3 What if infant Kal' el Crashed on Yodenheim ?

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  1. LouisB

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    Infant Ka'lel crashed landed on Yodenheim . Assume the frost Giants and or Asgardians learn how he can power up with yellow sun energy and controll his access to it .

    This preseumes 3 mini scenario's . Infant Kal'el is raised by the frost giants .

    Infant Loki is replaced by infant Kal'El and is taken by Odin .

    Infant Kal'El and Loki are both taken to Asgard by Odin to be Thor's brother

    How does the movie Thor go now ?

    Will Kal'El Remain a pillar of virtue no matter who he is raised by and interacts with or does he need a Kent Family ?
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    No he really won't, have you never read any of the What Ifs and Elseworlds and the like? There's a Nazi Superman, a Communist Superman, a Government Drone Superman etc. etc. etc. that all lead to the conclusion that while Superman is a great person being raised by the Kents is a HUGE part of what made him a good person.
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    How does the love and wisdom that Odin Tries to impart to Thor and Loki impact young Kal'el ?
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    Wouldn't know, I havent seen the movie yet.
  5. Alpha to Omega

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    It's Jotunheim, not Yodenheim. And which version of Kal-El (Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, Movies, Smallville)?

    And there are also a number of Elseworlds where Superman turns out to just be naturally good even though he had a different upbringing. Superman: The Dark Side even had him raised on Apokolips by Darkseid and he still turned into a hero.
  6. A. Bettik

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    He and Thor fight to see who becomes king. Thor is no longer quite as cocky, but just as warlike. Loki doesn't feel quite so alone, and the events of the movie never happen.
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    I never said he'd be a bad person, what the OP asked was if he would still be the same pillar of virtue Clark "I spend my days off pulling kittens out of trees for little girls and capturing little boys lost balloons" Kent and he almost never is without the Kents. Being a hero and being Superman are two wildly different standards of good, Batman is a hero and a good person but the day that Batman takes a break in between stopping bank robberies to get a little girls kitten out of a tree is the day Cthulu rises from the oceans to conquer the planet. For Clark Kent though? Its not even a thought he has to consider its simply an instinct and no one but the Kents ever seemed to be able to pull that out as I recall.