Australia Vs. Indonesia

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    Australia Vs. Indonesia

    This is an all out war between the two nations. Indonesia, for whatever reason, has decided to invade Australia. Their goal is the total destruction of the Australian Military and occupation of the Australian continent. The Aussies goal of course is to defend their country.

    If it is a curb stomp in ether sides favour, then the losing nation gets New Zealand and the southern pacific island nations as allies. Who will also go into ‘all out war’ mode.

    No other nations may get involved in any way.

    So, what happens?
  2. Dude, have you looked at a map? Australia is pretty big, mate. I can't see any country holding on to every square mile of Aussie land.
  3. Hippie

    Hippie Yes, its just a nickname.

    i know, i was meaning more the populated areas. and those of strategic value
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    Seems like stalemate to me. The Indonesians have nothing that enables them to put any kind of usable force on Australian soil. Their army seems more geared to oppressing local natives who dislike central rule from Java.

    Australia has no army to speak off that enables it invade anything other then a small island. The Australian army is big enough to drive any invasion into the sea, just not big enough to invade and conquer the largest Islamic country in the world.

    Why not turn this into a more realistic and interesting scenario? How about battleground Papua New Guinea? With Indonesia hell bent on conquering this nation and Australia hell bent on preventing the fall of its former mandate territory?
  5. Ripmax

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    Australia sends out sorties of F-111's to carpet bomb them.
  6. Chris O'Farrell

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    Indonesia tries to invade.
    Their entire fleet is sunk by the RAN and RAAF before they get halfway to Australia, their Airforce if it tries to get involved gets blown out of the sky.

    Australia then starts bombing key stuff until Indonesia gets the idea that perhaps its not a good idea to keep this whole war thing going.
  7. FishPig

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    There's no way the TNI can even get here. On the other hand, there's no way the ADF can launch a counteroffensive into Indonesia without starting a very messy war that we can't win. It turns essentially into a stalemate until both sides are forced to make a treaty. I wouldn't even say that we'd be able to do a huge amount of damage from the air- for starters, we don't have that many F-111's and for seconders, they might have to fly beyond escort range to hit anything and the TNI air force isn't totally unprofessional.

    An interesting question is what happens to East Timor in the midst of all this.
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    Ever heard about Su-30MKI ? :p

    But seriosly, indonesia dont really stand a chance in full scale conflict. It certainly wont be easy for australians, and Indonesians will do some serious damage...

    Of course, after repelling the invasion, ausies cannot hope to take the fight to the enemy (invade indonesia? Thats really bad idea). They can try some long range bombing, but it would be horrendously expensive, and loses would be too high.

    So it would end in stalemate.

    Thats all asssuming that US and other countries wont get involved.
  9. Indonesia has no chance, Australian military assets are so spread out that few if any will be hit, Any build up will be easily noticed, And we will know EXACTLY where they are since we have JORN (Best radar in the world :) ). The best aircraft Indonesia can field against us are 5 Su 27's and 5 Su 30's and 10 F 16's, Everything else is old or meant mostly for COIN operations, There air force strike capability would be wiped out in days, if not a day.

    There navy is a mix of old and new equipment, There most capable asset being there Sigma class Corvettes, Would require some work but there numbers advantage would be removed via air strikes (Indonesia has no anti aircraft capability besides some 40mm Bofors guns and those placed on there ships).

    There army is even worse off, Yes they have numbers but bugger all equipment, Couple hundred light tanks, Couple hundred APC's and a couple hundred Armored cars, Spread out over all there country, Not much of a threat..

    Yes Australia currently can only take on small invasions, But thats all we need to start with, Hell we invade there provinces of Papua and West Papua and we off to a good start, They have 18,000 troops located there while there are rebels from the tribes numbering 70,000+, From that FOB we start small Island hopping operations, Arming and training our new army of volunteers.

    Might take years, Will cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives, But Australia would come out with the upper hand.
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    I was about to point out that the F-111 is retired fro Ozzy service, then I noticed the thread is four years old. WTF.
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    This is only half as bad as the two nine year necros he did in NSF. It's rather obvious this troll doesn't understand forum policy.
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    People ought to overreact a little less when someone revives an old thread. It's been raised to almost mystic levels for no reason.
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    Man you must really hate Indonesia :p
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    I think it might actually be fairly topical.

    After all, the indonesians have been mistreating Australian Cattle for years.

    Its a Cows Belly for war!
  20. Dragannia, Don't really hate Indonesians in general, just putting in my 2cents to the topic that is now dead....

    once again i am sorry for the necro.. a lot of other forums look down upon people that start a new topic when there is one already started, even if it is years old..