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NGE: Nobody Dies (the dedicated update/stuff thread)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    ...you...all of you are NOTHING.

    We dug ourselves out from the dirt...

    We fought and scrapped for every moment of our existance...

    You who would take everything from us...

    Know not our resolve.

  2. The D

    The D Toucan Ambassador

    So, no power of love will get him out?

    If Shinji comes out of the core, can't they simply run Synthesis like with JA and give Unit-01 a new AI?
  3. That would simply repeat the problem, wouldn't it? You'd still have a soul stuck inside Unit-01, modeled after the memories, experiences, and subconscious of Shinji.

    You KNOW Ichi would be clamoring for them to let her 'little brother' out.
  4. Techlology

    Techlology I have to dig.

    Hey, could make the "Get the hell out of the core" scene something akin to the last episode of canon!NGE.

    But instead of "CONGRATULATIONS SHINJI", it'll be "Get the F_CK out you have a job to do".

    Edit: somehow I get the feeling that at least one heroic sacrifice is in order, even though this is Nobody Dies. Said hero doesn't have to actually die, just stop "living".
  5. The D

    The D Toucan Ambassador

    What about Bardiel? he could be a nice AI or something
  6. stormwalker628

    stormwalker628 NTR Subscriber

    You forgot:

    We have invented air conditioning.

    We have triumphed over nature.
  7. Techlology

    Techlology I have to dig.

    We have also invented deforestation, among other things. :p
  8. jVictor

    jVictor Paranoia Fuel

    We also invented war. And we have been practicing it for thousands of years.

    Angels beware.
  9. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Subscriber

    An even better one:

    We are humanity.
    We do not feel the need to justify ourselves to anyone.
    That is all you need to know.
  10. stormwalker628

    stormwalker628 NTR Subscriber

    Now THAT is awesome.
  11. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    He watches Ichi smiling to the staff cycling in and out of the infirmary room. He watches them fit her for her wheelchair, helping her stand on her own-on real legs-for the first time. This is good, Shinji thinks. This is right. He can let this be. He can let this stand.

    He's done enough.

    He's guilty of enough.

    He knows the death toll. He knows the carnage. Maybe now, he doesn't have to face it. Maybe this can be his punishment, his penance.

    And then he looks through another camera. He sees Asuka sitting by one of the infirmary beds, her face in her hands. He hears her high pitched, choked sob. Hears her crying. Hears her begging him to come back.

    And then he turns away, killing the connection.


    And comes face to face with the Rei again, the fourteen year old girl who looks like Rei but is not Rei.

    And then he blinks, and she is gone.
  12. Techlology

    Techlology I have to dig.

    Okay, wow.

    This is going to set up one MASSIVE crowning moment of heart warming, right? Right?
  13. Well, it isn't Evangelion with SOME Mind Screw.

    Who is this mysterious Ayanami?
  14. Willbyr76

    Willbyr76 My life is ruined.



    This being said, someone suggested many pages back that Yui may have tried Synthesis with one of the Rei clones, but given what's been established about Ichi, this doesn't seem likely anymore.
  15. Foe Tohn

    Foe Tohn Void Where Prohibited

    The ninth Ree.
    Shinji's subconscious.
    Ichi's subconscious imprint on the core.
    Remnants of Yui's subconscious imprint on the core.
    Yui's spleen.
    A Time Lord.
    Lain (the character, not the SB poster)
    A fragment of Raziel.
    An unnamed Cherubim.
    Canon Rei.

    I figure that if WMG is like throwing darts at a wall covered in mad theories, I might as well use a shotgun. It's more fun that way.
  16. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Racer X?
  17. jVictor

    jVictor Paranoia Fuel

    That or a Tearjerker. :(
  18. The_Reptile_

    The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    My Deppressingly Genre Savy self says you're probably right. Most likely involving Asuka or Ichi. Because the verse just seems to love making their lives painful, and NOT in the Buttmonkey way.
  19. jVictor

    jVictor Paranoia Fuel

    It'll probably play out a lot like the Iruel incident, in that it will get a lot worse before it gets better.
  20. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    “Any luck with the Avatars?” Ritsuko asks, tapping her cigarette on the ashtray as she stares at the mounted, glowing blue AI Core of the former Jet Alone Prime.

    Kyoko shakes her head, sitting in Akagi's chair in her lab as she fiddles with the robotic, human sized head, swearing in german as a spark singes her fingers.

    “Unit-01's core is still unresponsive,” she says, “We've tried everything, but no transmission. Ikari insists it will take time, but if we do have an Angel heading this way, we may have to resort to drastic measures.”

    “You mean Asuka.”

    Kyoko nods, holding up the head, in proportion for a short, teenage human girl.

    “Unit-01's intelligence likes her,” she says, softly, wincing at the words and how clinical it sounds, “Asuka may be able to reach it. The long and short of it is, we need Unit-01. Even if we can't entirely trust it.”

    Ritsuko nods, tapping at the keyboards arranged in front of her as the AI core hums in response.

    “Has Ikari made a decision regarding Jet Alone?” Kyoko asks.

    “Kaji is tracking down Tokita,” Ritsuko responds, “He's going to make an offer to purchase Mana and the Jet Alone core from NHIS. Considering what happened with Spencer, we think Tokita will be amenable.”

    “And Mana?”

    “She's still writing up her report. Give her a few days. Then she can tell us what happened in Vegas.”

    Akagi nods, turning back to the console as the Core sparks, the eyes of the robotic skull lighting up.

    “Ah,” Kyoko says with a tight smile, “Good morning, Jet Alone. How are you, today?”
  21. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Some hope! Bright, shiny delicious hope! JA-tan!
  22. jVictor

    jVictor Paranoia Fuel

    Yes, and on top of everything the Big Z is still looming over their heads. At least they still have JAP. Mana's going to have a lot of hammering on her hands.
  23. Nope, they have the core of JA-P. The mecha itself went kablooie in Nevada.

    Current roster:
    Unit-00 - being rebuilt
    Unit-01 - Emo!Shinji for a core.
    Unit-02 - mostly repaired but with Uri piloting it
    Unit-03 - ...yeah
    Unit-04 - Still under construction
    Unit-05 - Ready, willing, and S2 powered.
    JA-P - Scrap metal.
  24. jVictor

    jVictor Paranoia Fuel

    Damn, NERV really needs a second string for these kinds of situations.

    All of their star players are injured or...FUBAR.

    Not that Go-kun isn't a star player, I'm just sayin...
  25. Rabe

    Rabe whatever I did I wasn't trying to piss you off

    Hey how about giving Misato a shot at piloting Shinji?
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