8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy - I have read the book.

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    I'm not going to rehash the crap that's been on Warseer or talked about here, this is mostly smaller stuff that I haven't seen talked about so much. So, channeling and random charge isn't going to be here. If you've read it on this board already, pretty much assume it's in.

    However, to wit:

    Flying Cav count as fast cav with the fly special rule. The Bret Flying Circus is amazing.

    Fear reduces WS to 1, not hit on a 6-benefits the fear causer more, means vamp blocks have a bit more moxy in combt.

    Breath weapons are 1 use only

    All units need a 1" seperation at all times, including from other friendly units

    Immune to Psych is auto-pass fear/terror/panic. I can see this either causing interesting combos or fights over wording on spells that cause an autobreak.

    Monsters and Handlers rule now allows you to hit handlers on a 5-6. I see this affecting hydras

    Stupidity gives Immune to Psych all the time, not just when they're dumb-Cold One Knights are amazinger now.

    Terror forces a panic check on a charge, if they fail they run. Can test for terror multiple times in a game, but there's no 6" bubble any more and the Terror check is only when charged.

    Monsterous Infantry rule is in, where rules say rank of 5 models they only need 3. This includes the Horde rule, they need 6 instead of 10.

    Strict removal order of command group from casualties-musician, then standard, then champion.
    Unit Champion is subject to Look Out Sir from templates or what have you

    Base sizes of characters in a unit can be 'compatible' or 'incompatible'. IE, a cav base is 25mm wide, so it's compatible with infantry with 25mm bases and not with 20mm. If a base is incompatible with the unit it's joined, it has to be attached to the side of the unit. If it's compatible, it can displace models as normal.

    Make Way allows a character to move to a flank immediately, not after winning a combat.

    Grapeshot is now 12" range S5 Armor Piercing. The Arty Dice is used to determine number of hits. It's not clear if you have to roll to hit or not, which would be asinine.

    Forest/River special rules are retarded, rest of the terrain rules are pretty reasonable.

    Unit Standards are only worth +25vps, BSB standards +100.

    200+, really more like 300, pages of fluff in the book.

    Other observations-they took a page from Privateer and Battlefront. The rulebook is laid out really well with extremely clear rules summaries. There's a section in the back of the book that's just like the back of the FOW rulebook with pretty much everything you need to play the game right there. The only really unclear thing I saw was grapeshot needing to roll to hit or not. This edition's going to play very fast, 3K games are probably going to take as long as 2K now. Definitely a degree of herohammer in this edition.