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Regis mark 5 vs The city

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Gecko4lif, May 26, 2010.

  1. Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Regis is dropped into the city

    Can they stop him?
  2. Avernus Abomination

    Description? Abilities? Link?
  3. WireWolf Sexy Wolf God

    Regis Mk 5 cannot be defeated.

    Quote from Regis Mk 5.

    "You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system. I shall sup upon your very atoms."
  4. Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Regis is a robot.

    An extremely weak robot.

    However when he is destroyed he multiplies, upgrades, and comes back bigger and meaner.

    His durability never increases (infact I swear it gets worse) but his offensive capabilities multiple with each destruction
  5. Jupiter Haruka's ancestor

    Well their goes the city

    Gecko4lif his durability didn't get worse its just Coop kept hitting him harder and harder every time since the damn thing just wouldn't die
  6. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Pcell should destroy it. But couldn't the robot just be subverted by the locals?
  7. Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Well never the end he was just punching them repeatedly and the parts flew off and spawned into new bots so I was thinking it was for "aw fuck" factor.
  8. Regis is Megas-verse.

    that means coop wrecked a city beating it
    and there is some inherent weakness.
  9. Damn! You beat me to it.


    Possibly, but the R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is also nano-tech. And is able to grow from consuming surrounding material, but the bigger it got the worse it was able to fully break down the original objects and became noticeably less sleek and smooth.

    Also, it is solar powered... so that is its main weakness.
  10. Gecko4lif Tristitia


    Solar powered. I knew I was forgetting a glaring weakness
  11. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    A single slash from Pcell's sword should basically atomize the robot to nothingness.
  12. Avernus Abomination

    Is there any reason to think it could get through the nigh-indestructible megastructure material? If not, they can beat it just by ignoring it until it literally hits a wall.
  13. WireWolf Sexy Wolf God

    Unless it uses the nigh-indestructible megastructure material to build more copies of the Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage Mark V.

    The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is the ultimate fighting machine. Unstoppable, merciless, glorious. No one is safe from the R.E.G.I.S..
  14. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Can the machine even harm it let alone actually construct it? This isn't just some simple metal. More like a beefed up version of adamantium.
  15. Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Unless every single object in the city is indestructible something is becoming material
  16. Based on its assimilation modern day materials... I'd say no.
  17. Avernus Abomination

    That's not the point; the point is, when it runs out of normal material and hits the megastructure material, is there any reason to think it can do anything with or to the stuff?
  18. Gecko4lif Tristitia

    Depending on how long it was there it would likely figure out something
  19. it's Megas!verse meaning it runs on the rule of awesome/silly it's basically unbeatable until it's glaring weakness is exposed then it goes down like a punk.
  20. krinsbez Plush Marine

    "The R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is invincible. No weapon forged by such a primitive species can defeat R.E.G.I.S., which is invincible."

    Unless you blot out the sun, you can't do anything to it permantently.

    "R.E.G.I.S. is the destroyer of worlds, consumer of their rubble, bringer of despair."

    I admit that I know nothing about this "City", but given that R.E.G.I.S. has apparently consumed whole planets worth of material in the past, I find this eventuality unlikely.

    "[It is] the Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage Mark V. [It] cannot be stopped."

    It eats anything and everything. That's what it does.
  21. Hollewanderer Relic of Past Ages

    This is Blame!. The sun is missing, presumed eaten by the locals.
  22. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    Can it survive a black hole? Because that's what's comin to him the second he reaches the megastructre.
  23. krinsbez Plush Marine

    Ah. Never mind then.


    You haven't been paying attention, have you?

    I repeat: "[It is] the Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage Mark V. [It] cannot be stopped."
  24. Dessolution Stealin' Stones and Bones

    That don't mean shit if you don't tell me what that means.
  25. krinsbez Plush Marine

    What do you think that means? It's spelled out pretty clearly. "[It] cannot be stopped." Unless you are suggesting that the R.E.G.I.S. Mark V is a liar?

    Seriously though, it's from Megas XLR. It runs on Plot, Rule of Cool, and Rule of Funny. So, it probably could survive a black hole, but who knows?

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