Alchemical Solutions [Worm/Exalted] Thread 3: Choosy Chosen Choose Cheering Choices

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    Worm, a fantastic web serial, is owned by Wildbow. This quest will spoil a great deal - if not all - of the story, so if you haven't finished it already... go read it now! (Unless you don't care about spoilers, that is.)

    Exalted, a delightful RPG system, is owned by White Wolf and CCP Games. Support the game by picking up a few PDFs on Drive-Thru RPG, would ya?

    Story Index:

    Arc 1: Spark
    - 1.1
    - 1.2
    - 1.3
    - 1.4
    - 1.5
    - 1.6
    - 1.7
    - Interlude: Simurgh

    Arc 2: Ignition
    - 2.1
    - 2.2
    - 2.3
    - 2.4
    - 2.5
    - 2.6
    - 2.7
    - Interlude: Coil
    - Interlude: Oblivion
    - Interlude: Piggot

    Arc 3: Fuel
    - 3.1
    - 3.2
    - 3.3
    - 3.4
    - 3.5
    - 3.6
    - 3.7
    - Interlude: Cauldron

    Arc 4: Combustion
    - 4.1
    - 4.2
    - 4.3
    - 4.4
    - 4.5
    - 4.6
    - 4.7
    - Interlude: Jack Slash

    Arc 5: Ember
    - 5.1
    - 5.2
    - 5.3
    - 5.4
    - 5.5
    - Interlude: Citrine
    - 5.6
    - Interlude: Aisha
    - 5.7
    - Interlude: Dragon
    - Interlude: PRT Database

    Arc 6: Flame
    - 6.1
    - Interlude: Exaltation Journal
    - 6.2
    - Interlude: Uriel
    - 6.3
    - Interlude: Chris
    - 6.4
    - Interlude: Saint
    - 6.5
    - 6.6 (Writing in Progress)


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    Primary Quest Thread 12 <-- Discussion is here!

    ==Story-Only Thread==

    Quest Character Sheet
    Quest Mechanics
    Quest Equipment

    Charm Cheat-Sheet (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - How To Play Exalted, A Primer
    Explanation - Social Combat (Courtesy of RCa)
    Explanation - Combat vs Snipers (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - The History of Exalted, In Brief (Posted by GamingGeek)
    Explanation - Creation/Elsewhere (Posted by GamingGeek)

    TV Tropes Page for Alchemical Solutions

    Omake: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    1.1 - Mrs. Knott (Courtesy of NotAlwaysFanfic)
    1.1 - Madison (Courtesy of Blackout785)

    1.2 AU - Enduring Order Administrator (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Armsmaster (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Sophia Hess (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    1.2 AU - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    1.6 - Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of Bozwieval)

    1.7 - Miss Militia (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    2.1 - Drs. Laurel & Hardy (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    2.1 - Mr. Gladly (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.1 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.4a - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4b - Taylor Hebert (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4c - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    2.7 - Resonant Terror Cascade (Courtesdy of Kelenas)
    2.7 - Armsmaster (Courtesdy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Vista (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Greg (Courtesy of RCa)
    2.7a - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7b - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 2 Interlude - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard, adapted into Canon Interlude)
    Arc 2 Interlude - Kaiser (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.1 - Contessa (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.1 - Black Widow #174 (Courtesy of veekie)

    3.3 - Assault (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    3.4a - Eye of Autochthon (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4b - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4c - Jessica Yamada (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4d - Missy & Hannah (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4 - Missy (Courtesy of Dimensionist)

    3.5 - Director Piggot (Courtesy of cosoco)

    3.6 - Chevalier (Courtesy of Chandra Magic)
    3.6 - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.7 - Dragon (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.7 - Behemoth & Simurgh (Courtesy of kestrel404)

    4.1 - Possible Battles (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    4.1 - Danny Hebert (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1a - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1b - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1 - Ball 'o Spiders (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    4.2 - Über and Leet (Courtesy of tomio)
    4.3 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.3 - Defenders at PRT HQ (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    4.3 - Über & Leet (Courtesy of tomio)

    4.4 - Iron Sun (Courtesy of .IronSun.)
    4.4 - Panacea (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    Arc 4 AU - Taylor & Iris (Courtesy of AkatsukiLeader13)

    4.5 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.7a - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    4.7b - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of wingnut2292)
    4.7 - Taylor & Tattletale (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    4.7 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    5.4 AU - Taylor & Missy (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    Arc 5+ - Coil (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Dragon (Courtesy of Azure)
    Arc 5+a - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+b - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Wards (Courtesy of BobTheNinja)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor, Miss Militia, Wards (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    5.1 - Dragon (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    5.5 - Aisha & Taylor (Courtesy of Jinnt, turned into Canon Interlude)

    Arc 6+ - Chevalier (Courtesy of FunkyEntropy)
    Arc 6+ - Medical Log (Courtesy of uju32)
    Arc 6+ - Matchmaking Through War (Courtesy of charysa)
    Arc 6+ - Matchmaking Through Everything (Courtesy of charysa)
    Arc 6+ - Asymmetric Strategic Threat Workgroup (Courtesy of uju32)
    Arc 6+ - BOLO for Iris (Courtesy of uju32)

    Arc 7+ - Dragon Ascendant (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 7+ - A Good Day (Courtesy of uju32)

    Arc 8+ - Glenn Chambers(Courtesy ofDragonBard)

    Arc 10+ - Taylor & Vista (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    A Bad End (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    A Good End (Courtesy of RCa)

    Sidereal-Style Poem (Courtesy of linkhyrule5)

    Quest-Related Art: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    Taylor Hebert Pre-Exaltation (Art by Hybrid303) (Quest Canon)

    The Simurgh (Art by Scarfgirl) (Quest Canon)

    The Death of Taylor Rose Hebert (Art by assana73)

    Alchemical Taylor (Stylized, Art by Shyft)

    1.2 - Taylor In The Mirror (Art by assana73)

    2.3 - Missy In Suitjamas (Art by assana73) (Quest Canon)

    Miss Militia & Taylor & Iris (Art by assana73)

    3.6 - Saving Chevalier From Iris (Art by charysa)
    3.6 - Taylor/Dragon Collaboration Dress (Art by Shyft) (Quest Canon)

    If Behemoth Was A Week Late (Art by charysa)

    Brockton Bay Wards Beach Vacation (Art by charysa)

    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by Demonic Spoon)
    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by assana73)

    Series of Sketches and Comics:
    - Iris of Innovation Sketches (Art by assana73)
    - Taylor, Behemoth, and a Carrot (Art by assana73)
    - Interrupting Lung's Nap (Art by assana73)
    - Line Art For Above - Links Below Art (Art by assana73)

    4.4 - Daniel Hebert (Art by assana73) (Quest Canon)

    Behemoth (Art by BobTheNinja)

    Lung Dressed As Mumm-Rah (Art by assana73)

    4.7 Omake - Taylor & Protectorate (Art by assana73, from This Omake)

    Iris, Jack, Bonesaw & Simurgh (Art by charysa)

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

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    BTW is the voting closed?
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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    By the way, I like a great deal of the costume ideas proposed. +1 XP for the help!

    You guys will be getting the chance to choose which costume you ultimately went with at the end of this update, so these ideas have not gone to waste.
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    Ahh I love the new thread smell.
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    *Sniffs the air* Ah, New Thread. Smells like.....WADDAYA MEAN THERE"S NO UPDATE?!?!?! :mad: GET CRACKING SLAVE!!

    I'm joking, please don't kill me.
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    *Sharpens gladius* "Well see here guys: we have a barbarian demanding from his betters. :p
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    Well you know what this calls for?


    Let's experiment! :D
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    *loads gun* We'll have to take care of that then
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    OK Grom, I'm curious. Is the thread title mocking your voters for making Taylor a cheerleader?
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    Nah, I just like the alliteration. I wouldn't have put cheerleading as a possibility if I didn't enjoy the idea of it in the first place.
  13. Gromweld

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    Speaking of titles...

    What the hell does "BROB" stand for, anyway?
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    Bored Random Omnipotent Being. The best handwavium there is.
  15. Bastard random omnipotent being I think.
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    That's actually really useful, thanks for that. I've been wondering about a few of those acronyms.

    Now all I need is some sort of guide to on how to make links work...
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    Here you go
    It also covers other things, too.
    It's just [ url=link ] what the link will say [ /url] without the spaces in the brackets.
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    Well yes. If SCIENCE! isn't the answer to your problem you aren't using enough of it.

    On a separate track, the reason that I am so for pushing the biological chip route is not just for drones. Having them for our suit makes controlling it a trivial matter and Dragon could really use them as well instead of the funky fetus thing for a bio-processor.
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    Plus it'll probably up our medical score which can help prevent some bad situations
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  22. The Endbringer Prediction Program is just supposed to give advance warning of Endbringer Attacks by extrapolating past data of what they look for and what can be sensed of their movements. It's useless when it's already there.

    The Leviathan prediction program that Armsmaster uses in canon extrapolates Levi's next move with Levi's past tactics. However, Leviathan fights somewhat reactively, so the program cannot predict his actions when reacting to people who it has not been programmed to predict (everyone but Armsmaster). That's why Armsmaster had to fight it alone in canon, to cut down on the variables. Giving it to everyone wouldn't work because it would be impossible to program it with all the ins and outs of everyone's powers and fighting style, especially given variable turnouts among rogues and villains.
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    Opps, I caps. But YAAAAAAY~!

    Will do arts when costume is finalized.
  24. yes, it has been since yesterday.
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    Thanks. I've been wondering about that for a while.
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