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What will happen if Romney wins the Election?

Discussion in 'Elections 2012' started by Quantum, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. The problem isn't that benifits are too high, it's that they have little to no hope of upward mobility regardless of if they have a job or not or how hard they work. Surprise! People with no hope don't tend to be go-getters.
  2. The problem with high benefits is there's no incentive for upward mobility.
  3. Yvonmukluk This just in!

    [citation needed]
  4. Q99

    That's not the case in countries with more incentives than us. Also, higher benefits make the practicalities required for upward mobility, i.e. access to jobs, time spent in training, working on appearance and presentation, fewer major non-job distractions, easier to achieve. It doesn't matter how much you incentivise things if the practicalities are harder as a result (and there's still tons of incentive to get off of livable benefits).
  5. Flectarn Solidarity

    If high benefits killed your incentive to for upward mobility Denmark (government spending 56%of gdp) wouldn't be the best in the world.


    Lower is better.
  6. Because it's... illegal to not spend money?
  7. Most likely moving to Canada is such happens.

    Won't exactly help us in the case of rough economic times, but should in an overall sense.
  8. Fell Can't even handle it

    It's illegal to intentionally sabotage your nation's economy because you're a spiteful shitstain.

    As I said, it is lucky that nobody is actually stupid enough to do this.
  9. Well, A) no, it's not, B) he's talking about "sabotaging" the economy for personal profit (and for what one believes, however wrongly, is a long-term benefit to the economy), which is quite a different thing from spite, C) which is also not illegal.

    Now, it's unlikely to be successful, because natural selection and the free market mean that companies which will take the short-term opportunity to grow their market share at the expense of companies which try long-term tactics like the ones he is proposing will tend to dominate the market. So, in that sense, "people only behave like that in SDB's fantasy world" is true. But there's nothing illegal about acting that way, just stupid.
  10. Fell Can't even handle it

    I believe any orchestrated effort, whether by conspiracy or common interest, to overthrow the united states government, is legally treason.

    I could be wrong, but I'm gonna need it demonstrated to me in what way.
  11. If the definition of "overthrow the united states government" includes this it also includes anyone but Obama running for president. A change of administration is not an overthrow of the united states government, and an attempt to cause such a thing is therefore not treason.
  12. Fell Can't even handle it

    I think by the time you're mucking about with definitions that much it's safe to say you're a traitor.
  13. This is not a technicality, it is the actual core difference between a republic and a divine-right monarchy, that in the former it is not treason to try to cause the people in charge to be replaced.

    Being voted out is not the same thing as being overthrown.
  14. Or you could move now. If canada lets you in.
  15. Fell Can't even handle it

    So spend your money on ad campaigns in favor of a new candidate or against the current one. Don't hoard it in an effort to stagnate the economy to create political unrest. The former is politics, the latter is treason.
  16. That...

    Why am I arguing with Fell?
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  17. We're considering either way.
  18. Of course a well designed program has a chance to be successful. Such a program has to tie the benefits to the person improving their credentials and ability to get a job. The welfare reform act in the US in the mid-90s was a step in a good direction. Unfortunately many programs trap people into dependency. I know, my sister and brother both feel trapped. They cannot earn or have more than a small amount or risk losing the beneifit they have.

    Still no one has answered the question; what fiscal incentive do I have to take a low paying job when I can get more on unemployment or via some other program?
  19. I wish you guys all the luck in the world. Do you guys meet Canada's requirements?

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