Auschwitz VS Unit 731

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Which facility was worse?

  1. Auschwitz

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  2. Unit 731

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  1. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Queensguard of House Targaryen

    Which was the worst death/experimentation camp? Not which one killed more but which was worst, which was more, well, evil?
  2. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger CRY SOME MORE

    Auschwitz starved you to death.

    Unit 731 starved you to death AND gave you smallpox.
  3. dacis2

    dacis2 Bureaucrat Moderator

    Didn't they do crazy tests at Auschwitz like injecting blue dye into eyes to try to turn them blue?
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  5. Cloak&Dagger

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  6. dacis2

    dacis2 Bureaucrat Moderator

    I think they were both equally evil, in the sense that the only response is to burn everyone involved in it in fire. But from what I understand Unit 731's "experiments" actually were carried out in a scientific fashion, and added somewhat to the body of literature, while Auschwitz was based purely on Nazi pseudoscience.
  7. Daniel2112

    Daniel2112 Last Kitten of Krypton

    I dunno, Unit 731 carried out some experiments that seem to push the boundaries of "legitimate scientific inquiry". An example is testing to see if sea water is a suitable substitute for saline solution. I know it was the 1940's, but medical knowledge wasn't so primitive that the results (it didn't work) weren't a forgone conclusion.
  8. Cloak&Dagger

    Cloak&Dagger CRY SOME MORE

    Didn't Nazi experiments give us a lot of info on pressure and hypothermia? Along with lack of oxygen?
  9. Using the son of an ex nazi tell me to stop whining about Nazi atrocities :D
  10. StarSpawn

    StarSpawn Dyslexsic and proud of it

    You cant'really compare, one was Murder factory first, experimental unit second (or rather third), the other was mainly a experimental unit first where the killings was a side effect of its primary purpose.
    In pure numbers Unit 731 (Which isn't a geographical location mind you, it *just* had its main HQ in Pingfang) is strictly small stuff compare to the bigger Death Camps like Sobidor, Treblinka, Belzec & Chelmo just to mention a few.
    It is only if you count the deaths in field tests that you can approach the German Death camps in numbers killed.
    In short you would have a greater chance of surving as an individual in Unit 731 camp at Pengfang, on the other hand you death could be really torturous if you where picked out for some of the more ingenious experiments they made while you life would be (very) short after arraiving at Belzec (Max 1 hour)

    EDIT : Actually no known survivors was registerd from the main camp in Pingfang. officially that is, perifedy forced labor had some survivors.
  11. Posbi

    Posbi Henchman of the State Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Hard to tell. While most of the "research" done at Auschwitz and other camps was pseudoscientific at best, it did apparently create a rather solid and valueable body of data that was later used primarily by the US in their space program. A good deal of researchers involved in that were spirited away during "Operation Paperclip".

    Call me weird, but some part of me finds Auschwitz less evil (despite more people being killed there) because of its... orderly nature. I can't really explain the notion any better. Maybe that idea of order = good really is a deeply ingrained German thing.:confused:

    Unit 731's death toll is maybe half as high as that of the SS at Auschwitz, I find the nature of their "work" - the wanton spreading of highly contagious diseases in the most populous country on Earth - to be potentially worse. Auschwitz, for all its horrors, was a contained environment. Its owed to pure luck that none of the manyfold biological "field tests" of Unit 731 didn't go out of hand.
  12. Goldarmy

    Goldarmy Humanoid Onslaught

    I don't find it weird. In fact compare it with a modern chicken factory. The similarities of order will suprise you.

    As for Unit 731 remember we don't know about the research projects of USA or other countries. It won't be suprising that they would have horror stories of their own (albeit in smaller scales). But as said for Unit 731 horror was an 'enjoyed' side side effect, for Auchwitz it was the sole goal.
  13. Archdevil

    Archdevil High Admiral

    The body count clearly tips the scales towards Auschwitz.
  14. StarSpawn

    StarSpawn Dyslexsic and proud of it

    Auschwitz - Birkenau was a complex, and a huge one of that (At one time it would have counted as one of the most populus 'cities in the world coming at the top ten), one part of it (Birkenau in fact) was a Death camp like Majdanek or Belzec, the other part (Auschwitz) was a "Work till your dead" camp.
    The survival rate at Auschwitz was actually good when you take into account how many went throu there (you had about a 50/50 chance of surviving, or better depending when or where you was in the complex)
    The survival rates for 'logs'* in Unit 731 main camp was about as good as does at Belzec or Sobidor IE virtually none at all or less than 0.002% chance.

    *= Logs was the nomenclature people had in the Pengfang camp to hide what was going on, but they did keep a tally on how many 'logs' was burned on a daily basis after their use.
  15. JC - Interrupted

    JC - Interrupted We Are Caltech of Borg

    The Nazi concentration camps and death camps are kinda apples to Unit 731's oranges. Unit 731 was equivalent to "just" Dr. Mengele, turned up to eleven, done on an industrial scale, and with official sanction.
  16. Goldarmy

    Goldarmy Humanoid Onslaught

    Auschwitz was done with official sanction too. Also I am sure other countries has officially sanctioned biological weapon research ever since (though with animals instead of humans, well mostly).
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  18. Douglas Nicol

    Douglas Nicol Jadefalcon Supermoderator SuperModerator

    Apparently at least some of the experimentation done in Auschwitz had a practical purpose, though that doesn't by any means make it right. There was a lot of research done for the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe to do with air pressure and high altitude research as well as cold water immersion survival rates.
  19. JC - Interrupted

    JC - Interrupted We Are Caltech of Borg

    That sort of "research" was carried out by Unit 731 as well -- they were primarily a bio-weapons unit, but by no means exclusively.
  20. Typhonis 1

    Typhonis 1 Sick Little Monkey

    Wasn't it 731 that had men tied to posts , diferent distances from a bomb. Then set said bomb off to see how effective the design was and to give the doctors someone to practice surgery on?
  21. Daniel2112

    Daniel2112 Last Kitten of Krypton

    Sure was.

    Both places were utter nightmares and proof that Pat Benetar was right... Hell is for children.
  22. JC - Interrupted

    JC - Interrupted We Are Caltech of Borg

    Not just bombs; all manner of weapons were methodically tested in this manner, including hand grenades of various types, and flamethrowers.