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  1. Who would have guessed that the charity rated as the worst charity is, in fact, a pretty crappy charity?

    Meanwhile, with a trivial amount of research you can find dozens of charities with very good spending ratios.
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    Avalon, you're losing an argument with SeaDart. You might wish to decline to continue this disturbing state of affairs.
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    1. So the people should just lie down and take it if they have a cruel ruler (Erdogan in Turkey)?
    2. So cruelty is okay if the government does it? Yes or no?
    3. However, the state is in total control, which means that the only thing that matters is if you obey the law
    4. Oh but it's true. "national security" has been used as a cover for unbelievable cruelties by the state.
    5. A few convictions don't mean jack and shit if the whole institution is rotten to the core.
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    I've found that people generally do not take kindly to being on the other end of an argument with me. Usually they result to slinging insults like so many monkeys. Bit sad.
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    So pointing out that Jim Crow/Extraordinary Rendition/Stolen Generations would be acceptable in your "It's the law!" is somehow "slinging insults"?
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    Oh, now you start quoting eh?
  7. Yay for swedish regulations where to get the proper aid collection phone numbers you have to account to the state that no less then 75% of gathered money go to the designated charity target. Makes it easier to spot the scamers.
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    Given that you think dem uppity N****** could have avoided their troubles if they obeyed the law (and in that same thread said that it was acceptable for the state to make someone watch their family get tortured)...
  9. Dammit, I roughly agree with SeaDart.

    Charity can do good work and it has, depending on the organization, but to take care of most of what we need to be doing the government is usually the best solution.

    I'm not saying don't give to charity, but it would be better just to not oppose paying a decent amt of taxes.
  10. SeaDart I've read a few of your posts and am a bit confused where you stand.

    Anything the government does is correct?

    No one should protest what the government does?

    Is that your stance?
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    I believe in strong government, capitalism, and rule of law.
  12. Charity is a nice to have.
    But slums didnt get cleared by charity
    Clean water and sewers
    Old age pensions
    Or the NHS universal education of the welfare state they got done by goverment.
    Goverment can get shit done and pretend it cant is a lie.
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  13. Well, you cannot have all three.

  14. So you would support anything as long as its law? Just because something is law doesnt make it right
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    What is China?
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    That's only because nobody ever tries to collect charitable donations to hire private security/mercenaries to protect people in troubled areas.
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    Whose right are we using?
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  19. I would say morale right, but that differs quite a bit. How about this Is there any law you wouldn't obey? Say a law is passed that makes all protesting and campaigns to change the laws illegal. Is that something you would still follow it?
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    Yes. We're discussing this in the other thread.