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  1. A couple of months ago in the original R:AAB thread, the conversation got onto how if the Colonial "Liberation" fleet had succeeded in invading Earth, it would've failed ultimately due to the biohazard known as Earth. Translation, the Colonials would come here, conquerer and aside from dealing with a massive world wide insurrection against said invasion. They'd then have to deal with things like the flu, AIDS, the mumps, measels, whooping cough, TB, Malaria and many other infectious diseases; which would in turn travel back with returning colonial troops and devastate the colonies and inturn the Cylons Biocylon human replicant creations.

    Now I like R:AAB and I want to see Ash continue it, but i'd like to see another fic writer in this forum write an AU "What if.." version, to see the colonials succeed in their mission only to fuck up big time in the occupation period; if only due to all the various diseases that the colonials would have no resistance to;7:drevil:.

    Edited to add:

    I don't know how to modify this post to make a poll, but how's this:

    A) Yes i'd like to see an AU version of R:AAB.

    B) No, let Ash concentrate on writing R:AAB.

    or C) Let an Ash approved writer do the AU version :) :D.
  2. Gosu

    Gosu Read this very carefully, I wrote it only once

    Sounds like a re-imagining of War of the Worlds (published 1898 - yes, 1898).
  3. I would say allow an Ash Approved author to give it a shot.
  4. Chaos Blade

    Chaos Blade Procrastinating Writer

    Well, H.G. Wells was one hell of a writer.

    are we going to get a Thunderchild scene?
  5. JEKrug01

    JEKrug01 Crossover-Seeker

    Indeed, give it a chance to see what happens if the Colonials actually succeeded, would probably mean all Earth-based ships get smashed or had to retreat...

    Then they'd definitely have a War-of-the-Worlds problem when it comes down to diseases, similar to what they're facing off in the main-branch RAAB on Picon, etc...

    Sounds more like a fusion of SG1, Terminator, and War of the Worlds if you look at it that way, should it ever be written.
  6. Deamondeath

    Deamondeath Poke-free since 1875!!

    I would like to see the Wraith situation in that fic. Unlike in RAAB Atlantis wouldn't feel the need to warn them. Have the Wraith and Colonials slug it out and then the SG ships could swoop in for the kill.

    On the ground there would probably be a shitload of resistance movements, especially if the Colonials are as Religious as they seem in RAAB. They probably do something stupid like execute the leaders of the most prominent monotheistic religions for heresy.

    And if they do that then they can forget about only having to worry about just Muslim suicide bombers, they would get Suicide bombers from every religion that believes in one god.

    Besides knowing how far humanity will go to defend something they consider theirs i wouldn't be surprised if those nice nuke carrying subs decide to launch a few at some strategic points.
  7. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead


    Doesn't the plagues hit the smaller less cosmopolitan groups hardest? Wouldn't the Twelve Colony's have bigger nastier bugs and Colonials have bigger tougher immune systems?
  8. kclcmdr

    kclcmdr Kai The Kmpire! Amicus

    It appears that Earth's BioBugs are more nastier & adaptive to mutate and survive and infect its host than the Colonial's own BioBugs...

    Impromptu TOC Index

    Lightning_Count. Rough Timeline -.Orbital Battle; EVAC; DEF, Colonial Invasion, Resistance, NUKES, UnConditional

    Tweeky. Prologue -.Inquiry For An Alternate R:AAB Xover What IF The Colonials Won & What Happens Later
    A-BOMB. CH_01 -.Colonies - President Adar, Adm. Naga, Earth; Skynet, General Brewster, Hostiles, Gaius&Six
    Lightning_Count. CH_02 -.Diary - Colonial Lt. Tolson; LandRams Suck, Raufoss, Snipers, AT Missiles, Stingers, Cain, Burnings
    Ash's Boomstick. CH_03 -.Drivened - Ten Million Colonial Military KIAs, KIA Earth Cities, Chems, Bio, Diseases
    kclcmdr. CH_04 -.Sickness - Colonial Pvt. Daniels, Doc Franklin, US Doc Fraiser, Common Cold, STD
    Rastamon. CH_05 -.Satan Is Kobol - Ann Coulter, Rants on Colonial Invaders, Scums Cain, Captured & Held
    Jonen C. CH_06 -.Sweden - Ambushing Raptors, Miserable But Happy, Geneva Nuked, Train Dig Camouflage
    kclcmdr. CH_07 -.Iraq1 - Sergeant Stuart, Johnson, CSA Jed Stuart, Iraqi Recon, Mecca, Sadri Militias
    kclcmdr. CH_08 -.Iraq2 - Athena, Screwups, Colonial APCs, Chasing Toyota Trucks,
    kclcmdr. CH_09 -.Colorado - NORAD Smashed, Sarah & John Connors, Cameron, SSgt Walter Johnson, Joe1&2, Calling
    kclcmdr. CH_10 -.Iraq3 - Stuart, Traps; Capt. Duffy&Sgt Jones, Boomer&Taylor, BunInTheOven, Boomer Booms
    Slybrarian. CH_11 -.Atlantis - Lorne&John, Teyla, RED ALERT!, Daniels, Colonial Invasion, Weir, New Protocols
    Ash's Boomstick. CH_12 -.INTEL - Corman & Cain, New Tau'ri Weaponery, Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator
    Ajw. CH_13 -.Alpha Site - Col. Emerson, Odyssey, Apollo, Korolev, Prometheus, Ha'tak, Bra'tac Free Jaffas
    kclcmdr. CH_14 -.Sickness2 - Daniels Whine, Doc Franklins Yells, Earther Gal & Shara, Shots & Pills
    Lightning_Count. CH_15 -.Cain's Victory - Earth Orbit, Atlantia KIA'd, O'Neill&Carter, SG1 Withdrawals, KIA a Billion
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_16 -.Resurrection Copies - Trust Compound, D'Anna Again&Again, Ba'al, Truths, All Sevens Confounded
    kclcmdr. CH_17 -.Sickness3 - Dr. Franklin, Daniels & Sheri, Meet Daddy, Major Seenman, Reassignment, Alaska
    Tweeky. CH_18 -.Cain's Actions - De-Populated The Tau'ri, Adar's Lackey, MiddleEast Calm, Diseases
    Lightning_Count. CH_19 -.Jack's Inanes - Kate Cleans, Jack's Speech, Kobollocks, John Has Long Moustache, PartyMix
    Rayhne. CH_20 -.Target - Arrows Notched, Crossbows & Bows, Zzzing!, Bucky Badger, Get'FF Our Property
    Jonen C. CH_21 -.Sweden - Kaffe, Skitväder, Vipering Target, One KIA'd, Gröngölingar, Era Jävlar!
    kclcmdr. CH_22 -.Mars' Avenger - Maj. Cisa, Lister&Jones, Promotions, Brighter, Duffy & Cavil, Words
    Evilauthor. CH_23 -.Servers Mailed - Gina & Helena, FRAK!, Virus Email, Denial Of Service, P2P
    Dragon89. CH_24 -.Ireland - Occupied Belfast, Col. Sgt. Orson, Dawson&Dessler, Mines&RPCs, Orson Lone Survivor
    Armbrahm1963. CH_25 -.NYC - 1st SF, sSGT Bender, O'Neill, Hell's Hospital, Hidden Munitions, Young Men&Women Taken
    Slybrarian. CH_26 -.Atlantis2 - Sheppard&Lorne, Weir, Earth Nuked, Parrish, The Facts, Dr. Holtzer, McKay
    EdBecerra. CH_27 -.Colorado1 - The Bear Den, Robert&Buddy, Stalnovik, Nurem82, Linux, Blake, KeelHaul Colonials
    Glennfiddich12. CH_28 -.Massachusetts1 - Colonials Slaughtered&Ambushed, Militaries UnderGround, Barrie&Duggan
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_29 -.NY Colonial - Hospital, Lt. Dillon, Dillon, DrugTime, Enzo&Sasha, Brutus&Adar, Lucians
    <<ERROR>>. CH_30 -.Colonial Convoy - Sgt. Tarsus, Tau'ri Resistance, Lt. Fisher, Jenkins KIA'd,
    Lightning_Count. CH_31 -.Earth - Kate, Colonial CheckPt., Beer, Woodby, Jake, Scarecrow, Grace, BOOM!, Fingers
    Lightning_Count. CH_32 -.University - Roslin, Cain&Thorne, Children Of Earth, General Jack, The ScareCrow
    kclcmdr. CH_33 -.345th RPRFB - Shara&Daniels, STUD, Reports, Seven Lt. JGs, Combat & Actions
    Jonen C. CH_34 -.Sweden2 - Sörenson, UFO, Dirt Flying, Capt. Stenberg, Sund, Car!,
    Warringer. CH_35 -.Germany1 - Blücher-Kaserne, Thomas, Old Memories, Colonials, AllesKlar, FeuerFrei, MLRS
    Jonen C. CH_36 -.Crashdown - Lt. Quartararo, RB 90 SAM, Broken Leg, Dog, Rescued, First Aid
    Slybrarian. CH_37 -.P4F-775 - Carter, Whoops, M1X-113k Capt. Grogan, Allina, Dr. Weir, Potentia, Freya, ZPM
    Ajw. CH_38 -.Free Jaffas - Bra'tac, Teal'c&Ishta, Ha'Taks, Starbuck, 3BSGs&SpaceStation Wrecked, Toby
    TheLunarWolf. CH_39 -.Miami - Sam Axe, Bumped Paper-Pusher, Bugged, BOOM!, C4 Wrapped in Naquadah
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_40 -.Deal w Snake - O'Neill Peeved, Ba'al!, Green Card, The Trust, Toaster Info, D'Anna Whines
    Lightning_Count. CH_41 -.Tartarus - Tigh&Bill, Cain, NORAD Colonial Base, Valkyrie Fiasco, ScareCrow, DivSix, Thorne
    Mulman. CH_42 -.Siberia - Artic Circle, BaseStalingrad, Gen. Chekov, F-307, Capt. Reynolds, Jayne
    Jonen C. CH_43 -.Sweden - Crashdown, Limited Hostility, Protective Custody, Orca&Trident, Talks
    Lightning_Count. CH_44 -.USA - Scarecrow&Nightshade, Resistance, Firepower, Kate&Jake, Ambush, Counter-Ambush, BOOM!
    Shadalarion. CH_45 -.Resurrection HUB3 - Stupid Colonial Idiots, Re-Awakened, The Sacred Scrolls, Find Facts
    kclcmdr. CH_46 -.345th RPRFB - Patrol, Bablets, Bright Lights, Jones&Brighter, Lister, Alert, CombatTime
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_47 -.Dilemna - O'Neill, Ba'al's Offer, Jackson&Teal'c, Mitchell&Vala, Beel, Cloaked Alkesh
    kclcmdr. CH_48 -.Meet&Greet - Sarah&Johnson, Trading Info, Yelling, Cameron&Joes, Histories, John
    Skeet. CH_49 -.HI Mom&Dad - Caprica; Frederick&Wife, Son's Letter, Robert, SouthAmerica, HELL, Flies
    Shadalarion. CH_50 -.Cylon High CMD - Raiders Find AI Lifeform, SKYNET, Find Tau'ri About an Alliance
    Ironside. CH_51 -.Sgt. Dopal - NAC, Journal, RootBeer, Rum, Cleanup Duty, Barracks Blowned, KIDS!
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_52 -.CHINA - POW, Standing Army Of 100 Million, PRC, Little Foothold, Labor Camp 4 Colonials
    Inquisitor. CH_53 -.Cavil Intel - Gina, Tau'ri BotNets, Malware, Cain, AAA, SKYNET, MetalGear, CounterMeasures
    Evilauthor. CH_54 -.THUNK! - Crates Of Medical Books, Gina & Helena, ONE VOLUME!?
    Shadalarion. CH_55 -.SKYNET2Dad - Email, Dad O'Neill, Mom Carter, Arctic Base, Colonials Burning Churches
    Armbrahm1963. CH_56 -.Alpha Site - Jack&Landry, sSGT. Benson, TeamStrikeForce, Raptors, BOOM!
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_57 -.First Contact - Lt. Thorne, How Many Lights, I AM BA'AL, I'm IBLIS, Garek's Bully Boys
    Shadalarion. CH_58 -.BSG Pegasus - High Lunar Orbit, Cain, Tau'ri AI, Confusing Orders, SKYNET, Cylons
    ReddyRedWolf. CH_59 -.Alpha Site - O'Neill&Bra'tac, Teal'c, Gerak KIAs Ba'al, Gerak Rescues Woolsey
    Barricade . CH_60 -.SKYNET - Spc Harriet MacDoungal, No BattleTech&MetalGear, Martin, Jack&Sam, SmallerVers
    kclcmdr. CH_61 -.Sixty Klicks - Johnson&Sarah, Plans, Alaska, Joes, Cameron&John, Stronger Colonials
    kclcmdr. CH_62 -.Fifty Clicks - Iraqi Desert, Stuart&Johnson, Raptor 334th, Sgt&Lt., FIRE!, Missed, Crash
    Starbug. CH_63 -.England - Bill Savage, Manchester Riots, London Nuked, Pearson, BullyBoys, Uprisings
    Lightning_Count. CH_64 -.1st Contact - O'Neill&Nagala, WAR!, Belzen&Cain, Hayes, Mitchell, Hoshi, Fisk. Colonials Win
    Skeet. CH_65 -.Diary - Jamison, No Sleep, JungleTime, Contact!, Snakes, Insects, Leeches&Piranha
    Starbug. CH_66 -.Remember - 5th Of November, Helo&Cain, V , Good Evening Great Britain, Edinburgh Castle BOOM

    *To Be updated whenever the Next Author Posts their Chapter(s)
  9. PsyckoSama

    PsyckoSama Ia! Ia! Kamina fthagn!

    Give the wraith the location of the 12 colonies and watch the buffet ;)
  10. Gosu

    Gosu Read this very carefully, I wrote it only once

    No, not all bugs are nastier.

    Earth simply has a whole lot more types of bugs than the Colonies, and by extension that means the number of nasty types is larger as well.
  11. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead

    Why ?
  12. Screwball

    Screwball Smug SD Cabalist


    The Colonies aren't the natural habitat of humans. Therefore, the vast majority of the bugs there won't affect a human. The ones that will would be mostly the alien equivalent of prion diseases, which are not at all contagious unless you go around eating the flesh of the infected (eg, CJD).

    Not-viruses won't work because an alien ecosystem probably won't use DNA, if it did, it's code would use different bases, and even if it didn't they'd code for different amino acids (and might even use a lot more than 20 AAs, in which case they might use four base codons) and even if they used the same AAs and the same genetic code, they'd have different genetic machinery. If a gene doesn't have a TATA box, it's not going to get translated if you stick it in a human. Thus, virus-equivalents are out.

    It's overwhelmingly likely that the human body would be a hostile environment to alien microbes, unlike terrestrial ones where it's lovely place to live and only our immune system keeps them out. Basically, it'd be like trying to grow a bug on a plate treated with vancomycin. The converse is true as well, of course, but unless you take a dive in a bath of alien E.coli, you'll clear dead microbes out faster than they can accumulate. Thus, no fungal or bacterial infections unless you're really unlucky, in which case, they'd probably kill everyone.

    You thus need to go right down to prion diseases and the like, which are caused by your own body fucking itself up, possibly in response to an external stimulus. So, for example, there could be a chemical present in the Colonies ecosystem that can promote the formation of PrPsc from PrPc and thus cause CJD. Such a thing is not likely to be easily transmissible. Thus, no alien diseases.

    Or, alternatively, you could say the Colonials terraformed the Colonies before they settled there. If you were terraforming, you'd do the best you damn well could to wipe out and diseases that might hurt you.
  13. Blade4

    Blade4 Angry Marine

    Here's a problem, to me realistically even if the Colonials had somehow won that first battle they would have still lost because Earth would have called for help or at least someone would investigate why they had gone silent suddenly and then the 12 Colonies would have fleets of well and truly pissed Asgard and Jaffa coming down on them and probable well before the diseases on Earth can really start to a take toll.
  14. Don't forget disease side effects, Mumps for example has a chance in adult cases of causing sterility if not treated right.

    Old hand to FNG about the Occupation:
    "This place is Hades distilled. If you aren't blown up by some bomb, planted on the roadside, slipped into a food crate, or wrapped around some fanatic insurgent you'll catch it from random sniper and infantry mortar fire. Don't go to the 'Comfort Battalion' unless all the girls are straight from the Twelve Colonies, too much of a chance that some suicidal bitch will knife or posion you. Not to mention the diseases, on the girls and every where else. You WILL be laid up for several weeks by at least one, if not several. If you are lucky you'll come back from the medics alive and with your balls in working order..."
  15. Starbug

    Starbug Funk & Justice for all! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Good old Mother Earth is a decidedly inhospitable place to live when you get down to it; we've just adapted to it over millions of years.

    To quote War of the Worlds:
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  16. You know who I think would be the perfect author for such an AU fic, Ed. I think he'd do it with just the right touch of cynicism. The fic about how the colonial marines end up back on the colonies cursing things like Syphyllis, gonnorhea, clamdyia, TB, and haepatititus;7:drevil:. But especially AIDS}p.
  17. you know there is one thing you might consider. Worst case scenario if the Colonials bail out is they would carpet nuke Earth as an act of spite and to prevent an enemy from coming at them again.
  18. VhenRa

    VhenRa MechWarrior

    It would be amusing if they landed in the South of USA and all the Rednecks came after them... Which is what would likely happen.

    The simple fact of the matter is actually summed up in The Race books IIRC. The Race considered Humanity to be an entire race of Fanatics... which about sums it up.
  19. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead

    Best bet to support the position. There's been absolutely nothing alien in nBSG, they don't even have daggits. Although it doesn't really take into account the Lords Of Kobol tech level, what their motives were ect. all unknowns, so guess work.
  20. So you're saying Colonials are bumch of pissed Cardassians.

    In one ep of TNG there is one alternate reality where the Bajorans not only overthrew the Cardassians but took over their empire.
  21. yeah pretty much. they would be so petty as to do so or at least Adar would. plus the Colonials would want to remove a potential threat. Course any free Earth forces would happily respond with a full scale carpet nuking on all 12 planets with a shitload of Mark IXs.
  22. I have a problem with Christian suicide bombers because scriptures tells us that killing yourself is a sin, they would probably lead a resistence against the Colonials occupiers through nonviolence but if that don't work, We would probably do kidnap the Colonials and subjugate them to Christianity.

    How about unleashing the Liberal Media. That would probably sold Earth out to the Colonial like they did to the last presidential election.

    Have you seen American Carol where Bill O'Reilly interviews Micheal Malone and Rosie O'Connel; when Rosies says that Christianity is more dangerous than Islam. They should a clip of Priest with bomb vest and Nuns blowing up the bus.
  23. Let the colonials fear the might of the Spanish inquisition!
  24. Deamondeath

    Deamondeath Poke-free since 1875!!

    Meh, sciptures also tell us not to kill, cheat on your spouse and turn the other cheek, which we have been ignoring happely when it suits our needs.
  25. Alratan

    Alratan Terran Eclipsed

    Problem with this is that we've seen the colonies, and they have Earth flora and fauna. They also, I believe, seem to have Earth domesticated animals. Thus, with a bigger population, and a longer history of high tech health care, colonial diseases are very likely to be much nastier than Earth, particularly regarding resistance to drugs. This latter will affect Earth, as there are a limited number of metabolic pathways for drugs to act on, and some are much easier than others.

    Nearly impossible to wipe most viruses out, particualrly retro-viruses.

    I'm afraid that the problem with this scenario is that Tweeky has got the identities of the Europeans and the Amerindians the wrong way round. If anyone's getting devastated by a series of epidemics, it's Earth, particularly as:

    post occupation its health care systems will be in a mess.

    due to the economic damage the population of the 1st world are more likely to be susceptible to the disease thanks to malnutrition and the like.

    Nothing much needs to be said, I think, about the affect on the 3rd world of food and medical aid shipments stopping, without any new diseases.

    the average human civilian will have fa more direct exposure to a colonial than vice versa.

    the colonial ecomomy and health care system is intact

    the colonies are used to conducting interplanatary warfare between planets, and should be aware of the need for quarantine.
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