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Ruby Rose (RWBY) vs Rock Lee (Naruto, Chuunin Exam Arc)

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by It's Called Borrowing ze~, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. The battle will take place in the Pillar Of Autumn's engine room. Rock Lee will get a Halo Pistol, so that Ruby doesn't have the advantage, and he'll know how to use it.
  2. Galorian

    Galorian Seeker of Yields

  3. Ruby has the Crescent Rose; it's practically part of her heart and soul.
  4. Galorian

    Galorian Seeker of Yields

    No, I mean why would Rock Lee possibly need a pistol? He can move faster than the bullets ffs!
  5. Oh. Well, I'll remove it. :p

    This is chunin exam arc, though.
  6. ZeroXSEED

    ZeroXSEED Solidarity means Love

    Chunin Exam Lee is supersonic :p

    Sure, not as fast as most bullet, especially magic bullet hax, but still count.
  7. Galorian

    Galorian Seeker of Yields

    He got WAAAAY supersonic by the end there. :D
  8. FallenOne

    FallenOne Failing to think of something amusing to put here.

    5:00 on.....
  9. Galorian

    Galorian Seeker of Yields

  10. SGTschlock

    SGTschlock Sensei aishitemasu

    Giving someone a gun against a RWBY fighter isn't exactly all that useful. Getting shot just isn't instantly fatal to these people. Remember how Junior was taking multiple punches to the face from a *shotgun* gauntlets?
  11. FallenOne

    FallenOne Failing to think of something amusing to put here.

    It was the first to come up and its fairly......tolerable.
  12. Dagoron

    Dagoron That guy with the face and the eyes

    Ruby and Lee fight on even terms until this happens.

    Lee: You fight well. You are a worthy opponent. Prepare to face the power of YOUTH!

    Ruby: What are you talking abo-

    -Lee drops weights-

    Ruby: WHAT THE GRIMM?!

    -Ruby gets knocked into a tree and KOed-

    Lee: Good fight! We should do this again some time!

    Yang, Blake, Weiss:.......................dayum........

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