Avatar of Victory (ME crossover)

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    It was a darkness as pristine as the edge of the galaxy, and as littered with stars.

    It was many, and the many were one. Even as it watched the trillion stars which made up its mind moving steadily and slowly through the abyss which made up its mind, it was those stars, every single one of them. A trillion points of light. The many, ascended to oneness, to wholeness. It remembered the Nazara, the proud, bellicose conquerors of the galaxy. It was the Nazara, all of them. But the very center of that galaxy sat the center of its soul. And that soul was troubled.

    The Resplendent Sovereign of Nazara turned its attention inward, to the tiny thing which moved through its veins. It was a god, turning attention to a bacterium upon its perfect form. But it was an important bacterium. The process continued apace. Soon, the tool would be perfected.

    It turned its attention outward once more, to the center, as far from its ilk as one could be. He could hear their quiet drone, songs like oily shadows. They spoke now with one voice, but were not whole. They had not ascended. They could not. A part was missing. So they continued to use the one who remained. And Nazara turned its attention back to the stars which was its soul.

    There came a song, stronger than any Nazara had ever sang. With it, it felt the trillion lights being pushed away, as something stronger entered its mind, speaking the way only the ascended, only the perfected could speak. It was great. It was powerful and ancient beyond all reckoning, even to something as intelligent as Nazara. But unlike any whom Nazara had ever encountered, in the great and innumerable host which even now slept in the blackness at the galaxy's edge, this one was not a single composed of the many. It was not a peoples turned into one Avatar.

    The Divine Harbinger of Ascension was one. It had always been one. It would always be one.


    It turned its attention to the sole being in the cosmos which was its greater.

    “It has been long since you contacted us, Harbinger. Very long.”


    It looked upon the Core once again, to that den of exploding stars and black holes. “They labor still. The Avatar of Vengeance has not appeared. Our work cannot end. Breeding continues.”


    “There has been a complication,” Nazara pointed out. The unthinkable greatness of Harbinger turned upon it, its eight eyes burning gold as it glared down at the cuttle-fish like form of Nazara, to a layman identical, but of a whole other form of life. “The cycle continues without our input.”


    “They have created synthetic life. The Cycle has ripened. My attempts to curtail biologically them have not been successful. Leviathan only has a token force, but he is undependable. Synthetic life will destroy organic life. The time has come.”

    There was a long silence.


    “The organics have sabotaged the signal. I have taken steps to rectify this. I will awaken our brothers and sisters.”

    Another silence, as Nazara felt the impressive weight of Harbinger staring down upon it.

    And with that, the greatness and power of Harbinger ascended away, returning the heavens to Nazara's mind. And Nazara turned its gaze inward, and listened to that bacterium inside its body.
    And it listened to [DESIGNATION TURIAN] say: “...then it can only be on Eden Prime. Sovereign will be quite pleased, if it does truly lead us to the Conduit.”

    And it was.
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    Since apparently I don't have enough writing on my plate (as I'm already working on one story which has outstripped War and Peace in terms of absolute bigness), I've decided to take a swing at Mass Effect.

    This 'project', if you can call it that, is actually a mixture of several different ideas which I've had about touching into the ME universe. There are two which stand first and foremost, one more than the other.

    The first and larger departure is the following scenario. Imagine if you would that Mass Effect is the future not of our Earth, but the future of the Earth of Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. I found the notion amusing enough to start writing it. That, and I wanted to see what a krogan would do with earthbending. Now, notably, the 'verse of Avatar I'm using is something a touch home-brewy, with some parts which were never mentioned in the cartoons. If you've read Three Families of mine, it's more or less set in that kind of world. It's like Avatar Earth, only bigger and more richly populated.

    Next and more subtly, I wanted to tell a story based on the following what-if. What if after Jack escaped Pragia, she got picked up by a decent, older, childless couple instead of a pair of ass-wipes? I think I'll like the relationship she and Shepard would have, since I could see such a Jack as one of two people who get out of Torfan alive.

    Anyway. Project start, feedback both requested and preferred of any variety but caustic. I'll try to do both universes justice.
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    Krogan earthbending? So I assume the aliens have their own tradition of bending, maybe it being a replacement for biotics in this verse?
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    First of all, let me say that I've been a big fan of all your Avatar work for a long time. It's wonderful you've stumbled onto our humble website :).

    As for the story, as you seem to be toying with the idea of krogan earthbending, i'm guessing your going with the idea that bending is more than genetics? Do all the species have a soul, similar to what is apparently common to all benders in Avatar that lets the manipulate the elements?
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    I don't know what's more terrifying; Krogan 'benders, or how they learned their bending. I mean, think about it.
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    Oh god, Thresher Maws are instinctive Earth Benders, aren't they, just like the giant mole or whatever humans learned Earth Bending from?
  7. LONE WOLF 666


    ^ oh for, run for your lives!.
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    I am... Monitoring this.

    So, do the other races get Avatars? Is there a Turian Avatar, a Krogan Avatar, An Asari (Ardat Yakshi D: ) Avatar?
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    [Insert sounds of encouragement for more here]

    Luc "[Insert nickname here]" French
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    Wrex: "You learned your Bending from birds? HA! The first Krogan Earthbenders were the toughest, bravest, and smartest heroes of their time, cuz nobody else could survive close to a Thresher Maw long enough to learn how to make the very dirt and rocks obey their commands."

    I would imagine that most races can only bend one element, making humans highly unusual, and also very dangerous. Most races, you know what kind of bending to expect and can prepare for it, but with humans you either gotta be ready for anything, cuz a four man team could be packing all 4 kinds of bending, and a prison camp designed to hold one type of Bender could be completely useless at holding certain other kinds of Benders(i.e. A floating platform in the middle of the ocean is a great place to keep Earthbenders captive but you DO NOT want to put a bunch of Waterbenders there)

    Ideas for racical Bending affinities:
    Salarian: Water(they're amphibians and they're very fluid thinkers)
    Turian: Air(I think one of the War Room guards in ME3 refers to the Turians as "the birds" at one point) or Earth(They are a nation of soldiers, the mighty granite fortress that protects the people and the heavy end of the hammer that smashes the enemy)
    Batarians: Fire(Very aggressive and they're also the designated bad guys until the Reapers take the stage)
    Asari: Air(Their big strength is commandos who are expert in hit & fade tactics, and Airbenders tend to avoid unneccessary conflict)
    Quarians: Fire(Tech focus, and ME3 shows they've got some serious aggression when it comes to the Geth) or Air(Quarians go on Pilgrimage so they can touch the sky that does not exist on the Migrant Fleet)
    Hanar: Waterbenders(natch)
    Drell: Fire(Drell assassins strike hard, strike fast, and strike true every time)
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    Aren't the asari of aquatic/amphibious descent as well? :wtf:
  12. Fell

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    My vote:

    Salarians: Water. They're amphibious and such. Although their conception of "Family" is very different from most species, they are very protective of them.

    Asari: Air. They're very detached, especially the maidens. You might actually use that life cycle of theirs though; make them become different benders as they move through stages; first air, then water, then earth.

    Turians: Have to be Fire. Although having them not be benders at all would be interesting; they're the "Sokka" of the races.

    Batarians: No one cares. Fuck Batarians.

    Quarians: Water. They're very big on family and tropes aside; they treat their fleet like a navy. It'd be interesting to have water benders from an arid world.

    Hanar: Air. Water is the obvious solution, but Hanar are above all polite, pious, and peaceable. They defend themselves but don't have a history of attacking others. That and flying hanar would be awesome.

    Drell: Water. Again, big family people, and from an arid world. It's more fun that way.

    I'd have humans be fire personally.

    Nope. Plains dwellers.
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    Rannoch isn't arid. There's some lovely beachfront property on Rannoch just waiting for Quarians to build homes there.
  14. Fell

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    It's much more arid than earth is. Long before they became Space Gypsies, they were Space Egyptians who's civilization mostly clustered around large rivers and springs because most of the planet is too dry to support large numbers of people.


    "Although its orange sun is only about 90% the mass of Sol and half as luminous, Rannoch is arid by Earth standards because it formed closer to its star and has slightly less ocean coverage. Photosynthetic life is concentrated around rivers and oceans, with large expanses of desert in between. The importance of plant life and shade in ancient quarian culture is evident in the translation of Rannoch's name -- "walled garden."
  15. JumperPrime

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    Huh. Then that Geth base from the final Rannoch mission musta been built next to the biggest damn river on the planet, cuz it sure looked like it was on the ocean
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    Oh, there are oceans, just less of them than on earth.

    And even if you build your city on the coast, it has to be at the mouth of a river or else you have nothing to drink.
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    The way I run it is that while it is concievable that an alien could play host to several bending styles, it's exceedingly rare. In fact, before the humans showed the aliens that there was a martial-art possible to firebending and waterbending, most aliens didn't even know they were doing it. The krogan being the obvious exception, because Tuchanka is a fly-or-die homeworld.

    That's not to say that there isn't a definite tendency within races toward one type of bending. The Salarians actually have a fair number of natural firebenders besides their waterbenders, hilariously enough. Consider Mordin's critique of Kirrahe: Why hold the line when you can get the job done and go home? Overwhelming offense being the only reasonable defense is very much a firebending way of thinking. Also firebenders are the turians, but that's mostly unconscious protection, since Palavan is bombarded by radiation and radiation could be tucked into fire's portfolio.

    As for Avatars of aliens? The human race isn't the only host of an Avatar, just the only one with a living one in this cycle. Each cycle is supposed to have one race which creates one Avatar. Which is why the Prothean Reaper isn't finished yet. Something went wrong with the cycle.
  18. JumperPrime

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    Hmnmm. Would that mean that Javik is the Prothean Avatar?
  19. South

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    See, it's only the most recent post that makes me realize that the Reapers are now an ARMY OF AVATARS.

    Also, Javik is the Prothean Avatar?

    EDIT: Nevermind, there could have just been an Avatar Full Manifestation death. Kill an actively chanelling Avatar and you kill the Avatar Spirit, right?
  20. Sayle

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    Interesting. It makes me wonder what the significance of the Avatar Spirit is. Something that allows the Apotheosis of the Reapers from an AI to something more?
  21. RazorSmile

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    Interesting. Are we keeping biotics as well?
  22. king of hybrids

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    I'd actually say the turians would be more aligned with earthbending, considering their evolution necessitated a metallic exoskeleton.

    Maybe the geth develop chi-blocking as a counter to quarian bending?

    And the yahg have energy bending
  23. thor2006

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    Geth are robots. Only organics have bending. Something about their souls.
  24. JacobGreyson

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    Biotics exist. Asari are still queens of it, and it's the universally accepted 'space-magic' to the cultures in the heavens. Remember that most that bend, don't realize their bending. Unless their krogan, or batarian.

    Yeah, the batarians are scary, since they know how to bend.
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    Interesting idea. So it's no longer the planets spirit making an avatar but a races?