1943 SD Compilation

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  1. Continue the chaos.:)
  2. To Chile:
    We apologize, but the current situation in the North Atlantic requires the use of our Escort carriers in conjunction with Great Britain. No further ships are currently for sale.

    In addition, our most modern torpedo and dive bombers are not for sale, as we are currently equipping our own armed forces at this time.

    In regards to the F6U, we do not know what craft you speak of, as we have no aircraft with such a designation.
  3. US ORDER OF BATTLE; November, Week 1, 1943

    Nation: United States
    Population: ~200 million
    Government: Democratic Republic
    Capital: Washington DC
    Currancy: Dollars
    Industry: Insanely Powerful; #1 in the World (Nearly 300% larger than #2)
    Economy: Recession
    Merchant Marine: 10,951,616 tons (+458,333 tons/month)

    Resources: You name it, they've probably got it.

    I'm doing away with the Ads/Disads for the USA because I've made things way to damned dynamic. In any case, I'll be getting bitched at in 6 months (or less) gametime because I'll be out of Disads and have a LOT of Ads. I'm just going to play the USA realisticly.


    Infantry: 420,000
    Divisions: 30 (14,000 each) (Downscaling: 3 of 13 discharged)

    Airborn: 26,000
    Divisions: 2 (13,000 each)

    Armored: 157,400
    Divisions: 14 (2 at: 14,500; 12 at: 10,700)

    MARINE CORPS: 308,523
    Divisions: 22 (~14,000 men each)
    Officers: 21,384
    Enlisted: 287,139

    Fighter Squadrons: 132 (3168 planes)
    --20-24 Planes/Squadron
    Bomber Squadrons: 269 (3228 planes)
    --10-12 Planes/Squadron
    Observation Squadrons: 31 (372 planes)
    --10-12 Planes/Squadron
    Troop Carrier Squadrons: 75 (900 planes)
    --10-12 Planes/Squadron

    --M3 "Stuart": 900; Marked for sale
    --M3A1 "Stuart": 4410
    --M3A3 "Stuart": 1412
    --M5A1 "Stuart": 1516
    --M4 "Sherman": 359
    --M4A1 "Sherman": 3123
    --M4A2 "Sherman": 2947
    --M4A3 "Sherman": 586
    --M4A4 "Sherman": 3478
    --M6A1 "Jackson": 3419
    --M26 "Sherman": 360
    --M10 Tank Destroyer: 1912

    Aircraft: (347/month capacity unused; shut down for retooling)
    -~10,000 transport aircraft
    -P-38 "Lightning": 3463 (Cap at 4000)
    -Bell P-39 "Airacobra": 6112
    -P-51B "Mustang": 650
    -P-51C "Mustang": 360
    -P-47 "Thunderbolt": 4550 (Cap at 4800)
    -P-40 "Warhawk": 4371
    -P-54E "Tri-Jet": 0 (Cap at 1400)
    ----200/month (starting December 1, 1943)
    -F4F "Wildcat": 2502
    -F4U Corsair: 720 (Cap at 1200)
    -F6F-3 "Hellcat": 786
    -British Meteor: 0
    ----300/month (starting January, week 1, 1944)
    -SB2C "Helldiver"/A-25 "Shrike": 1972 (Cap at 2200)
    -TBF-1 "Avenger": 620 (Cap at 800)
    -SBD/A-24 "Dauntless": 5800
    -B-17 "Flying Fortress": 8398
    -B-25 "Mitchell": 4163 (Cap at 4300)
    -B-26 "Marauder": 3361 (Cap at 3500)
    -B-29 "Superfortress": 603 (Cap at 2400)
    -B-35 "Flying Wing": 0 (Cap at 100)
    ----20/month (Starting January, Week 1, 1944)
    -Model 28 Catalina (Catalina PBY): 3423 (Cap at 3500)
    -Martin PBM Mariner: 416 (Cap at 500)

    1 Seaplane Tender:
    AV-3 USS Langley

    12 Fleet Aircraft Carriers: (17 Under Construction)
    CV-2 U.S.S. Lexington
    CV-3 U.S.S. Saratoga
    CV-4 U.S.S. Ranger (Undergoing Rebuild until April, Week 2, 1944)
    CV-5 U.S.S. Yorktown (Undergoing Rebuild until January, Week 2, 1944)
    CV-6 U.S.S. Enterprise (Undergoing Rebuild until January, Week 2, 1944)
    CV-7 U.S.S. Wasp
    CV-8 U.S.S. Hornet (Undergoing Rebuild until January, Week 2, 1944)
    CV-9 U.S.S. Essex
    CV-10 U.S.S. Bon HommeRichard
    CV-11 U.S.S. Intrepid
    CV-16 U.S.S. Cabot
    CV-17 U.S.S. Bunker Hill
    --10 Essex Under Construction:
    CV-12 U.S.S. Kearsage [June 1944]
    CV-13 U.S.S. Kings Mountain [31 January 1944]
    CV-14 U.S.S. Ticonderoga [8 May 1944]
    CV-15 U.S.S. Randolph [August 1944]
    CV-16 U.S.S. Franklin [June 1944]
    CV-18 U.S.S. Oriskany [24 November 1943]
    CV-19 U.S.S. Hancock [15 April 1944]
    CV-20 U.S.S. Bennington [6 August 1944]
    CV-21 U.S.S. Boxer [November 1944]
    CV-31 U.S.S. Shangri La [26 November 1944]
    --2 Alaska Class Under Construction:
    CV-32 USS Alaska [July 1944]
    CV-33 USS Guam [October 1944]
    --5 Hawaii Class (historicly Midway Class) Under Construction:
    CV-41 U.S.S. Hawaii [March 1945]
    CV-42 U.S.S. Phillipines [March 1945]
    CV-43 U.S.S. Puerto Rico [March 1945]
    CV-44 U.S.S. Greenland [July, 1945]
    CV-56 U.S.S. Jan Mayen [July, 1945]

    8 Light Aircraft Carriers: (1 Under Construction)
    CVL-22 U.S.S Princeton
    CVL-23 U.S.S. Independence
    CVL-24 U.S.S. Belleau Wood
    CVL-25 U.S.S. Cowpens
    CVL-26 U.S.S. Monterey
    CVL-27 U.S.S. Fargo
    CVL-28 U.S.S. Wilmington
    CVL-29 U.S.S. Bataan
    --1 Under construction:
    CVL-30 U.S.S San Jacinto [DEC 43]

    30 Escort Carriers:
    -Long Island Class: 2
    CVE-1 U.S.S. Long Island
    CVE-2 U.S.S. Archer
    -Charger Class: 4
    CVE-3 U.S.S. Avenger
    CVE-4 U.S.S. Biter
    CVE-5 U.S.S. Charger
    CVE-6 U.S.S. Dasher
    -Bogue Class: 20
    CVE-7 U.S.S. Tracker
    CVE-8 U.S.S. Battler
    CVE-9 U.S.S. Attacker
    CVE-10 U.S.S. Hunter
    CVE-11 U.S.S. Bogue
    CVE-30 U.S.S. Barnes
    CVE-31 U.S.S. Block Island
    CVE-32 U.S.S. Searcher
    CVE-33 U.S.S. Breton
    CVE-34 U.S.S. Slinger
    CVE-36 U.S.S. Emperor
    CVE-37 U.S.S. Begum
    CVE-38 U.S.S. Trumpeter
    CVE-39 U.S.S. Empress
    CVE-40 U.S.S. Khedive
    CVE-42 U.S.S. Nabob
    CVE-43 U.S.S. Premier
    CVE-44 U.S.S. Shah
    CVE-45 U.S.S. Patroller
    CVE-47 U.S.S. Ranee
    --Bogue Class Under Construction: 10
    CVE-41 U.S.S. Speaker [Nov.20/43]
    CVE-46 U.S.S. Rajah [Jan.17/44]
    CVE-48 U.S.S. Trouncer [Jan.31/44]
    CVE-49 U.S.S. Thane [Nov.19/43]
    CVE-50 U.S.S. Queen [Dec.7/43]
    CVE-51 U.S.S. Ruler [Dec.22/43]
    CVE-52 U.S.S. Arbiter [Dec.31/43]
    CVE-53 U.S.S. Smiter [Jan.20/44]
    CVE-54 U.S.S. Puncher [Feb.5/44]
    CVE-55 U.S.S. Reaper [Feb.18/44]
    -Sangamon: 4 (3 to Phillipine Navy)
    CVE-26 U.S.S. Sangamon
    CVE-27 U.S.S. Suwannee
    CVE-28 U.S.S. Chenango
    CVE-29 U.S.S. Santee

    18 Battleships: (9 Under Construction)
    -BB-32 U.S.S. Wyoming (Wyoming class) (Relegated to Gunnery Training)
    -BB-33 U.S.S. Arkansas (Wyoming Class) (Stricken From Service; To the Philipines)
    -BB-38 U.S.S Pennsylvania
    -BB-39 U.S.S. Arizona
    -BB-40 U.S.S. New Mexico
    -BB-41 U.S.S. Mississippi
    -BB-42 U.S.S. Idaho
    -BB-43 U.S.S. Tennessee
    -BB-44 U.S.S. California
    -BB-45 U.S.S. Colorado
    -BB-46 U.S.S. Maryland
    -BB-47 U.S.S. West Virginia
    -BB-55 U.S.S. North Carolina
    -BB-56 U.S.S. Washington
    -BB-57 U.S.S. South Dakota
    -BB-59 U.S.S. Massachusetts
    -BB-60 U.S.S. Alabama
    -BB-58 U.S.S. Indiana
    -BB-62 U.S.S. Iowa
    -BB-62 U.S.S. New Jersey
    --4 Iowa Class Under construction:
    BB-63 U.S.S. Missouri [11 June 1944]
    BB-64 U.S.S. Wisconsin [16 April 1944]
    BB-65 U.S.S. Illinois [November 1945]
    BB-66 U.S.S. Kentucky [July 1945]
    --5 Montana Class Under Construction:
    BB-67 U.S.S. Montana [October 1946]
    BB-68 U.S.S. Ohio [October 1946]
    BB-69 U.S.S. Maine [October 1946]
    BB-70 U.S.S. New Hampshire [October 1946]
    BB-71 U.S.S. Louisiana [October 1946]

    21 Heavy Cruisers:
    CA-24 U.S.S. Pensacola
    CA-25 U.S.S. Salt Lake City
    CA-26 U.S.S. Northampton
    CA-27 U.S.S. Chester
    CA-28 U.S.S. Louisville
    CA-29 U.S.S. Chicago
    CA-30 U.S.S. Houston
    CA-31 U.S.S. Augusta
    CA-33 U.S.S. Portland
    CA-35 U.S.S. Indianapolis
    CA-32 U.S.S. New Orleans
    CA-34 U.S.S. Astoria
    CA-36 U.S.S. Minneapolis
    CA-37 U.S.S. Tuscaloosa
    CA-38 U.S.S. San Fransisco
    CA-39 U.S.S. Quincey
    CA-44 U.S.S. Vincennes
    CA-45 U.S.S. Wichita
    CA-68 U.S.S. Baltimore
    CA-69 U.S.S. Boston
    CA-70 U.S.S. Canberra
    --15 Baltimore Class Under Construction/Planned:
    CA-71 U.S.S. Quincy [Dec.15/43]
    CA-72 U.S.S. Pittsburgh [Oct.10/44]
    CA-73 U.S.S. St.Paul [Feb.17/45]
    CA-74 U.S.S. Columbus [Jun.8/45]
    CA-75 U.S.S. Helena [Sep.4/45]
    CA-126 U.S.S. Cambridge [Jun.1/46]
    CA-127 U.S.S. Bridgeport [Jul.12/47]
    CA-130 U.S.S. Bremerton [Apr.29/45]
    CA-131 U.S.S. Fall River [Jul.1/45]
    CA-132 U.S.S. Macon [Aug.25/45]
    CA-133 U.S.S. Toledo [Oct.27/46]
    CA-135 U.S.S. Los Angeles [Jul.22/45]
    CA-136 U.S.S. Chicago [Jan.10/45]
    CA-137 U.S.S. Norfolk [Jun.9/46]
    CA-138 U.S.S. Scranton [Jun.11/46]

    27 Light Cruisers
    CS-4 U.S.S. Omaha
    CS-5 U.S.S. Milwaukee
    CS-6 U.S.S. Cincinnati
    CS-7 U.S.S. Raleigh
    CS-8 U.S.S. Detroit
    CS-9 U.S.S. Richmond
    CS-10 U.S.S. Concord
    CS-11 U.S.S. Trenton
    CS-12 U.S.S. Marblehead
    CS-13 U.S.S. Memphis
    CL-40 U.S.S. Brooklyn
    CL-41 U.S.S. Philadelphia
    CL-42 U.S.S. Savannah
    CL-43 U.S.S. Nashville
    CL-46 U.S.S. Phoenix
    CL-47 U.S.S. Boise
    CL-48 U.S.S. Honolulu
    CL.49 St.Louis
    CL.50 Helena
    CL.55 Cleveland
    CL.56 Columbia
    CL.57 Montpelier
    CL.58 Denver
    CL.60 Santa Fe
    CL.62 Birmingham
    CL.63 Mobile
    CL.80 Biloxi
    Cleveland Class Under Construction/Planned: 18
    CL.64 Vincennes [Jan.21/44]
    CL.65 Pasadena [Jun.8/44]
    CL.66 Springfield [Sep.9/44]
    CL.67 Topeka [Dec.23/44]
    CL.81 Houston [Dec.20/43]
    CL.82 Providence [May.15/45]
    CL.83 Manchester [Oct.29/46]
    CL.86 Vicksburg [Jun.12/44]
    CL.87 Duluth [Sep.18/44]
    CL.89 Miami [Dec.28/43]
    CL.90 Astoria [May.17/44]
    CL.91 Oklahoma City [Dec.22/44]
    CL.92 Little Rock [Jun.17/45]
    CL.101 Amsterdam [Jan.8/45]
    CL.102 Porstsmouth [Jun.25/45]
    CL.103 Wilkes-Barre [Jul.1/44]
    CL.104 Atlanta [Dec.3/44]
    CL.105 Dayton [Jan.7/45]

    Anti-Aircraft Cruisers: 5
    CL.51 Atlanta
    CL.52 Juneau
    CLAA.53 San Diego
    CLAA.54 San Juan
    CLAA-95 Oakland
    --Oakland Class under construction/Planned: 3
    CLAA-96 Reno [Dec.29/43]
    CLAA-97 Flint [Aug.31/44]
    CLAA-98 Tuscon [Feb.3/45]

    Destroyers: 263
    Clemson Class Destroyers: 86
    Farragut Class: 8
    Porter Class: 8
    Mahan Class: 16
    Dunlap Class: 2
    Gridley Class: 4
    Bagley Class: 8
    Somers Class: 5
    Benham Class: 10
    Sims Class: 11
    Benson Class: 6
    Benson-Gleaves Class: 18
    Fletcher Class: 40
    Bristol Class: 42

    147 Submarines:
    -B Type: 3
    -A Type: 1
    -Nautilus Class: 2
    -Dolphin Class: 1
    -Cachalot Class: 2
    -Porpoise Class (P-1 Type): 2
    -Porpoise Class (P-3 Type): 2
    -Porpoise Class (P-5 Type): 6
    -Salmon Class: 6
    -Sargo Class: 10
    -Tambor Class: 6
    -Mackerel Class: 2
    -Gar Class: 6
    -Gato Class: 74
    -Balao Class: 24
    ----2/month (43)
    ----6/month (44)
    ----3/month (45)
    -Tench Class: 0
    ----2/month (starting September/44)

    LSTs: 21
    --Production at 1/month

    196 PT Boats
    --No current production

    Atlantic Carrier Task Force 1:
    Flag: Wasp
    Carriers: Wasp, Lexington, Saratoga
    Light Carriers: 1
    Battleships: Washington, New Jersey
    Heavy Cruisers: 2
    Light Cruisers: 4
    AA Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Charleston

    Pacific Carrier Task Force 1:
    Flag: Essex
    Carriers: Essex, Bon HommeRichard, Intrepid
    Light Carriers: 1
    Battleships: Iowa, North Carolina
    Heavy Cruisers: 2
    Light Cruisers: 4
    AA Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Pearl Harbor

    (South) Pacific Carrier Task Force 2:
    Flag: Bunker Hill
    Carriers: Cabot, Bunker Hill
    Light Carriers: 1
    Battleships: Indiana, Massachusetts
    Heavy Cruisers: 2
    Light Cruisers: 4
    AA Cruisers: 1
    Destroyers: 14
    Home Port: Saigon

    Atlantic Battleship Squadron 1:
    Flag: Maryland
    Battleships: Maryland, Mississippi, and West Virginia
    Heavy Cruisers: 1
    Light Cruisers: 3
    Destroyers: 12
    Home Port: New York

    Atlantic Battleship Squadron 2:
    Flag: Alabama
    Battleships: California, Alabama, Colorado
    Heavy Cruisers: 1
    Light Cruisers: 3
    Destroyers: 12
    Home Port: Charleston

    Pacific Battleship Squadron 1:
    Flag: Idaho
    Battleships: Idaho, Tennessee, and New Mexico
    Heavy Cruisers: 1
    Light Cruisers: 3
    Destroyers: 12
    Home Port: Pearl Harbor

    Pacific Battleship Squadron 2:
    Flag: South Dakota
    Battleships: Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Arizona
    Heavy Cruisers: 2
    Light Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 12
    Home Port: Pearl Harbor

    Cruiser Squadron 1, 2nd Fleet:
    Light Carriers: 1
    Heavy Cruisers: 4
    Light Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 4
    Home Port: New York

    Cruiser Squadron 2, 2nd Fleet:
    Light Carriers: 1
    Heavy Cruisers: 4
    Light Cruisers: 2
    Destroyers: 4
    Home Port: Los Angeles

    Destroyer Squadron 1, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Pearl Harbor

    Destroyer Squadron 2, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Pearl Harbor

    Destroyer Squadron 3, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Manila

    Destroyer Squadron 4, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: San Francisco

    Destroyer Squadron 5, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Anchorage

    Destroyer Squadron 6, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: New York

    Destroyer Squadron 7, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Charleston

    Destroyer Squadron 8, 4th Fleet:
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Charleston

    Destroyer Squadron 9 (Heavy), 4th Fleet:
    Light Carriers: 1
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Saigon

    Destroyer Squadron 10 (Heavy), 4th Fleet:
    Light Carriers: 1
    Destroyers: 16
    Home Port: Saigon

    Active Submarines: 115
    Atlantic: 30
    North Atlantic: 15
    Carribean: 10
    Pacific: 45
    South Pacific: 15

    Reserve Naval Forces:
    Fleet Carriers: 0
    Light Carriers: 1
    Escort Carriers: 30 (3 to Philippines)
    Heavy Cruisers: 0
    Light Cruisers: 0
    AA Cruisers: 0
    Destroyers: 1
    Subs: 32

    Army Deployments:
    Armored Division 1st-4th:
    -M3A1 "Stuart": 250
    -M3A3 "Stuart": 80
    -M5A1 "Stuart": 50
    -M6A1 "Jackson": 460
    -M26 "Pershing": 90
    -M10 Tank Destroyer: 100

    Armored Division 5th-14th:
    -M3A1 "Stuart": 250
    -M3A3 "Stuart": 80
    -M5A1 "Stuart": 50
    -M4A1 "Sherman": 200
    -M4A2 "Sherman": 200
    -M4A3 "Sherman": 50
    -M4A4 "Sherman": 100
    -M10 Tank Destroyer: 100

    East Coast: 4 divisions Inf, 3 Armored, 3 Marines
    West coast: 5 divisions Inf, 3 Armored, 3 Marines
    Alaska: 1 Divisions Infantry, 1 Armored
    Hawaii: 2 divisions Inf, 1 Armored, 2 Marines
    Panama (canal guard): 2 Divisions Inf, 1 Marines
    Greenland: 1 Division Inf, 1 Armored, 1 Marines
    Jan Mayen Islands: 1 Division Marines
    Manila: 1 divisions Inf, 3 Marines
    Wake: 1 Division Marines
    Midway: 1 Division Marines
    ICELAND: 1 Division Inf, 1 Marines, 1 Armored
    Guam: 1 Division Marines
    FRENCH GUIANNA: 1 Division Marines, 1 Division Armored, 2 Divisions Airborn

    Infantry: 12 Divisions
    Armored: 3 Divisions
    Airborn: 0 Divisions
    Marines: 3 Divisions

    Fighter Squadrons: 132
    ---Fighter Groups: 44 (3/Squadrons Fighter Group)
    Bomber Squadrons: 269
    ---Bomber Groups: 67 (4 Squadrons/Bomber Group); 1 free squadron
    Observation Squadrons: 31
    ---Observation Groups: 10 (3 Squadrons/Observation Group); 1 Squadron Free
    Troop Carrier Squadrons: 75
    ---Troop Carrier Groups: 25 (3 Squadrons/Troop Carrier Group)

    Air Forces:
    5th Air Force: Station: Texas and Louisiana
    --Fighter Groups:
    3rd Fighter Group: P-39 "Airacobra"
    4th Fighter Group: P-39 "Airacobra"
    5th Fighter Group: P-39 "Airacobra"
    6th Fighter Group: P-40 "Warhawk"
    7th Fighter Group: P-40 "Warhawk"
    8th Fighter Group: P-40 "Warhawk"
    9th Fighter Group: P-40 "Warhawk"
    22nd Fighter Group: P-51A "Mustang"
    23rd Fighter Group: P-51B "Mustang"
    --Bomber Groups:
    48th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    49th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    50th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    51st Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    52nd Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    53rd Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    59th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    60th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    61st Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    62nd Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    63rd Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    64th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    --Observation Groups: 2
    --Troop Transport Groups: 2

    8th Air Force: Station: Along the East Coast
    Detachment to French Guianna:
    --Fighter Groups:
    15th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    16th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    --Bomber Groups:
    10th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    11th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    Regular Deployments to East Coast:
    --Fighter Groups:
    1st Fighter Group: P-51A "Mustang"
    2nd Fighter Group: P-51B "Mustang"
    10th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    11th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    12th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    13th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    14th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    17th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    18th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    19th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    20th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    21st Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    36th Fighter Group: P-51B "Mustang"
    37th Fighter Group: P-51B "Mustang"
    --Bomber Groups:
    1st Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    2nd Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    3rd Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    4th Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    5th Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    6th Bomber Group: B-29 "Superfortresses"
    7th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    8th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    9th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    12th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    13th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    14th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    15th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    16th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    17th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    18th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    19th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    20th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    21st Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    22nd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    23rd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    24th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    25th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    26th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    27th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    28th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    29th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    30th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    --Observation Groups: 3
    --Troop Transport Groups: 5

    9th Air Force: Location: Along West Coast
    --Fighter Groups:
    30th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    31st Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    32nd Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    33rd Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    34th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    35th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    38th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    39th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    40th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    41st Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    42nd Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    --Bomber Groups:
    38th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    39th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    40th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    41st Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    42nd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    43rd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    44th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    45th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    46th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    47th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    54th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    55th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    Observation Groups: 3
    Troop Transport Groups: 4

    10th Air Force: Location: Various Bases in the Pacific including Hawaii, Wake, Midway, Manila, Guam and others.
    --Fighter Groups:
    24th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    25th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    26th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    27th Fighter Group: P-38 "Lightning"
    28th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    29th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    43rd Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    44th Fighter Group: P-47 "Thunderbolt"
    --Bomber Groups31st Bomber Group:
    B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    32nd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    33rd Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    34th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    35th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    36th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    37th Bomber Group: B-17 "Flying Fortresses"
    56th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    57th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    58th Bomber Group: B-25 "Mitchells"
    65th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    66th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    67th Bomber Group: B-26 "Marauders"
    --Observation Groups: 2, Plus one Squadron
    --Troop Transport Groups: 14

    Volunteer Squadron, the "Flying Tigers": Vietnam
  4. Bryan

    Bryan <font color=yellow>The Great Goof!</font>

    Brtitsh Armed Forces (as of 1943):

    Navy: (Does not Include Lend-Lease Ships, since WW2 never occurred)
    King George V class Battleships: 5
    -King George V
    -Prince of Wales
    -Duke of York
    Nelson Class Battleships: 2
    Revenge Class Battleships: 5
    -Royal Sovereign
    -Royal Oak
    Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships: 5
    -Queen Elizabeth
    King George V class Battleships (Earlier class of same name): 1

    AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: 8 (4 under construction)
    Audacious Class Aircraft Carriers: 0 (2 under Construction)
    -Audacious Projected Date of Commissioning: Oct.5/51
    -Irresistible Projected Date of Commissioning: Feb.28/55
    Implacable Class Aircraft Carriers: 0 (2 Under Construciton)
    -Implacable Projected Date of Commissioning: May.22/44
    -Indefatigable Projected Date of Commissioning: May.3/44
    Illustrious Class: 3
    Indomitable Class (Modified Illustrious Class): 1
    Ark Royal III Class Aircraft Carriers: 1
    -Ark Royal III
    Courageous Class Aircraft Carriers: 2
    Furious Class Aircraft Carriers: 1

    LIGHT AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: 5 (10 under construction, 4 planned)
    Majestic Class Light Fleet Carriers: 0 (2 under construction, 4 planned)
    -Majestic Projected Date of Commissioning: ~mid-1946
    -Terrible Projected Date of Commissioning: ~mid-1946
    Collossus Class Light Fleet Carriers: 0 (10 under construction)
    -Collossus Projected Date of Commissioning: Dec.16/44
    -Vengeance Projected Date of Commissioning: Jan.15/45
    -Venerable Projected Date of Commissioning: Jan.17/45
    -Mars Projected Date of Commissioning: Feb.8/45
    -Glory Projected Date of Commissioning: Apr.2/45
    -Ocean Projected Date of Commissioning: Aug.8/45
    -Perseus Projected Date of Commissioning: Oct.19/45
    -Theseus Projected Date of Commissioning: Feb.9/46
    -Triumph Projected Date of Commissioning: May.9/46
    -Warrior Projected Date of Commissioning: Nov./48
    Unicorn Class Maintenance Carrier/Light Fleet Carrier: 1
    Hermes Class Light Carriers: 1
    Eagle Class Light Carriers: 1
    Vindictive Class Light Carriers: 1
    Argus Class Light Carriers: 1

    --New Bogue class Escort Carriers, American made, awaiting delivery: 10

    CRUISERS: 87
    Hood Class Battlecruisers: 1
    Renown Class Battlecruisers: 2
    York Class Heavy Cruisers: 2
    Norfolk Class Heavy Cruisers: 2
    London Class Heavy Cruisers: 4
    Kent Class Heavy Cruisers: 5
    Swiftsure Class Light Cruisers: 2
    Ugonda Class Light Cruisers: 3
    Fiji Class Light Cruisers: 8
    Improved (Modified) Dido Class Light Anti-Aircraft Cruisers: 0 (5 Under
    -Spartan Projected Date of Commissioning: Aug.10/43
    -Royalist Projected Date of Commissioning: Sep.10/43
    -Bellona Projected Date of Commissioning: Oct.29/43
    -Black Prince Projected Date of Commissioning: Nov.20/43
    -Diadem Projected Date of Commissioning: Jan.6/44
    Dido Class Light Anti-Aircraft Cruisers: 11
    Town /Modified Town/Edinburgh Class Light Cruisers: 10
    Arethusa Class Light Cruisers: 4
    Leander Class Light Cruisers: 5
    Emerald Class Light Cruisers: 2
    Delhi Class Light Cruisers: 5
    Danae Class Light Cruisers: 3
    Carlisle Class Light Cruisers: 5
    Ceres Class Light Cruisers: 5
    Caledon Class Light Cruisers: 3
    Abdiel Class Light Minelaying Cruisers: 4
    Adventure Light Minelaying Cruiser: 1
    - Adventure

    Caesar 'CA' Class Destroyers: 0 (7 under construction in '44, 1 in '45)
    Myngs 'Z' Class Destroyers: 0 (8 under construction in '44)
    Kempenfelt 'W' Class Destroyers 0 (7 under construction in '44, 1 in '43)
    Hardy 'V' Class Destroyers: 0 (5 under construction in '43, 3 in '44)
    Grenville 'U' Class Destroyers: 1 (2 more in '43. 5 in '44)
    Troubridge 'T' Class Destroyers: 1 (6 more in '43, 1 in '44)
    Savage 'S' Class Destroyers: 0 (7 in '43, 1 in '44)
    Rotherham 'R' Class Destroyers: 8
    Quilliam 'Q' Class Destroyers: 8
    Paladin 'P' Class Destroyers: 8
    Oribi 'O' Class Destroyers: 8
    Napier "N" Class Destroyers: 8
    Milne 'M' Class Destroyers: 8
    Laforey 'L' Class Destroyers: 8
    Kelly 'K' Class Destroyers: 8
    Jervis 'J' Class Destroyers: 8
    Tribal Class Destroyers: 16
    Flotilla Leader and "I" Class Destroyers: 8
    Flotilla Leader and 'H' Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leader and 'G' Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leader and 'F' Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leader and 'E' Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leaders and 'D' Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leader and 'C' Class Destroyers: 5
    Flotilla Leader and "B" Class Destroyers: 9
    Flotilla Leader and 'A' Class Destroyers: 11
    Amazon Class Prototype Destroyers: 2
    Shakespeare Class Destroyer Leaders: 6
    Shakespeare Class Destroyer Leaders (another type): 3
    Modified 'W' Class Destroyers: 16
    Wakeful 'W' Class Destroyers: 20
    Vanoc 'V' Class Destroyers: 22
    Simoon 'S' Class Destroyers: 10

    FRIGATES: 85
    Hunt Class Destroyer-Escorts (Group 1 Atherstone type): 20
    Hunt Class Destroyer-Escorts (Group III Albrighton type): 28

    "H" Class: 9
    Oberon Class: 9
    "P" Class: 6
    "R" Class: 4
    River Class: 3
    Grampus Class Minelaying Subs: 6
    "S" Class: 62
    "T" Class: 53
    "U" Class: 49
    "V" Class: 6 (16 Building by end of '44)

    TANKS: 10,862
    Crusader 1/2/3: 5,100
    --100/month Mk3
    Cruiser Mk1: 125
    Cruiser Mk2: 175
    Cruiser Mk3: 65
    Cruiser Mk4: 172
    Churchill Mk1: 303
    Churchill Mk4: 1622
    Churchill Mk7:
    Matilda Tanks: 2900
    Valentine: 700

    LIGHT TANKS: 316
    Tetrarch: 177
    Infantry Tank Mk. I: 139


    Boulton Paul P.82 Defiant: 1,064
    --Production Ended
    Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter: 300
    --47/month (factory retooling for jet fighters and engines)
    de Havilland Mosquito: 1040
    --15/month (retooling for jet fighters and engines)
    Gloster Gladiator/Sea Gladiator: 480 RAF/60 Sea
    --Production Ended
    Hawker Typhoon: 1572
    --22/month (retooling for jet fighters and engines

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk1: 450
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk1B: 1,566
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire M2A: 750
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk2B: 170
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire PR4: 299
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk5: 6,464
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk6: 100
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk7: 140
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk8: 150
    --7/month (jet fighter and engine retooling)
    Supermarine Spitfire Mk9: 270
    --Production currently ended until more factories are brought online (jet fighter and engine retooling)
    Supermarine Seafire Mk1B: 266
    --Production Ended
    Supermarine Seafire Mk2C: 252
    ---50/month Overall Average Produciton, 11,457
    Westland P.9 Whirlwind: 112
    --Production Ended
    Gloster Meteor: First 20 entered service. Pilots being trained.
    --Followng Production: 125/Month
    Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane: 5960
    ---37/Month (jet fighter and engine retooling)

    --Purchase of P51 Mustangs from America: 500


    Armstrong Whitworth A.W.38 Whitley: 1612
    --Production Ended
    Avro Lancaster: 2452
    Bristol Type 152 Beaufort: 552
    Fairey Swordfish: 1046
    Handley Page Hampden: 1430
    --Production Ended
    Handley Page Halifax: 2805
    Short S.29 Stirling: 1322
    --Production ended (retooling for engines)
    Vickers-Armstrongs Wellington: 8154
    --100/month (retooling for engines)
    Fairey Battle: 2,419
    --Production Ended

    --Purchase of B-15 flying Fortresses from America: 235+ another 50 (i think)

    --British actions--

    1. Jet fighters and jet engine retooling has taken priority.
    1a. Major production scheduled to begin in 1 month.
    2. Britian begins moving to wartime economy
    3. Britian begins to build additional aircraft factories and tank factories/munitions

    Britian continues develpment into powerful jet engines. Joint research to begin with America.

    Begins reserach into rockets

    --message to America--

    Britian will pay large sums if you are able to help us move our production up significantly. we are number 3 in the world economy, however, Germany is still har superior, we must have the advantage.
  5. Slacker

    Slacker Horseman of Apathy

    OOC: Hello? Does anyone hear me? Ms. Pommelhorse? I'd like to get down now...

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics continues its previous course. We remain neutral in the current conflict. However, we are concerned as to the lack of respect the nation of Luxemborg has recieved in current events.
    To the United States:Apparently, the lines between Moscow and our Embassey are shot. Have you considered our proposed purchase yet?
    Their training and equipping complete, the First Army is deployed along the Western border regions. The Third Army is withdrawn to begin an intense training regime similar to the First, while the second continues to train in defensive maneuvers.
  6. US Projects:

    -Production of the Sikorsky R-4 ordered, 130 units
    -Full-scale construction work of the US Interstate Highway system. A line of priority is the Alaska Interstate Highway. Numerous specific sections of highway are being strengthened
    -Widescale Railway construction to double-track all railways, major railways as prime priority, as well as construct a double-track to Alaska. (Good Progress around major cities)
    -Prospecting in Alaska to ascertain oil, Zinc, and Chromium deposits for exploitation. (Under Way)
    -Buildup of national strategic oil reserves (Under Way)
    -An open contract competition is opened for a new jet engine. Goal of the project is 3,000 pounds thrust and a 2,500 hour average lifespan. The US Army Air Force is offering a one million dollar production contract for the first company to succeed in constructing an engine of these requirements. (Under Way; progress speeded by introduciton of British engine design)
    -Modified B-29 made available for civilian passenger and freight service.
    -Construction of large airports in major cities. (Under Way; Funds are made available to major cities to construct airports capable of handling aircraft of B-29 size)
    -Downsizing of the military. (Under Way)
    -Contract put out fro a design for a class of ship to be known as an LSHT (Landing Ship Heavy Tank), capable of putting shore M26 "Pershing"s, M6A1 "Jackson"s, or possibly other heavier tanks in the future, with a speed of 20 knots or greater, and equal to superior carrying load to modern LSTs DUKW or Sherman loads. Guarenteed production order of twenty vessels is assured for the Shipwright which can offer a design and production within these given requirements. (Under Way)
    -Modificaitons to the B-25 and B-26 fleets begin. Bombers will be fitted with "hard-noses" which shall encompass 10 .50 caliber machineguns or six 20mm cannons. Four outboard .50 cliber machineguns will add to this new forward firepower. All new aircraft to be produced with these modificaitons. (Under Way)
    -Orders for several thousand Jeeps and trucks are placed to the automotive industry. The goal is to fully mechanize the active US army in the next three months. (Mid-January)
    -Any stalled plans for hydro-electric dams re-initiated. construction of all un-initiated projects to re-begin in 2 months.

    -Co-Developement of the Javolina with Brazil (building conversion prototype)
    -Meteor production
    -Companies referencing British designs for 3500lb 2500 hour lifespan million-dollar engine competition
    -USN ASW Training
    -Additional funding and personel devoted to the USS Encryption services.
    -Additional funding devoted to the field of espionage. US shall form the OSS (later CIA) amongst other intellegience services and agencies.
    -US Rocketry program (goals of better rockets and rocket control systems)
    -Multi-million dollar Contract competition for better radar and fire control systems
    -T-28 Program (slow)
    -T-29 Program (close to producing a prototype; some parts already under construction, thanks to reference of Soviet tank design)
    -B-35 Program (Successful, 100 units ordered)
    -B-36 Program (Some problems need to be solved before proceeding)
    -F5U "Flying Flapjack" program (new prototypes with new engines ordered. Est speed 600+ mph.)
    -(NEW) Developement of Inertial Guidance Systems (1.5 million dollar bonus for company which developes an operational design first, plus contract)
    -United States class carrier design update program

    -Manhattan Project (1.5 months ahead of historic schedule; primary focus of internal OSS operations)
    -F5US "Sonic Pancake" supersonic propfighter program
  7. Slacker

    Slacker Horseman of Apathy

    OOC: *Taps on window glass* Hello? Fenris? It's raining out here...
  8. To the USSR:
    We are willing to sell the requested F4F Wildcats. (OOC: Slacker, are your squadorns 12 or 24 fighters? need to know) We are willing to clear Gumman Aircraft Corperation to sell a license to produce your own F4Fs at your discresion.

    To Great Britain *SECRET*:
    We will help to better your nation's industry where we can. We will be sending a team of industrial experts to study your current industrial layout and practices to find places where production may be streamlined. In addition, we are willing to sell you equipment to both modernize your current industry and build new industrial power.
  9. *Taps on Slacker's head* It takes time to write when replying to multiple people. Oh, and sorry, no vacancies.;):p
  10. Big Steve

    Big Steve Slayer of Fools

    Empire of Japan OOB November 1943

    Nation: Empire of Japan
    Population: 220 mil?
    Government: Monarchy dominated by military
    Capital: Tokyo
    Currency: Yen
    Industry: Low, beginning to climb
    Economy: Flourishing
    Merchant Marine: 19.3 million tons

    Resources: Uhh, whatever is in the Home Islands, Formosa, and eastern China.

    National Advantages:
    1) Fanatical population, completely loyal to the Emperor. Even the Chinese, Koreans, and Formosans are pretty loyal to the Emperor, if not to Japan itself, because of successful propaganda placing the Emperor as the reason that the atrocities stopped and for booming prosperity. Increasing self-rule may serve to pacify local populations and guarantee loyalty.
    2) Well-trained Navy, one of the best in the world, including the first organizaed strike force of aircraft carriers.
    3) Well-trained air force.

    1) Still trying to build up an adequate armored force for the ground army. (improving)
    2) The Army is still a little restless.
    3) Lack of oil and other critical resources found in SE Asia. (improving through relations with Indonesia)
    4) Fledgling strategic bomber force, only one model of full strategic bomber.

    Although many native designs are still in wide use, new tank designs began construction in the last two years, replacing the old designs:
    Type 35 (based on German Panzer MkIIIh): 1,475 (25/month)
    Type 37 (based on German Panzer MKIVg): 1,050 (50/month)
    Type 40 (based on German Panzer MkIIIn): 600 (100/month)
    "Grand Dragon" (based on German Panthers): 1,150 (300/month)
    Kamikaze (based on German Tigers): 400 (150/month)
    Type 38H (based on German Panzerjäger Hornisse): 395 (50/month)
    Type 38M (based on German Panzerjäger Marder): 225 (25/month)

    Each design is now being mass-produced in Japanese factories, as well as factories in China and Korea.

    Home Army: 20 Divisions, 1.5 armored. (Note: Five Divisions are currently at Da Nang in Vietnam).
    Korea: 3 Korean Divisions, 3 Japanese Divisions.
    Northern China (remains of Manchukuo and areas around Peking): 12 Loyalist Chinese Divisions, 2 Armored. 1 Korean Division. 24 Japanese Divisions, 8 Armored.
    Central China (Shanghai-Wuhan): 10 Loyalist Chinese Divisions. 14 Japanese Divisions, 2 Armored.
    Southern China (Nanning-Changsha) and Army Force N: 15 Chinese Loyalist Divisions, 2 Armored. 10 Japanese Divisions, 3 Armored.
    Formosa: 2 Formosan Divisions. 2 Japanese Infantry Battalions.
    Vietnam: 4 Divisions, 1 Armored.
    Army Group I: 6 Divisions, 1 Armored.

    Total number of Divisions (not including auxiliaries, reserves, and training units):
    Japanese Army: 85 Divisions
    Loyalist Chinese Army: 44 Divisions
    Korean Army: 4 Divisions
    Formosan Defense Milita: 2 Divisions

    Air Force combat aircraft:
    1,020 Ki-43 Hayabusa fighters (production is 20/month)
    705 Ki-44 Shoki interceptors (production is 35/month, decreasing)
    420 Ki-61 Hien interceptors (production is 60/month)
    315 Ki-84 Hayate fighters (production is 95/month, increasing)
    175 Mitsubishi Ki-21 bombers (production halted)
    605 Kawasaki Ki-48 bombers (production is 20/month)
    210 Ki-67 Hiryu long range bombers (production is 60/month, increasing)

    Navy Air Force combat aircraft:
    690 A6M2 Zerosen fighters (production is 10/month)
    1,440 A6M5 Zerosen fighters (production is 20/month)
    108 J2M3 Raiden interceptors (production is 40/month)
    550 Aichi D3A1 fleet bombers (production halted)
    300 D4Y1 Suisei fleet bombers (production is 70/month, increasing)
    600 Nakajima B5N2 torpedo bombers (production halted)
    240 B6N2 Tensan long range torpedo bombers (production is 40/month)
    435 B7A2 Ryusei torpedo bombers (production is 60/month)
    640 Mitsubishi G4M long range bombers (production is 15/month)

    Nihon Kaigun (Japanese Navy):

    IJS Yamato
    IJS Musashi (flagship of Vietnamese Protection Force)
    IJS Shinano
    IJS Kongo
    IJS Hiei
    IJS Haruna
    IJS Kirishima
    IJS Fuso
    IJS Ise
    IJS Yamashiro
    IJS Hyuga
    IJS Nagato
    IJS Mutsu
    Under Construction:
    IJS Bushido [completion in May 1944]
    IJS Izumi [completion in Nov. 1945]

    Fleet Aircraft Carriers (Main and auxiliary):
    IJS Kaga (flagship for 1st Battle Fleet in South China Sea)
    IJS Akagi
    IJS Soryu
    IJS Shokaku
    IJS Zuikaku
    IJS Junyo
    IJS Hiyo
    Under Construction
    IJS Taiho [completion in March 1944]
    IJS Unryu [completion in August 1944]
    IJS Amagi [completion in August 1944]
    IJS Katsuragi [completion in Oct. 1944]
    IJS Keikaku [completion in Feb. 1945]
    IJS Kokaku [completion in Feb. 1945]
    IJS Shinkaku [completion in Feb. 1945]
    IJS Taikaku [completion in Feb. 1945]
    IJS Sojun [completion in August 1945]
    IJS Taijun [completion in August 1945]
    IJS Shojun [completion in Sept. 1945]
    IJS Kojun [completion in Nov. 1945]

    Light Aircraft Carriers:
    IJS Hosho (given to Indonesia)
    IJS Ryujo
    IJS Zuiho
    IJS Ryuho
    Under Construction:
    IJS Yahagi [completion in March 1944]
    IJS Sakawa [completion in May 1944]
    IJS Tojia [completion in Sept. 1944]

    Escort Aircraft Carriers:
    IJS Taiyo
    IJS Unyo
    IJS Chuyo

    Light Cruisers:
    IJS Tenryu (slated for leasing to Vietnam)
    IJS Tatsuta (slated for leasing to Vietnam)
    IJS Kuma (Flag of 1st Destroyer Division)
    IJS Tama (Flag of 2nd Destroyer Division)
    IJS Kitakami (1st Air Fleet)
    IJS Oi (slated for leasing to Vietnam)
    IJS Kiso (1st Air Fleet)
    IJS Nagara (Flag of 3rd Destroyer Division)
    IJS Isuzu (Flag of 4th Destroyer Division)
    IJS Yura
    IJS Natori
    IJS Kinu
    IJS Abukuma (3rd Battleship Division)
    IJS Naka (3rd Battleship Division)
    IJS Sendai (2nd Battleship Division)
    IJS Jintsu
    IJS Yubari
    IJS Katori (training vessel)
    IJS Kashima (training vessel)
    IJS Kashii (training vessel, sold to La Republica de Brazil for 19 million Reich Mark)
    IJS Agano
    IJS Oyodo (Flag of 5th Destroyer Division)
    Under Construction:
    IJS Tokashi [completion in June 1944]
    IJS Kaimon [completion in June 1944]
    IJS Akita [completion in July 1944]
    IJS Wakkani [completion in Aug. 1944]
    IJS Morioka [completion in Oct. 1944]

    Heavy Cruisers:
    IJS Furutaka
    IJS Kako (slated for leaseing to Vietnam)
    IJS Aoba
    IJS Kinugasa
    IJS Myoko
    IJS Nachi
    IJS Haguro
    IJS Ashigara
    IJS Takao
    IJS Atago (2nd Battleship Division)
    IJS Maya
    IJS Chokai
    IJS Tone
    IJS Chikuma (1st Battleship Division)
    IJS Mogami (2nd Air Fleet)
    IJS Mikuma
    IJS Suzuya (1st Battleship Division)
    IJS Kumano
    Under Construction:
    IJS Ibuki [completion in August 1944]
    IJS Kitaku [completion in August 1944]
    IJS Sawagi [completion in Sept. 1944]
    IJS Jinan (to be crewed by Loyalist Chinese) [completion in Sept. 1944]
    IJS Shokasu [completion in Oct. 1944]
    IJS Nanking (to be crewed by Loyalist Chinese) [completion in Oct. 1944]

    10 Mutsuki-class destroyers (4 slated for leasing to Indonesia)
    14 Fubuki-class destroyers (6 slated for leasing to Indonesia)
    4 Akatsuki-class destroyers (2 slated for leasing to Indonesia)
    6 Hatsuharu-class destroyers
    10 Shiratsuyu-class destroyers
    10 Asashio-class destroyers
    18 Kagero-class destroyers
    20 Yugumo-class destroyers
    12 Akizuki-class destroyers
    22 Matsu-class destroyers
    128 destroyers in all

    Under Construction or planned
    Shimakaze-class destroyers (2/month starting in January 44)
    Matsu-class destroyers (2/month starting in December 43)
    3 Yugumo-class destroyers (for Chilé) [completion in Jan. 1944]
    3 Akizuki-class destroyers (for Chilé) [completion in Jan. 1944]

    Naval organization:
    1st Air Fleet (Kido Butai):
    Carriers Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku
    Cruisers Kitakami and Kiso
    8 destroyers
    4 supply transports
    Home Port: Kure (currently at Biak)

    2nd Air Fleet:
    Carriers Junyo, Hiyo, and Ryujo
    Cruiser Mogami
    10 destroyers
    Home Port: Truk (currently in Palau Islands)

    1st Battleship Division:
    Battleships Yamato, Hiei, Kirishima, and Fuso
    Carrier Taiyo
    Cruisers Suzuya and Chikuma
    5 destroyers
    Home port: Kure (in Hawaii)

    2nd Battleship Division:
    Battleships Musashi, Nagato, Haruna, and Yamashiro
    Carrier Unyo
    Cruisers Atago and Sendai
    5 destroyers
    Home port: Haiphong (currently at Biak)

    3rd Battleship Division:
    Battleships Shinano, Kongo, Ise, Hyuga, and Mutsu
    Carrier Chuyo
    Cruisers Naka and Abukuma
    4 destroyers
    Home port: Taipei (currently at Biak)

    1st Cruiser Division:
    6 cruisers
    Home port: Sapporo

    2nd Cruiser Division:
    6 cruisers
    Home port: Truk

    3rd Cruiser Division:
    6 cruisers
    Home port: Taipei (currently at Biak)

    4th Cruiser Division
    3 training cruisers
    Home port: Kure

    1st Destroyer Division:
    Flagship: Kuma
    16 destroyers
    Home port: Sapporo

    2nd Destroyer Division:
    Flagship: Tama
    16 destroyers
    Home port: Haiphong

    3rd Destroyer Division:
    Flagship: Nagara
    16 destroyers
    Home port: Taipei (currently at Biak)

    4th Destroyer Division:
    Flagship: Isuzu
    16 destroyers
    Home port: Truk

    5th Destroyer Division:
    Flagship: Oyodo
    16 destroyers, divided into 4 squadrons of 4
    Home ports: Kure, Seoul, Sapporo, and Naha (Okinawa)
  11. Slacker

    Slacker Horseman of Apathy

    OOC:Ah, I think the Russians used 12 fighter squadrons...

    Our squadrons use 12 fighters each, with two replacements. This totals to 140 fighters, total.
  12. November 7th, 1943

    Headlines Across the Globe:

    United States and Empire of Japan Declair Formal Alliance!!!

    Today, in a public ceremony, Premeir Isoroko Yamamoto and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after two weeks of negotiations, signed the document which formally forges the Pacific Rim Alliance between the two Pacific powers. This alliance, however, is separate from the Axis Powers Alliance to which Japan is also a member, and does not bind the United States, or other future signatories, to that alliance.

    The stated purpose of this alliance was to forge a united front in the Pacific theater against outside aggression, protecting both each other, their holdings, and any of the new South Pacific nations which may wish to join, as well as assistance in development for said newly independent nations. Possible signatories include the Republic of Vietnam, People's Republic of Indonesia, Nationalist China, and the soon-to-be independent Philippine Republic.

    We will, as with any such development, keep you, the public, informed...
  13. To USSR:
    The 140 aircraft will be ready for shipment in two weeks. Please have payment ready by date of delivery. Also, please specify whether or not you would prefer using your own transports to ship the aircraft.
  14. Brazil

    To Chile-*Coded* Payment is very acceptable. First Squadron of Halcons will depart in 2 weeks. This is one of two gift squadrons. As to training, look forward to manuevers.

    To USA- Oil Contract Awarded. Will provide 10% of oil to USA.
    *Secret*- Will provide an additional 40% a month for rights to build LSTs, Ashlands, and DUKWs. Also, look forward to demonstration flights of XP-67. Is a very formitable aircraft. Javolina is progressing. Should be a fine aircraft.
  15. Brazillian OOB

    OOB-Nov. 1943
    Amry- 26 Divisions of Infantry (-1 in Dec)
    540 Troops each Div
    3 Divisions of Calvary
    540 Troops+Horses each
    3 Division of Fast Calvary (+1 in Dec.)
    540 Troops, 150 Jeeps w/ 50Cal mounts, 10 Ford Trucks
    4 Divisions of Engineers
    300 Troops, 240 Field Engineers each
    3 Division of Artillary
    600 Troops, 180 Pieces of Lt Howitzers or Weespees each
    2 Division of Special Fast Calvary (in Training till Dec)
    540 Troops, 150 Jeeps w/ 50 Cal Mounts, 10 Trucks.
    (training in Jungle Terrain.)
    5 Divisions of Jungle Combat Infantry
    (1st Formal Special Combat plus 4 Infantry)
    540 Troops each
    4 Divisions of Special Combat Infantry
    540 Troops each division
    (1 Division utilizing 60 DUKWs) (1 Division utilizing 150 Swimmerwagens)
    (1 Division Trained as Paratrooper) (1 Urban Combat)
    4 Divisions of Armor (+2 in Dec.)
    600 Troops, 180 Tanks each
    (180 Panzer 1s, 60 Italy Hvy, 120 Italy Lt, 120 Panzer Scout, 240 Panzer IIIhs)
    (+360 Panzer IIIns)
    5 Battalions of Combat Field Medical
    60 Doctors, 180 Nurses, 300 Medics/Techs each
    2 Battallion of Mobile Anti Aircraft
    200 Troops, 60 Pieces of Mobile AA Guns each
    2 Battallion of Mobile Anti-Tank
    200 Troops, 60 Pieces of Halftrack Mounted ATW each
    10 Battallions of Training Corps
    200 Troops each

    Navy- 2 CVE
    1 Battleship
    1 Pocket Battleship
    3 Heavy Cruisers
    5 Light Cruisers
    22 Destroyers
    34 River Gunboats
    4 Submarines
    2 LSTs
    (Building- 5 Frigates)
    (Requesting- 3 LSTs)
    (3 DDs undergoing Modernization)

    Air Force- First Jet-Interceptor Detachment
    18 C.2000 each
    1st Interceptor
    12 J2M3 Raidens Each
    2nd-4th Interceptor
    12 FW-190a-3 each
    5th-6th Interceptor
    12 MC.202 prop fighters
    7th-8th Interceptor
    12 FW-190a-3
    1st Assault Support
    12 Beuafighter IF each
    2nd-3rd Assault Support
    12 SDB-2 each
    4th-5th Assault Support
    12 Ba.65 attack bombers
    1st-2nd Bombardment
    12 HE-111
    3rd Bombardment
    12 B-17
    1st Air Lift Support
    12 HE-111Cargo
    2nd- 3rd Air Lift Support
    12 Junkers Paratrooper Transports
    1st-2nd Coastal Patrol
    12 Ki-45-KAI-Tie
    1st – 4th Night Interceptors
    12 BF-110 Night Fighters
    1st-2nd Carrier Interceptor
    12 F4F Wildcats each
    1st -2nd Carrier Bombardment
    12 CB-101 Halcons each
    1st -5th Training
    At ERAU Sao Jose dos Campos. 48 TF2Fs, 18 TDB-2s & 6 HE-111CTs
    1st Test Pilot
    In Sao Jose dos Campos. Working with Ocelot, Javolina, Lancehead Projects

    Vietnam Volunteer Division-
    750 Troops, 5 Artillary pieces, 5 Trucks, 300 Horses, 10 Halftracks w/ twin 50 Cal mounts. Also, 4 FW-190Ds, 6 SDB-2s, 2 C-47s and a Full Medical Team of 25 Docs, 50 Nurses, 100 Techs plus gear. Enroute to Vietnam, On Station is 4 weeks.
  16. Re: Brazil

    To Brazil:
    We shall begin arrangements to prepare the derrecks immediately. We hope to have them in place and begin drilling in one month. In addition, US oil companies have begun the bidding process for their individual contracts.

    To Brazil (SECRET):
    Your deal is accepted. We shall send the plans and a team of engineers to assist in a few days.
  17. To USA-*Secret*- Good, will have 2 large slips cleared for Ashland Construction and will begin on lighter equipment as soon as first Frigates are ready for luanch.
    The Parliment has approved a recent plan to provide the US to build a base at the port of Florianopolis in exchange for the machinary and licences to build artillary pieces and F4F Wildcat fighters. Will provide labor to build facilities for the base if you decide to accept.
  18. The Luftwaffe Focke Wulf FW 195 transporter, escrted by a quartet of P-51C Mustangs, neared the Washington International Airport. Construction of the new longer runways, larger terminal, and hangars large enough to house heavy bombers; products of America's new infrastructural developement.

    As the German aircraft bearing Minister of Foreign Affairs von Ribbentrop landed, the four fighters broek off escort, returning to a nearby airbase.

    At the Airport, a limosine and Marine escort waited to escort the minister to the German Embasy...
  19. Slacker

    Slacker Horseman of Apathy

    To the United States: Our merchant marine has been progressing nicely, due in part to the relative peace the Pacific finds itself in. Given recent events in Europe and the North Atlantic, you will understand if we ship via the Pacific, as opposed to the Atlantic. We'll take the aircraft ourselves on the ships bringing gold and other mineral resources as payment. We hope to have the ruble stabilized soon, and we can begin trading in hard currency as opposed to mineral goods.
    Speaking of the Pacific, the USSR looks optimistically on events in the area. We applaud the United States and the Empire of Japan in the efforts to promote world peace, and we look to perhaps enter into a similar state of cooperation in the Pacific in the future.
  20. Clanner

    Clanner Deluded Baron von Hessen

    OOC: Sorry I havent been here for long (internet problems)
    Now, back to the cruelties of war....again :rolleyes:

    Germany: When can we have that equipment! It is DESPERATELY Needed!
    Britain: And the planes. Need those Planes!
    Belgian Coast,
    0700 Hours.

    Stepping onto the con of the HMNLS SCHARNHORST, Rear Admiral Jankel DeVal grimaced. In his hand, he held the one decrypted message that would certainly let the enemy know of his position.
    If they recovered quickly enough.
    "Admiral has the con!" DeVal said. Everyone nodded, and his XO came towards him.
    "What is it, sir?" he said, noting the Admiral's grimace.
    "Nothing, Harrsolf. Nothing. Helm!" He said the last part to the helmsman, who prepared to carry out the Admiral's instructions, "Fire on the coordinates that have been pre-determined."
    "Yes, sir!"
    With that, three torpedoes left the Scharnhorst, and impacted on the docks of the bay of the city. Hearing the impacts, then seeing the tiny blips on his sonar go blank, he nodded to the gunners to open fire...

    In less than two hours, the Scharnhorst and its fleet had decimated the army, navy and airbases on the city of Oostende.

    New Caledonia,
    0450 Hours

    The first of the fleet coming back from the withdrawing Dutch troops from Indonesia arrived at New Caledonia. Along with it, the Carrier The Hague, full up with the Planes from the ex-Dutch East Indies, began to launch its plane for a bombing raid on the French positions around the island.
    The planes bombarded only the city of Noumea, and some Partisans were able to escape. They will be tracked down by the military.


    Submarines: Submarine Fleet 1
    K I(2), K II(2), K III(2), K IV,
    K V(2), K VI, K VII,
    K VIII(2), K IX, K X,
    K XI(2), K XII, K XIII,

    M 1(2), O 1(2),

    O 2(2), O 3, O 4, O 5,
    O 6(2), O 7(2),
    O 8(2),
    O 9(2), O 10, O 11,
    O 12 (2), O 13, O 14, O 15, O 16 (2), O 19 (2), O 20, O 21(2), O 22, O 23, O 24, O 25, O 26, O 27

    Zwaardvis (1), Zwaardvis (1), Zeehond (2)

    Tijgerhaai (1), Dolfijn (2),

    Carrier Fleets
    HMNLS Karel Doorman(1)FLAGSHIP
    HMNLS The Hague

    Cruiser Fleets
    HMNLS De Zeven Provincien
    HMNLS De Ruyter
    HMNLS Amsterdam
    HMNLS Tromp
    HMNLS Jacob Van Heemskerck
    HMNLS De Ruyter

    Battleships/Battlecruiser Fleets
    HMNLS Koningin Regentes
    HMNLS Scharnhorst
    HMNLS Tjerk Hiddes


    F 827 Karel Doorman
    F 828 Van Speijk
    F 829 Willem Van Der Zaan
    F 830 Tjerk Hiddes
    F 831 Van Amstel
    F 832 Abraham Van Der Hulst
    F 833 Van Nes
    F 834 Van Galen

    F 812 Jacob Van Heemskerck
    F 813 Witte De With

    Standard Class
    F 807 Kortenaer
    F 808 Callenburgh
    F 809 V. Kinsbergen
    F 810 Banckert
    F 811 Piet Heyn
    F 814 P.Florenz
    F 815 Witten de With
    F 816 Abraham Crunssen
    F 823 Philips Van Almonde
    F 824 Bloys Van Treslong
    F 825 Jan Van Brakel Wilton Feijenoord
    F 826 Pieter Florisz

    Tromp Class
    F 801 Tromp
    F 806 De Ruyter

    Cannon Class
    F.806 van Amstel
    F.807 De Bitter
    F.808 Van Ewijck
    F.809 Dubois
    F.810 De Zeeuw
    F.811 van Zijll

    HMNLS Binnenlandse Zaken
    HMNLS Justitie
    HMNLS Verkeer en Waterst
    HMNLS Defensie
    HMNLS Financiën
    HMNLS Natuurbeheer en Visserij
    HMNLS Landbouw


    Zeven Provincien
    Tjerk Hiddes


    Patrol Boats
    Den Helder


    1st RNA Squadron:
    27 x BlitzBuggy Squad Cars
    15 x Marmon Harrington Light Tanks (CTLS 4TA)

    2nd RNA Squadron:
    12 x Marmon Harrington Light Tanks (4TAC)
    5 x Marmon Harrington Light Tanks (CTMS 1TBI)

    3rd RNA Squadron:
    15 x Marmon Harrington Light Tanks (MTLS 1GI4)

    Eskadron Vechtwagens ("squadron combat cars"):
    17 Vickers Carden Lloyd light tanks and 4 Marmon Herrington CTLS 4TA

    Compagnie Pantser Infanterie (company armoured infantry):
    3 sections of 50 men each, 16 Overvalwagens type B (Braat)

    3 Marmon Herrington MK. III MFF 4x4 and 1 White Scoutcar

    Section motorised AT-guns:
    28 x Böhler M35 47 mm guns, probably towed by Vickers Utility tractors

    Section artillery:
    4 Bofors 7,5 cm L30 Berg guns

    4th RNA Squadron:
    6 x Krupp Gepanzerte Radfahrzeug
    2 x Wilton-Fijenoord

    5th RNA Squadron:
    26 x Vickers Light Tanks
    40 x Vickers Utility Tractor

    6th RNA Squadron:
    41 x CKD Praga TIII/3

    7th RNA Squadron:
    12 x Alvis Straussler

    1st - 7th RNA Panzerswagen Eskadron:
    38 x M3 Light Tank

    1st Specialist Eskadron de RNA:
    10 x Amtrac
    10 x Greyhound
    15 x M3A2 Halftrack

    2nd Specialist Eskadron de RNA:
    15 x M4 Tank
    15 x Staghound

    1st Marbrig (Marines) Corps:
    1 x ARV
    17 x HVSS Shermans

    Antilles Section:
    26 CTLS 4TA
    28 CTMS 1TBI
    20 MTLS 1GI4


    The staff of the division, based in Apeldoorn, is responsible for the management of two active (13th & 41st) and two mobilisable (43rd & 52nd) brigades.


    101 Division Field Artillery Group
    101 Division Engineer Group
    25 Air Defence Artillery Battalion
    200 Supply and Transport Company
    300 Equipment Service Battalion

    The School Battalion of the Division Troops is based in Ermelo.

    11th Airmobile Brigaide:

    2,700 military personnel
    500 personnel

    Support is provided by a mortar company, the engineer company, a maintenance and supply company and a medical company.

    13th Mechanised Brigaide:
    2,800 Troops (Full strength: 4,600 Troops)
    17 Armoured Infantry Battalion
    11 Tank Battalion
    101 Tank Battalion
    11 Mobile Artillery Battalion
    13 Brigade Armoured Engineer Company
    13 Armoured Air Defence Artillery Battery
    Three logistic units:13 Maintenance Company, 13 Medical Company, 13 Supply Company. (There is also 13 School Battalion, which is the training unit.)

    41 Light Brigade :
    3,500 personnel
    103 Reconnaissance Battalion, 42 Armoured Infantry Battalion and 42 Tank Battalion
    Three support units: 41 Field Artillery Battalion, 41 Armoured Engineer Company and 11 Armoured Air Defence Artillery.
    Three logistic units: 41 Medical Company, 41 Maintenance Company and 41 Supply Company.
    Training unit: 41 School Battalion.

    1st Panzerwagen Squadron
    12 x M36, 14 x M38, One M38 Command Car

    2nd Panzerwagen Squadron
    12 x M38, One M38 Command Car

    3rd Panzerwagen Squadron
    One FT-18, 4 x Carden-Lloyd Mark VIs, One Carden-Lloyd Mark VI Command Car

    4th Panzerwagen Squadron
    15 x Minerva M-14, One Minerva M-14 Command Car

    5th Panzerwagen Squadron
    4 x Ehrhardt, One Morris Command Car, 5 x Landsverk 180/1

    6th Panzerwagen Squadron
    17 x Renault FT-17, One Renault FT-17 Command Car

    7th Panzerwagen Squadron
    4 x Vickers-Carden-Loyd, One Vickers-Carden-Loyd Command Car.

    8th Panzerwagen Squadron
    12 x Landsverk M-38

    9th Panzerwagen Squadron
    12 x Daf M39, One Daf M39 Command Car

    Amsterdam Special Division
    10 x M4, 10 x M24 and One Morris Command Car.


    2 Fighter Groups:
    72 Brewster F2A-2 Buffalos (B-339D)
    24 Curtiss-Wright CW-21b Demons
    24 Curtiss Hawk 75A-7s

    3 Bomber Groups armed with 116 Martin 139WH bombers (export version of the B-10)

    1 Recon Group:
    150 aircraft, including 24 Do24K-2

    Reserves (several of each):
    Hawk 75A-7
    139WH ADCs
  21. To Brazil *Secret*:
    Your offer is accepted on one condition: That the United States be allowed to purchase the land the base is directly built upon, as well as rights to a sea-lane leading from the base to international waters. For such an arrangement, the base would remain open for refueling and resupplying Brazilian ships.

    As for the machinery itself, we can sell you some of the equipment sets used for producing our own F4Fs to speed along your program.
  22. Posbi

    Posbi Henchman of the State Super Awesome Happy Fun Time


    :p Clanner, the first half of the equipment reached you at the beginning of october, and the second has therefore reached you now...
  23. Ha ha ha, very funny. :p

    You wanna slag me, do it somewhere else.
  24. Brazil

    To USA-*Secret* will provide 12500 Acres that will back up to both the harbor and the new airport that is to be built in Flo. The sealane will parrall current sealane into harbor.

    Frigates 1 and 2 are 78% Complete
    Frigates 3 and 4 are 64% Complete
    Frigate 5 is 53% Complete

    New Landing Ship undergoes scale testing. Test thus far looks promising. Development slated for 3-4 months.

    Statistics for-
    Anfibio Grande Class Landing Ship
    Dimensions- 170*15*10 meters
    Displace-3,500 Tons standard, 4,400 Tons Loaded
    Draft-2.5 meters Loaded, 3.5 meters Flooded, 2 Meters Std.
    Power- 4 Diesel Engines, 22000shp each.
    Speed- 15 Knots Loaded, 16.5 Knots Standard
    Armaments- 2 5 in Guns, 4 twin 50 Cal mounts.
    Load- 1 Division of Fast Calvary and supplies
    De/Embarkation Method- Large forward ramp that is telescopes out from a pair of large clamshell doors and extendable boom cranes. Can telescope up to 20 Meters away from the ship and deploy in up to .5 meters of water on most beach surfaces.(Rocky Soil bad for ship and ramp)

    Ocelot Project has slowed pending outcome of demonstration flights.
    Lancehead progressing- 1st prototype has begun flying. 2nd undergoing structural test and 3rd under construction.
    Javolina Project is sligthly ahead of schedule. First two aircraft have begun structural test and systems test on the ground. Flight test is still 2-3 weeks away.

    New Airport begining construction and Docks being upgraded at Florianoplis. Land east of field is reserved for US Military. Crews have begun work on the airfield as well as ramps for both US and Brazil. Engineers to begin upgrading and preparing docks east of the field for their new use.

    Two of the warehouses in Sao Paulo converting to factories for production of new materials. Will take 6-8 weeks to convert.

    Hanger and adjoining facility at Recife is being converted to production facilities. Can take 6-10 weeks to convert to build F4Fs.

    First Jeeps built in Belo Horizonte. Will be fitted with their 50 Cal mounts and readied for use in Fast Calvary Units.

    New 75mm Cannon Factory will be opened in 2 weeks.
  25. ACTIONS:

    Ships carrying technicians and parts for an F4F factory are being leave for transit to Brazil.

    Ships carrying equipment, supplies, materials, and men from the Corps of Engineers prepare for transit to Florinopolis. (one more week preparation)

    A ship carying industrialists and industrial technicians leaves for Great Britain.