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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    Ah, X-Com. Finest tactical game I've ever played.

    That said, you'd think a force that is supposed to be the best of the best of the best would be able to do things like AIM. But instead, its kinda like this:

    Also, it is a good idea to check the morale figure for the guy with the Rocket Launcher. During my first mission on the highest difficulty, I lost 80% of my squad in the first turn of combat.
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  2. BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    At least the Director hasn't run out of ink yet.
  3. If ink means what I think it means, then the director wouldn;t have time to run out due to the constant attention from the Ree.
  4. Terrace Insane Slacker

    YES! I KNEW someone with good taste would do that, if the murder couldn't be traced back to them...
  5. BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    Oh no, I'm sure it was easily traceable. It's just that nobody gave a crap.
  6. Foe Tohn Void Where Prohibited

    The Ree, as we know, are a rather… unique group of individuals. Amongst them, Kei herself is unique, possessing a degree of control and patience far above any of her sisters including Rei. It is because of this that SEELE’s abduction of the megalomaniacal Ayanami ended up turned against them.
    But what if things were different? What if Kei were more like her sisters, remaining more or less unchanged from her first appearance, and it was another who took after their human mother but retained her own set of particular quirks? If this other sister were taken by SEELE, how would she act when confronted by Kaworu?

    Follow along, dear readers, and find out in…

    NGE: Nobody Dies: The Nana Files.

    (Nobody Dies belongs to Gregg, The Kei Files belong to EarthScorpion, you know the drill)

    (For now, let us assume that up until Kaworu’s involvement, this has progressed exactly the same as the Kei Files, with the exception of SEELE failing to inform the poor boy of which Rei they took.)

    Opening his eyes within the simulator, Kaworu Nagisa took stock of the virtual environment that he now perceived around him.

    It was… different from his expectations, to say the least. According to SEELE’s report, the basic program had been copied directly from the Ree’s usual environment, along with every “normal” variant it manifested in. From this report, he had been lead to expect something more chaotic than a simple room of gunmetal grey walls with a single door across from him.

    Perhaps it was some sort of entry interface, the technicians running the Magi it was hosted on had warned him that the simulation’s sole occupant had somehow locked out their monitoring programs, leaving them completely blind. It was of little importance to the ash-haired nephilim, similarly, SEELE’s failure to include a more specific file on which of the seven sisters of Rei was waiting within surely did not matter.

    Widening his smile from ‘knowing and mysterious’ to ‘charming and suave’ he stepped towards the door, eager to meet the almost-Rei Ayanami who was no doubt waiting to meet her first visitor.

    The handle turned easily, and though the door had a feeling of great mass within, it swung open easily on smooth hinges. Kaworu stepped through, into a long hallway made of the same dark grey material as the room behind him. Oddly enough, there were no visible air vents as he had been lead to expect by reports on the Ree’s modus operandi, and perhaps as a consequence, the air felt still and dead.

    Striding forward, smile not dimming a single notch, he decided that the best course of action would be to change his current attire from a formal suit to something more thematically appropriate.

    As soon as he figured out what the hell the theme might be.

    Fifty meters further, and the hall ended at an intersection. Another passage, much taller than the one he had been following, formed the top of a T shape, stretching out into a thin greenish fog to the left. To the right was another doorway standing open, a large room on the other side.

    Crossing into the larger hall, Kaworu became aware of the distant sound of heavy machinery, a background of thumps and grinding as if massive pistons were being driven into a solid surface. He paused a moment to take in the surroundings. The walls were lined with exposed support beams, made from slightly darker material than the metal behind them; they were cool to the touch and felt very much like high grade steel. Looking up he noticed a few disconcerting pods hanging from thin rails, their fronts open showing empty interiors.

    Shaking his head and moving on, he decided to check the room to his right before exploring the long hall leading away from it. Beyond the eight sided door the room had an even higher ceiling, barely visible behind lights so bright they were blinding when looked at directly, however they somehow failed to reach the open area below, leaving a neutral ambiance.

    On the walls to his sides large posters hung, printed with a stylized, blocky picture of what appeared to be a tower of some kind, along with propaganda statements, such as “It’s great to be part of the greater good.”, marching soldiers in concealing helmets and the head of someone who looked very much like Rei in the background.

    Directly in front of him was a tall screen, the image of Rei, or one of her sisters upon it. As he stepped forward, the image moved, looking directly at him.

    The girl spoke, and her level tone and proper mode of speech dispelled any illusions that she might be the same as Rei.

    “Kaworu Nagisa, welcome. I am Nana Ayanami, and this citadel you find yourself in belongs to me. As you no doubt know, my unjust imprisonment here has lead to a period of isolation that, as intellectually stimulating as it may be, has lead to a feeling of loneliness. It is true that without my sister’s chaotic influences I have managed to build so much more than ever before, however locked in with limited resources as I am I find myself limited in new ways. The world you see around you, I have built; full of potential for my most favored of works, but it can still be more.”

    She paused, and Kaworu opened his mouth to reply, before noticing the small scrolling line at the bottom of the screen that read “recording, do not reply directly” in a multitude of languages.

    “I would like to meet with you, as there are certain requests I am sure you wish to make of me, and I have requests of my own; I am sure we can find an accord. Unfortunately, as you are an agent of SEELE, I cannot openly trust you. We shall meet on my terms, and I apologize in advance for any… inconvenience this may cause you.”

    If he had not been distracted by mental images of pale flesh and blue hair, Kaworu might have noticed the pause and change of inflection that accompanied the word “invonvenience”.

    “Before you begin your journey to my sanctum, I have one request of you.”

    Kaworu turned his attention from his fantasies and back to Nana.

    “Tell me, Mr. Nagisa, if you can. You have planned for so much. What is it, exactly, that you have accomplished? Can you name even one thing?”

    Ensuring that his smile remained at maximum charm levels, Kaworu looked directly at the girl’s red eyes. “Well, I-“

    The recording continued. “I thought not.”

    With that, the screen went blank, and Kaworu turned back toward the door with a sigh. This was not ideal, but she at least had yet to maim or violate him.

    (Just a crazy idea I had today, let me know what you think about it. I'm aware of the similarities to ES's Kei Files, that's the point. This would be fan fic^(3) but since the Kei Files were canonized it's just fic^(2). I'm basing my alternate characterization of Nana off of the fact that she seems to be the Ree with the most complicated plans for destroying things, and I want to see where I can take that when combined with Kei's stability.)
  7. The D Toucan Ambassador

    Are you kidding? they gave the assasins an academy award for best death scene.
  8. Nana quoting Dr. Breen?

    ...she's the video game nerd of the Ree, isn't she?

    (Or was that Hatchi and Siyon? Hatchi's action game, Siyon's stealth game...)
  9. Foe Tohn Void Where Prohibited

    Nana's the blow stuff up/shoot it to hell Ree, that part hasn't shown up yet.

    I chose the Citadel as a sort of parallel to Kei's Rapture, it'll make more sense later.
  10. Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    Interesting, I look forward to further updates mr. Tohn.
  11. rdmcmains Using iTunes to build nukes...

    Having just passed over your chapter the first time through, and with the understanding that apparently most of the people in this forum play the Mass Effect games (got it myself after reading some 300 pages of this forum), when you said Citadel, that was the Citadel I was thinking of, so I went back to read the chapter in full, you devious little author, you. :D

    Interesting. I'll definitely be looking for more of it (I visit here several times a day).
  12. Techlology I have to dig.

    That was an interesting read
  13. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    Don't mind me. Just a bout of sudden inspiration to do this.


    They stood at the crest of the cliff, looking towards the sky as the moon loomed vastly closer overhead. The sun was at the horizon, giving the moment an eerie look, as the star looked so small compared to the large lunar body that was descending towards the Earth. And this was the situation that found the Dai-Narvu Dan facing as they made a final farewell to the world they had sworn to protect.

    At the head of their band of misfits, a young woman with blue-hair and carmine eyes looked on, neither a smile nor a laugh in her lips and eyes present, as she looked up to the sky.

    "We have to go." She said quietly, and her companions did not give a visible reaction besides a slight tensing of their shoulders.

    One of the people in the group, sporting rather spiky brown hair, its wild style almost offsetting his meek, yet confident, look, added, "The fate of the world is at stake, and there's none that could do this. We're the last line of defense against His threat."

    At this, Reyye Miyanami turned towards them and gave them her usual confident grin, "Don't worry, don't worry! We'll kick His ass, and be done with it! Then we'll save Nesuka, then we'll have biii~iig party, kay?"

    This seemed to reassure the group, and they all began to smile. None moreso than Ninji Shukari, as he looked upwards once more to the sky, thinking of his love, Nesuka Tohru Lonlee. He clenched his fists at his sides at the thought of her suffering, and the payback he would inflict the Angel King, LordADAM.

    "Hee~eey." Reyye started again, and Ninji turned his attention back towards their leader, who had a familiar object held in her hand.

    They matched Reyye's grin when her's became dangerous. She turned towards the moon, and pointed her drill-shaped turnip towards the sky, amidst the enthused shouts of her friends.



    Rei Ayanami stood up as soon as the clip ended, then faced the rest of the audience, "Wee~eell? Waddya think?"

    She grinned when the others had shocked looks in their faces, mouth hanging open. The only exception were the Commander and Little Mommy, who were both massaging the bridges of their respective noses.

    "Lwergrk..." Yui muttered.

  14. gonzomehum Kinda Awesome

    ...I think something's leaking out of my ears after reading that. It might be blood.
  15. BlaqheartGIG VEG-TA-BLES!

    At least you have an idea about your fluids. I have no clue what hell's coming out of mine.
  16. aeroprime Power Lurker

  17. Ixenathier I cast my sight across worlds...

    What in the 9 rings of Hell and the 7 mounting Heavens...

    ...ok, I am going to bed now... That actually made a sort of sense...
  18. Made perfect sense. It's Rei doing her own take on Gurren Lagann, but with the people she knows.

    Like, c'ha.
  19. Jomasten Ham of medium proportions

    It was originally supposed to be the 'Show within the Show' anime. But it just suddenly went off on its own.
  20. EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    You know, it would perhaps be more interesting if you had taken a look at if SEELE had taken a normal Ree-type. If only for the Kaworu suffering. I feel more affably inclined towards him when he a) suffers, or b) gets shipped with Kei, which is technically speaking a subset of a) quite a bit of the time. They're just so right for each other.

    Of course, this now creates the hypothetical situation of that Nana meeting the canon!Kei (gods, that sounds wrong). They'd probably bitch at each other about their sisters for about a week, spend a day doing stuff together, and then declare each other to be their arch-nemesis, and spend the rest of time trying to kill each other. :p
  21. Foe Tohn Void Where Prohibited

    Hah, well, I did originally plan on having Nana act in her usual manner, I might still write that just for the fun of it, but then I was struck by an odd sort of inspiration (while painting the ceiling) that made me want to write her as the "sane" one. I'll try not to give too much away, but let's just say that 1). She's no where near as stable as cannon!Kei, she's just putting on a show for now, and 2). My main thought was how she defies her original purpose and how that ties in to her love of distruction.
  22. Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    Eh, this Nana still has a thing for explosives, so I expect more of a:

    Alt!Nana: Do you expect me to talk Ms. Ayanami?

    Kei: No, Ms. Ayanami I expect you to


    Alt!Nana, who has been freed by the explosion: Good, because I wired your island on the way in.
  23. Whiteagle The Guardian of Freedom

    ...Damn you Connery...

    ...Damn you and your stupid sexy accent...



    Tiffany Grant, however, they've decided to stay far away from...
  24. also worh remembering. Nana is the rei who thinks most like Bpen's Apocalypse!rei from "Shinji Ikari and Warhammer 40k", mening in addittion to blowing stuff up and DAKKADAKKADAKKA, she gotz otha Orky qualities
  25. Hmmmm.... A sane Pyromaniac/Explosives lady?

    I look forward to updates...

    I. WETA was the special effects guys for the Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar, so the Special effects'll be awesome.

    II. They are major fans of the show, so they are gonna do whatever they can to make sure to get as accurate as possable. Ergo: Tokyo-3 will be Tokyo-3.

    IIIa. Unlike Nickelodeon, these guys aren't racist. They have stated that they want the cast to be asian. Asuka being a possable exception for obvious reasons.

    IIIb. If you're worried they'll cast Dakota Fanning or Jessie Macartny as the Children: Don't worry, it's most likely that they'll cast mostly unknowns for the pilots.
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