An entery with a Bang! - A BT roundrobin

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    Story only thread


    Earth Orbit, 400 km above Earth – October, 4th 1957

    Slowly it moved around on its orbit, the four long antennas slowly swinging out, even two hours after it had been served from the last stage of its R-7 rocket.

    Sputnik 1 followed along on its orbit, never even slightly noticing the slight changes around it as it speed over America. Far away from it stars changed alignments in such a way that while they appeared to be the same as always they weren't.


    Paranal Observatory, Chile – Monday May, 16th 2005 11.20PM UTC-4

    Martin Winters had to suppress a loud yawn as he leaned back in his seat in front of Antu, the first mirror of the VLT, waiting for the image to load up to his system.

    He would rather take a closer look to the Magellan Clouds for his latest project, but someone had gotten some time on Antu to do some IR images of an area towards the galactic pane.

    Winters sighed, why that was more important than catching some goo images of the recent supernova, he never knew.

    Slowly his small finger moved towards his nose, pushing into the right nostril to try and catch that booger that was annoying him for the last hours. As he picked his nose, his eyes fell to the screen and the display on it.

    He blinked a few times as he noticed something that shouldn't be there.

    His finger still in his right nostril, he leaned forward and looked at the hazy warm blob that was close to the edge of the screen where nothing should be, somewhere in the general direction of the Moon.

    His eyes narrowed as he pulled his finger from his nostril, having managed to catch the booger and his other hand moved to his mouse to zoom in on the warm blob that shouldn't be there.

    Slowly the image pulled up from the insane amount of data that originated from Antu.

    Winters blinked. Was that a white hot spot inside the blob?


    Norad Space Command, USA – Monday May,16th 2005, 9.21PM UTC-6

    "What the hell was that?" General David Mathews asked out loud as he glared at the display, while the technicians were working around him.

    Whatever it had been just had killed off two Keyhole satellites.

    "Looks like an EM Pulse," one of the technicians noted.

    Mathews looked over to the technicians and walked up behind him, before taking a glance at the display. It was showing a rather EM spectrum with a very large peak in the middle.

    "EMP?" he wondered and looked up at the large display that dominated the far wall of the control room, trying to make out anything that might have caused the Pulse.

    The technician nodded.

    "It came from the general direction of the Moon, sir."

    "Was there anything planned?" he wondered out loud." Did the Chinese try something with that Probe of theirs?"

    Only a few days ago China had launched a Probe to the moon, officially to take a few imaged for their lunar program, not that they any further than the USA.


    Mathews frowned.

    "Keep me up," he said and patted the technician on the shoulder, before walking back into his office, trying to get some info from someone else.


    AN: Based on the 'Real Earth in Battletech' vs of Psyckosama. I left it open what 'Real Earth' (possibly Ryan-verse) and hope that someone continues as I have absolutely no idea about BT...

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    I like too see more so I get the full picture.
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    The thread was that modern day earth was basically shacked into the deep periphery, outside the Outworlds Alliance in about 3010 or so. And then they get a pirate regiment thrown at them to provide information and tech samples.

    Also, 1957 might be a wee bit too early. ;)
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    No look at the other date. It's 2005.
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    D'oh! That´s what you get for posting dead tired. }p
  6. Nice one. Trying to sneak in the change without the Earthlings noticing eh?

    But even that early, wouldn't astronomers notice the shift? One would think a shift in perspective of (what? Over five hundred lightyears?) would still noticeably affect some constellations. And that's assuming it's not just Earth, but every star system in 50 light years (I think that's the limit of measuring distance via parallax) of us.

    Oh, well, I'll let it slide in the interest of the story.

    PS: What's the battletech date again?
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    Well, if nothing else, Ghost in the Shell & Appleseed are still very much within present memory in the anime business/community, and if we got our hands on Power Armor tech ala Elementals or IS designs, I'm sure we'd shortly be making something that would mount the firepower of a Kanazuki Heavy PA, or even a Protomech, yet able to move around like a Grey Death Scout.

    Oh and 747 aerial laser would likely see some very interesting updates. Along with likely some input from it going back into the 'modern' Btech designs (like how to build lasers that have vastly longer ranges then even the so-called 9x multipler mentioned recently for the 'real' Btech weapons ranges, and for almost no heat buildup either). Give Earth 10 years without getting raided more then 3-4 times, and we'd be able to start fielding a couple non-Battlemech equipped (if upgraded w/ Btech stuff) armies that would pretty much lay waste to damn near any army equipped with Battlemechs.
  8. So just to make sure we're all on the same page, we should lay some ground rules for interaction:

    1) Btech weapon ranges: game rules or fluff (9 times listed) ranges?

    2) Btech targeting: Super jamming or is it really that bad?

    3) What's the BTech date?
  9. Pirate Dropship Drakon
    Pirate point between Planet III and IIIa
    System S3-19570410
    16 May 3020

    “Holy mother of God,” Captain Burgess Hale whispered. Despite a religious upbringing, he didn’t believe in God. His former life as a Federated Suns officer and current life as a pirate had been one long hard scrabble struggle. If God existed, he obviously didn’t give a damn about humanity, let alone one disgraced former member of the AFFS.

    Only now it looked like God had decided to smile on Hale and his rag tag group of pirates. Here before him was the motherload every pirate dreamed of. Rich enough and heavily industrialized enough to that his people could actually be picky about what they took. And if the smattering of transmissions that they had sampled were anything to go by, primitive enough to be a cake walk.

    The only problem was a persistent sense of déjà vu. Hale couldn’t help but feel that he had seen this planet somewhere before. But that was impossible. He was in the middle of the Grantville Cluster, a cluster of stars over fifty lightyears across just off the Outworlds Alliance that everyone knew was devoid of any inhabitable worlds. This made the cluster a handy place for pirates to lay low between raids. And that’s just what Hale had been doing when they started picking up radio transmissions from this system. On a lark, he had decided to investigate, hoping for maybe some lost Star League cache.

    And it looked like he had hit pay dirt.

    “Prep for jumpship separation, boys and girls,” he told everyone. “It’s party time!”

    He took one last look at the planet’s image, still haunted by that nagging familiarity. He pushed it to the back of his mind. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be important.


    Author's note: At this time, I've left the actual composition of the pirate force as a hypothetical. It could be anything from a single lance to a full RCT. But at present, I'm envisioning a simple lance raid that goes successfully and gets away. This will eventually bring in a larger pirate force, which a warned Earth will defeat.

    Edit: Aha! Found the original thread. It's 3020.
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    Umm, how the heck did they accurately place a pirate point if they had no idea what to expect?
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    Pirates, in a ship named the Drakon.
    Sadly for them, they're not Drakon, in a ship called the Pirate.
    The former will lead to a really ugly disaster for the invaders, while the latter would have led to a really ugly disaster for the defenders.

    As for the date, well it can't be before 3080 due to Snow Raven/Outworlds Alliance merger, and with the pirate's mention of being Ex-FedSuns its either prior to the FedCom merger, or just post Katherine sundering the combined nation. So anytime prior to the 4th Succession war, or post-Civil War/pre-Jihad.
  12. Jump to standard zenith/nadir point. Look at planet that you want to go to. Notice moon. Do math.
  13. IIRC, the original premise in the Vs forum was that this is some years/decades before the 4th Succession War.
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    Well that just leaves the slight problem of the week's delay before rejumping, and the fact that the pulse from the initial jump would also be detectable.

    For that matter, what's the transit time from Sol's jump points?
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    Grantville Cluster? Nice one.
  16. Thanks.

    I was thinking that "Stirling Cluster" might be a bit to obscure and "Flint Cluster" a bit to obvious.
  17. Okay, I found the original thread. It's 3020.

    To wit:

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    That's only a problem if people are looking for it. If nobody knows to look at the Zenith or Nadir... well then there's plenty of opportunity.

    Me, I think I favor them trying to raid Fort Knox for the gold, only to find out that nobody cares, and it's a tank training school. And at the same time, their dropship gets infiltrated by Spetznatz, SAS and Delta Force. All of whom are persuing their agendas independantly of each other.
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    The Inner Sphere Atlas System website has Terra's time to jumpoint as 9.0 days.
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    Screw infiltrating, we'd outright board the thing, kill/capture the crew and claim it.
    But even then, just getting the dropship isn't going to help much. It'd be getting their hands on a jumpship that would be the true prize.
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    Depends on what they are looking for. Slaves are best handled by hitting the US or Asia, Heavy industry or supplies then Singapore, Hong Kong, Rotterdam or any other big ports. Actually I say let them hit a major port town, Cargo containers are easy to handle and can be moved easily by battlemechs.
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    "Put that thing the hell back!"
    "Because it's 16 tons of bananas you nimrod!"
    "What about this one?"
    "Ladies' frilly underwear according to the manifest."
    "Can we keep it anyways?"
  23. Vehrec

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    Thats why your infiltrate, fill it with spec-ops soldiers and a couple astro/cosmonauts, and then fly it back to its mothership. Repeat for great justice and piracy.
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    Good point.
  25. Except of course that this first batch of pirates won't know ANY of that stuff, certainly not well enough to pick a particular location.