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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist


    Go get a reality check. People like Nono and Nia die all the time.

    THe best you can do, is cherish their memory if you knew such people.
  2. Very true.
  3. esselfortium

    esselfortium Seventeen More Times

    In a thread about anime fanfiction, finding people who have asperger's shouldn't really come as anything of a surprise.

  4. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Yes, but trying to use us as an example of how little sense Kaworu has is a little insulting...

    ...I mean, we may have social ineptitude as a "Hat"... but even we aren't dumb enough to try and date Tee!Rei thrice!!!
  5. Well, you know what they say: third times the charm.
  6. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    They also say: "Three strikes and you're out."
  7. esselfortium

    esselfortium Seventeen More Times

    Three strikes and my what?
  8. What Kaworu is thinking: 'Third times the charm'
    What everyone else is thinking: 'Three strikes and you're out.'
  9. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    Damn you, grammer, DAMN YOU!!!
  10. esselfortium

    esselfortium Seventeen More Times


    Him too? So hateful this evening, Whiteagle...tsk..
  11. Whiteagle

    Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...I can't hate Doctor Crane...


  12. BlaqheartGIG

    BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    I love you all, so much!
  13. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Basically, to agree with other points;

    Kaworu is a highly intelligent young man. He's quite book smart, but not very well socialized. The reason he's still pursuing Rei is that he's quite attracted to her. And while he's attracted to Kei, he does question the idea of pursuing this course of action with her. After all, in his mind, Kei is a highly intelligent, maybe a little bit scary girl whom he considers his equal.

    She would never want him to romancer her, after all. Or at least, that's what he tells himself. He respects her too much.
  14. You know, if he ever omits this to Rei or Kei, he's screwed (and not in the way he wants).
  15. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    ANd Kaworu is just clueless enough to.
  16. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    It's not like Kaworu doesn't know what a girl is. He has Annette, after all, and the extent of their relationship's going to be revealed soon. It's more along the lines of he has everything compartmentalized in his mind of what niches they fit into in his day to day things.

    Annette is...well, I'd spoil if I went into it too much, but Annette is basically Kaworu's grounding link that keeps him from going full Angel.

    Uri is his brother/someone he helps to make himself feel good.

    Kei is his mental equal who stimulates him in ways he's not quite sure about.

    And Rei is the cornerstone of his plans to beat the clock Father's set up by producing a viable species. He doesn't think to mix the two. Although, if it turns out Kei is not able to actually, say, have children then it's another story altogether.
  17. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    ... oh dear. Sigh. Oh, Kei, you're about as bad as he is at this. It turns out that more human Nephilim really do need socialisation to be able to grasp these little nuances of human behaviour. You may have been sort of trying to impress him by showing that you're his equal (as you don't understand, really, why you'd be interested in someone who can't match you), but you've just scared him off. This wasn't a problem that Yui had; she merely had to get Gendo in a headlock at one of his bar brawls, which was enough to get his attention.

    Hmm. And much as Gendo taking Kaworu out drinking would be funny, I doubt an AT-Field fuelled bar-brawl (to give her a chance to get him in a headlock) is the best plan. Even if it is rather Gendoian.


    And, of course, things can always get worse for Shinji, when Kei shows up at the Ikaris' house (as, after all, she needs to stay somewhere) while her sisters are there. :D
  18. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    They're such a cute couple in their whole antisocial fumbling oddity sort of way. That, and they are much like a younger Yui and Gendo.
  19. havocfett

    havocfett The Face of Muslim Hegemony Moderator

    What exactly does this say about Young Gendo?:confused:
  20. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    She opens her eyes for the first time in a very, very long time, feeling the air, the real air on her face. Not some digital world or the warm thickness of the LCL, but the true, real world. Mari Makinami softly flexes her fingers, wincing as the knuckles crack from going so long without use.

    “Ah, there we go. She's coming around.”

    New voice. She wants to look into the MAGI to find out who it is, but can't. She can't feel the MAGI anymore.

    “I can see that.”

    Ah, there we go. Edgy, impatient, german accent. Dr. Sohryu.

    “Ms. Zorah, could you leave a few minutes?”

    A pause, a click of something. A light?

    “Of course, Dr. Sohryu. I'll monitor things remotely.”

    The door slides shut, and Mari's vision begins to clear. Her throat feels weird, but that's because of the Core lodged where he tonsils would be.

    The bed shakes, the frame rising as Mari finds herself sitting up. The glasses slide over her nose and she smirks, watching as Kyoko Sohryu sits down in the chair next to the bed.

    “Your father's helping plan the attack on the Angel,” she says, “He asked me to be here when you woke.”

    “What about Asuka?” Mari asks.

    “Part of the plan to deal with the Angel.”

    Mari nods, pursing her lips.

    “I've come to the conclusion,” Kyoko says, “That I've misused my talent for being...well...”

    “A bitch?”

    “More or less.”

    Kyoko pauses, tapping her fingers on the armrests.

    “I believe I've spent my time hating the wrong people,” Kyoko continues, “You, for example. I've concluded you're more or less blameless. If I should direct my justified anger towards anyone, well...”

    “You hate my Mom?”

    Kyoko nods.

    “Great. Join the club,” Mari responds.

    Kyoko pauses, staring at the girl. A small smile crosses her face and she sits back.

    “Really?” she says, “Well...you're very attached to your father. I figured you would be to your mother, to.”

    “No offense, Dr. Sohryu, but my Mom could out-bitch you.”

    “Is that a challenge?”

    Mari snorts. A small chuckle and she stares at Kyoko, who sees her, sees her for the first time. The two relax, the tension leaving their shoulders as Kyoko crosses her legs and Mari sits back.

    “What about Dad?” Mari finally asks, “He's not exactly blameless.”

    “Neither am I,” Kyoko responds, “I did help to drive him away.”

    Mari nods, folding her hands on her lab as she smirks.

    “A question,” Kyoko says, pursing her lips, “The maid, Annette. Did you know her?”

    “Annette? Not really. She didn't really work for my Mom,” Mari responds, “As far as I know, she always worked for Mr. Nagisa.”

    Scratching her head, Mari nods.

    “Long story short, she is owned by my Mom's family,” Mari explains, “She was sold to them to cover her family's debts. I honestly don't know Annette's last name. I'm not even sure she does. But, she was given to Mr. Nagisa and she works for the Chairman.”

    Kyoko stares at her for a long moment, silent.

    “You...know the Chairman?”

    “Not related,” Mari says, “But Mom's worked for him in the past. And when he would come visit, Mr. Nagisa would be with him.”
  21. shanejayell

    shanejayell Rebel without a Pause

    So... slavery came back after second impact? Not that it's called that, I bet, but Mana and Annette might consider it. Wonder how Go-Kun might react?
  22. Willbyr76

    Willbyr76 My life is ruined.

    Her throat feels weird, but that's because of the Core lodged where her tonsils would be.

    Scratching her head, Mari nods. --> Should that be Kyoko? Or is Mari collecting her thoughts here?
  23. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    That's Mari collecting her thoughts.
  24. Alasnuyo

    Alasnuyo I am always here

  25. Ardion Prosili

    Ardion Prosili Got bored being Ultimate so have a disapoint Beato

    You mean like ever OTHER man does? (Ba dum tish (mainly at myself sooobbb))

    Oh, and thanks for giving Murphy the list of peopel that need to DIE PAINFULLY HORRIBLE TEAR JERKING DEATHS AT END OF NOBODY DIES. Very helpful. |Db
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