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    Considering that PMMM has a time-traveller stuck on an endles loop, and Doctor Who is primarily about time-travel, I suppose this was inevitable.

    The fact that I managed to pull it off first was both surprising and slightly disquieting.

    Well here it is, PMMM is property of Gen Urobushi and Doctor Who is property of the BBC.



    Chapter one: The alien and the Magical Girl (This post)
    Chapter two: The looping of Time
    Chapter three: The Dalek's master plan
    Chapter four: The Knight in shining armor


    Chapter 1: The alien and the Magical Girl

    Dalek Sec was especially angry with the universe right now.

    He was familiar with the process of temporal cloning, and with alternate timelines.

    He had never expected it to happen to him, though.

    Dalek Sec wasn’t sure he wanted to know why it did, or how he had managed to get his casing back, or why he was in orbit around –where else- Earth when he gained his senses.

    The murderous curiosity that came from being the Scientist of the Cult of Skaro lifted its head anyways. Maybe he should investigate…

    No, no, no! Bad Sec! No Mad Science for you!

    Especially after what happened last time; in retrospect, becoming an abomination of Dalek and Human physiologies was quite possibly the most insane plan he ever had. He really should have seen the mutiny coming.

    A change in doctrine did not mean he had to change his own being, just because he wanted to be thorough.

    He probably would have continued his metaphorical self-kicking, had his sensors not detected an anomaly.

    He read the output, took 0.00045 rels to reset his casing’s systems, and rechecked the readings.

    It was an Eye of Harmony. Or a piece of one, which was just as good.

    Had he been human, he might have squealed in glee.

    Instead, he shoved as much power he could spare into the trans-solar disks in his casing, and flew down, towards the source.

    Five minutes later, he hit atmosphere.


    Dalek Sec had been trying to track down the piece of an Eye of Harmony, trundling down the streets of a city the locals called Mitakihara when he, literally, fell into a pocket dimension.

    The landscape was absolutely surreal, an eternal sky, stretching all around him, below a large, vaguely humanoid shape hung, suspended from what appeared to be rope. The ropes were –of course- attached to nothing at all, and floated in midair, laughing in the face of gravity.

    Dalek Sec decided to studiously ignore such happenings and concentrated instead on finding his goal.

    Odd, his micro-harmonic drive was in range of acquiring a time-stream lock.
    He activated the device, originally designed to draw power from the Eye on Skaro, but tweaked to accept power from any time-space disturbance, mostly because of the extremely bizarre circumstances destiny often threw his way when he had been leader of the Cult of Skaro.

    And them Time ground to a halt.

    Even being a Time War veteran, Sec was caught completely off-guard.

    Thankfully one of the many advantages of being a Dalek was that, even if you lost your composure, Dalek body language was so different from that of
    inferior species’ no one else would notice.

    Being a particularly adaptive Dalek, it took only a scant fraction of a rel to take the new development in stride.

    The first rule of dealing with the unexpected being to hoard as much information as possible, Sec ran a full sensor sweep. Sure enough, external temporal readings showed a halt in the flow of time. Spatial distortion on the immediate area was consistent with an artificial bubble universe.

    Longer ranged sensors showed that the surrounding micro universe was curling in on itself. They also revealed that the unidentified life-form wasn’t wholly organic, the strong spatial distortion surrounding it hinted that it was the source of the pocket dimension he seemed to be trapped in.


    Active temporal readings managed to pinpoint the location of the piece of the Eye of Harmony. Biological scans, long-distance genetic profiling and the Eyestalk Mk. 7 revealed that it was in the possession of a young human female that appeared to be fighting the abomination.

    Even odder.

    They also revealed that she was moving normally, meaning that she was behind the time-stop.

    Which meant that she already had some measure of control over the Piece.
    Daleks were heartless, merciless and bloodthirsty like you wouldn’t believe. And Dalek Sec was all of those things.

    However, he was also cautious, at least when his survival instincts weren’t clouded by whatever example of mad science he was currently attempting.

    So he hovered, content to watch the fight.


    Homura tossed air-fuel grenade, the explosive shell freezing in midair partway through its arc.


    Time resumed, and the fuse ran out just as it entered the skirt the abomination happened to be wearing.

    It exploded, pieces of the non-Euclidean abomination raining around her in flames. Most Puella Magi would have at least made a show of the fight before delivering the finishing bow.

    Homura didn’t. She was precise, economic and practical. Her powers were draining, and her energy was limited.

    So she made up with as much skill as she could, not to mention some… interesting toys the Yakuza and the JSDF had.

    The remains of the witch disintegrated, a Grief Seed falling to the floor with a soft clink as reality asserted itself.

    She heard a soft electronic noise behind her.
    She whirled around; bringing what the internet had called a PM-9 submachine gun to bear.

    She was… surprised, to say the least, at what was staring back at her. It took a while to assimilate the improbable collection of characteristics: The pepper pot-shaped outline; the half spheres dotting the metal “skirt” on the lower half; the armored panels on the torso; one telescoping arm shaped like a plunger, the other like an egg whisk; the grilled neck, protected by a thick cage; the dome, adorned by what seemed like a pair of lights, almost as if they were ears; and the glowing mechanical eye, stuck to the end of a metal rod.

    That it was also pained a sleek, shiny black seem almost like an afterthought.

    The thing’s complete lack of facial structures failed to diminish the intensity of the stare it was giving her. It waved the plunger in her direction, and a there was a brief buzzing noise in her head.

    A harsh, electronic staccato voice, seemingly stuck on the loudest possible setting, came from the machine.

    “YOU ARE A TIME TRA-VEL-ER.” It stated.

    That was enough to shake her out of her reverie.

    “How do you know?” she growled, “Who and what are you to know?”

    There was a tiny mechanical whine as the glowing light of what she assumed was the thing’s eye contracted momentarily.

    “I AM A DALEK.” It spat, confirming Homura’s suspicions that she had pissed it off. “AND YOU? WHO ARE YOU TO MA-NI-PU-LATE TIME? YOU ARE NOT A TIME-LORD, YET YOU CON-TROL THE TIME-STREAM IN WAYS THAT THEY DO NOT KNOW OF! EX-PLAIN! EX-PLAIN!!” It screeched, seemingly on the verge of hysteria.

    It doesn’t know? Homura mulled over this information. On one hand, it meant that it had no relation with Kuubey’s people and their energy-collecting scheme, meaning it could be an ally. On the other, there was the possibility that this… thing… could be worse that whoever controlled Kuubey.

    Considering what she knew of alien species, that was a good chance. She decided not to risk it.


    The world dulled into sepia tones. The “Dalek” didn’t.

    She walked around it and, sure enough, the dome on the top of the thing tracked her, keeping her in sight.


    “YOU HAVE NOT EX-PLAINED.” It stated, and Homura swore it sounded a bit smug.

    *Click*. Time resumed its normal flow.

    “I will explain.” She ground out, “but not here. Someplace more…private.”

    This had not happened in the other three timelines. Maybe… maybe if she included this creature into her plans, things could change.

    Hopefully for the better.

    But even so she would not rely on it. She had no reason to believe the loud metal alien.

    She returned the gun back into her shield and changed back to her normal form. The dalek said nothing.


    “Hey! What are you supposed to be?”


    Laughter erupted from the gaggle of teenagers and they went on their way. The dalek’s response to the previous five or so people had been the exact same thing, which was worrying in and out of itself.

    Homura had asked it about it, and its answer confirmed her fears.


    They walked in awkward silence after that, Homura wondered wherever or not she had bitten off more that she could chew.

    They arrived at her usual apartment, the old building hiding a rather modern interior. She changed shoes at the entrance, the alien watching her in what seemed to be curiosity. They entered the living room, the lights switching on by themselves.

    The dalek looked at her decor with what she assumed was interest, letting its sight hover on the E-wall that dominated the living room.

    Homura sat down on one of the seats, and the dalek maneuvered itself opposite her, his own form worse than unsuited for such a human display.

    They stared at each other for a good while.

    The dalek’s “eye” adjusted it’s iris slightly.


    “I will.” She said, her voice finding the flat tone she had gained in this timeline. “But I also have questions, and I will have answers. Can you promise me that?”

    The alien stood silent for a few moments. Eventually, it spoke.


    And so she began.


    My name is Homua Akemi.

    And I should start from the beginning.

    The universe is dying. The physicists are calling it “heat death”. At one point in time, energy will run out, and everything will die. Slowly.

    A race of ancient, advanced beings didn’t like this. They raged. They raged without anger, worried without despair.

    They put all their effort into finding a way to halt entropy. They found one.

    But it was useless to them, the process required emotion, and they had none.

    But then they found our world and, what would you know, we were compatible.

    They send these…Incubators. I don’t know if there’s more than one, or if they’re all part of the same-

    …Wait, here’s a picture. Do you-?

    No? Oh… well, it was worth trying.

    Anyways, these incubators wander the planet, searching for pre-adolescent girls to grant them wishes.

    In return, the girls are turned into
    Puella Magi, magical girls who fight witches that feed on human misery-

    …No, I don’t know how it’s supposed to be possible either. Please stop shouting.

    To do their *
    ahem* duty, Puella Magi are granted abilities beyond normal humans. They can summon weapons, use magic and gain great strength and resilience.

    They also gain other, unique abilities, the specifics of which draw from the wish they made.

    …Yes, you guessed quite correctly, but please let me finish.

    There is, however, a price.

    You see, the Incubator never tells the girls the full story. The whole story would drive his precious contracts away

    When we make our wish, he gives us this.


    It’s called a Soul Gem.

    …Yes, you can “scan” it. Just… be careful.

    Most girls assume that the Soul Gem is just a magic trinket from where their power comes from. It isn’t.

    The soul gem
    is them. It is their soul, their consciousness, their essence, their mind… whatever it is you wish to call it. The one you see sitting in front of you is just an empty shell. We can control our…bodies up to one hundred meters away.

    …No, you can’t test that on me. Now, can you hand me over?

    There are other “details” that the Incubator forgets to tell us. He tells us to fight witches, so we do. He tells us using magic can corrupt our Soul Gems, and that defeated witches drop something called a Grief Seed, which we must use to purify our Soul Gems; so we do.

    What he doesn’t tell us is that, should we fail to cleanse our gems, we will turn into witches. This is our curse. Even if we were to stop using magic, simply controlling our bodies uses our energy, so we will always end up needing to fight them. A normal life is impossible for us.

    Not all witches are fallen Puella Magi, otherwise there would never be enough for our subsistence. Wiches control beings called familiars, they are their helpers, their dutiful servants. Occasionally, a familiar will leave a witches control. If it can feed from the deaths of five people, it will become a copy of the witch that spawned it. Additionally, a witch gains a familiar for every kill it makes. Old witches can summon veritable armies.

    … Fine, I’ll tell you how I fit into all of this, on the condition that you stop shouting.

    First of all, I am not from this timeline.

    Of course, you probably know that already, with whatever gadgets you have in that… thing you’re in. Casing, whatever.

    I was naïve back then, a shy little girl just out of the hospital. I was nervous, alone.

    There was this girl, her name was Madoka Kaname.

    She was nice to me.

    She was the first friend I ever had. Maybe…

    Wait, do you know what love is?

    …I didn’t think so. Forget it.

    What you have to know is that she was
    important to me. She still is.

    And, when I was coming home from school-

    …It’s a place where you learn what should be useful things.

    Anyways, I was attacked by a witch. I almost died. I should have died.

    But Madoka saved me. She was…amazing, glorious.

    And she wasn’t alone, she was being taught by an elder
    Puella Magi, called Mami Tomoe. She told me what the Incubator –they called him Kuubey- had told them, about the Puella Magi.

    They fought witches and familiars to protect the people of this city, and I trailed behind, like a lost puppy.

    And then Walpurgis Nacht, queen of all witches, came.

    Mami didn’t stand a chance. She died almost instantly. We were…broken over her.

    You know what I am talking about, right? Do daleks feel anything when someone close to you dies?

    …Not always? Weird…

    So she died and Madoka… she killed Walpurgis by herself, but she died to do so.

    So I told the incubator, that I wanted have a chance to do it all over again. To protect Madoka instead of being protected by her.

    So he made me a
    Puella Magi, and I returned to the past to try again.

    I have done so many times since, more than I could care to count. I will not give up. Never. Even if it takes a million years.

    You can help me, but I will succed, one way or the other.

    There, I’ve explained everything.

    Your turn.


    I am Dalek Sec. Dalek Supreme of the Dalek Army, exterminator of the Mechanoids, leader of the cult of Skaro, and its last living member.

    I am also the last of the Daleks.

    My species believed itself to be the supreme beings of the universe. The master race.

    For eons, we exterminated all our opposition, wherever it was real or imagined.

    …Yes, what I said before is an approximation of what we are. Always tell the truth when your enemy will find it completely ridiculous.

    We waged war against the universe itself. We had no use for what you would call a “culture”, we made no friends amongst ourselves, or enemies. There was only our loyalty to the Emperor, the Dalek race, and the Dalek creed, the ingrained purpose of all Daleks: to conquer and destroy.

    And then, we gained the attention of the Time Lords, a race of non-interventionists that were toying with the fabric of space when the universe was new. They were masters of time and space, and they had manipulated all species to evolve into the same basic template as they. Beings lesser than the Time Lords have been worshiped as gods.

    They were the single, most powerful species in the universe, if you were to lift a single voice against them; they erased you from time itself. You would have never had existed.

    They feared us. The ancient, immortal Lords of Gallifrey were afraid of a species born in a world torn apart by war, whose technology was millions of years more primitive that theirs and who had no true allies to call to their side.

    They sent the Doctor, the hero of their race, to stop us, to kill us all when we were created by Davros during the Genesis War. He failed. Time and time again, they sent their very best to put and end to us, and we refused to die, each and every time.

    Soon it became clear that one could only survive if the other was dead.

    We accelerated our research into Temporal Warfare. We tried to perfect the technologies necessary in the little time we had left, gain what little experience might help against a race that had already won a Time War. We even resurrected our Creator, so that his genius could help our cause. We did everything to prepare against an enemy that had all the advantages.

    In the end, we weren’t prepared enough. We fought anyways.

    The Time War raged. Davros, Creator of the Daleks was one of the first casualties. The Emperor decided to create a special group of Daleks to replace him. Daleks whose intelligence went beyond previous parameters, whose authority overrode even the Emperor himself, whose creativity matched the mad genius of Davros. He took the most experienced, loyal, aggressive and daring Daleks in the army and had them undergo behavioral modification and gene therapy.

    I was amongst them.

    The result were Daleks that could do what no one else in my species could: what you humans call “think outside the box”. We called ourselves the “Cult of Skaro”, in honor of our poisonous home. We gave ourselves names, something no Dalek has ever had. We became… friends.

    Together, we drove our species forward. The Time Lords had grown comfortable over the eons. They had expected an easy victory. They had expected us to bow down in fear.

    Daleks have no concept of fear. We only knew how to fight, and we fought ferociously. I and my comrades only guided that ferocity into where it would do the most damage.

    The Time Lords were enraged; they pulled the Doctor into their war to lead them in our destruction.

    Much to their horror, and our pleasure, it made no difference. Victories for the Time Lords became narrower, and their losses became greater.

    And then, on some small, insignificant battlefield, a force of fifty hundred Daleks, held out against a superior force of Time Lords and Sontarans and
    pushed them back.
    A race that could have never existed at all, that had never fought within time, that all of existence believed that they would perish against the might of Gallifrey, had taken on the masters of the universe, and was

    And suddenly, small victories became larger. The Time Lords, long accustomed to victory, simply could not handle defeat. They were being devastated beyond proportion to what we were doing to them. They struck at our world, erasing it from existence. It did not stop us, it only made us angrier.

    I believe a few Supremes exploded from rage.

    And then the battle for the Cruciform happened. If we could secure the Cruciform, we would be able to access the separate Time Stream where Gallifrey was located. Previous assaults had been unsuccessful, only a few of our ships could have entered at a time. They were intended as psychological warfare. Most of the planet had been rendered lifeless; the remaining Time Lords were within their capital, where they waited for a miracle.

    It did not happen. The Cruciform fell into our possession.

    Tell me, Homura, have you ever seen someone break? Or, as you humans call it, “snap”?

    … Now, imagine it happening to an entire species.

    That is what happened when the Time Lords lost the Cruciform. They drove themselves

    I do not know what happened on Gallifrey. Intel from spies indicates that someone of the name of Rassilon was resurrected. Other sources claimed that the Time Lords intended to use their technology to “ascend”.

    All I have the knowledge of, is that the Emperor, and his fleet of five million ships entered the rift to Gallifrey, and never returned.

    I had foreseen such an occurrence, so I devised a plan to save the Daleks. The Time War could not be escaped. Neither we nor the Time Lords could do so.

    There was, however, another way.

    I created a Void Ship, capable of crossing the barrier between universes and into the Void. I gathered what remained of the Cult for one final mission.

    Time Lord Vessels use a spatial disturbance device to make them be much larger on the inside. We retrieved a prison ship filled with Daleks.

    We stored it inside the void ship and escaped to another universe, until it was safe to return.

    When we did, we discovered that the Doctor had survived.

    Twice I have tried to restore my species. The first time, I tried to use the Daleks trapped inside the prison ship to conquer the Earth-

    this Earth. It appears I am also not from this timeline.

    The Doctor found a way to draw us back into the Void. Me and my comrades barely escaped.

    Our casings allow for a limited amount of movement through time. We escaped into a more primitive Earth to rebuild our race.

    I however had other plans. I wanted to change my people; I wanted to have us forget our dreams of becoming the sole life form in the universe, because it had clouded our capacity to survive. They grudgingly agreed.

    I was, however, too radical in my implementations. There was a mutiny, and I was shot.

    …No, I have no knowledge in how I survived. Stranger things have happened to me.

    I am not interested in your own personal objective. I only seek to resurrect my dead race. I have no interest in your affairs and will not become involved.
    I will not, however hinder you in any way.

    I hope you can understand that.


    They saw each other off at the doorway into Homura’s apartment, The Puella Magi to plan for the battle ahead, and the Dalek to create a destiny for itself and its people, never expecting to see each other again.

    Of course, reality has a way of proving you wrong.
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    Dalek Ix Angry Mexican Dalek

    Chapter 2: The looping of time

    Had he been capable of such an inferior expression, Dalek Sec might have sighed.

    He was, once again, stuck.

    He glowered at the incubator pod, resisting the urge to blast something to pieces on the pretext that he might actually hit something valuable. There was very little space in this basement, and all the equipment necessary was all clustered together into a few square cells.

    So far, progress had been gratingly slow. He had been able to secure a location and some of the equipment, rigging up the hyperspace matter reconstructor on his self-repair system to produce the new casing, since human standards for technology were laughably inappropriate for the task.

    Then he ran out of resources halfway through, and it all went downhill from there.

    The half-built casing stood there, accusingly. It had almost no internal mechanisms, the life-support systems were an absolute mess, the eye-stalk was nearly blind, the control mechanisms were prone to lighting themselves on fire and the trans-solar disks kept reversing. Putting anything inside would be absolutely cruel.

    Still, he was fairly confident in his ability to improvise anything, and since he had recently made a fully-stocked genetic laboratory out of spare parts and technology that humans of this time period would have considered woefully outdated, he hardly felt his confidence was unfounded.

    He was partway through figuring out what the Thal kept setting the controls on fire when the ground decided to suddenly throw him into the air.

    There was a whine of trans-solar disks, and he easily managed to keep himself upright.

    Curious and angry (mostly angry) about what was happening outside, he hovered up the stairs and peered out the window.

    He stared.

    Multiple sensory restarts failed to get rid of the sight of multiple buildings floating in midair. In the distance, a huge, upside-down humanoid wearing a dress whose lower body had been replaced by a stack of huge bronze gears hovered, explosions raging around her.

    Dalek Sec recalled something from his meeting with the time traveller Homura Akemi. Walpurgis Nacht, queen of all witches.

    He did not envy the Puella Magi, the energy readings were enormous.

    Still, the thing wasn’t looking his way, so it was probably safe to continue.

    He was halfway down the stairs when he stopped.

    He had not just thought of that, had he?

    He had not just assumed that the universe would be kind to him for once, and he had most definitely not just invoked the law of disproportionate-retribution-for-confidence-he-should-not-have.

    With an appropriate amount of dread neatly settled in its usual place, he hovered back to the window, and looked outside.

    There was a swarm of familiars in the sky.

    They were, more importantly, making a beeline for him.

    And thus, Dalek Sec became the first of his species to swear out loud.



    Homura Akemi narrowly dodged an incoming building, and blocked a stream of dark purple light with her shield.

    She was holding, barely. The witch had already sent her familiars against someone else. She did not envy whoever was on the receiving end of the swarm.

    Her ordinance had already been expended against the uber-witch, and Walpurgis didn’t even seem to have been scratched by it.

    She really should have brought a lot more.

    The next blow from the witch sent her flying into one of the buildings. There was a sick, wet sound as her body slammed into the concrete. She managed to block the most of the pain racing towards her true body.

    She saw shapes in the distance. Homura squinted, using her magic to force her eyes into working properly.


    And besides Madoka, she could barely make out a tiny white shape…




    She knew what was going to happen, what always happened. She had seen it a hundred thousand times.

    She screamed all the same.

    “Madoka!” She cried, Forcing this puppet body to empty its lungs.

    “Don’t make the contract!”

    The distraction cost her dearly. A huge beam of eldritch energy threw her off her perch, and into the distant ground.

    She screamed all the way down. At Madoka, at Kyubey, at the world, at everything.

    Why couldn’t she get it right just once?

    She was only vaguely aware of an enormous flash of energy above her, before she hit the ground with a sick crunch.



    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

    The situation wasn’t nearly as bad as what he was used to. At least he could see what he was shooting.


    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

    So far, the familiars had failed to reliably penetrate his shields.


    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

    And Dalekanium was quite up to the task of withstanding what managed to get through.


    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

    They had, however, completely trashed his laboratory. That the faulty casing had exploded had been practically expected.


    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*


    *Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem! Vreeem!*

    So instead of one Dalek fighting in self-defense, they were up against a very, very, very, very ANGRY Dalek, who was fighting to kill them all.



    Being a member of the Cult of Skaro, Daleks Sec was capable of feeling emotions other than anger. However, those emotions were quite subdued compared to what other, inferior, species were supposedly capable of feeling.

    However, no species in the universe, not even the emotionally-centered humans, could match a Dalek when it came to sheer raw rage. What the average member considered blinding rage would only leave a Dalek slightly miffed.

    Conversely, what the average Dalek considered omnicidal rage would make any other life-form explode.

    Dalek Sec wasn’t quite near the I-will-kill-everyone-on-this-planet-with-their-own-internal-organs stage yet, but he was certainly getting there.

    To think such a pitiful enemy could stall the rebirth of the Daleks made him want to-



    Bits of the landscape, familiars and nearby buildings rained down in flames.

    He was starting to enjoy this.

    At which point the familiars simply vanished.

    He looked around, at the devastated scene, and the painful lack of enemies.

    He roared in anger.


    Naturally, the universe failed to respond, mocking him in silent smugness.

    Dalek Sec positively boiled in anger that could not be directed at anyone-

    …Wait a rel…



    Now, if he could only find whatever smug, arrogant, self-centered omnipresent being kept putting him in to these situations, so he could drop an oblivion continuum warhead on top …


    Dalek Sec centered his vision on the city.

    Walpurgis Nacht had been replaced by a huge, towering, formless monstrosity that completely encompassed the city. It had to be at least a few kilocells high.

    Sec found the Dalek language severely lacking in words that would appropriately convey his feelings towards the universe at this moment.

    There was no plausible way he could have escaped from the Abomination, harmonic energy reserves were too low to allow for a Temporal Shift. Fighting would have required at least a Killcruiser on his side.

    He was just one Dalek against something that would end up swallowing the entire star system.

    He held his ground anyways. He was the last Dalek, and if he had to go down, he would go down fighting.

    Briefly, he stood his ground against the planet-devouring Abomination, before being destroyed utterly.


    Homura was tempted to let the tears fall.

    Very tempted.

    Oh, how she wished she could simply let loose. Cry openly, into a comforting shoulder. Let her anger, her sadness, and her despair out, into the world.

    She knew, however, that that would never be. Not as long as the Incubator lived. Not as long as Madoka continued to die.

    Or become something from which even the most painful of deaths seemed a mercy.

    She could not let her emotions surface. The Incubator was watching, and she would never let that bastard have the satisfaction.

    Her eyes snapped open. She was in the hospital.



    She breathed once, and allowed her magic to heal her weak, ailing body.


    She left the bed, and went to the bathroom, knowing her way there from memory alone. Holding up her soul to her eyes, she fixed her weak eyesight.


    She turned around, the list of things she had to do coming to mind as easily as her own name: Get discharged, forge papers, get her apartment, obtain weapons, get enrolled, forge signatures, get food in the fridge, shop for clothes, kill the Incubator, hunt witches…

    And try once more…

    Not once did Homura look at her reflection. She knew what she would see. She had seen it many, many times before.


    Steel, to present her face to the world. Steel, to fight the Dealer of Fates Worse than Death. Steel, to resist the crap the world threw at her.

    Steel, to hide the fact that she was broken.

    She knew her weaknesses. She knew that something in her had snapped a long time ago. She had lived long enough to know the emotional wreck she could become at any time.

    So she had created a shell of steel around her person, just like a little metal cage surrounded her soul, to encage her emotions, for else they would destroy her.

    All, so she could do this, over and over and over and over again.

    And as many times as she needed.

    I will protect you, Madoka. No matter how many times I fail, how many people I kill, and how many worlds I burn, you will see the day after Walpurgis Nacht.

    I promise.


    In a lonely, unimportant point in low-earth orbit, someone was extremely confused.

    …Ok, so he was mostly angry, but confusion was a close second in his mind.

    No points for guessing who is being talked about here.

    Thankfully, the Time War had given him plenty of experience with getting back from the dead, so the confusion (and most of the anger) was gone shortly.

    He reviewed the systems log with what might have been described as religious frenzy. Searching for a clue as to what the Thal had happened.

    There! A clue! Victory!

    The micro harmonic drive’s log showed an unauthorized synchronic activation.
    Which meant that the eye of harmony he had synchronized with had traveled back through ti-

    There was a brief, horrible moment in which his mind drew a blank.

    The time-traveller Puella Magi he had met had mentioned that she was trapped in what technical terms called a stable Time Loop, repeating the same period of time time and time again, potentially for eternity. Or at least millions of years.

    And now he was trapped along with her, doomed to repeat the same time period for eternity.

    Well, that could be easily fixed-


    Why the Thal did he think that out loud!?

    The only solution to the problem he could now see was to help the time-traveller break the loop, since simply shooting her would only make things worse.

    Which meant that the resurrection of the Daleks would have to wait.

    Dalek Sec took stock of his current status: All casing systems were working perfectly, minus the micro-harmonic drive. His nutrient tanks were full, but the matter supplies in the hyperspace matter reconstructor were low.

    Which meant that he had to chase asteroids to mine them.

    Dalek Sec used his existent momentum to start the long journey to the asteroid belt. He was not going to enjoy this.

    He hated asteroids. With a passion.

    He just hoped someone else was going through the same sludge as him. He’d be happy to have anything to relate to right now.

    Although, with his luck, it was probably some disgusting specimen of an inferior life-form…
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    This is insane. Spacebattles insane.
    Please, continue. I want more. Awesome.
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    I don't know jack about Dr. Who except that it involves time travel and planet-killing aliens who ride around in trash cans, but you have my undivided attention, good sir.
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  7. I am enjoying this thread IMMENSELY. Please continue kind sir.


    This is awesome. Have we mentioned this is awesome?
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    I remember seeing 1st chapter on FFN.
    That said,
  10. Dalek Sec, the first Dalek who will get a magical girl transformation scene.

    And only as a passing mention:

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    Somewhat batter with less tell and more show. Which is always a good think.
  12. Only mildly conversant with Whoverse mythology and even less with PMMM.

    The sheer hilarity of Dalek Sec's characterization sucked me in like crossing the event horizon of a supermassive black hole. I don't even know if its portrayal is canonical, only that I was laughing like a loon all through the second chapter.

    Like this:
    If you ever do a Girl Genius cross with Agatha Heterodyne and the most bitter slightly reformed genocidal pepperpot teaming up...I may squee. Loudly.
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    Thanks guys!

    I based Dalek Sec's characterization off his actions and what I could dredge up of him.

    He's a capable commander who prefers unorthodox tactics (the whole stunt with the Void Ship and the Genesis ark) and who is quite confident in his abilities ("WE CAN DE-STROY THE CY-BER-MEN WITH ONE DA-LEK!"), but mantains a healthy sense of preservation and tries to prepare for danger (he gave himself and the rest of the Cult of Skaro the ability to travel through time using only their casings, just in case they needed to go away in a hurry). However, he's also a bit of a (mad) scientist (Daleks in Manhattan) and quite prone to ignore his common sense in the pursuit of SCIENCE (Evolution of the Daleks) and "the greater cause".

    As for the universe constantly trying to screw him over... well, he's fought in the Time War (which was nasty, to say the least); he escaped, only for the ship to get stuck partway back; then he finds out that the Emperor survived, only to get killed by the time vortex and has the culprit laugh in his face (seriously Rose, What the hell?); then he tries to take over the world, only for his army to get killed by a plot device and he himself barely managing to escape; then he has to make a genetic laboratory in a may that would make McGuyver jealous, gets shot by his own troops, gets resurected by whatever ROB decided to screw with him, has to make another genetic laboratory out of scrap, gets the same genetic laboratory destroyed by familiars, who then have the gall to disappear when he's blowing off steam by killing them, gets horribly killed by Krimehild Gretchen, only to get resurected again because he's now stuck in a Stable Time Loop...

    Granted, a good bit of those were of my doing, but you get the idea.
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    Hmm... Magical girls are powered by hope, and witches are powered by despair.

    How about a magical-dalek powered by rage.
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    As unbelievably terrifying awesome as that is, I don't think it would happen, since the last time Sec tried hybridizing himself, he ended being killed. I think he's had enough self-experimentation for now.

    Performing Dalek Science on a Magical Girl, on the other hand...
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    Does Dalek Science involve dissections? Can we do that to QB?
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    Dalek Science involves genetic manipulation, energy weapons, and sneering at the concept of life and death.

    Also, QB wil not be dissected, as fun as that would be. Mostly because Sec will be too busy [SPOILERS EXPUNGED].
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    Haha, I think it will be hilarious when Sec shows up to the next meeting with Homura and promtly blasts the fuck out of the thing she's fighting only to say something along the lines of "well, I changed my mind. Guess we'll work together afterall".
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    I'm just happy that - with all the omghax the Cult of Skaro had going for them, there's still beings around who can casually obliterate them.
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    Considering that said being was a nigh-omnipotent witch capable of destroying the planet, and Dalek Sec was completely by himself when that happened, it's really not surprising.

    That he still tried shooting it into submission is a sign that Daleks have all those balls for a reason.
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    ...the pun... it... burns...
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    Chapter 3: The Dalek's master plan

    Homura picked up Charlotte’s Grief Seed from the ground.


    “…Give it back.”

    Sayaka complained.

    “Give it back! That belongs to Mami-san!”


    “This is only for Puella Magi, you have no right to touch it.”

    She flipped her hair, blowing the blunette off.


    Just like many, many times before. After a while, one began to see the consistencies within the loops, and then they all started to blur together.

    Unlike any other timeline, a shadow descended upon her. She looked up, drawing her pistol from inside her shield, thinking of what could possibly be happening now.

    Floating ten feet above the ground, with what Homura thought was a rather smug air around it, was Dalek Sec. It descended, touching down in front of her, staring with its mechanical eye all the way.

    “FOUND YOU.” It proclaimed.

    Homura trained her pistol on the self-described “intergalactic space Nazi”. Inside her façade, she was panicking. She didn’t have the advantage of knowing what could happen now; never, in all the worlds she had left to burn, had something actually followed her from one loop to the next.

    “You followed me?” she asked vaguely. Other experiences had proven that she had to hide her nature from Kyubey for as long as possible. Hopefully the shouty alien would catch her drift.

    “NOT BY CHOICE.” It spat, with just as much vagueness as she had, probably out of spite.

    The dalek seemed to look past her, towards where Madoka and Sayaka were still kneeled on the pavement.

    It trundled of towards them, Homura back stepping towards them as well, trying to keep herself between the metallic alien and Madoka, the gun never leaving its target.

    Remember, be like steel. You are not afraid. You are not weak. And if it as much as touches Madoka that thing will die.

    Thankfully, dalek Sec’s object of interest was not Madoka, or even Sayaka. Rather, it was Kyubey who was the subject of its unblinking gaze.

    The faceless tank and the expressionless abomination stared at one another for a moment.

    “I-DEN-TI-FY!” It, well, “screamed” was the only word that could describe how loud that thing sounded.

    Kyubey stared for a moment, and ran away, little white feet a blur.

    Homura closed her eyes.

    I will not laugh. I will not laugh. I will not laugh. Seeing that little bastard run in fear is not funny, and I will not taunt it as it runs for its many, many lives.

    … Oh lord, that’s so funny…

    The dalek’s dome turned quite suddenly towards Sayaka. Homura couldn’t have cared less; the girl was literally destined to die anyways.

    “I-DEN-TI-FY!” It screamed again.

    Sayaka stared at the dalek in wonder, something seemed to click in her mind.

    “Y-you were waiting for us.” She said. Homura frowned, to have appeared just as they were exiting the witch’s barrier… yeah, the dalek had been definitely waiting for them.

    “I WAS.” Sec deadpanned (as much as you can deadpan while screaming). “I-DEN-TI-FY!!” it repeated, slightly louder this time.

    “Mami died in there.” Sayaka accused, ignoring the alien’s rather loud words, and rose to her feet, planting herself in front of the shiny metal alien. “She died in there, and you just sat here, and you let her get eaten by that thing…”

    “Sayaka, stop it!”

    Both the alien and the doomed blunette turned towards Madoka, whom Homura was still keen to keep behind her and away from the developing conflict. The pink-haired girl shakily rose to her feet as well. There were tears in her eyes.

    Homura felt a pang of pain in her chest. Even after all this time, it still hurt to see Madoka cry.

    “H-he couldn’t have known Mami was going to die in there, we didn’t know either.” She wiped some of the tears away with the sleeve of her uniform. “It’s not his fault Mami died…or ours…” she seemed to tear up momentarily as she said this, “it’s the witch who did it, and it’s dead now.”

    The “thank you” went unsaid. Homura welcomed it anyways.

    Madoka took a deep breath and, for a moment, Homura thought she could see her.
    The other Madoka.

    That girl…who saved me all those loops ago… Is she really that close to the surface? Homura wondered.

    “What would Mami say, if she saw us accusing people like that?” Madoka asked, her voice strong.

    Sayaka seemingly deflated at this. She backed up from Sec’s personal space, and looked at the floor in shame. “I… I’m sorry. Madoka’s right, I shouldn’t have said those things.” She bowed her head slightly. “Please, accept my apologies.”
    omura looked at the tomboy in puzzlement. Surely Sayaka couldn’t have idolized Mami that much-

    Oh, wait. She could. She knew all too well how high Sayaka regarded the deceased blonde. Hell, she had found her a source of inspiration.

    The dalek made tiny movements with its eyestalk, before dipping it once.

    “APP-OLOGY AC-CEP-TED.” It said, rather tersely, Homura noted.

    Sensing that Sec was about to start screaming “I-DEN-TI-FY!!” all over again, Homura intervened.

    “Sayaka, Madoka, this is Dalek Sec.” She said, finally lowering her gun, but not re-stowing it in her shield. “Dalek Sec, this is Miki Sayaka and Kaname Madoka.”

    “Pleased to meet you, Sec-san!” Madoka chirped, forcing a kind smile. She turned towards Homura, a questioning look on her face. “Do you know each other?”

    “We’ve met.” Homura replied coldly. She internally winced at Madoka’s slight recoil at the tone of her voice.

    When this is all over, I need to cast away this mask. Homura shivered; the few times she had had the pleasure of hearing her own voice, in old videos she had inherited from her family, she could barely reconcile that shy, happy tone with her own.

    Sayaka quietly mumbled her greetings to Dalek Sec, who simply dipped it eyestalk in response.

    The alien turned towards Homura. “I MUST AD-DESS YOU IN PRI-VATE.” It said, casually shouting at her. Homura was starting to believe the alien loved the sound of its own voice.

    Homura nodded, turned around, and left towards her apartment, the dalek hovered behind her.

    Homura only returned the gun to its resting place after the distraught girls were out of sight.

    It appeared that Dalek Sec’s concept of stealth basically boiled down to “don’t bother”.

    The alien hadn’t even bothered to keep a low profile, preferring to keep alongside her and telling anyone who cared to listen that he was an alien space-Nazi. It seemed to work well enough.

    They were back at her apartment, projected images dominating the wall as always, giving the white room a rather…surreal feel.

    “Now that we are far from… prying eyes, I think explanations are in order.” She bent forward, keeping her cold gave on the alien in front of her. “You followed me to this world, right?”

    “IT WAS NOT BY CHOICE.” The dalek replied, holding her gaze with its own. “I HAVE BE-EN TIME-LOCKED WITH YOU.”

    Homura raised an eyebrow. “Time locked?” she asked.


    Homura blinked. It took a while for her mind to come to grip with what had been said.

    She was getting help.

    Unwilling, self-interested help that would probably prefer to be far away from here, but help nonetheless.

    “I… I am grateful.” She said, letting some emotion show, before forcing the mask back on. “Your help is much appreciated.” She bowed her head an inch, “But now, we must discuss tactics. You are a week late, and time is of an essence.”


    “…and you were replenishing where?” Homura raised an eyebrow.
    “AS-TE-ROID MI-NING.” It said, spitting the words out like a curse. Homura decided to leave it at that.

    The converation changed to what had gone on during the week that the dalek had missed, particularly today.

    “THE-RE WAS A CA-SUA-LI-TY?” The alien asked.

    Homura nodded, careful to maintain her neutral expression.

    “Her name was Mami Tomoe.” She anwered the alien’s question, “She was killed by the witch in that barrier.”

    omura gave a tired sigh. “No, “ she said, “her death was… convenient. Otherwise, she would have become an obstruction.”


    “She has emotional issues.” She explained, pinching the bridge of her nose. “It’s almost a requirement for a Puella Magi, but hers are particularly volatile. Had she learned what being a Puella Magi truly means, she would have attempted to kill me and any other girl that had made the contract, rather than let us to our fate.”

    “WHICH WOULD HAVE RE-SET THE LO-OP.” Sec concluded.

    “Exactly, and killing her beforehand only causes even more problems.” She shrugged. “Leaving her to die is kinder to her, and also serves as deterrent to Madoka for making the contract.”


    “She’s a lost cause.” Homura stated matter-of-factly. “She’s literally doomed to failure in almost every timeline I’ve been in. If she makes the contract, she’ll become a witch.” She sighed, saying the next words in a bored tone. “If she doesn’t, she’ll merely die.”




    Homura raised an eyebrow. “The transformation into a witch is impossible to revert.” She said. Kyubey had not lied when he had told her that, all of her attempts to do so had ended in failure.

    “I WILL NOT A-TTEPMT RE-VER-SION.” Dalek said, and this time Homura was completely certain that there was smugness in that thing’s voice.

    Homura tried prying the answer from the alien, but it refused to answer, and instead shifted the conversation elsewhere. Realizing that she simply didn’t have the patience or time to force an answer, she went along with it.

    They agreed to meet each other tomorrow, and hunt witches together, after which Sec would reveal whatever master plan he had in mind.

    Finding herself alone in her apartment, Homura couldn’t help but worry.

    What the hell was the alien up to?


    The next day…


    According to Homura, Sayaka would have made the contract with the Incubator by now, and be on the way to rescuing Madoka from a witch.

    That the human had memorized nearly every single event in this city that could be remotely relevant to her cause, and had learned nearly every single possible route in which events could unfold was a testament to the stability of the loop. Had Sec not been introduced into the equation, he was confident it could have gone on for something approaching eternity.

    Of course, he would have preferred not to have been introduced at all, but right now he was glad he had his casing with him, so there was no use complaining.

    Daleks did not complain when they met difficulties.

    Instead, they burnt difficulties down to ash, used that ash as a basis for a new sort of chemical weapon, and threw it at the next batch of difficulties that dared stand in the way, as per standard procedure.

    The current difficulty was getting the Grief Seed necessary for his plan. Dalek Sec had discovered that his systems were sadly incapable of piercing a witch’s barrier, so he had to rely on Puella Magi Homura.

    They had argued for some time, before settling down on something resembling a deal: There were currently seven witches in the area, they would enter the barrier of each witch together, and take turns in killing them, himself going first. Afterwards, Dalek Sec would give Homura the extra grief seed he had acquired, so that the Puella Magi would end up with four, and the Dalek with three.

    Dalek Sec was very tempted to just shoot her and grab them all, but that would have simply given him more problems than it was worth.

    They arrived at the location of the first witch for the night and Homura raised her Soul Gem. The barrier opened, and the human and he entered the witch’s realm.

    Sec gazed upon the eldritch realm, and endless conglomeration of paintings and twisted furniture patrolled by mannequins.



    It took 0.000047 rels for Dalek Sec to process the targeting information the sense-globes fed him. He assigned IFF tags to the various life-forms around him, marking the single human on his sensors as friendly, and all others as enemy.

    Hundreds of red contact icons, along with their distance, velocity and direction flooded the casing’s targeting computer.




    The gunstick spat out scientifically engineered death, each blue bolt racing towards its target, liquefying it from the inside out.


    The mannequins fell by the dozens, and he advanced through them, rotating his midsection to deliver kill as many of them as possible.



    He waded amongst the enemy, shield flaring with hits that failed to penetrate, and the enemy died.

    No, not the enemy.



    There would be no mercy, no quarter, no deliberation. They were in his way, and so they would be crushed.


















    The rest of the Dalek Creed was omitted. Partly because he wasn’t as sure about the status of the Daleks as the supreme beings anymore and partly because he doubted that the single pest remaining was worth wasting that much time on.

    The Witch.

    The former Puella Magi had the shape of a huge canine, a distorted version of the animal that the humans had tamed millennia ago.

    The witch said no words, it no longer could. It could only transmit intentions. Its own feelings of superiority; that how dare a mere mortal being enter her realm, and how dare he seek to deny her the human cattle it wished to embrace.

    Such blind arrogance… to think of a species that were only second to the Daleks in war as mere cattle…

    In three words, filled with a hatred that knew no bounds, Dalek Sec expressed his opinion on the witch.



    With that single blow, the witch was turned to dust.

    The metal sphere of the Grief Seed hit the ground with a *plink* as the barrier collapsed.



    The night’s hunt was over, all seven witches had been defeated, and Homura had four Grief Seeds safely stowed away in her shield.

    The dalek had displayed a surprising level of fighting capability, destroying the witches with frightening ease. The only term that could have described each fight would have been “curb stomping”. What at first glance had appeared to be nothing more than a particularly high-tech trash can turned upside-down, was actually closer to a small tank.

    She was very impressed, to say the least, and quite glad that she had the alien juggernaut on her side. Thankfully, she was able to mask both feelings and keep them from showing.

    They were now outside a warehouse in the city’s port that Sec had managed to obtain, where the loud alien said he would finally explain what he had devised. The annoying secrecy had driven Homura’s patience thin.

    “This better be worth my time.” She said in a voice that might have had ice in it.

    “IT WILL.” The dalek replied, as confidently loud as ever. The electric blinds groaned and rose on what Homura presumed was a wireless command.

    They went inside, the lights hanging overhead flickering on automatically.

    The warehouse was mostly deserted. On her right were a pile of boxes and a large plastic crate. On her left were an apparently random assortment of materials, electronics, and laboratory equipment, in various stages of disassembly, and packaging.

    Curious, she had a look at the boxes first.

    The picture in the box sparked a memory. She had seen it before.

    But where? When?

    She concentrated, looking back at the many, many loops she had been in. Where had she seen this sort of thing?

    A memory came to her, half-forgotten and buried under an eternity. Of her father, giving her a catalogue for her to obsess over…

    Her father…

    Try as she might, she could not remember his face.

    She shook her head; there was no time for reminiscing. These things were but toys, what was the dalek planning on doing?

    Thirsty for answers, she left the toys behind and peered inside the plastic crate.

    It was full of foot-long, bronze colored cylindrical devices, almost like-

    An image of Sec’s egg whisk-like blaster flashed in her mind.

    Her gaze went from the toys, to the devices, and back again. The Dalek’s plan clicked in her mind.

    “Ingenious.” She said, fighting the urge to grin. “But what is the other equipment for?”

    The dalek told her.

    She stared at him, the implications of Sec’s plan being run through her mind.

    “It’s impossible.”

    “DA-LEK SCI-ENCE SNE-ERS AT THE IM-POS-SI-BLE.” The alien proudly proclaimed.

    “It’s inhuman.”


    “It’s insane.”

    This time, she couldn’t help it. She grinned, which caused the alien to jerk away an inch.


    “And the Incubator will never see it coming.” She finished, the glee in her voice being as much emotion as she was willing to show. “I like it, I like it very much.”

    And I hope this makes you suffer, Kyubey, because then I’ll like it even more.
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    I see what Irregular Webcomic reference you did there.
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    This was most impressive. Also, I really want to see the Doctor tearing his hairs after witnessing results of the cooperation.

    > Such blind arrogance… to think of a species that were only second to the Daleks in war as mere cattle…

    >It appeared that Dalek Sec’s concept of stealth basically boiled down to “don’t bother”.

    >She grinned, which caused the alien to jerk away an inch.

    And you are awesome.
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    This will be Fun!
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