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Spike Lee: Epic rant on white hipsters moving into crappy NYC neighborhoods

Discussion in 'Non Sci-fi Debates' started by badrobot1001, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. badrobot1001

    badrobot1001 Florida Man

    Regentrification. Discuss.


    And something a bit more intelligible:

  2. *snort* Classy. Not "stay classy", but "this is the civilized response when someone is trying to drag you into the mud."
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  3. SkylineDrifter

    SkylineDrifter Master of the Obvious

    I think that Lee had two very valid points. Residents deserved safety and services before the hipsters moved in, and it sucks that longtime residents may have to move because they can't pay the rent anymore. That said, it's not the new residents' fault that services and safety sucked before they arrived. They're not responsible for the breadth of society's inequity. Lee and others need to cut these people some slack, even if they are assface hipsters.
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  4. hance1986

    hance1986 See Me. Feel Me. Touch Me. Fear Me.


    Old Spike might be on to something. MLK had a dream, and this wasn't it.
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  5. Cap'n Chryssalid

    Cap'n Chryssalid the armor piercing wang

    I hate change, too. Just when you think things are the way they should always be forever, suddenly a new iphone comes out. Or, you know, something else. Stop changing so much, world! GAH. Srsly.
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  6. Rockhound

    Rockhound Eagerly awaiting the return of Feudalism.

    Spike Lee II: The Search For Relevancy!

    -Now in (twelve) theaters!
  7. I suppose I'm the ultra-hipster in this regard. I've always wanted to move into a crappy neighbourhood in the city, specifically to avoid middle-class white kids my own age.

    :( Now I find out that they'll just follow me in a year or three.
  8. Fell

    Fell Hero of Frogs

    Buddy if you want to escape those you've got to move to Afghanistan or Antarctica.
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  9. Les

    Les I'm a bunny again, huzzah!

    Nah, just move to a more rural area and start collecting NASCAR memorabilia. Worse that'll happen is Hipsters will enjoy your lifestyle 'Ironically' through a cheesy reality-show. :D
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  10. Imperator Pax

    Imperator Pax Talon Master

    There was already a thread
  11. Zorlon

    Zorlon We shall all be Plushies

    And then the yuppies come, price out the young and broke hipsters, and bring in a bunch of soulless new construction. And then they start having kids and suddenly aren't OK with all of the hipster things that made the area trendy to begin with.

    DUMBO used to be a really fun, affordable, quirky, slightly edgy, and partially empty neighborhood.
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  12. Cherico

    Cherico Totally not a NSA agent

    Black and hispanic hipsters are a thing, I have met plently hispanic hipsters.
  13. It's not hipsters in general I wanna avoid; I don't mind their music and some of them genuinely want to help the world. I just really don't like living around white people who grew up with money. There're fewer opportunities to learn compassion and such when everything is handed to you, which makes many of them cluelessly unpleasant company.
  14. Todeswind

    Todeswind Delayer of updates.

    Side note - but today as I was running on the treadmill I had to resist the urge to die of laughter when the Fox News talking heads started rambing about the "conservative values" one can find in Spike Lee films. They were pretty much explaining how his body of work justified an anti-Obama stance.
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  15. Agreed. It's also rather duplicitous, since there's long been a rallying cry of "How dare you say we can't change a neighborhood!" whenever people of lower class begin to move into an area.

    I'm not sure which part of that has more internalized racism.
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  16. There's plenty of classism to the sentiment, but any racism there is to it is unintentional, I assure you.

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