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  1. This is me just playing around. Lets see if people are interested enough to play too. :)

    A Necromancer is You
    Your Spells
    Check Out Miss Red
    To demonstrate
    and we really start
    First Battle
    is Short
    Black Carnival
    And ends
    Old Bastard Master
    And recover
    Repair, Research, Ravens, and Revelry
    Embarrassing Employer
    I see deaf people
    The Black Dress
    Day 1, Guard / Day 2-3, Guard / Finale, Guard arc / Month done
    A date
    3 Months left / 2 months left / 1 month / Agreeing to councilu
    Council / Part2 / 3 part / Council end
    Date Arena
    Arena Finale
    Bit of Fate
    Another Month
    Last Month
    Tower Defense Begin
    The First Tower
    First Decision
    First Fight
    And aftermath
    Plants Vs Zombies
    2nd month done
    Event / Event 2 / Event 3 / Event 4 / Event End
    Third Month Done
    A Small Conversation
    4th month tower defense
    5th month end
    Tower defense end
    A little interlude
    Mission Impossible / Stacking the Deck / Day 1 done / Inspection / Questions / Absurdly spacious sewers /Narrow it down / Day 3 start / Nom Nom / Day Four / End
    Something new / Little bit more / Almost / Consult / Let us start / setup /Ambushed/ Centipede / Study / A star / ^_______^ / Leviathan /
    Thread 2
    You are beginning to think your life with your coven has left you massively, massively sheltered. Just entering this city has quickly gotten you rather turned around, and now you are fairly certain that you are in a marketplace. You guess. It's hard to tell really since everyone is yelling at various things, and there are plenty of people bumping you around.

    Fortunately you keep your items in your pack under your cloak, so you aren't going to lose them anytime soon. Unfortunately, you are still rather lost. This isn't necessarily a bad thing you think. You didn't really have many plans yet aside from go in and see what's going on, but you really should start figuring out what you want to do.

    Your name is Driven, and you are a Necromancer.

    This is a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing in that you are a trained mage. This is rare and valuable. If you can find the right people you can actually make a decent living. It's a bad thing because Necromancers have a very poor reputation. something about grave robbing (You don't see what's wrong with it really. Dead is dead, you should know.) If people knew about it, you are pretty sure you would be running instead of just walking around lost.

    So what should you do? Your current possessions amount to 50 GP, your book of "Death and Dying" which contains all your spells and concepts, a backpack, and your clothing (Including a very nice cloak that is very warm and not terribly obvious.)

    You can't go back with your coven. The disagreement with them was rather final, and involved something about pain of eternal unlife if you didn't leave. Your fellow coven members are apparently very damned picky over the interpretation of the Death Concept. Going back would involve a lot more death than you were comfortable with.

    So you have to figure out something.

    Perhaps check out what that red haired woman was doing? She gesturing at certain people, and it seems to be rather interesting. She's also very pretty and in armor.

    The stalls around you also look like they have interesting things as well. You could use some heavy duty thread for various necromancer details. It would make a good start for some experiments you wanted to do. You would need a few cages too.

    Or maybe you should just focus on getting a place to stay. You have plenty of time, and that might be the best bet. It's still pretty early however, and you want to explore a bit more.

    [] See what the red woman was doing
    [] Check out the stalls for supplies
    [] Go for room and lodging
    [] Write In
  2. - Explaining Magic in This World-

    Possible future spells
    Magic is based on something most mages refer to as concepts. These are basic rules of the world etched onto reality. A mage uses magic by first learning and studying concepts. Once they have an appropriate grasp of this concept, they can theoretically use it to achieve anything. In practice they tend to use shortcuts (Spells) To define what is otherwise a massive amount of philosophy.

    To use a spell, you must first know the concept. Then you have to have the appropriate training and understanding. Then you must study the spell until you either understand it or memorize the theory behind it. Then finally you can apply your will and reference that spell to cast it.

    Say you want to cast the most basic spell. Focus Shot. This spell is typically Focus (Air) + Movement (Forward). An Beginner would have to focus on the entire thought process. An apprentice would be able to do the same but simply think of the spell name. A journeyman would simply have to gesture. A master wouldn't even need that. The power of it would be different depending on the will that the mage decides to focus on it as well.

    You are a journeyman level Necromancer just bordering masters. You actually probably could be considered a master if you had actually managed to pass your master's evaluation, but that's beside the point. As a necromancer, you are restricted to using only Beginner level spells and Necromancer spells. This is typical for any mage due to the way magic works (Concepts don't play well together), and you can actually be injured if you try to use anything enchanted with a non-necromancer school. What you know right now is below, with some simple explanations. You are considered proficient in everything on this list, but not expert. Becoming an expert in a concept is a very very big deal, and is far from easy.

    Beginner Level Concepts

    Movement: Considered the introductory level item, and one of the most important. The basic concept involves storing previous moment and causing it to be expressed again. Wagon wheels and other things that are designed to move consistently usually have a low level spell based on this.​

    Focus: Secondary lesson. Focusing things basically. It's used paired with other concepts. Elementists use this one most often to allow their elemental concepts to become more intense and controlled.​

    Disperse: Called the third lesson. This concept is used in almost all armor to diffuse damage and make them far more effective than otherwise. Also can be used to dispel something if you wish.​

    Apprentice Level Concepts:

    Body*: Defining how a body works and the basics of moment. This concept is another pairing concept. Used with Movement, an apprentice level Necromancer can create crude zombies or skeletons. You can pair this with Focus and Movement to allow you to graft replacement or additional body parts if you wish. Added body parts can get awkward really fast.​

    Preservation/Decay: This allows you to keep things from decaying. A rather important thing in your line of study. This concept can be reversed should you wish into Decay. That particular feature is used to strip flesh from bone and other particular unpleasant things so that you can use just the skeleton if you wish, and you do often due to the fact that it's easier all round if you have just the bones.​

    Fear: This is the concept of causing and removing fear. It's a narrow concept, but no less powerful for it.​

    Journeymen Level Concepts:

    Soul !!: This concept is incorrectly named in your opinion, but you can't think of anything better. It's basically the lingering sense of death. The remnants of the departed. It's not easy to understand, even for Necromancers, but with your understanding you get some interesting benefits. This is the only concept learned as a journeyman for a reason.​

    Master Level Concepts:

    Death/Life !!!: This concept simply exists. It's the motion of the world, the way things move and stop. To live and to die is the way the world works. The way it functions, and the way you function.​

    Beginner Level Spells

    Focus Shot: The most basic spell that every mage learns. You focus the air in front of you and shoot it out. With a moderate amount of effort you can hit something in line of sight. The most optimal range is around 100 yards, and at that range it's about as damaging as you lobbing a fist sized rock. Dangerous to unarmored, but ineffective otherwise. You can do that particular feat all day. If you really focus you can about double the effectiveness. The spell doesn't scale well. The speed of the projectile is equivelent to an arrow fired.​

    Damage: Minimum​
    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: 0-200 Yards​

    Enchant <Concept>: This is the other basic spell every mage learns. This can be done with any concept you have though it requires a bit of thought, and usually a fair amount of work. It might be beginner level, but this particular spell is versatile in that it can be used with anything and any concept. The vast majority of learning as a beginner is in this spell for various uses. Spells are actually just enchantments done in a preset pattern meant to last a few moments.​

    Cost: Varies​

    Dispel: Another basic spell. With time and effort you can essentially unravel any spell. It does however require time and effort about double what was used to create the spell.​

    Cost: Varies​
    Range: Touch​

    Apprentice Level Spells:

    Animate: The signature Necromancer spell. If it's dead you can reanimate it. It doesn't even need to be whole. Basic rule of thumb for this is the more flesh there is, the harder it is to maintain, but the more intelligent it is. Zombies can do complex tasks. Skeletons can do one command. You can create a good four dozen before you have to rest. You can maintain that many skeletons. Zombies however you can do perhaps twelve if you don't mind the smell. Six if you want to keep them presentable.​

    Your studies in life have allowed you to adjust this spell to animate formerly inanimate objects. You can force doors to swing on themselves, ropes to coil, manikins to move on their own. It's tiring, and requires a lot of attention, but it's a full animation if you wish.​

    Undead have unnatural strength, and no vital points. They are rather uncordinated right now, especially if you try to control them in larger numbers at once.​

    Cost: Skeletons minor, Zombies moderate, inanimate heavy​
    Range: 10 Feet​

    One Moment: A preservation spell. If you wish it, and don't want to do anything else for the day, you can cast this to preserve someone for a week without a reapplication. More practically you can use it to maintain something and prevent decay from setting in. It's actually very good for keeping food fresh.​

    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: Touch​

    One Living Moment: A preservation spell for living people. Will place them in a gentle state of repose which you can maintain indefinitely. While in this status they will be frozen, preserved from the debilitating effects of any injury.​

    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Touch​

    To Dust: Basically One Moment reversed. In this case it decays an object rapidly. Your basic use is to basically create skeletons by causing everything but the bones to rot away. It's range is basically touch, and it takes a good thirty seconds of concentration to totally complete this process. Necromancers have been known to augment Focus Shot with this spell, but you haven't gotten around to it.​

    Damage: Moderate by second​
    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: Touch​

    To End: A decay spell that wipes things clean. Granular in it's use, it can be used to disinfect, deliberately destroy something and leave others pristine. Has a side effect of enhancing growth after usage due to it basically reducing the effected are to the most basic components.​

    Damage: NA​
    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: Touch​

    Decay Shot*: Focus Shot adjusted. This adds a decay effect, that upon impact causes a moment of rot. It's effect is much like if you threw a bit of acid at someone.​

    Damage: Heavy, with a half foot diameter impact​
    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: 0-200 Yards​

    Hyperactivity: Places the target's metabolism into overdrive for a week. Doubles the healing, but doubles the need for food.​

    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Touch​

    Dread: Enchants a light to cause a feeling of dread and eventually fear to happen. While one looks at the light, the fear will slowly build.​

    Cost: Minor​
    Range: Must see the light​

    Journeyman Level Spells:

    Death Sense: You have this almost always on. You can tell when people and things are dying or dead. Larger and more intelligent things tend to have a larger imprint. You can sense a person dying in about a 1000 yard radius. You can tell if someone has died as well, but that tends to fade over time so your range decreases.​

    Due to your proficiency in the life concept, you can now sense life in the same distance. You get size and location. Nothing else about the living being.​

    Cost: None​
    Range: 1000 Yards​

    Summon Ghost: You can call forth the remnants of the departed to question them if you choose. Memory fades fast however, so don't expect things coherent after a day. More useful is actually as a defense. A ghost is a powerful and dangerous adversary that takes a lot of damage to put down. You don't even need a person dead with this, you can focus the basic remnants of dying things all around you into a ghost. It's not very smart, but it does obey your will should you wish it. You can currently maintain four ghosts at time.​

    Damage: Moderate​
    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Ghost appears within 10 yards​

    Summon Giant Ghost: You can call a massive ghost about two stories high. This creature has mass and is near invulnerable. Any attacks against it will stick inside it, and it is strong enough to shatter wood and break bones should it need to. It cannot fly, but can move at a moderate clip. If you are maintaining it, it costs the same as 3 ghosts.​

    Damage: Moderate​
    Cost: Heavy​
    Range: Ghost appears within 10 yards​

    Haunting Scream*: You call forth ghostly energy and weave it into a sphere of power. You then send it forward. The ball is about the size of a basket ball, and the speed is equivalent to a baseball thrown fast. Once it impacts something it will then explode, dealing damage regardless of the armor the victims are wearing.​

    Damage: Heavy in center, moderate in radius (10 Yard Diameter)​
    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: 0-150 Yards​

    Soul Shield**: You call forth ghostly energy and weave it into a shield of protection. This shield will stop one attack. It's about your size now, and lasts for ten seconds or as long as you maintain it. Will also stop most direct attacks.​

    Damage: Prevents one hit of Heavy Damage​
    Cost: Light​
    Range: 0-5 Yards​

    Black Carnival: A desperation style spell. If you don't care much about maintaining things or doing anything afterwards, you can basically summon a good four dozen ghosts to attack. This requires a fair amount of death around you, but it's effective if you need it. Lasts one hour and a half.​

    Cost: Consumes all power​
    Range: Ghosts appear within 100 yards​

    Empower*: Allows a recipient to cast spells as if you were casting them. Uses your skills, but must be powered by the user. Lasts a week, and has about a half hour of prep time.​

    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Touch​

    Haunt: Binds a ghost to the target. While the ghost is bound you can either have it cast soul shield, or report back to you after a set period of time with information related to what the person is doing or with a message. Undetectable except by other necromancers.​

    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Touch​

    Master Level spells:

    Dearly Beloved: With this spell you can basically reanimate a recently dead person. It's almost a resurrection actually, but requires some serious maintenance from you. The target has their full memories and abilities. They can't die until you stop maintaining it. They can't heal either.​

    Cost: Heavy​
    Range: Touch​

    We Stand Together: This is one of the most dangerous spells in the Necromancer spell list. When a person dies you can call their soul to you, and keep it's power for your own. The soul is preserved at no will cost, and will last so long as you wish. You can manifest it as a normal ghost as if you cast summon ghost, and demanifest it at your leisure. If it's destroyed while a ghost you lose it forever. While you have them called to you, you can use their power as if it were your own.​

    They also can whisper to you. Unending. Unceasingly. Even friendly allies in life will slowly come to despise you if you maintain this. Necromancers have and will be driven mad by this spell. Be wary.​

    Cost: Mimimum​
    Range: Calls forth dead within 1000 yards​

    In Undying Solitude: You inscribe a sigil about the size of your palm. While this sigil is whole your body can be torn limb from limb, you can be reduced to ashes. Your very soul can be ripped apart. And you will not die. Your soul will reconstitute itself from nothing so long as your sigil exists. Once it's gone...​

    You can only have one sigil active at a time. If you want it redone you have to recast and remake the sigil, and that one is the active one. It lasts so long as the sigil itself is whole.​

    Cost: Minimum​
    Range: Touch​

    Eternal Day: This is a variant of In Undying Solitude. Upon touching someone, you can prevent their death for exactly 24 hours. It works similar to In Undying Solitude except it doesn't need a sigil. Requires extensive knowledge of the target's body and soul. This knowledge can be obtained through about 4 hours of examination, and note taking.​

    Cost: Minimum​
    Range: Touch​

    To Breathe: This allows you to reinvigorate and force a body to function properly. Torn hearts will beat, flayed muscles will move. It also forces healing in the body, even in parts that do not normally heal. The parts still take a long time to heal. It can't regrow severed pieces, but can adapt transplanted ones to the appropriate part.​

    Cost: Heavy​
    Range: Touch​

    Genesis!: This spell was given to you by Leviathan. Coming with it are memories of her instructions on the exact ways to cast it, and what it can and can't do. Also, there are half hidden memories associated with it. You think it's possible to improve it if you try to concentrate on it.​

    When cast, this spell will cause an object to become a living creature under your control. It will also twist and warp the object to be capable of sustaining itself. When done, the new creature will have no intelligence, no will, and no desires but to serve you. It will require food and water of any type, and will basically be a living thing. It will also require no maintenance, and will be able to heal should it have enough materials.​

    For increased cost, you can cause the creature to tear itself out of the material. As an example, if you use a brick, you can have the brick break apart and a proper creature form out of it. You could even create massive creatures out of the very ground if you wish. Though that near exhausts you.​

    You currently cannot teach this spell.​

    Cost: Heavy​
    Range: Touch​

    Revive**: This spell is capable of resurrecting newly dead people (24 hours). It can reattach limbs, repair injuries, and will do exactly what's needed for the patient to live. It's a quick spell to rapidly repair a person. Once cast, the body is reassembled and will 'pull' pieces of itself together if they are close enough. They will need a long recovery afterwords, but this spell deliberately removes all hindrances to life.​

    You currently cannot teach this spell.​

    Cost: Moderate​
    Range: Touch​

    Breath of Life: Exhales pure life energy. Gives a small pickup to living people and can prevent death for a few minutes.​

    Cost: Heavy​
    Range: 100 meters​

    Unbroken, Unbowed:
    A cousin of We Stand Together, and Black Carnival. When you cast it, it will call forth every soul of people dead or dying within one thousand yards. These souls will fight for you. But not as souls. They will be as living people for exactly one hour. They can reason, they can cast spells, they can do whatever they could in life for that one hour. They can even 'die' again, which disrupts the control you have. During this spell, their bodies will be in stasis, and at the end of the hour, their lives or deaths will resume. For that one hour though, they are yours to order, and will do so gladly.​

    You haven't cast this spell yet. Well, not exactly. You've tested it, but a full cast will completely wipe you out. Completely. In fact, you believe that doing this will make you useless for the rest of the day. You can do other things before, but afterward...​

    Cost: Extreme​
    Range: 1000 yards​

    Concepts available for Research:

    Fear: From what you know this would involve adding to and subtracting from fear.

    Loss: The few Necromancers that claim it are capable of permanently destroying things. You don't know much more than that

    Mind: Changing memories, manipulating perceptions

    Time: Not explored yet. People have tried, but it's a torturous exploration that none have managed

    * Number of credits you have towards this concept.
    ! Milestones towards a concept

    -Mimimum costs: You can do this roughly all day
    -Moderate costs: Like lifting weights. Hard, but possible to do consistantly.
    -Heavy costs: Can't do much else than this
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  3. [x] See what the red woman was doing
  4. [X]Redhead.
  5. Oh, btw is the spell list understandable? Tried to keep it brief but versatile, and not certain I succeeded. Feel free to ask questions if you so wish.
  6. Darik29

    Darik29 Verified Delicious

    [x] See what the red woman was doing

    Redhead in armor. Recruiter? Better than nothing, at this point.

    Plus, were actually pretty badass, for a Necromancer. Give us some corpses, and we can make a small party of fighters.

    That last spell? Almost true Ressurection? That'll come in handy. Now, all we need to do is figure out how to make it Permanent, and things'll be Gravy.
  7. Rushil

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    [X] See what the red woman was doing
  8. How bad a bad reputation? People just find necromancers creepy? Shunned unless needed? Burn on sight?
  9. OOC here

    Necromancers have a nice history of grave robbing and other death related shenanigans. They also gather in covens and keep away from people and to themselves. You can expect attitudes ranging from shunning to outright lynch mobs should you use any of your Necro spells in public. You don't give off obvious visual clues though, and there is a bit of a difference between outright seeing mommy get up with a hole in her head and hearing it told. There is a difference between knowing and seeing.

    Basically cast a spell to raise someone in public, you wont have happy reactions. Otherwise you can at least function in society.
  10. Vindictus

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    [X] See what the red woman was doing​
  11. SolipsistSerpen

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    [X] See what the red woman was doing

    Because theoretically, the stalls and inn will still be here later, but the red head may not be doing something interesting anymore.

    Actually, I like your magic system just one question:
    Does that mean you'd have to hit someone with your focus shot and then concentrate on them to make them rot? At a rate of skeletonize in thirty seconds, presumably dead much earlier than that? And if so, how long does decaying into death take?
  12. More that you could add decaying properties to your Focus Shot. It wouldn't last very long, but it would upgrade the danger from mildly dangerous to flesh eating dangerous :)
  13. SolipsistSerpen

    SolipsistSerpen Solipsist Serpent

    Right, so that's the first new spell that needs to be invented, as long as it's either more energy efficient or less recognizably necromancy than just summoning ghosts. Because "hits as hard as a thrown rock" is probably not going to be good enough.
  14. [x]redhead
    how does aiming work? if we add decay to the force shot spell will it get another visible component that we can manioulate and move around or is it still basicalyl throwing it roughly where we want it to hurt someone? What happens if we use something like double movement
  15. On Force Shot- Aiming is point and shoot for you. You are proficient enough in it that you don't need to do more than that. Consider about as accurate as a gun normally, but if you concentrate you can get better results.

    It's already got Force and Movement in it. You cant add more of the same concept to it sadly. It's conceivable that you could change it, but the reason it doesn't scale well is more a matter of what you are using. Since you are focusing air, it loses cohesion rapidly. The reason it's an introductory spell is more that it's easy, and it's a great way to teach how to modify spells.

    If you add Decay it won't be notable in casting. It will be notable in it's effect. Knowledgeable people will know it's necromancy. There are several variants that produce a similar effect. Mot notably Water Elementists and their Acid Shot.


    [x] Check out Miss Red

    You decide to check out the redhead. She looks interesting, and you could always do something else later.

    As you get closer to her you, you can make out more details. She's in what looks to be very expensive armor. Elaborate stuff that matches her hair. She's also very lovely, fair, well formed features, and long red hair. You do seem to catch a hint of scales around her neck as well. Dragon blood in her past you think. That's actually rather rare.

    "You!" The woman points at you.

    You make a sound of alarm, and the woman takes the time to get up close and link her arm with yours.

    "You are a mage aren't you?" She smiles warmly at you, and a distant part of you goes from alarm to outright panic. "Just what I need! You don't look to have any job at the moment, and I have a very interesting proposition for you."

    You make a sound of protest, but find yourself dragged along for a few feet and into a nearby bar. The woman is unnaturally strong, and unfortunatly very charismatic. Unguarded right now, you don't think you could resist anything she said.

    "Have a seat!" She chirps, and shoves you into an isolated table before strolling away.

    It takes you a few moments before she gets back with a pair of glasses filled with something. Fortunately you can recover from the cart just ran you over in that time. You are better able to resist when she smiles brightly at you and sets a glass down in front of you. It also helps that she seems to have dialed it down.

    "My name is Alia Heartscale." The red haired woman looks at you intently as she speaks. "I'm the head of a merc group, and we are looking to take a step up in our capabilities. To do that, we need a mage to support us."

    You take a moment before replying, and take a sip of the stuff she set in front of you. You regret that decision, it's nasty. "So you want me to join up?"

    "Yes!" Alia nods. "I can tell you aren't affiliated with anyone in the city yet. It's pretty obvious by how you are dressed, and you have the look of a mage at that."

    You look down at your clothing. You didn't think it was that obvious. In fact, you are almost insulted now. Was it your nice cloak?

    Picking up your thoughts the woman chuckles and takes a long drink out of her glass. "The big thing is that you aren't carrying a weapon. Even our local merchants have a dagger at their belt."

    "Ah." You shake your head. You are getting derailed. "You don't even know anything about me. I mean this is all really sudden."

    "You know Movement, Focus, and Disperse?" The woman looks at you seriously now.

    You gulp under that look. It's her charisma dialed up again, and not so friendly. "Y-yes. I'm about journeyman level."

    "Perfect!" Alia smiles brightly at you. "We travel a lot, but we have a wagon for your studies, and pay is going to be a share of the reward when we do a job. Of course I would have to know your discipline before I can really place you."

    You hesitate at that.

    [] Get up and walk away (Retreat!)
    [] Lie
    [] State what you are
    [] write in
  16. Darik29

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    [X] State what you are

    Honesty above all else, or else problems will occur.
  17. (x) State what you are.
  18. [x] State what you are
  19. bloodshifter

    bloodshifter Insane Cook of a Bygone Age

    [x]state *sword in the gut* ~dies horribly ~desu

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  20. [X] State what you are
  21. Vindictus

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    [X] State what you are​
  22. [x] State

    You cough slightly and look around at the people in the bar. No one is paying attention to you thankfully. Alia is still smiling but is also now raising an eyebrow.

    "Necromancer." You finally manage to mumber out.

    "Escuse me?" Alia's smile goes away and she leans forward.

    "I'm a necromancer." You spek more clearly.

    The woman sits back in shock. She then leans forward again, taking ahold of your mug and draining it. "Well... Not what I was expecting at the very least."

    You start looking for exits in case you have to run. It would be a bad idea to do big magic here less you want to be mobbed.

    "Oh don't worry. I'm not going to lynch you." The woman waves her hand in a gesture for more drinks. "Though really it's not every day one sees a mage with your specialty. Especially out of your coven."

    "Had a bit of a disagreement with mine." You get out with a embarrased look.

    "I've seen what a coven is capable of you know?" Alia notes quietly as another pair of mugs are placed on the table. She drains them both easily. "Had to clear out a coven as a job once. Place was filled with skeltons and zombies calwing at us. Nasty stuff, especially when the zombies exploded. Never found any of them, just the dead things."

    "Sounds like a standard coven." You reply back, thinking about how you would go about making exploding zombies. "We don't like confronting people. We might study death, but that doesn't mean we like having it inflicted on us."

    "So I'm guessing that you haven't seen combat at all." Alia pushes away the mugs and looks at you with interest.

    You shake your head. "I have a few spells geared for it. I was working on more the defensive aspect of coven before I left. Never got into any combat."

    Alia nods and taps her fingers on the table. "Normally I would say you aren't suitable. You won't have an easy time with the rest of the group, and if word got out that we had a necromancer there would be issues. However, we need a mage. A journeyman mage is worth a lot."

    You raise an eyebrow and look at the woman.

    "The offer is still on the table if you want it." Alia finally states. "It will be hard, and I would need you to keep your spells discrete unless we need it." She brushes aside her red hair and sits back. "We can hold off on where you go in the ranks until I have a better handle on your power. An elementist would be easy. So would a Druid, or Alchemist. A Necromancer? That's gonna depend on how you deal with everyone else.

    [] accept
    [] decline
  23. [X] accept
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  24. Vindictus

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    [X] Accept

    Where else is a Necro gonna get an offer this good?
  25. [X] accept
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