the side stories I like your's the best..Thought watching EarthScorpian write a birthday part is a close seond.

    I'm hoping this fic won't be over until President Colbert has to suit up and help save the world.
  10. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    Well ES, responding to your wall o' text (TM) was a little bit difficult, but not undoable.

    From my perspective, if I was going to use a clone as a tool of my revenge, and it did not work, my backup plan would be to insert a sleeper to turn aginst my enemy so that I can still have a chance at vengence.

    With Yui being who she is, there are three likely benefits:

    1) Yui will be using these clones. If one of them fails at a critical moment, then she may be killed, or have something of worth taken from her to cause her emotional harm.

    2) An agent working aginst Yui would upset her long term plans, especially if they can also work in the long term but are short sighted enough to have the simple motive of causing harm because of a percieved injustice.

    3) Since Yui is likely to view these clones as her children, then having one become her mortal enemy will hurt her, and I will at the least have the satisifaction of forcing her to kill one of her own children because I am that vendictive.

    It's just writing children. They only stop doing what they want to do because of threat of discomfort or removal of affection. Their motivation is simply pleasure and approval, and they don't worry about self image because they are just not that emotionally mature.

    Hmm... it would be interesting to have a debate or two with you on philosphy once I get the PHIL 101 training to be able to formalize my thoughts with currently fashionable philosphical writings.

    Agreed. Although this can end horribly, as
    the natural escelation of tsundere is yandere
  11. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    Why not give them our world.

    Its 'normal'.
  12. Lain

    Lain The New No. 2

    I aim to please! I guessmy philosophy minor is bailing my ass out, after all!


    I like your style. Perhaps because I'm stupidly idealistic at times, I find it nice to see someone deconstruct that idealism and make it more grounded. Placing people into situations where kicking the dog is the right thing to do makes me uncomfortable, and I appreciate it when a work can do that and prise me from my little happy comfort zone. Seeing what to do with ANE and similar works is wonderfully alienating to my conception of the world, and getting a dose of cold pragmatism is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Part of what draws me to Kei is that she DOES seem to have traits traditionally rooted in villainy - shifty allegiances, markedly lower levels of empathy, high intelligence - while remaining, nominally, on the side of the heroes. Knowing the nature of this series, I think that giving Kei a bad end wouldn't exactly be in character here. We've had Kyoko go from being labelled a Complete Monster to th events of chapter 46, and I don't think Greg would give Kei a short shrift because of that, either. The story is called Everybody Lives, and takes that motto to heart - characters are able to learn from their mistakes and try and make things better. I like the trope Rousseau Was Right paired with Earn Your Happy Ending, as it seethes with angry optimism: the path to a happy end may suck, but things (and more importantly, people) aren't so terrible as be a deathknell for change. With Kei's case, I would certainly find her the most dangerous of the Rei, but also one of the most relatable. Alienated but strong, she forges her way forward in spite of lacking her siblings single-minded certainty in their niche interest. Is Kaworu one of the first people she's met who she sees neither as a parent nor a sibling nor a subordinate but a peer?

    Likewise, Kaworu has fascinated me since he first appeared in the original Evangelion series. He was the most direct insight we as an audience got to the mind of an Angel, and (arguably) their motives for attacking Tokyo 3. He seemed so eerily placid, even when faced with death. He seemed manipulative towards Shinji, with an almost predatory friendliness, but his reaction to the fact that Shinji was about to kill him almost betrayed a weird compassion for Shinji. He let Shinji kill him, know that it would be the end of the Tabris brand of complementation but would allow for a Lilim instrumentality instead, one which saw Shinji survive. Just what kind of mind would have this? Is he that different from canon!Rei, with an extra level of social skills trained into him? How chilly and austere would Kihl Lorenz be as a parent, as is implied (or outright stated, I can't remember) in the Eva Universe Bibles? What are Kaworu's insecurities? Does he fear displeasing Adam or Kihl? Is compassion and warmth a new thing to him? His life before meeting the cast of Nobody Dies (or even the cast of canon!Evangelion) makes me think of a victorian upbringing, with emphasis on "breeding a proper gentleman" from the angel-human hybrid.

    I'd have cried foul (or at least blamed Rule of Funny) for Kaworu's stupidly horny bastard advances towards Rei time and again, but it adds a charming humanness to him. Having hormones and a sex drive is something he's never had to deal with before, something that he can't osmotically learn from peers or have a heart-to-heart with his mom & dad over.
    Plus, I've known horny guys in the past who acted a lot like that and I think it's kind of adorkable so long as they aren't drooling over you
    How will first love feel to him? How will his first fight with Kei go? Is he equipped to handle personal failures. I could seem him reach a dark hour where he loses all composure and find himself crying and alone, and unable to deal with this. Stepford Smilers having a collapse can lead to some very dark corners, but I'd like to think that, in this series, it's always darkest before the dawn.

    One final thing to comment on and then we're done: did Naoko REALLY plan to use the Ree as weapons in an insane scheme to kill off Shinji and Yui? I'd thought that it was a cover story that Yui & co had cooked up to placate the kids and protect them form uglier truths, such as Yui killing Naoko in a fit of panic. Did Naoko have a much more involved idea for concocting the Ree aside from some harebrained scheme for hooking up with Gendo? I figured that there was something more than just a soap opera jilted lover gambit.
  13. Machina Ex Deus

    Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    I do believe that a while back, I suggested that T!Rei and Go-kun (and maybe the EoE tagalongs) wind up on Gregg's desk in miniature, and he's having trouble getting things to work out right so that he can send them on their way.

    And the keepsake of that portion of the journey was a copy of the story/stories he's written.
  14. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    Which means T!Rei has a copy of the script! Wait.... oh, GOD..... *has a mental breakdown, as he realizes she has a means to utterly smash the fourth wall*
  15. Terrace

    Terrace Insane Slacker

    T!Rei: Oooooohhhh. A FORUM! We're going to be bestest friends!

    REI! Get off my computer! I need it for stuff! Gregg, how did she get from South Korea to where I am? I didn't even mention where I am!
  16. AmIADream

    AmIADream A mere figment

    Should I add Real Life/the physical embodiement of this forum to the list of Crossover requests?
  17. Valiran

    Valiran Solidarity

    If, by referring to TTGL, you mean Rossiu's plan to evacuate Earth when the anti-spirals came calling, then I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I'd much rather have a young woman with a stable, (semi)normal, and - most important of all - happy life ahead of her. It gives me a profound sense of satisfaction to see Good triumph over Bad, and the warm fuzzy feelings generated by such victories are a nice bonus.
  18. Machina Ex Deus

    Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    For anyone who knows the Disgaea series (I'm currently playing DSgaea right now, having finally gotten it back after half a year), have you ever noticed the similarity between Rei and Miss Pleinair?

    I think by now we all know what Rei looks like, so here's a set of images of Miss Pleinair (any images with a crest that looks like an h and a y together is art by her official creator):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (I included the Persona one for fun)

    Now, who all wants to see Rei Ayanami do Disgaea?
  19. Valiran

    Valiran Solidarity

    I spy with my little eye...A REI EXPY!!!:eek::eek::eek::p
  20. BlaqheartGIG

    BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    I do, just to see Mao cream his pants over Go-Kun.

    And to see Rei take on Baal.

    And maybe a three way fight between Adell, Mr. Champloo, and Go-kun for the title of the most hot-blooded badass of all the Netherworlds.

    Also, the EQUIPABLE HORSE WEINER! installed on Go-Kun.
  21. Kitsunewill

    Kitsunewill Professional Hero™

    You forgot the #1 most badass freakin' Overlord of them all: Overlord Zetta!
  22. BlaqheartGIG

    BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    He's the Big Damn Hero to Rei when Asagi shows up to take over the fic!
  23. Neon Prodigy

    Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?

  24. Jomasten

    Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    I do~!


    Which reminds me that I need to build up my army again for P. Baal...

    Which means, back to making my badass weapons and armors...

    Gah, DSgaea grinding is hard sometimes. I'm actually glad I have my obssesive patience when it comes to leveling things up.
  25. Stavaros_Arcane

    Stavaros_Arcane All Arguments invalidated.

    Relax, it's the stuff Gregg has already written. So she doesn't have access to future knowledge beyond the current chapter at most.

    Heh heh heh damn but I like that abridged series. Especially episode 4. The Epic Crossover episode. Another example of Crossovers done well.
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