Android Phone Transfer files from SD card to Phone?

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  1. I'm hoping you guys can help me with something. I tried Google but nada. My phones internal memory is greater then my micro SD. How do I transfer files from the SD card to the phone? Anything I download goes to the SD card, and it's getting rather full. I have several videos I would like to put on the phone I have an app called file explorer but it only lets me view stuff on the card no transfer it
  2. Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Select the application to be moved -> Move to Phone

    At least that is how it goes on my phone. ZTE Score X500. Android OS, soooo.... One would think it would be pretty similar.
  3. Not talking about an application talking about pictures/videos and other stuff already on the sd card
  4. Does Android for phones not have the My Files app?

    Also, in your "File Explorer" that supposedly only lets you view stuff, have you tried a long tap?
  5. Ah. I apologize. I did not read carefully enough. It seems like you can't without a third party app, which seems like a design oversight to me.

    Anyway, try this.
  6. It does have a "File Manager" but after tinkering with it for a few minutes, it seems like you can only move things around the SD card. There is no obvious way to move it from the card to the phone.
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    That's because folder naming is a borked in android.

    This is how it works on my Samsung S2: The phone memory is divided into two partitions, the root folder and the folder /mnt/sdcard. The actual SD card is mounted under /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

    So, to move data from your SD card to the phone memory got to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd then move things to a different folder under /mnt/sdcard

    And yes, this is exactly as stupid as it looks.
  8. All the long tap let me do is create a shortcut, nothing about moving it around
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    One app that can move files would be Astro file manager. It's a bit annoying to use though. But there should be some useful file managers available in the android market.
  10. On mine, the tablet memory's "virtual sd card" area is /mnt/sdcard and the sd card is /mnt/ExtSdCard.
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    Wonderful. So it's even version-specific (or hardware-specific).
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    I want to say HTC kicks ass, but Android cannot possibly be THAT different on different phones. Install drivers from phone manufacturer just because, regardless it should be: plug phone into a Windows computer, copy and paste from sd card to internal memory.

    You shouldn't need third party or even OEM software for this to function, it's just nice to have vendor supplied added features and it can make it work even if your Windows install is borked.
  13. Thats the first thing I tried. Didn't work. When I connect the phone only thing that shows up in the SD card. I have installed all the updated drivers
  14. Well, I would recommend to either A) buy a bigger SD card or B) offload your pictures to your computer.
  15. IMHO Ghost Commander is one of the best, especially when you have to move stuff around (using the dual window mode).
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    That's unusual. What phone is it? In the meantime I'm going to give a nod to confusopoly and also recommend Astro as a clumsy (it'll do it but takes more work) solution.
  17. LG Marque
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    A file manager is needed.
  19. I suggested that earlier. Even provided a link.
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    Doesn't hurt to have a second opinion that agrees with you.
  21. Yeah. Thanks.:)
  22. You can move between SD card and main phone memory by going into settings and choosing "memory". Then you will have choice between what kind of data you want to do stuff with. You then have the option of moving it.
    And you can also move files from SD card to phone memory by some transfer software running in computer.
    Read more from:
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    FTP works too :)
    there's a good server for android simply called "ftpserver" then just use your prefered windows client. also allows you to transfer files of the device of course. also means no need to keep that cable around, because lets face it, it will get lost :p

    [edit - didn't even realise the guy above me necrod]
  24. I know this forum moves slow, but this is just ridiculous.
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