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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    Worm, a fantastic web serial, is owned by Wildbow. This quest will spoil a great deal - if not all - of the story, so if you haven't finished it already... go read it now! (Unless you don't care about spoilers, that is.)

    Exalted, a delightful RPG system, is owned by White Wolf and CCP Games. Support the game by picking up a few PDFs on Drive-Thru RPG, would ya?

    Story Index:

    Arc 1: Spark
    - 1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3 - 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - Interlude: Simurgh

    Arc 2: Ignition
    - 2.1 - 2.2 - 2.3 - 2.4 - 2.5 - 2.6 - 2.7 - Interlude: Coil - Interlude: Oblivion - Interlude: Piggot

    Arc 3: Fuel
    - 3.1 - 3.2 - 3.3 - 3.4 - 3.5 - 3.6 - 3.7 - Interlude: Cauldron

    Arc 4: Combustion
    - 4.1 - 4.2 - 4.3 - 4.4 - 4.5 - 4.6 - 4.7 - Interlude: Jack Slash

    Arc 5: Ember
    - 5.1 - 5.2 - 5.3 - 5.4 - 5.5 (Writing In Progress) -


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    Primary Quest Thread 09 <-- Discussion is here!

    ==Story-Only Thread==

    Quest Character Sheet
    Quest Mechanics
    Quest Equipment

    Charm Cheat-Sheet (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - How To Play Exalted, A Primer
    Explanation - Social Combat (Courtesy of RCa)
    Explanation - Combat vs Snipers (Courtesy of RCa)

    Explanation - The History of Exalted, In Brief (Posted by GamingGeek)
    Explanation - Creation/Elsewhere (Posted by GamingGeek)

    TV Tropes Page for Alchemical Solutions

    Omake: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    1.1 - Mrs. Knott (Courtesy of NotAlwaysFanfic)
    1.1 - Madison (Courtesy of Blackout785)

    1.2 AU - Enduring Order Administrator (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Armsmaster (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    1.2 AU - Sophia Hess (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    1.2 AU - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    1.6 - Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of Bozwieval)

    1.7 - Miss Militia (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    2.1 - Drs. Laurel & Hardy (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    2.1 - Mr. Gladly (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.1 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    2.4a - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4b - Taylor Hebert (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    2.4c - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    2.7 - Resonant Terror Cascade (Courtesdy of Kelenas)
    2.7 - Armsmaster (Courtesdy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Vista (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7 - Greg (Courtesy of RCa)
    2.7a - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    2.7b - Undersiders (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 2 Interlude - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard, adapted into Canon Interlude)
    Arc 2 Interlude - Kaiser (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.1 - Contessa (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.1 - Black Widow #174 (Courtesy of veekie)

    3.3 - Assault (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)

    3.4a - Eye of Autochthon (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4b - Director Piggot (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4c - Jessica Yamada (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4d - Missy & Hannah (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    3.4 - Missy (Courtesy of Dimensionist)

    3.5 - Director Piggot (Courtesy of cosoco)

    3.6 - Chevalier (Courtesy of Chandra Magic)
    3.6 - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    3.7 - Dragon (Courtesy of Jinnt)
    3.7 - Behemoth & Simurgh (Courtesy of kestrel404)

    4.1 - Possible Battles (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    4.1 - Danny Hebert (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1a - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1b - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    4.1 - Ball 'o Spiders (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    4.2 - Über and Leet (Courtesy of tomio)
    4.3 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.3 - Defenders at PRT HQ (Courtesy of Daemir Silverstreak)
    4.3 - Über & Leet (Courtesy of tomio)

    4.4 - Iron Sun (Courtesy of .IronSun.)
    4.4 - Panacea (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    Arc 4 AU - Taylor & Iris (Courtesy of AkatsukiLeader13)

    4.5 - Tattletale (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)

    4.7a - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    4.7b - Taylor & Protectorate (Courtesy of wingnut2292)
    4.7 - Taylor & Tattletale (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    4.7 - Emma Barnes (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    5.4 AU - Taylor & Missy (Courtesy of Jinnt)

    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Parahumans Online (Courtesy of LoreOfClark)
    Arc 5+ - Coil (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Daniel Hebert (Courtesy of DragonBard)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Dragon (Courtesy of Azure)
    Arc 5+a - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+b - Alchemical Solutions/Conquest Quest Crossover (Courtesy of sun tzu)
    Arc 5+ - Taylor & Wards (Courtesy of BobTheNinja)

    Arc 5+ - Taylor, Miss Militia, Wards (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    Arc 6+ - Chevalier (Courtesy of FunkyEntropy)

    Arc 8+ - Glenn Chambers (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    Arc 10+ - Taylor & Vista (Courtesy of DragonBard)

    A Bad End (Courtesy of Demonic Spoon)
    A Good End (Courtesy of RCa)

    Sidereal-Style Poem (Courtesy of linkhyrule5)

    Quest-Related Art: (Not Quest Canon unless otherwise stated)

    Taylor Hebert Pre-Exaltation (Art by Hybrid303) (Quest Canon)

    The Simurgh (Art by Scarfgirl) (Quest Canon)

    The Death of Taylor Rose Hebert (Art by assana73)

    Alchemical Taylor (Stylized, Art by Shyft)

    1.2 - Taylor In The Mirror (Art by assana73)

    2.3 - Missy In Suitjamas (Art by assana73)

    Miss Militia & Taylor & Iris (Art by assana73)

    3.6 - Saving Chevalier From Iris (Art by charysa)
    3.6 - Taylor/Dragon Collaboration Dress (Art by Shyft)

    If Behemoth Was A Week Late (Art by charysa)

    Brockton Bay Wards Beach Vacation (Art by charysa)

    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by Demonic Spoon)
    Taylor's Iconic Anima Display (Art by assana73)

    Series of Sketches and Comics:
    - Iris of Innovation Sketches (Art by assana73)
    - Taylor, Behemoth, and a Carrot (Art by assana73)
    - Interrupting Lung's Nap (Art by assana73)
    - Line Art For Above - Links Below Art (Art by assana73)

    4.4 - Daniel Hebert (Art by assana73) (Quest Canon)

    Behemoth (Art by BobTheNinja)

    Lung Dressed As Mumm-Rah (Art by assana73)

    4.7 Omake - Taylor & Protectorate (Art by assana73, from This Omake)

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    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

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  4. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.


    Similar to this kind of armor, but more 'regal' and with longer silken-armor dress.


    Armor vs Normal Attacks: 10 (+1 w/ AMU)
    Armor vs Energy Attacks: 17 (+1 w/ AMU, +5 w/ HES)
    Mobility: -1
    Strength Min: 1
    Battery: 150 Hours (Recharge/Repair 25 hours takes one FULL hour of Technomorphic Integration Engine)
    Other Bonuses: Flight (AGM), +2 Dodge DV (AES), +2 to rolls for interfacing with technology (DCS), +2 Awareness (TPMG), Perfect lie detection against visibly-human targets (TPMG), +2 dice to attacks and defenses in one-on-one combat against opponents without exotic powers (TPMG)

    Advanced Materials Upgrade v11.13a
    Through use of Tinker-designed materials, layers of advanced polymers and fibers are applied on top of the existing armor to enhance Armor by +2 . Electromagnetic seals to reinforce the armor’s joints can be activated upon command (reflexive, enable/disable once per tick) at the cost of one hour of battery life per minute, but yield another +1 to Armor while enabled.

    Anti-Gravity Manipulators v2.03c
    Two modes, reflexively toggled: Tactical Flight (15yards/second normal, 25yards/tick dash), Transit Flight (30yards/tick normal [60mph], 40yards/tick dash [80mph]). Transit Flight requires a Dex+Athletics roll for quick changes in direction. Every hour (round up) spent flying in Tactical Flight counts as two hours for purposes of Recharge/Repair time, where Transit Flight counts as three hours.

    Assisted Evasion System v1.22a
    Various tiny antigravity modules dot the armour. When enabled (reflexive, enable/disable once per tick), the system reads the bodily movements of the wearer and exaggerates them by briefly firing the appropriate antigravity modules. This results in a 'jinking' movement that increases Dodge DV by +2, but drains an hour of battery power per minute active.

    Distributed Computer System v5.54d
    A suite of signal monitoring and transmission systems spread out across the entire suit collect and process data to feed into the suit’s distributed operating system. Through this system, the wearer is able to detect and interface with all forms of broadcast communications, as well interface with physical ports through use of extending plugs, granting the user +2 on rolls involving wireless communications and computer systems. Nearby suits equipped with both Distributed Computer System and Tactical Prediction Model Generator may coordinate against a single target to gain attack and defense bonuses as if the combat was still one-on-one.

    Hazardous Environment System v6.44h
    A series of insulating materials, reflective surfaces, and coolant systems designed to protect the wearer against exposure to environmental hazards. The suit gains +7 Armor against all energy-based damage, such as extreme heat, cold, electricity, and radiation. Additionally, the suit can reflexively vent its coolant to give an additional +5 armor against a single energy-based damage roll; this also hits everyone within 5 yards of the wearer with boiling hot coolant (2L) and reduces the armor bonus to +4 until the coolant systems are repaired.

    Tactical Prediction Model Generator v.08b
    +2 Awareness, Perfect detection of lie attempts when used against visibly-human targets, +2 dice to all attacks and defenses in one-on-one combat against opponents without exotic powers.
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    You gotta love that new thread smell. It's hard to believe that we already have 5 threads.
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    We have thoroughly killed my initial hope for one thread per arc. I blame Google Docs' comment and chat features for being so distracting.
  7. @_@ That thread's almost like buffalo.
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    Aye, it almost is.
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    Is there a link for this Google doc ?
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  10. So, the link to the Google doc doesn't seem to exist for me.
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  11. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    I've removed links to the google docs, as my experiment with them is complete.

    While fun and a good source of laughs, corrections, and ideas, they are far more distracting than I would have thought initially and reduced my writing speed to a crawl. This quest's primary goal for me is to develop enhanced plotting/characterization while maintaining the same writing speed, so since my speed suffered so drastically I consider the experiment to be a (fun) failure.

    Thank you to everyone that helped me in the Google Docs, as I enjoyed your company immensely.
  12. sainen

    sainen Eleint

    are all variants of Exomuscular Fibers off the table? I ask because autochthon invented the celestial battle armor, thus it wouldn't be a too much of a stretch for Iris to be able of making and integrating some into the armor.
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  13. Cytokinesis

    Cytokinesis I'm a mouse!

    We should probably put the two exceptional boni into Soak and Mobility. Taylor has 9 dice in resistance+stamina, so it's not like she actually needs to worry about the fatigue penalty.

    Ideas for powers... well someone probably talked about the soak booster, there's also the strength enhancement one, and there's another that doubles land speed (no essence use, so it's a cheap alternative to flight).

    If we could swing it there's a passive healing power that heals 1 bashing/round and 1 lethal/hour that would be incredibly useful, but I'm not sure that would be allowed. If we had Bonesaw working with us it'd probably be acceptable, but uh, that'd require Bonesaw to be working with us :p. On the other hand, Armsmaster has copied powers with his tech before, and Panacea is around for him to study, so a collaboration between Dragon and him might be able to pull it off.
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  14. sainen

    sainen Eleint

    If only we had dots in Medicine, then we could help make those Medical Nanites that Armsmaster talked about.
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  15. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    Here's what I'm allowing for Exomuscular Fibers:

    Exomuscular Fibers:
    Doubles wearer’s ground speed. Once per day, the armor can triple ground speed for one minute (reflexively activated). Strength bonuses for Feats of Strength and inflicting damage of attack come with the following drawbacks when installed:
    +1 Bonus - No penalties
    +2 Bonus - Mobility Penalty -1
    +3 Bonus - Mobility Penalty -1, Fatigue Penalty +1
    +4 Bonus - Mobility Penalty -2, Fatigue Penalty +1

    On the plus side, I am considering counting explosions (AoE attacks, grenades, etc.) as Artillery Strikes for the purpose of AoE damage, since it just plain makes more sense for Earth-Bet physics. This means Area-of-Effect attacks are single attacks against everything in the blast radius, full damage plus threshold successes, no environmental effect (unless the attack specifically is one), but you get to use armor soak/hardness on top of your base stats.
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  16. Ryune

    Ryune Hotel Manager

    So I threw this together as a possible emblem for us. It's supposed to resemble a spider, cog and an eye but I'm fairly sure I failed miserably at art so whatever.

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  17. So if Iris is the Eye, what are the chances that at least some of our armor is now made out of one of the Mystical Materials?
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  18. sunspark

    sunspark Celestia's Messenger

    Given how starved for essence he (and it feels really weird calling Iris he) is, I'm guessing not very good.
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  19. FunkyEntropy

    FunkyEntropy Cranky grumblefactory

    Okay,this seems like a good loadout for our first suit[1]:

    Enhanced Durability
    The armor gains another +3L/+3B soak and +2L/2B hardness.

    Hazardous Environment System
    A series of insulating materials, reflective surfaces, and modules designed to protect the wearer against exposure to environmental hazards, including fire, electricity, toxic gases and liquids, caustic substances, biological agents, hard radiation, etc. The wearer receives +2 specialty dice to all Resistance rolls to Avoid Disease and Withstand Poison/Environmental Damage. In addition, the suit gains another +4L/4B soak and hardness against energy attacks, such as that inflicted by heat or flame, plus many powerful ranged First Age weapons (Essence cannons, implosion bows, etc.) and so on. This bonus counts as natural soak for the purposes of soaking environmental hazards based on energies such as bonfires, lava, or critically damaged nuclear reactor cores.

    Motion Assist Exoskeleton
    A network of micro-hydraulics, motorized spools and a reinforced exoskeleton taken from Armsmaster's power armor doubles the wearer's ground speed, and grants 1 bonus dot of strength for feats of strength and inflicting damage with attacks.

    Distributed Computer System
    A suite of signal monitoring, transmission and broadcasting systems copied from Dragon's work, coupled to a miniaturized, optical computer nodes spread out across the entire suit based off Armsmaster's own suit's systems, this is a full featured data collection, processing and transmission system, with an operating system built in to manage the suit's functions. Interfacing works through a virtual keyboard projected onto the visor's display, which captures finger or Omnitool motions as the input. This gives the user the ability to to detect, intercept and communicate with most forms of wireless communications, as well as the ports and cables for any wired source, granting the user +2 on rolls involving wireless communications and computer systems. This also integrates with the senses of the Tactical Prediction Model Generator, archiving all gathered data and transmissions to the suit memory.

    Exceptional Equipment Bonuses: +1L/1B soak, reduce Mobility Penalty by 1.

    Final Stats
    Soak: +11L/10B (with natural soak included, 14L/16B)
    Hardness: 6L/6B
    Mobility: -1
    Fatigue: 1

    vs Energy Attacks
    Soak: +15L/14B (w/ nat soak, 18L/20B)
    Hardness: 10L/10B

    vs Environmental Hazards
    Soak: +4L/4B (w/ nat soak, 7L/10B)
    Hardness: 4L/4B

    [1] I redid HES to make it more like bulletproof vests. It provides less soak against environmental hazards but more soak against energy attacks. I also changed the bonus dice to counting as specialty dice to bring things down even further. It's a bit of a dramatic nerf to what I originally wrote, but I think it's solid for our first effort. We'll get another chance at doing it right since we're going to want to make a second suit for dealing with Endbringers anyway so it's not it's the...

    End of the world.

    :cool: Yeeeaaaaaaah.
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  20. Gromweld

    Gromweld Learning by mistake.

    Zero. He still doesn't understand how to convert this Universe's energy into Essence, and thus can't forge magical materials out of it. He's only had ~24 hours, so give him some time.

    Since Earth-Bet uses completely different physics than Exalted does, your armor also works differently than Exalted armor. Instead of levels against bashing and lethal, as well as a Hardness rating (all of which are due to the way the Primordials programmed Creation to work), Earth-Bet armor simply has an "Armor" rating that serves as equal bashing/lethal soak and no such thing as Hardness (since there's no Essence to say 'ahahahaNope'). Worth noting is that if the damage rolled in a single attack is double the armor rating, the armor is destroyed. I have edited the armor post above to reflect this, but for reference TinkerTech TaylorSuit is Armor rating of 7.
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  21. Wouldn't have to worry about destruction. 14 successes on damage means we got bigger things to worry about.
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  22. Hopefully having Kid Win's contribution means that only the part of the armor that gets hit is destroyed and not the whole thing.
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  23. HIMP_Dahak

    HIMP_Dahak This post approved by Desus.

    That last part just plain makes more sense for an Exalted game too. I'm fairly sure the various Environmental Attack charms are not meant to ignore armor (which is typically an expensive, independent charm of its own) and ignore DV. Then again, the Environmental Attack rules being used as a shorthand for an AoE attack is a long history of terribleness, and IIRC a lot of stuff was moved to "an attack against everyone in X area."
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  24. FunkyEntropy

    FunkyEntropy Cranky grumblefactory

    If there is no Hardness this would imply that there is no ping since ping is Essence saying, "hahahaha I do damage anyway."
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