A Dalek Lantern [Doctor Who/Green Lantern]

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  1. Author's Note: As it says on the tin. This is something I typed up quickly after seeing some fanart. Just a plot bunny so far.
    A Dalek Lantern​

    There was a flash of light when the Dalek appeared.

    All around him was cold grey deserts and stone. The Dalek looked at his surroundings , His eyestalk looking around in confusion as he closed up the open panels of its travel unit before the eyestalk-turret whirled around to observe.

    He was supposed to be dead. He remembered being falling through the Time War to land screaming on Earth before he had finally ended up in the hands of a human named Van Statten. He remembered the pain and torture that had followed. He remembered the Doctor and the shock of seeing the infamous Time Lord in the flesh. He remembered its own mixture of sorrow and rage at being told he was the last Dalek in existence. He remembered the Doctor’s attempt to kill the last of the Daleks.

    He remembered the Doctor’s companion coming in to see him out of curiosity. He remembered feigning weakness until he could lure the human close enough to absorb the chornal radiation in order to repair itself fully and escape. He remembered breaking out and downloading what the humans called the internet, draining even more power to restore strength to his weapon and defensive systems. He remembered the running battle in Van Statten’s bunker, exterminating human after human.

    However he also remembered the taint in its flesh as he began to do something he would have never considered before. He questioned himself and his mission. He stayed its hand when he should have exterminated.

    It had all come to a head, when the Dalek opened up his battle armor to see the warmth of sunlight once more, to feel freedom. He remembered the Doctor coming in with his weapon, only for the human female to convince the Time Lord to stand down. He remembered asking the human female to order him to die, so that no longer would he exist as an abomination tainted by the DNA of humanity. He could not bear to live like that.

    However it had appeared that he failed to even kill himself properly. The Dalek ran a diagnostics check on his armor, checking the various sub-systems. Apparently there was a minor flaw that had appeared as a result of being cast out of the Time War so suddenly and the decades of misuse. His planned suicide attempt had instead opened up a hole in the Void and sent him hurling through. Now without someone to order him to die the Dalek could not kill itself. Rage and anger coursed through him.

    He paused briefly to scan the planet he was on. He found no matches on his armor’s database, although in the Dalek’s opinion the whole thing looked like a gravel quarry. (Actually it rather disturbed the Dalek on how many planets looked like gravel quarries.) After a moment the Dalek decided to go out and explore, in hopes of finding intelligent life.

    Determinedly, the lone Dalek set out to find anything. He would not be disappointed.


    A few hours later the Dalek came across a sort of camp. All sorts of rusted scrap littered the ground, the broken hulls of spaceships rising out of the ground like the ribs of some long dead beast. Scans revealed heat signatures in the runs.

    The Dalek’s eyestalk looked up at the variety of individuals that merged from the place. They were aliens of a sort that had never been encountered by the Dalek. Many of them were humanoid others were not. They wore a variety of outfits, rags, space suits and bits of armor along with a variety of weaponry from what looked like directed energy weapons to some sort of motorized swords. All of them moved out slowly but surely to surround him.

    The Dalek paused for a moment.

    ‘’IDENTIFY YOURSELVES!’’ He said, gunstick raised and ready.

    Someone peered out at him, it was a tall slender green alien with some sort of shimmering scaled suit. It pointed at him and said something in an unknown language as one of its men fired a snap shot at the Dalek.

    The Dalek’s sensors registered a hit as its shields flashed. More of the pirates came in with obviously hostile intentions. In a sense the Dalek was pleased as the old familiar rage at seeing non-Daleks was coming back. At least he had purpose now.

    ‘’EXTERMINATE!’’ the Dalek screeched, dropping the first pirate as the others closed in.

    The following fight lasted forty-six seconds. The Dalek dropped nine of the marauders before some sort of directed energy beam hit the Dalek, overloading its shields and knocking it out before the rest of the pirates closed in.


    ‘’What is it?’’ one of Ramar’s henchmen asked.

    ‘’I have no idea.’’ Ramar answered. He was the leader of a small band of pirates hiding out in the backwaters of Sector 1963 on some remote rocky planet that didn’t even have a numerical designation. From here his merry band of pirates had raided any nearby passing ships.

    Lately they had grown bolder and bolder, striking out further and further in search of plunder. Ramar had felt more confident as the Green Lanterns had been quite busy with their own internal disputes with Sinestro. Ramar knew that the ex-Lantern had made an entire army of yellow ring wielders and they had set the universe afire as two Corps clashed together. Meanwhile Ramar and his little band of pirates had taken the opportunity to raid in the shadows.

    All around him was the accumulated plunder of two dozen slain ships. Here the wreck of a destroyed Khund patrol vessel, in another the wreck of a Korugarian liner, over there was the broken remains of a Centarui moon gazer.

    And then they had this. A strange little can that had slain nine of his men. They had been surprised to learn It had been some sort of cyborg inside the suit. It was an ugly malformed thing that they had stretched out on a rack and were currently trying to figure out how He ticked.

    No sound came from the alien creature, but Ramar imagined it would be screaming. Its single eye stared out him in utter hatred, a hatred that Ramar didn’t think was possible in sentient being. At that look he unconsciously felt a jolt of fear up his two spines.

    He looked over to the scavenged remains of the travel unit they had been picking apart. The technology within was strange and Ramar was positively giddy to find out how much he could make if he sold it. He was already imagining the possibilities.

    ‘’What if we kill it?” The henchman repeated.

    The pirate leader shrugged.

    ‘’It’s of no loss.’’


    Meanwhile above the planet in the depths of space, a single crimson ring flew through the void. It had a purpose, given to it by its lord and master to seek out a suitable host in order to wreak righteous vengeance upon the galaxy.

    It was an advanced replica of the power rings crafted by the Oans, but very much different in terms of power and intent. Like an Oan power ring it was one of the most advanced weapons in the galaxy, yet not truly sentient.

    It detected a great source of anger and rage. If the ring had been sentient it may have been surprised at the sheer level of rage in such a backwater, but the ring was not sentient so it merely altered its course and headed to the source of the rage.

    According to the ring’s scans the creature below did not fit on any recorded database. That was hardly a problem, as the ring’s backup programs reclassified the unknown species as an inhabitant of Sector 1963 and altered its course.


    He was captive again. The irony hurt almost as much as the various needles and blades he was being stuck with. The Dalek had only so recently escaped from Van Statten’s captivity to wind up to this unknown planet and be tortured by these unknown pirates.

    Daleks are creatures of rage, and right now this Dalek was practically exploding with anger. Anger at seeing non-Daleks, anger at being the last of its race, anger that the last Dalek would die like this, anger at the sheer injustice of this all.

    ‘’Dalek of Skaro.’’ A voice said.

    Through its one eye the Dalek focused on a red blur above him. All around him were cries of commotion.

    ‘’You have great rage in your heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps.’’ The red ring shot forward before anyone could stop it and attached itself to one tentacle. There was a flash of red light and the nearest two pirates were blown back.

    Ramar looked up in suddenly shock as the Dalek floated up in the air. Out of pure instinct, red energy formed around the Dalek until a construct of Dalek battle armor formed around the Dalek as the construct gunstick pointed at Ramar.

    ‘’EXTERMINATE!’’ He shrieked, sending a jet of fiery blood right at the pirate. In a second the pirate leader was utterly annihilated by the blast. Cries of fear and panic sounded around the camp as the pirates tried to flee.

    The Dalek felt natural once again, with the rage coursing through his veins. He targeted its construct armor to take out another pirate. More beams of fiery blood blasted out to obliterate whole swaths of pirates.

    Normally a Red Lantern could not think clearly, with the prospective Lantern’s mind being overwhelmed by uncontrollable rage to turn into a mindless berserker. However Daleks were creatures of nothing but rage, and this Dalek, tainted as He is, was still a Dalek in the end. To a Red Lantern being inducted into that Corps was a life changing event.

    For a Dalek it was his natural state.

    If this Dalek could smile he would have. He had no idea what had grafted itself on to one tentacle. He certainly wasn’t complaining as he blasted his tormenters into cinders with blasts of fiery bloody light.

    Then, suddenly he was silent as the Dalek floated in the air. Its construct disappeared as he turned around and instinctively more construct-tentacles reached out to the various pieces of discarded battle armor and reassembled with quickly.

    In less than a minute the eyestalk of the Dalek’s battle armor lit up a crimson red as energy of the ring washed over him. No longer was the battle armor bronze, but now scarlet and black, with a strange symbol present on the front. He checked over the systems, everything was in order with its new ring supercharging its armor systems.

    Speak the oath……… a voice seemingly whispered in its mind. Words followed and the Dalek spoke them.


    Those words…….they had appeared in his mind. Was that a part of the ring? It was time to find some answers.

    ‘’WHAT ARE YOU?’’ the Dalek demanded.

    ‘’Ring is a weapon created by Atrocitus of Sector 666 to seek and recruit prospective recruits for the Red Lantern Corps.’’ The ring said tonelessly. Like all power rings, it had an incorporated database, although the Red Lanterns rarely used that feature for obvious reasons.

    ‘’WHAT CAN YOU DO?’’

    ‘’Complete description of the ring’s capacities’ will take 96 hours.’’ The ring said.

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  2. ...
    Welp, creation's boned.
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    Oooooh. This is going to end in tears. And explosions. And Fun.
  4. I'm not sure. How many levels of War Crime is a Dalek get a Red/Green/Yellow ring?
  5. All of them.
  6. Yog


    Are there any beings in DC universe, outside of Endless and their like that are aware of what, exactly, daleks are? I want to see their reactions.
  7. I like this mainly for the originality of it.
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    Heck YES!!! Please continue!
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    Only thing worse is when the 10 Black rings hit the Doctor
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    :eek: :eek: I want to see the Doctor with 10 black rings, but knowing him, he'd pull an Anti-Monitor and gain the power of a black lantern while not being under its control.
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    Well, could be worse.

    The DIG could've gotten the Ring.
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    Found it

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    Where did you find these?
  14. Perhaps. I have the tendancy to toss around a bunch of good ideas but have a loss on how to turn it into a full length. Expect some more stuff in snippits really. I confess to not having much knowledge of the DC universe outside of Green Lantern. It's really one of the few series I follow regularly. Most of what I know comes from Young Justice or the JLU, or the ever reliable Wikipedia.

    The Doctor is a Blue Lantern in my mind. It would probably be the ring he would chose. It's a healing ring that fits his personality.

    A black ring would be more appropriate for the Master, who is Death's Champion is some of the EU material. Although if Larfleeze was not the Orange Lantern the Master would be someone I choose to be the next Agent Orange. The Master would also be a good Sinestro Corpsman.

    Huh "The Master Corps.'' I like the sound of that.

    There is a rather awesome bit of fanart floating about the internet of the Black Lantern Time Lords led by Black Lantern Rassilon fighting the Guardians. It's pretty fucking awesome, although I think this story would be set after Blackest Night.
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    What kind of contingency plan does Batman have for this?
  16. Hell you can have the White Lantern tell the Dalek that he personal knows who can stop the Black Lanterns. The Red Lantern Dalek having to ask the Doctor for help.
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  18. Batman has already killed a Dalek. He has one in his trophy room in one of the JLA comics.
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    So Batman Makes exceptions for Daleks, Vampires, and Darkseid, but not the Joker...Yeah this is why I don't get Batman anymore.

    Anyways awesome fic.
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    The Joker is human (Technically) and a thus answerable to the United States justice system. If the Judges say he's to be put down then that's there call Batman just brings them in.
  22. Vampires are already dead, so Batman can care less about any moral dilemma.
    Does it show Batman specifically killing a Dalek? The Dalek creature could have just escaped and left its shell behind.
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    Or been killed in one of those convenient 'accidents' that never seem to work on the Joker but actually have eliminated a lot of Batman one shot villains. You know, you're fighting and they trip and fall off a balcony into lava or whatever. Very much definitely not your fault then.

    In fact, his ability to survive fatal accidents may be the real reason the Joker is Batman's archnemesis.
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  24. He could at least try the justice system of a different kind, like Superman's negative dimension, or maybe a Green Lantern prison inside an asteroid.
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    I want a Chapter 2.