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SRW-verse Vs The Shrike

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Kiroshi, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. If anyone can do it, they can. SRW-verse gets everything they can pull out. The Shrike Gets ........ A Colony.
  2. Sidewaysvision

    Sidewaysvision Omnipotent on fridays

    Details on SRW-verse?

    Especially pertinent: can they timetravel? And react at FTL?
  3. Every mecha anime is existense.
  4. Sidewaysvision

    Sidewaysvision Omnipotent on fridays

    And? They'll do what, try to overwhelm the Shrike with the power of ANGST!?!!oneoneshifteleven?

    Details, man!

    (plus, I mean, the Shrike wins on style points alone; it's well known the cooler-looking the mecha, the more powerful it is in relation to everything else.)
  5. Beam spam or MEGA POWER BEAM!!!
  6. Sidewaysvision

    Sidewaysvision Omnipotent on fridays

    And running into the amazing problem of an enemy that moves faster than light. An enemy that in fact -walks- faster than light.
  7. Atlan

    Atlan One-way time traveller Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    AND can be where ever it damn well wants to be, whenever it wants to be.
    There are going to be an awful lot of dead mecha pilots after this.
  8. Torr Samaho

    Torr Samaho Servant of the Matter

    wtf is with this flood of shrike vs threads? they're all asking for the vlad tepes award. at least try to find a match for the shrike ;7

    SWPIGWANG I am the bone of my neko

    The kinda of mecha that might have an chance would be something like neo-grazon (which uses worm holes as main weapon or something).....or maybe time travel core equipped nadescio with some enchancements.....
  10. Megaguiras

    Megaguiras Praiser of the Sun

    Well there was that thing where the gunbuster folks nuked most of a galaxy.. or that little tricky bit where if you destroy Ideon the universe blows up. :D

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