Alchemical Solutions [Worm/Exalted] Thread 2: Bullsh*t Magical Robot Girl

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    Worm, a fantastic web serial, is owned by Wildbow. This quest will spoil a great deal - if not all - of the story, so if you haven't finished it already... go read it now! (Unless you don't care about spoilers, that is.)

    Exalted, a delightful RPG system, is owned by White Wolf and CCP Games. Support the game by picking up a few PDFs on Drive-Thru RPG, would ya?

    Story Index:

    Arc 1: Spark
    - 1.1
    - 1.2
    - 1.3
    - 1.4
    - 1.5
    - 1.6
    - 1.7
    - Interlude: Simurgh

    Arc 2: Ignition
    - 2.1
    - 2.2
    - 2.3
    - 2.4
    - 2.5
    - 2.6
    - 2.7
    - Interlude: Coil
    - Interlude: Oblivion
    - Interlude: Piggot

    Arc 3: Fuel
    - 3.1
    - 3.2
    - 3.3
    - 3.4
    - 3.5
    - 3.6
    - 3.7
    - Interlude: Cauldron

    Arc 4: Combustion
    - 4.1
    - 4.2
    - 4.3
    - 4.4
    - 4.5
    - 4.6
    - 4.7
    - Interlude: Jack Slash

    Arc 5: Ember
    - 5.1
    - 5.2
    - 5.3
    - 5.4
    - 5.5
    - Interlude: Citrine
    - 5.6
    - Interlude: Aisha
    - 5.7
    - Interlude: Dragon
    - Interlude: PRT Database

    Arc 6: Flame
    - 6.1
    - Interlude: Exaltation Journal
    - 6.2
    - Interlude: Uriel
    - 6.3
    - Interlude: Chris
    - 6.4
    - Interlude: Saint
    - 6.5
    - 6.6 (Writing in Progress)


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    Primary Quest Thread 12 <-- Discussion is here!

    ==Story-Only Thread==

    Quest Character Sheet
    Quest Mechanics
    Quest Equipment

    Charm Cheat-Sheet (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - How To Play Exalted, A Primer
    Explanation - Social Combat (Courtesy of RCa)
    Explanation - Combat vs Snipers (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - The History of Exalted, In Brief (Posted by GamingGeek)
    Explanation - Creation/Elsewhere (Posted by GamingGeek)

    TV Tropes Page for Alchemical Solutions

    Omake: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    1.1 - Mrs. Knott (Courtesy of NotAlwaysFanfic)
    1.1 - Madison (Courtesy of Blackout785)

    1.2 AU - Enduring Order Administrator (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Armsmaster (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Sophia Hess (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    1.2 AU - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    1.6 - Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of Bozwieval)

    1.7 - Miss Militia (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    2.1 - Drs. Laurel & Hardy (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    2.1 - Mr. Gladly (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.1 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.4a - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4b - Taylor Hebert (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4c - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    2.7 - Resonant Terror Cascade (Courtesdy of Kelenas)
    2.7 - Armsmaster (Courtesdy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Vista (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Greg (Courtesy of RCa)
    2.7a - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7b - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 2 Interlude - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard, adapted into Canon Interlude)
    Arc 2 Interlude - Kaiser (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.1 - Contessa (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.1 - Black Widow #174 (Courtesy of veekie)

    3.3 - Assault (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    3.4a - Eye of Autochthon (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4b - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4c - Jessica Yamada (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4d - Missy & Hannah (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4 - Missy (Courtesy of Dimensionist)

    3.5 - Director Piggot (Courtesy of cosoco)

    3.6 - Chevalier (Courtesy of Chandra Magic)
    3.6 - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.7 - Dragon (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.7 - Behemoth & Simurgh (Courtesy of kestrel404)

    4.1 - Possible Battles (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    4.1 - Danny Hebert (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1a - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1b - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1 - Ball 'o Spiders (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    4.2 - Über and Leet (Courtesy of tomio)
    4.3 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.3 - Defenders at PRT HQ (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    4.3 - Über & Leet (Courtesy of tomio)

    4.4 - Iron Sun (Courtesy of .IronSun.)
    4.4 - Panacea (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    Arc 4 AU - Taylor & Iris (Courtesy of AkatsukiLeader13)

    4.5 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.7a - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    4.7b - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of wingnut2292)
    4.7 - Taylor & Tattletale (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    4.7 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    5.4 AU - Taylor & Missy (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    Arc 5+ - Coil (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Dragon (Courtesy of Azure)
    Arc 5+a - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+b - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Wards (Courtesy of BobTheNinja)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor, Miss Militia, Wards (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    5.1 - Dragon (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    5.5 - Aisha & Taylor (Courtesy of Jinnt, turned into Canon Interlude)

    Arc 6+ - Chevalier (Courtesy of FunkyEntropy)
    Arc 6+ - Medical Log (Courtesy of uju32)
    Arc 6+ - Matchmaking Through War (Courtesy of charysa)
    Arc 6+ - Matchmaking Through Everything (Courtesy of charysa)
    Arc 6+ - Asymmetric Strategic Threat Workgroup (Courtesy of uju32)
    Arc 6+ - BOLO for Iris (Courtesy of uju32)

    Arc 7+ - Dragon Ascendant (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 7+ - A Good Day (Courtesy of uju32)

    Arc 8+ - Glenn Chambers(Courtesy ofDragonBard)

    Arc 10+ - Taylor & Vista (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    A Bad End (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    A Good End (Courtesy of RCa)

    Sidereal-Style Poem (Courtesy of linkhyrule5)

    One experience point if you find this and quote it in the current discussion thread!
    Quest-Related Art: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    Taylor Hebert Pre-Exaltation (Art by Hybrid303) (Quest Canon)

    The Simurgh (Art by Scarfgirl) (Quest Canon)

    The Death of Taylor Anne Hebert (Art by assana73)

    Alchemical Taylor (Stylized, Art by Shyft)

    1.2 - Taylor In The Mirror (Art by assana73)

    2.3 - Missy In Suitjamas (Art by assana73) (Quest Canon)

    Miss Militia & Taylor & Iris (Art by assana73)

    3.6 - Saving Chevalier From Iris (Art by charysa)
    3.6 - Taylor/Dragon Collaboration Dress (Art by Shyft) (Quest Canon)

    If Behemoth Was A Week Late (Art by charysa)

    Brockton Bay Wards Beach Vacation (Art by charysa)

    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by Demonic Spoon)
    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by assana73)

    Series of Sketches and Comics:
    - Iris of Innovation Sketches (Art by assana73)
    - Taylor, Behemoth, and a Carrot (Art by assana73)
    - Interrupting Lung's Nap (Art by assana73)
    - Line Art For Above - Links Below Art (Art by assana73)

    4.4 - Daniel Hebert (Art by assana73) (Quest Canon)

    Behemoth (Art by BobTheNinja)

    Lung Dressed As Mumm-Rah (Art by assana73)

    4.7 Omake - Taylor & Protectorate (Art by assana73, from This Omake)

    Iris, Jack, Bonesaw & Simurgh (Art by charysa)

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

  3. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.


    This is a re-post of the Voting Clarification from the first thread.


    Alright, here's the results:

    Fate of Trio:
    - Forgiveness 11 votes
    - By The Books: 23 votes
    - Fuck 'em: 0 votes
    - Ignore/Delay: 17 votes
    -- Admit Death: 2 votes

    Fate of Taylor:
    - Wards: 17 votes
    - Protectorate: 3
    - Apprenticeship: 15 votes
    - Ignore/Delay: 8 votes
    -- Family Exist: 13 votes


    So, we're going to have 4 options here, and to make voting easier there will be no write-ins or customization for the rest of this vote. When you vote, simply vote with the title of the choice with the X filled in in its respective box.

    [ ] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
    You ask for reduced charges and sentencing, instead asking if you can help spearhead publicly (meaning no secret identity) a new nationwide anti-bullying campaign... through which the Trio will have to volunteer (split up, of course) to work and make speeches about (amplified by the Trio's trial). You try to parley this into lighter charges and sentencing for your father, on the condition that you join the Wards and he be placed on probation in the Protectorate. Over the next week these deals will be hashed out while you hang with the Wards, be enrolled in Clarendon (nice like Arcadia, just on the opposite side of the city), and get your powers examined by the PRT.

    [ ] Option #2: Fairness & Apprenticeship
    You ask for fair charges and sentencing, with the Murder charges being dropped because you aren't actually dead - but you will no longer be "Taylor Hebert" in public and a new public identity will be generated for you ("Taylor" will make a brief public appearance by way of a body double, and have publicly moved to live with an out-of-town relative). For a month you will be be "confined" in the Protectorate HQ to keep your existence secret and be placed under apprenticeship of Armsmaster - while you will have time be home-schooled (or test out) and have your powers examined, you are still 15-years-old legally and thus unable to join the Protectorate proper. The Trio's trial and your father's trial will be expedited to squash the media event.

    [ ] Option #3: Dodge & Delay
    You politely decline to take what's being offered to you now and ask to wait to speak to your lawyer, and then subsequently ask for time to go over your options. You are still relegated to the Protectorate base, but the Wards will come and visit to speak to you about the program. The PRT will still examine your powers, and while Kid Win and Armsmaster will be taking up some of your time, you will largely be left alone and free to study, test out of high school, and munchkin applications your powers. Your future will be decided later.

    [ ] Option #4: Fairness & Family
    You ask for fair charges and sentencing, with the Murder charges being dropped because you aren't actually dead - but you will no longer be "Taylor Hebert" in public and a new public identity will be generated for you. "Taylor" will make a brief public appearance by way of a body double, and have publicly moved to live with an out-of-town relative... which will actually be true, just you'll be staying with your Maternal Grandparents in Los Angeles under the guise of being a struggling former-college student renting a spare room in their house. You'll be talking and working with the Los Angeles Wards and Protectorate (led by Alexandria!) until things blow over in Brockton Bay.



    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards

  5. meianmaru

    meianmaru The Devourer of Fiction

    A balance has been reached.
    EDIT: And has just been made easier to read!
    EDIT2: And broken! (going to update this until the second page begins)
    Vote tally:
    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
    Number of votes:13
    sun tzu
    Demonic Spoon

    - [X] What about father? Certainly an agreement can be made?
    Number of votes:1

    [X] Option #2: Fairness & Apprenticeship
    Number of votes:30
    Jack Folstam
    Lost Star
    Dark Lord Bob

    [X] fairness and apprenticeship.
    Number of votes:1

    [X] Option #4: Fairness & Family
    Number of votes:5

    [X] Option #3: Dodge & Delay
    Number of votes:28
    Organic Intelligence
    General Tacticus
    Daemir Silverstreak
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  6. Zen


    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
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  7. Yog


    Guys, if we don't choose family now, we lose a great opportunity and an entire plot-branch. Everything else, we don't really lose.But if we don't choose this, we will never have an opportunity again.

    So, we should vote for family option, or add in the family. Because, well, I don't want to lose that branch of plot. Or are you all just content to stay within the canon borders, never expanding past them?
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  8. RCa


    Hit the "individual votes" or "individual subvotes" option to sort out people who are voting for multiple things.

    Grom, do we need to re-vote here? Just in case....

    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
    [X] Option #3: Dodge & Delay
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  9. Overstating the case mate. Expanding canon borders already happened and continues to.
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  10. [X] Option #2: Fairness & Apprenticeship
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  11. Yog


    Yes, true, but this is an entirely new branch of story, with potential for lots of plotlines there. I would dare say that, in terms of plot, it brings the largest amount of content, or largest potential amount of content with it.
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  12. meianmaru

    meianmaru The Devourer of Fiction

    Thanks! That was a useful bit of info.
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  13. Delwgun

    Delwgun Insanity incarnate.

    [X] Option #2: Fairness & Apprenticeship
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  14. We regained almost all our Willpower in one night? High Conviction and Stunts, I guess.
    Gromweld, I noticed that it's pretty hard to count our Willpower with one glance, maybe you could include a space after the first five, like this:
    Temporary: ●○○○○
    Permanent: ●●●●● ●●○○○
    That makes it a lot easier to tell how much we have, I think.

    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
    [X] Option #2: Fairness & Apprenticeship
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  15. Alectai

    Alectai Mercenary Captain

    Oh hey, the next Interlude is going to be a Simurgh one...
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  16. TheWeepingMan

    TheWeepingMan Solidarity

    [X] Option #3: Dodge & Delay
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  17. Just in case a re-vote is necessary;
    [X] Option #1: Forgiveness & Wards
    [X] Option #3: Dodge & Delay
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  18. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.



    The Plan was falling apart.

    Occasional glimpses of the original choices and consequences, causes and effects could be seen but even that understanding was tainted. Looking back revealed the existence of an actor that would appear and disappear from the Future at seemingly random points and could only be predicted by watching the Past. Compounding this was a growing field around the actor turning the normally-static Future into a distracting mess of chaotically-fluctuating possibilities, possibilities that cascaded further outwards in Space and forward in Time.

    Worse, much worse, was that this actor would not be alone for long if left to its own devices. This could not be allowed if The Plan was to succeed.

    The Plan was the only hope for survival.


    Sixty-seven miles above the surface of the Earth, the Simurgh altered her gradual descent.

  19. meianmaru

    meianmaru The Devourer of Fiction

    Please stop re-voting (EDIT: unless the GM specifically deems so), it is making harder for me to keep-
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  20. *stares*

    BB is going to be Simurgh'd.

    *stream of expletives redacted*
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  21. RCa


    Presumably the Interlude happens after our week of down time. Or the Simurgh attacks somewhere else. Else the vote for what we do over that week (which we spent forty pages on already) is kinda pointless.
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  22. Now, here we have it.

    The biggest Canon Divergence.

    Simurgh broke the Endbringer attack sequence
  23. Yog


    Thus, we need to get out.

    Vote for extended family!

    If nothing else, Simurgh would follow us, which is good, as it'll make it clear that we are important to interested parties.
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  24. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    You're acting like she zoomed right for BB.

    GRADUAL descent. GRADUAL.

    [Edit: Also, Canbera has yet to happen...]
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  25. Arcman

    Arcman Punish Me More, 2016~ Amicus

    Oh fuck.
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  26. Yog


    And it's not like she wasn't scheduled to attack relatively soon. So, no break in attack pattern (at least no apparent break).
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