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Who Do You Want To Write The Next Halo Book

Discussion in 'Space Battles' started by Le Marquis de SB, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Ah yes Halo, able to garner the attention of literary giants like Greg Bear and literary plagues such as Traviss simultaneously. With such a great history of highs and lows its no wonder fans ether sing in joy or scream in anger when the newest Halo author is announced.

    So the question is to you, fellow SBers, who do you want to write the next installment of the Halo novels and why? The only rule is you can't choose someone that's already worked in the franchise.
  2. Gaius Marius

    Gaius Marius Knight with no name.

    Tom Kratman.
  3. SpaceDoge

    SpaceDoge Such solidarity wow

    Glenn Beck.
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  4. TheCrazyMan

    TheCrazyMan Don't fuck with this senator!

    If it can be any genre author, Abnett. If we're being realistic, KRATMAN, SPACE MARINE!
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  5. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy You Gotta Listen to Big Sis!

    . . . I was going to say someone good, but yeah at this point the franchise needs to be burned to the ground.
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  6. Why?
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  7. TheCrazyMan

    TheCrazyMan Don't fuck with this senator!

    Eh, it was good up until Bear and Traviss got their hands on it.

    Mind you that's still three books.
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  8. All those poor gay people being beaten by Spartan super soldiers. :(
  9. Traviss I can agree with but Bear? Bear is the best thing to happen to Halo since Nylund.
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  10. TheCrazyMan

    TheCrazyMan Don't fuck with this senator!


    I dunno. Maybe this is just me, but I always liked the Forerunners being mystical and unknown. It was cool that way, you didn't know what the Flood even WAS, you didn't know exactly how advanced the Forerunners were, etc. They were a mystery. Enter the Forerunner Saga and they suddenly get their entire culture mapped out. I dunno, that kind ruins the suspense for me. Plus the Precursors, the Ancient Human Empire, and more.
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  11. What's wrong with any of those things?
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  12. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy You Gotta Listen to Big Sis!

    The decision to do The Forererunner saga is a criticism against 343. If it was going to be done, Bear was probably the best man for the job.
  13. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    Yeah, the whole Precusors are insane fucking dicks, and the 'ancient human empire' things insure that I will never read the Forerunner Trilogy.
  14. TheCrazyMan

    TheCrazyMan Don't fuck with this senator!

    Call me crazy, but Halo was never about the Forerunners to me. It was about the UNSC fighting a foe not for victory, but to survive, to spite them for every scrap of dirt they'd taken. It was about the black ops raids and the men in the trenches and the iron men in titanium ships. The Forerunners were background material. It depresses me that they've become the main facet of the franchise noe.
  15. Richardson

    Richardson Solidarity

    That works. I want to see Idiotonsky beg for mercy by the time he's done.
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  16. TheProffesor

    TheProffesor Elder Scrolls Lore Fan

    I would have picked Ian Banks for the Forerunner Saga if he would do it. For just the regular books, I would go with John Scalzi. He did a good job with Old Man's War. I think he could do even better than Nylund.
  17. Eh, I disagree. But arguing over an subjective opinion is fruitless.
    Specially when this thread is about arguing over future installments. :p
  18. TheCrazyMan

    TheCrazyMan Don't fuck with this senator!

    I wouldn't mind seeing more Forerunner-focused stuff though. I just wish they hadn't revealed everything and ruined the mystery.

    Plus when the only place you can get your UNSC fix now in days is a Travissty...
  19. From what I hear allot of people at 343 don't like Traviss. But, you know, contracts are a bitch.
  20. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy You Gotta Listen to Big Sis!

    But are they obligated to integrate her books with the games or do they just have to wrap up the novels?
  21. A little of both. She's writing in some characters they need introduced but I'm sure after her third book they have to let her write under contract they'll be done with her.
  22. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy? Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Elizabeth Moon if we're doing something with civilians, or militants who are obstinately civilian. Because when I read the Vatta's War series, I actually enjoyed it.
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  23. HecateGW

    HecateGW No longer rampant and practicing techno-sorcery.

    She writes in some characters who mysteriously die off in mere seconds after their introduction in the games?

    Hey, no one said that the characters had to survive the whole damn game.

    They just get introduced as the contract stated.


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  24. kinkade0001

    kinkade0001 Collective Individualist.

    Why does she hate Halsey so much?
  25. Sith

    Sith Hurabro

    Uh, another BungieTard.

    I would actually like to see Greg Bear write halo books set post war, after the Kilo-Five Trollogy has been 'completed'

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