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(Story) Sleeping with the Girls Pt 2

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Athene, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Athene

    Athene Steel Maiden

  2. I thought we didn't do thread limits anymore? Some new server or something
    Current Tribble Emporium has 377 pages and Harry Potter recs has 400ish
  3. Cyborg Stan

    Cyborg Stan of CyKoLaJx, Inc.

  4. Aldrin

    Aldrin Solidarity

    It takes time to find all the ridiculously big threads, close them and open continuation threads I presume.
    Plus it's probably a really boring and repetitive process.
  5. Cherico

    Cherico Totally not a NSA agent

    Im just going to say it Thantos has the most awsome avatar EVER!
  6. Apparently not. Cause there server is imploding when it gets too big.
  7. BobTheNinja

    BobTheNinja Beast of Possibility

    Getting back on topic. So Admiral, do you really think the protagonist will need an antimatter round to defeat Kunzite? Is he powerful and skilled enough to warrant it?
  8. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    Hold up a sec. Using an Anti-matter round means you actually have to hit the target WITH it.
  9. Well it most likely has a huge blast radius. It's easier to make antimatter weapons stronger than weaker I think, of course my knowledge is spotty at best
  10. Alex12

    Alex12 SCIENCE!

    Walker's antimatter rounds only contain a tiny amount of actual antimatter- they're basically anti-tank rounds, if I'm remembering correctly. Still, that means even a near miss should be fatal. Plus, anyone looking at the blast will be blinded for long enough that Walker can set up a kill-shot without too much trouble.
  11. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Seething with increasing levels of bitterness.

    He has had it forever and, yes, we are all gay for it. Even the women though that is a bit more complicated, requiring that they grow a penis on the spot just so they can be gay for it.

    All Hail Hank Scorpio.
  12. AngrySasquatch

    AngrySasquatch Can you really let it end here?


    Just whoa.

    Anyways, I'm expecting Walker to probably give the Senshi a lesson in "Dude you should kill things more often" or something.
  13. Shiki Emiya

    Shiki Emiya *sigh*

    With what, their flashy spells, their heads, or a whole lot of 'DAKKA'?

    I am curious to see what Usagi can do if she can get motivated to study in school.

    Edit: And I am suprised that this had to be placed in a seperate thread.
  14. AngrySasquatch

    AngrySasquatch Can you really let it end here?

    No, I'm thinking that they should adopt a "it's them or it's us" mentality.
  15. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Seething with increasing levels of bitterness.

    You do understand if this turns into Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon the multiverse is doomed, right?
  16. AngrySasquatch

    AngrySasquatch Can you really let it end here?

    I'm not very familiar with Sailor Moon, no.


    Some pragmatism never hurt anyone, Hect.
  17. WarShipper

    WarShipper I'm here to stay, alright?

    In a universe that runs on coincidences, rule of funny, and the power of love, pragmatism=/=death. For everyone.
  18. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla GCFA Fleet Command

    You guys do realize that by story's end, Usagi will be in contact with the likes of Nanoha, AND my actions will have motivated her to Learn right?

    What do you think Usagi's magical level in the TSAB is valued when shes reached her full power... SS, SSS?

    Remember, Nanoha is just some girl. The Senshi are all planetary guardians...

    Future Usagi, brilliant magical protege?
  19. Usagi's rating on the TSAB scales at full power: EX
    Rest of the Senshi: EX

    Also AngrySasquatch, what your asking for is manga Senshi. The vast majority of their enemies face them once, and only once.
  20. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Seething with increasing levels of bitterness.

    As long as your Usagi isn't standing on top of the steamroller she just chucked at someone screaming "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
  21. Valiran

    Valiran A safe place.

    That would actually be pretty awesome.:p
  22. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Seething with increasing levels of bitterness.

    Its been done. The results were weird.
  23. AdmiralTigercla

    AdmiralTigercla GCFA Fleet Command

    It's a good thing I didn't look into Dio Brando's 'Za Warudo' technique prior to starting this story.

    Otherwise, later down the line, I'd be tempted to diplicated it with my Pawah klaw.
  24. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    I recall Ero-Sannin doing something like that with Akane.
  25. Shiki Emiya

    Shiki Emiya *sigh*

    Agreed. Sabot darts are still pointy darts and you can always drop something on someone later. 2/3 is a passing grade.

    . . . I think sleep is agreeable at this point no?
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