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Raiden vs Raiden

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Arjac, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Arjac Retreating Backwards

    to clarify
    (not too familiar with MK lore so choose which game)

    Fighters start 10m away from each other in a 200mX200m arena (grass area)
    Both fighters have all the equipment available to them in that game (IE MGS2 Raiden has all his guns, MGR Raiden has all secondary weapons)
    No health items allowed
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  2. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    Raiden wins.

    Flawless victory.
  3. Zak757 Solidarity

    Moron. Wank harder.

    Raiden would stomp him.
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  4. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    Yeah, sure, and I suppose Raiden is just made of DuraRaiden. Raiden wins hands down on account of Raiden being an order of magnitude weaker than Raiden.
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  5. Jedi Matt Spacebattles Evil Cardinal

    Raiden wins rather causally I think.
  6. Dakarne Mad Scottish Solidaritarian

    Oh please. Raiden only needs to get one early hit in and he's got this won.
  7. pfft Raiden utterly destroys him.
  8. Arcman My Lord!

    Raiden Raiden's their Raiden's.
  9. crazyemu its hard being an aeon

    why does everyone think Raiden will win? It is pretty obvious Raiden will win
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  10. Number3124 The HDDs are crumbling...

    What are you lot smoking? Raiden takes this casually while drinking scotch like a sir. His body can't actually drink you say? How does he do that you might ask? Fuck you that's how.
  11. Zak757 Solidarity

    Raidens hair is WAY prettier!
  12. Speckled Burd The Good Doctor

    Number is right, Raiden has this in the bag.
  13. Liam-don Ware koso wa~ Ware koso wa~

    Raiden laughs. All the others explode in a shower of sparks.
  14. You're pitting a god against a cyborg, what do you think will happen? Obviously Raiden wins. If this is without Mortal Kombat's imposed rules leveling the field a bit, Raiden still wins.
  15. CIDE The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!

  16. o 055 o Hello there.

    I don't think Raiden has what it takes to defeat Raiden, although if Raiden gets cocky he might be defeated by Raiden, still, Raiden probably wins because Raiden is too strong for Raiden.
  17. Qinglong Star of Calamity

    Raiden takes this, quite handily I might add. The other guy just doesn't stand a chance.
  18. Arjac Retreating Backwards

    this stopped being funny around the 3rd post btw
  19. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    *checks which posts are mine*
  20. Arjac Retreating Backwards

    no, I meant the 3rd post on any vs thread :p
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  21. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

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  22. DrTempo The Doc of XOvers

    Seriously, if we go by the rules of MK, MkRaiden better get a killshot fast, or he's done.
  23. shipmastersane PHOENIX WRORT: SPACE ATTORNEY!

    I'd like to know where exactly these "people are equalized in the tournament" claims are coming from.
  24. Virgelion Turbo-Powered Procrastinator

    It's clear that the whole lot of you are really out of your freakin' minds here...

    Clearly, it's Raiden who'll be the victor. Why? Because Raiden is Raiden. And Raiden has no match other than himself, Raiden can't compete with the likes of Raiden.
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  25. GodKalZul Regent of Terra


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