A Thin Veneer

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  1. This is a story in which I wanted to start later however I will beta it here. It's written with a lot of imput by Major D. Here is is considered co-author.

    I thought of this only after I saw Col Crackpot's story and as I said n the other thread I asked permission first before I proceeded with this. I am also glad I waited because this has given Kela the incentive to work on his own story, which is a good thing becasue his is interesting. There are others doing a similar theme but have not continued theirs.

    There will be changes and modifications and I will let you know. Please let me know what you think.

    Kela-keep going
    Col. Crackpot-keep going, but faster.

    Two things: I have been proud of two comments since I have been writing. The first is that I was accused of sterotyping Ben Sisko. That was a great comment and proves that certain people truly haven't a clue.

    The second was that I was a trekie racist against the honorable Klingons. To that I have answered [summation here]-yes, I am because I've seen their history and the canon. Many of them are lowlife -but then so are many of the humans etc. I freely admit my guilt. and to them, you may not like this story at all ;7

    Now disclaimers:
    Title: A THIN VENEER version 1.0
    Author: Albert Green Jr. and Major Diarrhia
    Contact: g3607273@yahoo.com and g3607273@uic.edu
    Rating: PG- 13
    Summary: Captain James T. Kirk Chancellor Gorkon rescues a group of Human refugees from the far side of the galaxy. That simple act of kindness will be the spark a war that ranges across the galaxy and reveal the thinness of the veil that separates civilization from barbarianism.
    ---------------------COPYRIGHT/DISCLAIMER NOTICE-----------
    The full disclaimer will be located at the end of this story. However be it known that I own nothing and expect to get nothing because the rights are owned by others. Only certain characters and technologies are mine and these are the creation of the author who is solely responsible for them as such. Neither Studio is responsible for the content of this story.
    First of all, to my wife who allowed me to keep hiding in our basement and write in relative peace, even though punishment will come later. I keep saying that and it still applies. To Neil Gartner, Charles Caruthers, SG07, and Charles Nelson whose writing has continued to inspire me-THANK YOU.

    Albert Green Jr.
    G3607273@uic.edu or g3607273@yahoo.com

    A quick note: This story started when I read Col Crackpot’s story idea some months ago. Intrigued, I asked him if I could do my own take. He agreed, and I and MD went for it. For CC, thanks and I promise to make mine different. There will be a lot of changes as we continue and I will let you know as we do them.

  2. Chapter 1

    “A thin Veneer”

    Chapter one
    “The Undiscovered Ones”

    Captain James Tiberius Kirk was fuming. No, that word could not by any means describe what the man was feeling. Anger, hostility, disbelief, and a profound sense of betrayal by his best friend came close to describing what he was experiencing right now.

    Admiral Cartwright a tall black man with impeccable attitude walked slowly past the fuming Captain, stopped, then whispered to the Captain, “I don’t know whether to congratulate you or not.” He continued on his way, just as disgusted as Kirk was.

    Doctor McCoy standing next to him knew the answer to that. “I wouldn’t. Then he too left.

    Who cared if the Klingons had fifty years of life left to their planet? They were the ones who poisoned it in the first place. If they hadn’t blown up their own moon they wouldn’t have this problem. And it wouldn’t have been dumped in his lap by his friend-Spock-whose neck he could wring right about now. How dare he presume to volunteer his ex-Captain to be the tip of the spear of a peace treaty with the Klingons?

    The Klingons killed his son. They did it for the fun of it. They did it and let him listen to the death of his son. It was a sound that replayed itself in his dreams over and over and would continue so until the day he died. They made him face Carol, made him explain to her that son David had died and that he couldn’t do anything to stop it. She never said anything but he knew that she blamed him for his son’s death. Logically he knew that there was nothing he could have done. But he felt responsible. The Klingons caused misery, death and destruction in everything they touched. Their Empire was a study in self-destructive orgy all played out in the name of honor. They didn’t know the meaning of the word. And now the fact that their planet was about to lose its ozone layer because of their own mistakes was an irony he could appreciate.

    Admiral Cartwright had the right idea; this was the perfect time to bring them to their knees. It would be asking for trouble allowing the Klingons, an aggressive species, safe haven within the Federation border.

    The room emptied itself leaving only Captains’ Kirk and Spock. No one, not the Admirals, the Captains, or other personnel wanted to witness what was about to occur between the two officers.

    Ramrod straight, James’s hazel eyes locked onto his friend. “We volunteered?” he asked, seething with barely contained rage.

    “There is an old Vulcan proverb,” Spock replied. “Only Nixon could go to China,” which was translated to mean that if Captain Kirk, the Klingons greatest adversary, were to extended the olive branch then it would be appreciated as the significant gesture that it was.

    “How could you vouch for me?” Kirk snapped, ignoring the reference. He hated those aliens. “That’s arrogant presumption.”

    Spock understood that only logic would have a chance to break through his friend’s mood right now. “My father,” he explained, “requested that I open negotiations…” before he could continue he was cut off.

    “I know your father is the Vulcan ambassador, for heaven sake. But you know how I feel about them,” Kirk hissed. The Klingons were worse than ever. What would possess them to concentrate all of those hazardous, explosive materials next to their home planet without regard to their own safety? “They’re animals.”

    Logic wasn’t working as well as Spock hoped but he had to try. “Jim, there is an historic opportunity here.”

    “Don’t believe them. Don’t trust them.”

    “They are dying,” Spock intoned.

    “Let them die.”

    Stunned by that statement, Spock looked at him, allowing his emotions to express themselves to his friend. It was shock. And it had its desired effect. Kirk momentarily faltered as he understood depth of the hatred within his soul.

    But he was never one to give up so he tried another approach. “Has it occurred to you that this crew is due to stand down in three months? We’ve done our bit to King and country. You should have trusted me.”

    ‘I do trust you, Jim’ Spock thought. ‘Emotions aside, you will do the right thing because you must. It is only logical and Logic is the beginning of wisdom. But now is not the time to explain it to you’.

    Spock’s response was to say nothing.

    Captain’s log Stardate 9522.6: I’ve never trusted Klingons and never will. I’ll never forgive them for the death of my boy. It seems to me that our mission to escort the Chancellor of Klingon High Council to a peace summit is problematic at best. Spock says that this could be a historic occasion and I’d like to believe him. But how on earth can history get past people like me?

    The log entry would have continued, but duty called. They were at the rendezvous point and Qo’noS One, the Klingon vessel carrying the diplomatic envoys was fast approaching. The presence of the Enterprise ensured that no one would harass them on their way to Earth.

    Communications were established, light conversation made and the Klingons were in invited to dinner. Personally, Kirk could barely contain himself. Neither could the crew.
    Out of respect, the Captain chose to have Klingon delicacies served. Klingon food tasted and looked like it smelled--nasty. And Kirk couldn’t help but jibe his first-in-command, a vegetarian, since he would be partaking of feast as well. “I hope you’re happy,” he whispered as he walked by.

    Spock said nothing.

    Dinner was interesting. Klingons chose to eat only their food, not Federation plates added to the menu. They liked the forks and they liked the knives even if they were dulled. Napkins were used but the Klingons had to wait until they understood their purpose. And cups and saucers were alien things to be ignored and they did so since they had no idea what they were used for in the first place.

    The dinner started off well enough. The conversation was strained but pleasant at first. Chancellor Gorkon, Brigadier Kerla, and the Chancellor’s daughter Azetbur, were most polite and seemed to be enjoying the gathering. But as time continued on and the highly illegal Romulan ale began to take affect, things grew tense and the differences between the Klingon Empire and the Federation became apparent as the dinner progressed. The Klingons aggravated the situation when they dared to claim that Hamlet originated from Klingon prose.

    ‘To be or not to be’ –as in trying to kill one another-, indeed was the question. Kirk wasn’t impressed by the food and it didn’t help as General Chang, the head of state, kept baiting him. Then Spock kept answering for Kirk, which the Captain didn’t like at all. The General clearly wanted to start a fight then and there, diplomatically stated of course. He and Kirk were enemies in all but name, and everyone felt it. Underneath all the banter was one pervading, raw emotion. Fear.

    Kirk watched Chancellor Gorkon sigh and he agreed with the sentiment expressed. They all had a long way to go. The only good thing that came out of the entire incident was that they hadn’t gone hand-to-hand over the dinner table.

    As Commander Scott Montgomery said, “thank God.” Klingons and Romulan Ale did not mix and it made for one screwed-up dinner.

    Deborah Salti, Captain of the civilian transport Springfield, gritted her teeth and held on to her chair until her knuckles turned white. The swirling image of hyperspace, something she was intimately familiar with, now twisted, fractured and reformed itself in ways she had never imagined. Her crew was uncharacteristically quiet as they maintained their systems and stared out the windows at the whirlwind-like energies they were trapped in. She was proud of her crew. Even in the face of certain death, they had maintained their courage.

    Her passengers however were another story. Every bump, every twist caused them to scream in terror. Since there was no gravity those people not strapped down were subjected to a multitude of injuries. There was vomit floating everywhere and privacy was non-existent. The smell of Human desperation permeated the ship, the air scrubbers being overtaxed by the overflow. The Springfield was packed to the rafters with hungry, desperate, terrified refugees, the last survivors of a small Earth Alliance colony that was attacked by two Minbari Tinashi class frigates.

    The Springfield, Rutledge, and Dandridge had managed to retrieve all of the civilians of the eighth colony located sixteen light-years from Earth. It was a small colony whose population was barely numbered eight thousand and had only been in existence two years, before the war started. As with most wars it was a single incident that started a conflict that would end in genocide.

    Nearly two years ago, a group of Earthforce ships, lead by the Captain Michael Jankowski. Captain of the Prometheus, had been sent out to scout the Minbari boarder, with explicit orders not to make first contact with this unknown species A man considered a loose cannon by many of his associates, the Captain foolishly decided to take the initiative in the face of his orders and lead the fleet closer to the Minbari boarder. He was ambitious and this particular mission would have been a sure bet for him to receive the promotion and notoriety he so desperately wanted.

    To his great dismay he got what he wished for and more. Neither side knew the other’s language, making communications between the two impossible at the time. The Minbari sensors, being so powerful, overwhelmed the comparatively primitive Earthforce sensors, nearly blinding them. Then, a critical error occurred.

    As a matter of honor the Minbari gun ports opened and the Captain’s fears, fed by his XO, took over. Never one to think things through, he assumed the worst. The Captain, unable to come up with any possible reason for the series of events other than some sort of preemptive attack on the Minbari’s part, ordered his ships to open fire on the lead Minbari vessel, the War Cruiser Valen'tha. His conclusions initiated a fatal string of events. Unknown to him, the Valen’tha carried the entire governing body of the Minbari which called themselves the Grey Council. The Earth Alliance attack was swift and deadly, causing terrible damage to the Valen’tha, killing the head of the Grey Council, Dukhat. Under the cover of confusion, the Earth Alliance task force retreated while they could, under a hail of retaliatory fire.

    So distraught and confused by the attack, the Minbari did not follow immediately. The Grey Council was split and could not decide on what action to take. The final vote came down to Delenn, youngest and newest member of the Grey Council. Dukhat was her mentor and friend for years and in a fit of rage she made the decision she would come to regret.

    "He was the best of us!” she screamed. They struck without provocation, there was no reason! Animals! Brutal! They deserve no mercy! Strike them down! Follow them to their base and ... and kill them, all of them! All of them! No mercy!"

    In her pain she screamed for revenge and her people were as one. And so it was, that they followed the alien fleet to their base and the Earth -Minbari War began.

    It was not just a cultural misunderstanding, but a series of tragically absentminded mistakes on the part of a single Captain of EarthForce. The bloodlust of the Minbari continued past any reasonable length of time.

    Their leader dead, the Minbari screamed for vengeance and set out upon a campaign of slaughter. Swarming the Earth colonies they swiftly destroyed all military assets, strangely leaving unarmed and unescorted installations and ships alone at first. Earth’s fleets fought valiantly against the enemy, but this wasn’t the Dilgar; these were Minbari, a race that had walked the stars more than a thousand years before man. It was like fighting a hurricane with wet mud; useless, deadly and messy.

    Mankind’s best weapons were impotent as they couldn’t lock on to Minbari ships using their active stealth systems. At best their scanners could only retrieve a distorted silhouette image. And what little signals they did receive were skewed by several degrees. Earth weapons would completely miss their targets even at what was considered point blank range. Their inability to lock on reduced Earth Alliance to blind carpet bombing to achieve any type of success against the superior enemy. Minbari armor was susceptible to Earth weaponry, but rarely did they actually achieve a hit against the enemy. Suicide runs and saturation fire occasionally worked against the Minbari warships but even the odds were against those who tried. The horrific Minbari weapons sliced through Humanity’s most powerful ships as if they were made of the thinnest metal. The only thing that Humanity could do was to fight and die with the faint hope that their sacrifice would give others some type of fighting a chance. The Minbari did not negotiate and did not spare. If you were armed, you were dead.

    Civilian ships under military escort were considered legitimate targets. Only later did EarthGov realize this fact but it became clear that the Minbari had plans to exterminate mankind. The were concentrating on military targets first. The civilians were lower priority targets, but targets nonetheless. They would simply kill and would continue to do so until Humankind became a memory.

    “And they were supposed to be an honorable people,” she murmured. She didn’t even bother concealing the bitterness in her voice to her crew.

    Memories flooded back.

    The Minbari waited until the ships had completed the evacuation before they attacked. It was a game to them, an exercise in efficiency. They came at the transports just as they powered up their jump engines. The two EA heavy cruisers rained hell upon the ten Minbari Nial fighters with their plasma cannons. The weapons fire never made contact with their targets. Twelve Star furies launched in seconds, guns blazing, shaking their craft with crunching screams of plasmatic power. They rained an orgy of doom upon the ten Minbari Nial fighters but to no avail. They never even touched them as targeting systems failed to lock on at the great range they were fighting.

    The Tinashi Class War Frigates swept the Star Furies from space with the slightest touch of their fearsome particle beams The Minbari had now closed on the Hyperions, promptly slicing one into two, spilling its now incinerated and now vaporizing crew into space.

    The transports had created a jumpoint into a swirling compressed spatial dimensional plane referred to as jumpspace. Inside that dimension lay the prospect of freedom and life. Salti gasped as salvation rushed forward to greet her ship. But that elation turned to horror as the Dandridge cleaved in two. The Rutledge was next, castrated of its engines Minbari weapons fired and sent it spinning impotently on a forsaken course of doom. Hitting the opening, the Dandridge slowly tore itself apart from internal explosions and centrifugal forces. The collapsing jumpoint finished the job as it crushed the command section like an egg. By some miracle, her ship had survived as did the Hyperion ship Farlin to pass through the jumppoint. They were safe for now but they knew that it wouldn’t last for long.

    The Minbari warships opened a jumpoint of their own and quickly followed. In desperation, both Earth ships took what evasive maneuvers they could to avoid their pursuers. Then, the unthinkable; a hyperspace distortion unlike anything seen before snapped into existence, dragging the EA ships into itself with currents too strong to break out from and pulled speeds unimagined by any of Earth’s scientists. In their unwillingness to give up their prey, the Minbari followed. Realizing the danger, the Minbari established jumpspace beacons-transmitters to help with their return journey. It took them twenty minutes before they were ready to continue the chase.

    That was twenty-seven days ago. The Captain didn’t know how much longer they could survive. Life support was overtaxed and nearly at the point of failure. The passengers were at the edge of mutiny and all hope seemed lost. There was nothing she could do but pray.

    “Oh, God,” the navigator yelled from behind. “It’s over.”

    Salti strained in disbelief. The hyperspace passageway faded into non-existence and the normalcy of jump space assaulted her senses.

    “Power up the engines,” she yelled. “We’re exiting to normal space now!”

    “We have no idea where we are,” the navigator insisted even as his hands prepped the jump engines. “We could be too close to a star. We could burn up or slam into a planet.”

    “Anything is better than this. Time to jump?”

    “Five seconds.”

    “On my mark…jump.”

    Both Earth ships entered normal space at full velocity. There was little time to waste as the Minbari were less that twenty minutes behind them. The passageway had stressed both Earth ships to the breaking point and was in no condition to jump again. They had to flee before the Minbari caught up and slaughtered them.
  3. Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    “The Surprise”

    The Klingon vessel Amar and its companion the Kordon instantly detected the dimensional disturbance that was unlike the warp signatures so often seen in their part of the neutral zone where they patrolled. They had been the escorts of Chancellor Gorkon’s ship and were now patrolling the Klingon border for possible Federation deceit. Qo’noS One had just been met by the feared, but respected USS Enterprise captained by James T. Kirk, which would then escort them to Earth to begin peace talks. The two cloaked escorts immediately vectored towards the disturbance.

    They discovered two ships, primitive by most standards, heading for Federation space at a pace perfect for a child’s target practice. They were huge bulky things, the smaller non-warship being about six hundred meters long. The warship was bigger, extending to almost twelve hundred meters. Both were transmitting distress calls of some sort.

    Onboard the Klingon vessel Amar, Captain Karg resisted the urge to fall out of his chair from hysteria as his son reported details on both ships. “Fusion reactors?” he grunted. “Particle lasers and no shields? No gravity generators?”

    “Yes,” he confirmed. “Power readings unusually high. Battle damage on warship, significant,” Marg, son of Karg said in terse Klingon battle language. “No Federation technology detected. Alien design. Non-combat ship. Alien design. Two thousand three hundred Humans. Life support failure imminent. Both emit high levels of tachyons.”

    “They are headed for Federation space.” It wasn’t a question.

    His son grunted an affirmative.

    “Have they detected us?”

    “No, Captain.”

    “Then it is not our concern.” Starfleet sensors would detect the ships and deal with them.

    “Captain,” his son yelled. “Another disturbance. Four hundred thousand kilicams. Two contacts. Warships; configuration unknown. Size, nine hundred meters. Stealth capable, no shields. They are hunting the Human vessels.”

    The Klingon Commander was amused at the situation playing out in front of his ship. "The Humans have made others angry at them," he bellowed while his crew joined him with laughter of their own. All of them wanted to see how this situation would play out.

    However a moment later, Karg's mood turned foul. Those alien vessels were big, covered with some type of crystalline armor and far more sophisticated than the Human ships. His ship's sensors were having trouble achieving a solid lock on the alien ships without going fully active. If they destroyed the Humans during the beginnings of the peace conference, he would be blamed. That would be unfortunate.

    “How long before the aliens reach firing range?”

    “Twenty-two minutes.”

    The Captain grunted loudly. He really wanted to see the slaughter. “Contact Chancellor Gorkon. Tell him what transpires here.”

    “Captain to the bridge.”

    Owww. “Did that have to be so loud?” Kirk muttered to himself, still cringing from an untreated hangover. Bones hadn’t even had time to treat himself yet. The Romulan ale and Klingon foods by themselves were rough at the best of times. Together they were lethal, as the battles in his stomach could attest to. These were the times when he envied Scotty. Unless it was scotch, the Captain of Engineering wouldn’t even feel a thing. “Kirk here.”

    “We are receiving a tachyon-based distress call at the edge of the Klingon border,” Captain Spock said.

    “A tachyon-based distress call?” He was puzzled. “From who? We just left from there.”

    “Unknown at this time, Sir.”

    “Can we hail the distressed ships?”

    “Not at this time, Captain. They obviously cannot respond to subspace communication and we do not have the precision to create a tachyon beam with the required focus and range.”

    “Inform Chancellor Gorkon,” he ordered. “Plot intercept course and go to maximum warp. I’ll be there in a moment.”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    On the bridge, Kirk ignored the slightly hung-over crewmembers that had participated in the dinner. McCoy hadn’t got around to the rest of the dinner guest either, he noticed. Chancellor Gorkon, current leader of the Klingon High Council was onscreen, looking as irritatingly patient as ever. “We’ve received word that the distress call is originating from vessels filled with Humans. They have crossed the neutral zone into Federation space. But they are being pursued by alien starships.”

    “Humans?” he asked. That was a surprising development. Okay it was time to deal with this. “Chancellor, in the interest of peace for all concerned, would you mind accompanying us?”

    “In the interest of peace, I would be delighted, Captain. After all, both parties have arrived in a restricted volume of space without being detected by either of our governments. I am curious as to how and why.” There was a hint of threat behind his voice, a bit of real curiosity also.

    Behind him stood General Chang. “Ah,” the smiling Genera announced, slapping his hands together. “The game is afoot.”

    Kirk chose to ignore that comment for now, but he would remember it. Chang was a threat waiting to happen. Kirk intended to be ready for him. “Take us to the ships, Commander Chekhov. Engage.”

    The Enterprise disappeared in a blaze of spatial distortion and the Klingon followed a few moments later.

    Nandroon, the Commander of the Minbari Tinashi Frigate continued tracking his targets in cold fury. These Humans escaped his wrath once and this strange hyperspace channel had taken Dark sword and Straight Blade to a completely unknown region of space. The only possible way home was the way they came. The passageway through jump space was something never before seen, never even conceived of. When the cowardly Earth ships vectored away from established routes, he refused to allow his prey to escape and he followed.

    Because of the varying currents and eddies that were characteristic of jumpspace, hyperspace beacons were placed and marked throughout the quadrant serving to keep ships venturing in hyperspace from being lost. When the fleeing vessels entered the channels and moved away at unimagined speeds he decided not to let them escape and he ordered his ship to follow. But before he did so, the Commander placed a series of hyperspace buoy-beacons near the edge of the strange channel. Satisfied that
    they would remain stationary, he ordered his ships into the channel. That was a grand error on his part, yet due to that error something wondrous had been discovered.

    For weeks, they were helpless, unable to fight the gravitational forces that had gripped their vessels and they were unable to do anything but wait to see where it would take them. Scanners tracked the Earth vessels fleeing twenty minutes ahead of them. They disappeared, jumping into normal space. Then the channel ended as suddenly as it appeared; and they now prepared to make the transition into normal space. Quickly he ordered another buoy ejected before they made the jump.

    The Dark sword and Straight Blade promptly discovered they were in the middle of nowhere, at the very least tens of thousands of light years from home. If there was one passageway there had to be more. In the future, this would open many new possibilities for exploration. Ahead of them were their targets, still attempting to get away. The Humans would fail and they would die knowing that no matter how far they ran, no matter what they did, Humanity’s fate was doomed.

    Commander Nandroon smirked a bit as his much faster ships slowly ran down the offensive Earth vessels. He almost sneered at the thought of Earth ships being a real challenge for anyone. The Earth Alliance was nothing compared to the other younger, so-called Empires. Only the Narn were less capable. To think that these people actually damaged a Sharlin. Even unprepared, it should have been impossible. But it had happened and the result was a holy war. There was shame in the loss of Dukat, one of the most beloved and respected Minbari leaders ever. The Minbari's mightiest warship couldn't protect their leader from a primitive Earth ship.

    The EA ship called Prometheus, the perpetrator of this war, was long destroyed. However that didn't appease the warrior caste. There would be no communication with such animals that would attack a non-hostile diplomatic ship on a mission of peace. It was a stain that could only be washed away in blood; if necessary the blood of billions. Such people shouldn't be allowed continued existence.

    The targets had jumped into an area of open space. There was nothing around that could allow them to hide. Their ships were in terrible condition and scans indicated that their life support was edging towards collapse. Energy readings on the ship filled with the highest number of Humans had its engines overheating and they would soon fail. A quick death would be an honorable thing for them, but he and his crew were not feeling honorable right now. This exercise in futility had taken too much time and a price would have to be extracted.

    "How long before we will be in optimum firing range?" he requested of his targeting officer.

    The older Minbari never looked up from his screen. "Seven minutes."

    Nandroon nodded. "I do not want them destroyed, yet. They must be made to suffer for bringing us to this Valen-forsaken place. Target engineering and life support. They will die slowly in the cold of space."

    "And what of the warship? Shall we extend the same ‘mercy’ to them as well?"

    "It is nothing," he sneered. "It will undoubtedly try to protect the civilians. When it does, destroy it. And then we will return home."

    Captain Kirk and Spock were glued to the image displayed on the Enterprise's view. The first thing noticeable was the sheer size of the fleeing vessels just now entering Federation space. And behind them were two warships-configurations unknown slowly closing into firing range. Their pursuers were sleek and dangerous looking.

    "Both lead ships are populated by Humans," Lieutenant Valeris said. There are a total of three thousand five hundred fifty-two people in both fleeing vessels. The pursuit ships cannot be identified and there is no record of this configuration in the database. Their weapons are active and are targeting the civilian vessel.”

    Kirks response was immediate. "Red alert. Battlestations. Lieutenant Valeris, lay in an intercept course, now.”

    “Initiating course change, Sir.”

    All they could do now was to count the seconds. “Kirk to engineering. Scotty can you give me any more power?”

    “Captain, if we push the poor lass any harder, she’ll start ablating her warp coils.”

    “Spock, are we in communication range yet?”

    “Sensors show all four ships are lacking subspace technology and we are still not close enough to use a tachyon beam.” Spock intoned.

    “Time to intercept?”

    “Four minutes, twenty seconds.”

    All he could do was wait and he hated waiting. “Could these people be from some lost pre-warp colony, Mr. Spock?"

    "Unknown at this time, Captain. That may however explain both vessel’s distinct lack of subspace technology. It is completely alien to standard Federation engineering. There is no evidence of artificial gravity."

    This was bizarre. "We'll treat this as a first contact situation."

    "Then the Prime Directive applies."

    "Yes," he confirmed. "They are Humans but they appear to be part of an alien civilization. Let’s err on the side of caution here."

    "Sir, the attack vessels have fired. It’s a ranging shot. The Human warship is responding."

    Not good. "Magnify."

    The crew watched as the Hyperion fired wildly at its tormentors. The weapons fire did not come anywhere near their targets. Now the alien vessel was changing velocities to close with their attackers.

    Sir, the Human warship's targeting systems can't lock onto the other ships. There's some type of field scattering their sensors."

    "Will our sensors be affected in any way?"

    "Spock looked up. "We can target them if necessary. Their lack of understanding of subspace technology is an advantage for us. They will not be able to distort our scans.”

    Valeris turned and face the Captain and in typical Vulcan fashion she said, “Captain, twenty seconds to intercept.”

    “Stop us a 200,000 meters from those ships, Mr. Valeris. Uhura, prepare to open a channel on all frequencies.”

    She nodded and went to work.

    The USS Enterprise slid from high warp next to the alien ships and stopped relative to what appeared to be a cargoship of some kind. “This is Captain James T. Kirk of the United Federation of Planets. You are in our territory and we demand that you cease hostilities,” he said. “Continue resending the message untill we get a response.”

    “The aliens are within range. They’re firing.” Bright yellowish beams eviscerated the Hyperion’s engines.

    “Oh, my God! Uhura, warn them off!” Kirk yelled. “Lieutenant Valeris, put us between those ships. Mr. Chekov, shields to full.”

    Energy beams bored into the Hyperion and it shook violently. Pieces of the ship began to flake off the wounded vessel and its power fluctuated dangerously.

    “No response, Sir.”

    “The Human ship has been damaged,” Spock announced. ”Their engines are destroyed, life support is failing. The crew is attempting to evacuate. Captain, the ship is being targeted again.”

    It was obvious to all that witnessed the act that the alien pursuit vessels could have destroyed them a few minutes ago. They were also experienced enough to see that the ship was allowing the Human warship to survive just long enough to see what would happened to the civilians it tried to protect. He wanted to rage against them, but his training prevailed and he became the center of the ship.

    “Inform Starfleet of the situation and request help. Place us between them and the warship.”

    Nandroon almost ordered the transport’s engineering section destroyed when his sensors officer yelled in surprise.

    “Sir, there is one, correction two alien ships just came out of nowhere.” The Minbari scanner officer gasped. Now the vessels are retreating at the speed of light!”

    “Impossible,” Nandroon snapped. Nothing can travel faster than light in real space. Not even the Vorlons are known to have such technology.”

    “The scans do not lie, Commander.”

    “Then you misinterpreted them,” he hissed. “Show me.”

    The vessel attempting to protect the Human cargo ship was tiny, less than half as long as his, designed along oblongs and discs, completely alien. They didn’t even have jump engines. It was small and deemed not much of a threat. But if this strange ship and the others dared to come between him and his prey, they did so at their peril. Two more of the avian ships were detected by scans.

    “Sir, they are hailing us.”

    “Ignore them and fire on the Humans.”

    The Dark sword’s two main neutron cannons lashed out at the Earth vessel, vaporizing sections of hull in a fraction of a second.

    Captain Salti’s eyes nearly budged out of their sockets as two alien ships, both gunboat class sized appeared from seemingly nowhere. They were small but to her eyes, they looked very dangerous.

    "Ma'am, those ships are not even three hundred meters long. I tried scanning them but our scanners must be damaged. I can’t retrieve any data on them, but I don’t think they have jump point generators."

    "They're too small to power one even if they had ‘em.” The Captain was properly terrified by her predicament and she continued to put as much space between the Minbari and those strange ships as she could. Her ship was helpless, trapped in alien territory, populated by unknown ships. Her instincts told her to run. But still, their sudden and strange appearance was a much needed distraction from the fear that gnawed at her.

    Suddenly there were two more ships there. One was similar to the others. But the other one…“How did they get into deep space?" she murmured to herself.

    She wasn’t expecting an answer but that’s exactly what she got from Thomas Norton, her First Officer. "They went faster than light in normal space!"


    "Just what I said, Deborah. It's the only explanation for why we saw two ships come in, then two of the same ships leave in reverse at the speed of light, leaving the first two ships. Hell, we saw the effect with the second set of ships too."

    First officer Allen Ranonsky was on a role now, "What we saw was this; if the ships were moving faster- than-light, then they would have arrived before our fast-as-light signals could bounce off them back to us. Because the closer signals have less distance to cover, they arrive first. So we would then see a retreating fast as light image of those same ships as the farther signals finally reach us ‘after’ the closer signal."

    No science she knew of could allow a ship to travel faster-than-light in normal space. Even if it could, there was no way the crew could survive the incredible gee forces generated. The remains of the crew would resemble flattened jelly. "That is crazy."

    "I agree; but it fits the facts." A dazed look crossed Allen’s features. "If we could have seen their entire trip from the start we would have seen three sets of ships! The tactical applications of such a technology are profound."

    “Doesn’t matter. We need to get clear of the fighting.” Aliens, Minbari, it made no difference. Her escort was dead and they were next. Unless they wanted to join them in death, they had to get as far away as possible. “Continue the burn,” she ordered.
  4. Great start. These cliffhanger endings are terrible for the readers. I know I do them too. I see now why MD was commenting on my lack of FTL detection. Are you going to post every other week?

    BTW. Kirk has been answering a lot of distress calls lately.
  5. LXC



  6. The next portion will be coming up soon. My partner is looking at the material now and will scream that this cant be right and after he modifies, edits, etc, I will get it back and argue about it some more. We will come to a compromise and then post that single chapter and start the process over again for the next chapter.

    In this story I intend to neuter the Vorlon part so that they will leave thsi story alone. They tried modifying my POV but since I havent been tampered with, it didnt work. :D

    MD I sent the information yesterday. Did you get it?

    Kela, what happened to your postings? Has thou given up?
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  8. Was busy during the 4th of July but I was working on the story. The next part required more research since I am dealing with a first one. I don't even know its name. I only know Zog.
  9. Hopefully this story doesn't interfere with 'Those who Stand' because that has got to be the best fan fic I have read so far.

    Now to kick some Minbari behinds :D
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  13. Thats good to hear. Keep up the good work on this story.
  14. We intend to but be it known that this will not be nearly as long as TWS or UOC or the Ruination series. It fact it will be relatively tight...but not too short :D

    As per usual I am trying to avoid any of the books with the possible exception of "In the Beginning" novelization. That book I don't have but it might be useful here. For example who was president during the earth-Minbari war or will we have to make a character up? If we do take anything from the book, of course it will be credited.

    I forgot. It is my hope that we can get this next chapter out by Sunday. It is written but we have to tweak it a little.

    Friendly Guy: What's going on with the 'Doctor' series?
  15. Hey Skeet,
    You should add to the subject that this is a b5/tos crossover. Hard to tell from the title. When is the next post?

  16. I went out of my way for some strange paranoid reason to not identify what this strory was about. I didnt even mention it in ff.net. I was just testing to see if people would read it if it wasnt properly identified. But I will make the correction.
    As to when we post next....MD has to check it and make changes, additions, deletions, etc. then we will post after we make those corrections final. Hopefully soon.
  17. are you mistaking me for someone else? :drevil:
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  19. Chapter 3a

    Chapter 3

    “Hostile acts”

    “So the locals object,” Nandroon mused. “Open a channel.” The screen revealed a Humanoid species with oddly-shaped foreheads and very hostile demeanors. Inwardly, the Minbari smiled. These were a warrior people used to having their way. He remained silent as aliens got a good look at him. The alien spoke and surprisingly, he understood what was being said. Their translation systems must have been very good.

    “This is Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon Empire. Cease hostilities now.”

    The Minbari’s anger flared. This creature was arrogant and unaware of his place in the universe, he thought. His people were Star Riders, an ancient race that had strode the stars for more than a thousand years. He would not be talked down to by a lesser species. But as a Minbari he could be merciful towards species that’d never knew of his people. “We will leave,” he said, “when we have concluded our business with the Earthers.”

    There was another communication coming from the other ship demanding his attention. He almost ignored it but curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know if the ship that was blocking him from his prey carried the same type of aliens as in the three bird ships. All of the ships were protected by some type of energy barrier and his people were unable to get a good reading on them. And if the Minbari were to ever come back to this region of space, it might be wise to have at least a visual of some of the aliens inhabiting this part of the galaxy.

    “Prepare to destroy the remaining Earth vessel,” Nandroon ordered his gunners. “If the aliens attempt to intervene, target and destroy them all. We have little time to waste with these creatures.” Turning to his Communication’s Officer: “Open the channel. Let us see what these others look like.”

    “Channel opened,” the Communication’s Officer managed to blurt out before he went into shock. “It’s a Human!”

    A very surprised Captain Nandroon frowned as he found himself looking face to face with an alien that looked so close to Human that he couldn’t tell the difference. It was an ugly looking one, with brown hair with grayish strips intermingling within it. His eyes were hazel and full of arrogance and undeserved confidence. But the implications were ominous. Was it true? Were there unknown Human colonies located so far from Earth? Was that the reason why the fleeing Earthers entered the hyperspace channel; to escape here? The lettering on the ship looked identical to Human script. He had to know, had to be sure.

    “Translate this in the Human language called English,” he ordered. He waited a bit then spoke. “Are you a Human?”

    “This is a Federation starship,” the alien-Human answered. “And yes I am a member of the Human species. We-”

    Nandroon cut him off. That was all he needed to hear. This Human was from an Earth offshoot colony. So, he concluded that this hyperchannel was known to the Humans for some time and they’ve come here to settle. Well, no matter how far the Humans ran they would never escape. “Inform the Straight Blade to target the ships and destroy them. Send a message through the hyperspace relay beacon to the Grey Council along with our present coordinates and all relevant information that we have found a new, unknown colony of Humans. We will destroy the Human ships we have tracked for so long and scout the area in order to locate these new Humans. We will then return home.”

    “Yes, Sir.” A small jumpoint was created and the message was transmitted. “We have relayed the message. With Valen’s luck, they will receive it, in four days. Then we will be back to find and eliminate this colony.”

    For the first time, the crew of the Enterprise got a good look at their opponents. They appeared generally humanoid but expressed significant physiological differences. They were a hairless species, with an unusual ridged-shaped structure around the back and sides of their skulls. Spock was unsure if it some type of an adornment or a part of the skull itself. Some of the Minbari seen had eyes that were milky white with little to almost no pupil. The ears were small and addressed much lower than the humanoid norm. Their Commander was dressed in black robe-like clothing with a wicked looking dagger, sheathed to their sides; this completed the ensemble.

    Not being completely sure of the emotional responses expressed by this particular species, Captain Spock had to use his personal knowledge database to make an accurate assessment of the emotional state of the alien. At first, the creature expressed shock at seeing the Captain, then that shock turned to anger, then elevated itself to contempt. The alien also expressed barely concealed curiosity about the origin of Captain Kirk. There had been no reaction until Kirk had said ‘Human’.

    In that moment, everything changed. Instantly the energy profiles of the two alien ships went way up. Power readings increased and the two Human vessels were targeted.

    “They are preparing to fire on the refugees, Captain!”

    “Target those ships. Warn them off!”

    “Weapons ready, Captain.”

    Good Kirk mused. “Target their engines. Let’s try to keep loss of life to a minimum. Phasers, fire.”

    Weapons bursts from the Enterprise slashed into the rear of the second alien vessel and huge gouts of debris erupted from the ship. Crystalline armor designed to protect against particle lasers and pulse canons, fractured and shattered under phaser fire. The Straight Blade shuttered violently from the damage and the vessel began an attack vector aimed at the starship. The Dark sword leaped into the fray and slashed at the Enterprise with its primary weapons. The beams impacted the Enterprise were barely deflected by the shields and some of the residual energy damaged the hull. Weapons also targeted and attacked the Chancellor’s ship, partially burning through its shields and damaging the port nacelle.

    Then the Enterprise was moving at full impulse, firing its phasers at full power, gutting the Dark sword. The Klingon patrol escorts jumped into the battle, adding their own firepower into the mix. Disruptor fire slashed at the fin-like structures, effectively crippling it.

    Shocked by the alien vessel’s sheer speed and resistance to Minbari weaponry, the Straight Blade locked onto the Kordon and hit it with everything it had. Three gravitic neutron and six of the eight fusion beam cannons raked the Klingon vessel. Its shields held for three full seconds under the intense weapons fire before they collapsed and antimatter containment vaporized the ship in a horrendous explosion. The Amar retaliated, firing four photon torpedoes directly at the vessel that had just destroyed its companion.

    The Minbari ship was vaporized under the assault, but it nearly took the Klingon vessel with it as it had fired its torpedoes too close to the target and the explosion’s wave front had engulfed it. Amar survived, its shields reduced to fifteen percent. Limping, it placed itself in front of the Qo’noS One and prepared to defend that ship with its life.

    The Captain of the Dark sword screamed in unimagined agony as he witnessed the death of the Straight Blade at the hands of the alien allies of the Humans. Two thousand Minbari died-their existence snuffed out in a blinding flash. His crew was equally stunned and alarmed at the sheer firepower they had just experienced. The Dark sword’s gravity generators were damaged and the Human and alien vessels were fast enough to evade most of the weapons fire directed against it. And when the weapons did hit, they were deflected by some type of force field. Only sustained bursts could destroy them and that took too much time.

    His ship’s drive fins had been damaged and the jump engines were offline. The Dark sword was holed in a dozen places from the Earth ship called Enterprise’s weapons. Those weapons had sheared off many of the external weapons placements with a beam his people couldn’t even begin to analyze. There was simply no reference in which to compare the beam. There was little he could do take what revenge he could and die a warrior.

    “Transmit a sensor dump through to the beacon,” he coughed. Smoke, filling the bridge began to obscure the view. Filled with hatred he realized that life-support was failing. “Straight Blade lost in conflict with alien Humans and allied ships. Dark sword damaged-cannot escape. Threat evaluation extreme. Human with advanced weapons may come through jump-channel. This threat must be neutralized. End of message. Transmit.” A small jumpoint was opened once more, but the ship was rocked once more by one of the avian predator vessels. Part of the signal was disrupted before it was shunted through the jumpoint.

    Seething, the First Officer gave the command. “Activate the electro pulse guns, target what’s left of the Earth Alliance warship and destroy the civilian ship also.”

    “Captain they’re targeting the warship again.”

    Phasers, lock on. Destroy those weapons!”

    “It’s too late.”

    The crew watched helplessly as the Hyperion was cut in half by an energy beam of some type. The ship didn’t so much explode and simply break apart from a series of smaller internal detonations.


    The Enterprise’s phasers ripped into the midsection the Dark sword while both Klingons ships did the same. White-hot jets of molten polycrystalline armor ejected itself from the ship and its power plant died. The frigate lost lateral control and a moment later it started drifting.

    Kirk could have cared less. “Lock on and transport all survivors of the warship onboard. Get me a channel to Gorkon’s ship.”

    The Chancellor’s ship was filled with smoke and the bridge stations damaged. The leader was furious. “We claim the right of vengeance!”

    Kirk’s adrenalin was draining away now and he was tired. This had started off as a peace mission he didn’t want and finished with a battle surrounded by a mystery, embroiled with Klingons. “What’s left of that ship is in Federation space. Revenge can come later,” he said. “Let’s find out who they are first.”
  20. Chapter 3b

    Captain’s log Stardate 9523.4: This entire situation is getting more and more bizarre. The Enterprise and the Klingon Ambassador to Earth have encountered a hostile, unidentified species whose intent was to destroy a group of Humans huddled in a barely functioning vessel of unknown configuration. Ambassador Gorkon’s ship was damaged but there were few casualties and no fatalities. We have been busy picking up survivors who evacuated the huge warship before it was destroyed. Unfortunately there were only a few survivors. Apparently they have no concept of transporter technology. McCoy has concluded that they are definitely Human and are all insisting that they are from Earth. But now the question is, as Mr. Spock so aptly put it, ‘what Earth’?

    The USS Bellerephon and its escort the Crocket will be arriving in six hours to perform a detailed survey of the surrounding area. The results will be shared with the Klingons. Some members of the crew have suggested that this is some sort of elaborate trick, but I’m not sure. However it’s a mystery I intend to solve.

    Commander Uhura looked on horrified by the image of the destroyed Minbari ship. Damaged, with no way to escape, the beings chose self-destruction, but not before the Enterprise’s transporters were able to transport several crew members off of the bridge. Before the ship blew, there was one shuttle that escaped by creating a dimensional portal. It rebuffed communication efforts and the Enterprise sensors were unable to track it.

    Now they were tracking the fleeing Human vessel and keeping a safe distance. The people in that ship were obviously terrified and the Captain didn’t want to panic them any further by running them down.

    They were not using subspace channels so she had to configure communications so her ship could use tachyon-based transmissions that were compatible with their systems. The now-destroyed alien vessels were more sophisticated and comms were easier to establish.

    “Uhura,” the Captain said. “We’re still on a schedule.”

    “I am trying, Sir.” As if she could forget. She didn’t like this mission any more than he did, but she did understand the importance of it. A bit of inspiration hit and she adjusted her console for old-style radio transmission.”

    “We’re receiving radio transmissions!”

    “My god. The Farlin survived?”

    “No, Ma’am, this is someone else. On audio channel only.”

    For a moment she was torn. They were completely helpless in alien territory, filled with ships with enough firepower to take on and defend against Minbari warships. Who knows what they could do to them? But her ship’s power-plant was dying; the jump drive was in ruin. She shook her head in exhaustion. Alien or not, those people might help and it was not like she had a choice. She was responsible for all of these lives.

    “This is the Earth Alliance vessel Springfield, a civilian transport,” she said hesitantly. “We are unarmed and mean you no harm. We are simply passing through your territory.”

    “This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise. You are safe. The ships that attacked you have been neutralized.”

    The rest of his transmission was lost to her. Those small vessels were able to destroy the Minbari warships? No race she knew was able to do that. “I-I’m sorry. Could you repeat your message?”

    “You’re minutes away from coolant failure. Your ship is in danger. Please slow down.”

    A quick look from the engineer confirmed what the stranger was correct. “Power down,” she ordered. And relieved, he did so.

    The calm reassuring voice came through once again. “Welcome to the United Federation of planets.”

    Forty-two year old Deborah Salti, Captain of the Springfield, blinked a couple of times. The bright light hurt her eyes and she couldn’t place where she was. The dark-haired woman knew only that she was on a cot of some kind and that she couldn’t move. She wasn’t on her ship and there were things moving around her. The aliens were going to dissect her.

    She started screaming.

    “Calm down Ms. Salti,” a kindly voice said. “You’re safe. No one’s going to hurt you.”

    Now the woman was fully conscious and the memories flooded back. The relief was too much, literally. Now that she and her charges were safe, her mind had begun to shut down. Fortunately for her, Doctor Leonard McCoy wouldn’t allow that to happen.

    “She’s awake, Jim” he said. “But be careful. She’s right at the edge.”

    She turned slightly and saw another man coming towards her. He looked authoritative and most importantly Human. He was dressed in Burgundy and black and although she’d never seen such a uniform before, it reeked of military. “Who are you?” she asked. Her voiced trembled.

    He didn’t answer right away. Instead he looked at the doctor and nodded. “Bones?”

    The doctor nodded once and Deborah found that she could move again.

    “We’re sorry,” the man said. “We had to sedate you. I am Captain James Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. We responded to your distress call.”

    “You’re Human.”

    “Last time I checked.”

    “I don’t understand,” she said. Nothing made sense to her. How could she have been saved by Humans? She was about to ask when she saw the Captain smile and lift a finger to silence her.

    “Before we continue, there’s someone who wants to see you.”

    Another man came into the room and when she saw who it was, she began crying. “Thomas!”

    Thomas Norton her First Officer, ran to her side and both embraced one another like long-lost lovers.

    “We made it, Deb,” he whispered. “We made it.”

    For a few minutes, no one in the room spoke as emotions and tensions were released. It was healing in action and the officers and crew in were careful not to intervene.

    “What planet are we on?” she finally asked. “Where are the passengers? What happened to the Farlin? Were there any survivors?”

    “One thing at a time,” Norton told her. “We’re not on a planet. We’re on a starship?” he asked looking at the Captain, making sure he was using the proper designation. Kirk smiled devilishly and nodded.

    She looked at him and laughed nervously. “Give me a break.”

    “Hey, I’m deadly serious,” he said back to her. “They generate gravity on their vessels. And from what I can see they’re at least three hundred years ahead of us. And you know that light speed thing I was telling you about?”


    “I was right,” he proudly announced. “They use something called warp drive. It’s at least as fast as jumpspace. In fact, they have no idea what jumpspace is.”

    Deborah looked confused. “Everybody knows about jumpspace.”

    “Not in this part of the galaxy. We’re on the other side. It’s a whole new game.”

    “Excuse me, Captain Salti?”

    “Yes, Captain Kirk?”

    “I just wanted to confirm to you that your passengers are safe. Members of my crew are in the process of repairing your ships’ critical systems and full life support has been restored.”

    “Thank you.”

    “These aliens who were pursuing you, who were they?”

    She assumed that he had information on the Minbari and her information was simply confirmation from an independent source. If these people hadn’t heard of them then she must be farther away than she thought. “The race that attacked us is called the Minbari. One of our ships fired on one of theirs by accident and the war started. They won’t communicate with us, and they won’t stop. We’ve tried everything but we can't stop them. None of the other races will help us. They’ll kill us all and there’s nothing we can do.”

    “A first contact that went horribly wrong,” Kirk muttered. Her story confirmed what all of the others had said. Behind him Chancellor Gorkon had entered the medical bay and stood silently, waiting his turn. “Why did your vessel fire on the Minbari?”

    “I don’t know,” she admitted. “The only thing I do know is that they will kill us all.”

    “For a mistake?” he asked. “It makes no sense. It’s barbaric! Why would a race be willing to commit genocide against another?”

    “Ask them,” she said tiredly.

    “I will.”


    She looked over and saw an alien with ridges across he forehead. He was a powerful image and for some reason she felt afraid although she had no reason to be. “I’m Captain Salti. And you are?”

    “Chancellor Gorkon, Leader of the High Council of the Klingon Empire,” the alien said. “Your trespassing in our territory could have started two wars,” he added darkly. “Who are you? And where do you come from?”

    “It’s some sixty-five to seventy thousand light years from here,” Thomas said answering for her. “It’s where your colony must have originated from, Captain Kirk. We come from the planet Earth.” The looks of blank comprehension from his benefactors surprised him. “You’ve forgotten where you’ve come from? Were you and your people kidnapped by aliens or something? That’s happened before. The Vree were known to kidnap Humans from time to time and we don’t know what happened to a lot of them. You’re understandable without the translator things. You’re speaking pretty good Earth Alliance standard - English. Got some strange words here and there but that only makes sense…”

    Everyone was staring at him.

  21. Skeet will you be posting each section of the story, or is Major D also going to post parts of it since he is cowriting it.
  22. Probably both. It depends on how the water flows so to speak. Most of the work was done on chapters 1-3. Chapters 4-8 will need refinement and restructuring in which MD is working on as he has the time to do so. They have been written and Chapter 9 is in the works. So again it will be the both of us on this story depending on when it's ready in finished form.

    Now I did mention the Doctor as in 'Who'. Is the series being worked on or is it still in the planning stage?
  23. I believe they are due to start filming the new Doctor Who series in a few weeks according to gossip at outpostgallifrey. I expect DVDs to be out within a year to 18 months AT MOST as per BBC series.

    FAQ can be found on this link

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    Nice new part. Are the Minbari going to go after the Federation and the Klingon Empire now? They would be foolish to do so but driven by there madness and bloodlust they just might decide to attack and the warrior caste will definately want to avenge the destruction of the frigates.

    Of course if the Minbari launch an invasion it will lead to them fighting a two front war with superior enemies on one side and the EA on the other. It could also lead to a much earlier birth for the Federation/Klingon Alliance.
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